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Joy Dog Food Review, Recalls & Coupons 2021


Meet Joy Dog Food

Almost eight decades ago, Joy Dog Food started as a small supplier of quality merchandise to seed and feed stores in rural communities. Founded in 1943, the company grew from its humble beginnings to a major manufacturer of quality pet foods.

Joy Dog Food takes pride in its pure and plain recipes that are made with high-quality ingredients. Its products are also quite affordable and great value for money. 

Joy Dog Food has a strong following from long-time customers. Its over 60-year old tried and tested recipe was gradually improved since the company's early days of supplying farms.

Let's check out Joy Dog Food's products in this review and find out if they can give your beloved pets the joy they deserve in life.

Brand Quick Look

  • Parent Company: Hi-Standard
  • Joy Dog Food Review, Recalls & Coupons [year] 1Founded in: 1943
  • Made in: USA
  • Available at:  Chewy
  • Types of Food : Dry
  • Real Meat in First 5 Ingredients? : No (meat meal)
  • Recalled in Past? : No

Behind the Brand

As mentioned, Joy Dog Food opened its operations supplying quality goods to farms through the local seed and feed stores.

Over some time, the company dedicated itself to developing a premium meal that can provide dogs the essential nutrients to live a healthy life. Joy Dog Food maintains that its lifetime of work is dedicated to the dogs, not their owners. 

Joy Dog Food kibbles are made with the dog's natural chewing habits in mind to give them the most enjoyable eating experience.

Also, the enterprise is notable for recipes that are favorable to working and sporting dogs. It contains the necessary ingredients to keep the dogs strong and unwearied even after an exhausting day.

Joy Dog Food's original formulas were brewed in the founders' home kitchen and made with much love and passion for dogs.

Improved with research materials from Cornell University and Penn State University, the present-day recipes are among the heavy favorites for dog meals. 

Joy Dog Food Reviews

1. Joy High-Performance 

Rating: 3.8 out of 5 stars

First 5 Ingredients:

  • Beef Meal
  • Ground Yellow Corn
  • Ground Wheat
  • Corn Gluten Meal
  • Chicken Fat

Joy's High-Performance food is a high-protein meal that's a popular choice for active and working dogs. With 26% protein and 18% fat contents, this mix is ideal to keep dogs energetic and active for longer periods.

It is a favorite among many dog trainers. It is also packed with ingredients that provide the essential nutrients to enhance coat and joint health. 

Rich in fiber for more energy and stronger muscles, and Omega 6 and 3 fatty acids to support skin and fur, and brain health, this chow is in bite-size kibble form that suits all dog breeds, ages, and sizes.

It also has glucosamine and chondroitin that are beneficial to the joints. And it contains enough carbohydrates and calories needed for your dog's energy.

This meal is easy to chew and made to taste and smell good. It can be served wet or dry.  

Although free of soy and artificial preservatives, this product has corn gluten meal. We would've preferred a corn-free mix even when corn adds carbohydrates and other nutrients to the meal.

Meat meal is the main ingredient in this kibble. Meat meal is made from animal parts not fit for human consumption such as residual meat, offal, connective tissues, and bones.

These parts are ground and cooked in high temperatures until all the moisture is removed, before turning it to powder form.

Although this process eliminates all microorganisms and parasites, the product is not nearly as nutritious as raw meat ingredients.

However, meat meal is still a good source of amino acids, which are pertinent to a dog's well-being. It also offers fats and certain minerals and vitamins. Antioxidants are also added in the processing to keep the mix from becoming rancid. 

This product did not specify the animal source for the meat meal. It could be from common sources like cow or lamb, or a combination of both. The quality of the meat meal depends on the processing system of the manufacturer or processing factory. 

Ground yellow corn is added to the recipe as both a filler and a source of nutrients. It is a source of carbohydrates, protein, and essential fatty acids in the diet of dogs and cats. 

