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Joy Dog Food: 2019 Reviews, Recalls & Coupons

Meet Joy Dog Food

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Joy Dog Food got its start in the pursuit of supplying quality products to rural communities through a chain of Feed and Seed stores. They’ve evolved from those humble routes, but still strive to support pet owners through foods made with quality ingredients and simple recipes.

Joy Dog food has its fans, and the recipes are based on a 60 year, tried and true formula developed from those early days of supplying farms. Let’s break it all down to see if Joy could be the next biggest thing in your dog’s life.

Brand Quick Look

  • Parent Company: Hi-Standard
Founded in: 1943
  • Made in: USA
  • Available at:  Chewy
  • Types of Food : *IE dry, canned, freeze-dried, etc
  • Real Meat in First 5 Ingredients? : No (meat meal)
  • Recalled in Past? : No

Behind the Brand

Joy Dog food started in the humble world of Feed and Seed stores and through research and time, created a dog food designed to help dogs live well and healthy. The company maintains that it’s a company for the dog not for the pet owner, and all foods are created to be palatable to the dog.

The form of the kibble is designed to feel good and to take advantage of the dog’s natural chewing instinct. The company has a long history of providing foods to animals who are working or sporting, and the recipes mimic what a dog might need at the end of a grueling day.

The original recipes were created in the founders’ own kitchens, over the stove and created with love. They eventually used research underwritten by Cornell and Penn State universities to create a dog food recipe that still provides the basis of the brand today.

What types of dog food does Joy Dog Food offer?

Joy Dog food makes kibbles designed to feel good in your dog’s mouth and to encourage healthy chewing. They develop the texture based on the mouthfeel to hopefully encourage dogs to eat. The company tests its foods for palatability and for odor. They believe that they can promote good eating habits by offering food that dogs actually want to eat.

Their foods are all dry, but they’re based around a particular function. They do have a few life stage-specific options available, and most are suitable for a variety of life stages and breed sizes. Many of the foods are designed with higher levels of protein and fat to help working, and sporting dogs feel their best.

Their recipes are built on the original dog food recipe created in the 50s. Although most of the methods use a meat meal instead of whole meat, that may not be so bad considering meat meals are concentrated forms of protein. However, some use unnamed meat meals, which makes it difficult to evaluate the quality of the ingredients.


Grain Free:

Joy Recall History List:

  • Despite how long the company has been in business, Joy has no history of recalls. They use exceptionally safe packaging methods and clear regulatory guidelines for all the recipes, and it shows. Foods are made in the United States in a facility that conforms to accepted practices here.

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Best Joy Dog Food Recipes

The formulas have a following, but there are three that we think might be able to get you started. Let’s take a look at our picks.

Super Meal

This formula is designed for working dogs and uses a nutrient-dense recipe with 30% protein and 20% fat. Working dogs have heavy energy requirements and that much protein and fat should help your dog stay full and energized all day long. There’s an important study out showing that more protein and fat can help protect highly active dogs from injury, so this is an excellent place to start. It also has omega fatty acids to help cushion joints and protect the brain while delivering a healthy coat.

Ultimate Lamb Meal and Rice

This recipe is for dogs with normal lives. They don’t have grueling work days or high-performance sporting events. It uses Chicken meal as a good source of protein with more guaranteed protein than standard whole lamb ingredients. It also uses chicken fat and contains no corn or soy ingredients. It uses no artificial flavors or colors and no artificial preservatives.

Pure Grain Free

The grain-free option helps alleviate some of the allergies your dog may experience. If your dog is always itching and can’t seem to get digestion on track, it could be an issue with grains. Not all dogs are good at digesting grains, and there’s a lot of evidence to support leaving out grains from their diet (carnivores and all). We think this could be an excellent option to help get those digestive issues under control.

Customer Reviews

Customers tend to rate it around four stars but really aren’t that many ratings online overall. People seem to either love or hate the food, and there isn’t much in between with online ratings. The vast majority of the company’s sales are still through brick and mortar stores, however, so those ratings may change as more sales (and therefore reviews) come up online.

What do people like and dislike about Joy dog food?

People like the overall look and feel of the kibble and mention that their dogs seem to enjoy the kibble taste and feeling. They noticed that their dogs also appeared to have a bit more energy than they did with some previous foods, but reviews were mixed on that part.

Customers also liked that the food was highly affordable, allowing them to upgrade their dog’s food without having to tap too deeply into their wallets. Most said that their dogs enjoyed the food as well although there will always be dogs that don’t like a particular type of food.

One thing some customers noted is that it has ingredients not ordinarily suitable for regular (not working) dogs. Corn is a prominent ingredient in some of the formulas, and owners would prefer not to see something like that in the recipe.

The good news is that none of the recipes use peas or lentils, which can cause an enlarged heart in some dogs prone to that condition. While we aren’t sure yet of the exact link or risk, you may want to talk to your vet before feeding a food high in these ingredients. Joy Dog Food isn’t part of that risk, so it does make life a little bit easier.


  • “My dogs have just loved this. I switched from a store brand to this because my younger dog was not putting on weight properly. And since then she’s really started to fill out well. And even better, my older dog is having an easier time eating the small pieces.” Jaxx,


  • “…She eats literally anything but refuses to touch this. I’ve tried mixing in other dog foods and even pumpkin and she will still spit it out when she realizes this food is mixed in. Almost the entire bag had to just be tossed. Such a complete waist of money ! :(“ Garbage, chewy

Joy High-Performance 

Dog Food Review

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

First 5 Ingredients:

  • Meat And Bone Meal
  • Ground Yellow Corn
  • Ground Wheat
  • Corn Gluten Meal
  • Chicken Fat

Joy’s High-Performance dog food uses a slightly higher protein and fat level to help dogs maintain energy levels all day long. Although Joy doesn’t use a lot of preservative or artificial colors or flavors, there is corn and gluten meal in the product.

Research suggests that some dogs respond well to those types of ingredients because they contain a sufficient calorie count to help maintain your dog’s energy. Dogs that are working may need extra boosts of carbs to help keep them going through grueling days.

It has a balance of omega fatty acids that can help protect not only your dog’s skin, but also help keep the brain healthy and the joints lubricated. Natural sources of glucosamine and chondroitin also help keep the joints healthy. Working dogs often have issues with joints, so having something that staves off some of the worst effects of joint degeneration is a vital part of their health and wellbeing.

The kibble is easy to chew and designed with your dog’s unique chewing need in mind. It’s formulated to be palatable and to smell good to the dog. Most dogs don’t have any trouble chewing it, and it can be fed wet or dry without making a huge amount of mess.

We’d rather not see corn or corn gluten meal on the list because we aren’t sure that these types of ingredients are in the dog’s best interest. However, corn can provide a great deal of energy so it may not be a detriment for working or sporting dogs provided your dog doesn’t have any outstanding allergies.

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