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Buckley Dog Food Review 2020: All Natural Pet Food Option

Buckley Dog Food Review

Meet Buckley Dog Food

Buckley dog food is a natural food company that offers a range of limited ingredient recipes intended to improve your dog’s digestion and overall well being. The company believes that getting outdoors is one of the best things you can do with your companion, but it’s challenging to do that if you don’t have the proper building blocks for health.

Their recipes center around wholesome ingredients, but is the extra cost worth it? We know that feeding your dog a better-formulated diet can be something that helps vitality and in turn, may help increase stamina for those outdoor trips, so let’s see if Buckley is a good option for your outdoorsy dog.

To know more about this brand, read on for a comprehensive Buckley Dog Food Review below.

Brand Quick Look

  • Buckley dog foodParent Company: Buckley Company
  • Founded in: 2005
  • Made in: USA
  • Available at:  Chewy, Amazon,
  • Types of Food: Dry
  • Real Meat in First 5 Ingredients? : Yes
  • Recalled in Past? : No

Behind the Brand

Buckley is a distinctly outdoorsy brand. It uses premium ingredients to help dogs get into the great outdoors and have energy all day long. The company truly believes that the healthier your dog is, the more able you two are to get out there and explore.

The company starts with premium ingredients, never powdered meat meals. They use a range of whole fruits and veggies to provide vitamins and minerals suitable for balanced nutrition. They are a more significant investment than your standard cheap kibbles, but they never use any sort of cheap fillers or artificial ingredients.

All their foods are sourced in the United States and manufactured to the best quality they can be. They’re formulated for active dogs but aren’t so rich that your outdoor dog has trouble maintaining weight.

Buckley Dog Food Review

Buckley Liberty Lamb Freeze Dried Recipe

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

First Five Ingredients:

  • Lamb Heart
  • Lamb Liver
  • Ground Lamb Bone
  • Squash
  • Apples

The freeze-dried recipes don’t use peas in their recipes so you don’t have to worry the way you might with kibble. They use whole meat sources that are never processed for meals to make the food much easier for your dog to digest than other types of recipes. Balanced carbohydrates and fats help keep dogs energized all day.

The recipe uses fish oil to help condition the skin and may help reduce some of the itchiness your dog feels. Fish oils are excellent sources of nutrients for the skin and coat and also may help prevent injuries during long runs or athletic events.

Buckley Dog Food Review 2020: All Natural Pet Food Option 2

Fresh fruits and veggies give your dog critical vitamins so that their systems function more smoothly, and they have fewer health issues. The formula is made without any cheap fillers such as corn or soy, no gluten or grains, and no artificial ingredients. The list is limited so your dog may have an easier time digesting than on a standard kibble.

Their meats have no added hormones or antibiotics, so they do take a stand with humanely, responsibly raised meats in each of their recipes. It can support your dog’s immune system and could help reset digestion if your dog has chronic loose stools or other problems.

It’s on the expensive side, but the good news is that you may not waste as much trying to get dogs to eat as you would with that cheap kibble. Also, it may not require as much for a serving as your cheap kibble. Both of those scenarios may offset the cost a little bit.

For those of you with allergy ridden dogs, it contains no poultry or beef, which are common but not well-known food allergies. Lamb is an excellent source of rich protein with plenty of fats and Buckley’s process makes the proteins more bioavailable. Your dog’s health stands a good chance of improving on this food especially if you’re changing from a standard kibble.

Best Buckley Dog Food Recipes

Buckley’s freeze-dried foods are our favorite, but that’s not the only thing they have to offer. Here are a few other recipes that could be a good fit.

1. Grain Free Kibble – Lamb

The kibble recipes are holistic formulas that provide an excellent source of protein with plenty of fats for all-day energy. They use gently processed ingredients to help preserve nutrients. Whole fruits and veggies provide vitamins and minerals critical for health and wellbeing. The kibble size isn’t too big, so this is suitable for a range of breed sizes including small breeds. The proteins are cooked once and never powdered, so they remain highly digestible.

2. Liberty Beef Canned Recipe

The canned recipes are limited ingredient formulas so your sensitive dog could have a better time with digestion. They use only premium ingredients including whole meats and never any artificial flavors or cheap fillers. The cans are great to use on their own or suitable for using as a topper for dry kibbles to encourage picky dogs to eat. They’re balanced and meat based, but also use veggies to add vitamins and minerals your dog needs for proper digestion.