Some studies suggest that processed corn is a common culprit in food allergies for dogs. Sensitivity to corn may cause the dog to gnaw at its paws or scratch excessively. In some cases, it may even cause skin infections and hot spots (moist sores with hair loss). 

Ground wheat is the third ingredient on the list. Wheat is a popular ingredient in dog food because it is easily available and it provides an ample supply of protein when added with animal protein.

Some dogs also have allergic reactions to wheat, since it has protein. Corn gluten meal adds to the amino acid content of the diet. 

Chicken Fat, as the fifth ingredient, is vital for many functions in a dog's body. It's a good source of concentrated energy, especially for active and working dogs. Chicken Fat is also high in Omega 6 fatty acids, which can help improve heart health, lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of cancer.

All reviews we have gathered for this diet are positive. Customers say their furry friends love this brand as their main meal.

Some claim their dogs have better and healthier-looking stools after consistently having this recipe as their meals. Most are particularly happy about its budget-friendly price.

Overall, we consider Joy High-Performance kibble as a considerably fine budget dried dog meal compared with other cheaper brands. It is a good option for pet owners with limited budget capacities.

While many pet parents try to avoid corn, wheat, and unnamed animal ingredients such as meat meals, there are dogs who are not sensitive to such ingredients, and thus are able to thrive on dog foods such as this.

However, we still recommend other products with more natural ingredients, and with whole meat as the main protein source as opposed to meat meal.

The company's long history in making dog food makes it credible enough, with no record of recalls. And so we trust that its products are made out of good standard processes.

But for added nutrition for your dogs, we recommend extra supplements to go with it, if not to shift to a more premium regular diet.

2. Joy Super Meal

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

First 5 Ingredients:

  • Chicken Meal
  • Brewers Rice
  • Chicken Fat
  • Corn Gluten Meal
  • Pearled Barley

Joy Super Meal Food is specially made for extra active and working canines, with a high protein and fat content. Apart from the needed protein, it is also fortified with omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and carbohydrates for a balanced diet. 

The protein and fat content are 30% and 20% respectively, which are generally higher than most popular brands in the budget category.

It is also appropriate for dogs needing to gain some weight, but not suitable for senior or overweight dogs due to the higher fat load.

Chicken meal is the main ingredient in the recipe. It is made from chicken meat that may or may not include skin and bones. It is cooked at high temperatures before processed into powder form. 

Brewer’s rice is the next on the ingredients list for this meal. It is a low-quality grain ingredient that mostly serves as filler. It has very little nutritional value, other than carbohydrates.

While carbohydrates are needed by dogs for a balanced diet, they don't need a significant amount. And carbohydrates derived from brewer's rice are not of high quality.

The third main ingredient is chicken fat, which gives extra fatty acids and other nutrients. It also enhances the flavor of the meal.

Corn gluten meal is added for extra filling and carbs, and a little protein too.

Pearled Barley is barley without its outer shell, much like the counterpart of white rice versus brown rice. By removing the outer shell, however, a significant amount of nutrients are lost, like dietary fiber. Although it still has carbohydrates, unshelled barley called barley groats are superior to pearled barley. 

This product has received remarkable reviews from customers. Many say their pets love it. Some claim they saw very encouraging results after feeding the recipe for about a month.

Most also think the price is great, being among the budget-friendly brands. One customer thought the kibble was a bit small.

We give Joy's Super Meal Dog Food the four-stars for being a great low-priced alternative for smaller-income households.

It may not have the best ingredients like those found in premium brands, but we think it offers a better quality meal than several other bargain brands.

3. Joy Special Meal 

Rating: 3.3 out of 5 stars

First 5 Ingredients:

  • Meat and Bone Meal
  • Ground Yellow Corn
  • Ground Wheat
  • Corn Gluten Meal
  • Soy Bean Meal

Joy Special Meal Food is one of the company's longest-running products, which has been in the dog food market for over 40 years. It features a recipe that's been popular to many households, particularly those in the low to medium budget classes. 