3. Liberty Freeze Dried Lamb Recipe

Their freeze dried recipes make it a lot easier to feed your dog raw without all the hassle of making it yourself. The food is gently processed so that it’s shelf stable until you reconstitute it. Dogs love the taste, and it offers a dense source of nutrition for them. Fruits and veggies provide vitamins and minerals and balanced carbs, and fats help your dog feel full and energetic all day long. It’s one of our favorite recipes from the company.

What types of dog food does Buckley offer?

Buckley offers dry kibbles with single ingredient protein sources. They also provide a line of limited ingredient wet foods and a set of freeze-dried foods for those looking to take a step into raw.

The foods are balanced for most life stages and breed sizes. The freeze-dried foods use raw ingredients preserved through the freeze-drying process so that they’re easier to store and serve without the mess of truly raw foods.

They don’t use any cheap fillers like corn or soy, which can trigger allergic reactions, and no artificial ingredients that can make it difficult to digest. The meats come from reliable sources and help provide dense nutrition even for dogs that spend a lot of time on outdoor adventures.

Buckley Dog Food Review 2020: All Natural Pet Food Option 3


  • Chicken
  • Duck
  • Pork
  • Lamb

Buckley Dog Food Review 2020: All Natural Pet Food Option 4

Wet Foods:

  • Beef
  • Chicken
  • Lamb

Freeze Dried Recipes:

  • Beef
  • Chicken
  • Lamb

Buckley Dog Food Review 2020: All Natural Pet Food Option 5

Buckley Recall History List:

Buckley has no recalls that we can find. They’ve got solid manufacturing practices, and they are careful about where they source ingredients. These protocols help reduce the threat of contamination and other issues.

Customer Reviews

Customers like that the foods are holistic and designed to give outdoorsy dogs plenty of energy throughout the day. They liked that their dogs felt good and were able to take an entire hiking trip or run without feeling fatigued early in the day.

The food gets consistently good reviews and is favorably rated with several trusted dog food reviewers. The recipes get around four stars on most recipes and most online platforms.

What Customers Like and Dislike about Buckley

Anytime a dog food tries to go above and beyond with their recipes, it’s always a pleasant surprise. Customers were pleased that the ingredients were simpler than cheap kibbles and contained no fillers like corn or soy. They knew and understood what the ingredients were and how they could improve their dog’s health.

The cost was a common issue for customers because it does cost a little bit more than the standard kibble. However, with this food, you may not need to feed as much per serving as you would a cheap kibble so that can help offset the cost.

buckley dog food review

Some noticed a bit of excess gas when transitioning to this food, but that can be minimized with proper transitioning during feeding times. Slowly introduce the food over a period of a few days to allow your dog’s digestion to reset.

Most dogs loved the taste of the formulas, but a few picky dogs didn’t like the taste of the kibble or reconstituted freeze-dried food. There will always be dogs that aren’t fans of the taste of a specific food, and it can’t really be helped other than to try to feed a topper such as wet food.


  • “I must say, this food is smelly, but the dogs love it. It takes a little while for the water to absorb into the nuggets and my dogs just and drool over the bowl while it's soaking. my 40 lb whippet mix even does a little dance when she hears this bag open. not a single crumb left behind during feeding time.” pitbullmama, chewy.com


  • “They may source their meat responsibly, but in looking again at the ingredient list I found far too much pea and legume derivatives to suit me. Unfortunately, nearly ALL of the quality dog foods are being taken over by this trend.” Kabumba, amazon.com

buckley dog food review

Where are Buckley dog treats made?

Usa Made - Buckley Products Are Made Proudly In The United States Of America. Perfect Training Treat - Buckley Semi-Moist Training Treats Are The Perfect Training Treat For Any Size Dog!

Buckley dog food good?

Based on its ingredients alone, Buckley Liberty Dog Food appears to be an above-average dry product. The dashboard displays a dry matter protein reading of 47%, a fat level of 38% and estimated carbohydrates of about 7%.

Is freeze dried food healthy for dogs?

Cooked foods may be safer for immune-compromised individuals. Some dogs digest cooked foods better. That said, freeze-dried dog foods don't seem as raw as raw-frozen or fresh raw foods, but it's important to understand that they are, in fact, uncooked.

Which is better freeze dried or dehydrated dog food?

Freeze drying preserves more of the nutritional content of the food than dehydrating, as proteins, vitamins, and minerals stay intact due to freezing before drying. The process of air-drying food, while similar to dehydration, produces an extremely nutrient-dense food with scoop-and-serve convenience.


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