This diet is  made with meat meals and mixed with corn, wheat, and soy, and fortified with omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, and other nutrients to make a nutritious but economical chow for your dogs. It has a decent protein and fat load at 26% and 12% respectively. It can cater to dogs of all ages, breeds, and sizes.

Meat and bone meal is the first and main ingredient in this meal. It is most likely sourced from cow's residual meat, offal, and bones that are not served for human consumption.

These ingredients are processed under high heat, dehydrated, and reduced into a powdery substance before becoming the main composition of the kibble.

Mixed with some nutrients, hopefully from natural sources, the meat and bone meal carries most of the nutrients listed on the label. 

As with any unnamed animal ingredient such as meat and bone meal, sensitive dogs are better off with food that states the animal sources of the ingredients. There is no way to tell if the meat meal in this recipe is all from beef, lamb, or chicken. 

Ground yellow corn is added to the recipe as both a filler and a source of nutrients. Ground wheat is the third ingredient on the list.

Wheat is a popular ingredient in dog food because it is easily available and it provides an ample supply of protein when added with animal protein. 

Some dogs also have allergic reactions to wheat, since it has protein. Both ingredients are considered subpar compared to other carb sources such as brown rice, oats, millet, sweet potato, and many others.

Corn gluten meal adds to the amino acid content of the diet. It adds to the protein content of this recipe.

Soybean meal is the fifth ingredient in this blend and is another plant-based filler. Soy however is known as a great source of protein and is used in many other food products including human infant goods.

Some studies show that soy is safe for canine consumption and might even offer some other health benefits. However, some dogs are sensitive to soy. If your dog is one of them, this recipe may not be the best for your pup.

The reviews for this diet are considerably okay, with a few huge fans. Many attest that their pet companions have been feasting upon this meal for years.

But there are a few that said their dogs did not like it at all, and one customer thought the taste was stale. One thing most loyal customers love about this product is its cut-rate price.

In summary, we cannot argue with the history of Joy's Special Meal and its long-standing relationship with loyal customers. As a product belonging to the budget category and made from low-cost ingredients, this particular brand should be among the best of its kind if we take into consideration the longevity and credibility of the company. 

While we do not have a high preference for the use of meal meat and fillers, we trust the company to use only the best commercial-grade meat meal and plant-based fillers for this kibble.

Plus, the price is certainly good news in today's financially challenging world; and that cheap dog food doesn't necessarily mean bad dog food.

4. Joy Maintenance Plus 

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

First 5 Ingredients:

  • Meat and Bone Meal
  • Ground Yellow Corn
  • Ground Wheat
  • Wheat Middlings
  • Animal Fat

Joy Maintenance Plus is another veteran brew in the dog food market and is among the most in-demand. It is also one of the easiest on the pocketbook because of its very low price and generous load. Its protein mass of 22% and fat content of 12% are suitable for maintenance meals for dogs of all breeds, sizes, and ages.

It is soy-free and has nutrients needed for good health in dogs, including omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, and other vitamins and minerals. This recipe should be a good value for money diet for normal dogs without health issues. 

Meat and bone meal, likely from residual beef or chicken meat and bones, is the first and main ingredient in this meal.

Through a process known as rendering, these ingredients are cooked and dehydrated to form a powdery material that is then turned into kibble. Mixed with some nutrients, hopefully from natural sources, the meat and bone meal contains most of the nutrients in this diet. 

Ground yellow corn is added to the recipe as both a filler and a source of nutrients including carbohydrates, protein, and essential fatty acids.

Ground wheat is the third ingredient on the list. Wheat is a popular ingredient in dog meals because of its ample supply. It is also a good source of protein when added with animal protein. 

Wheat middlings are added to the formula as extra filling and a source of protein, fiber, niacin, iron, vitamin B1, and phosphorus. It is a by-product of the wheat flour milling industry that consists of fine particles of wheat bran, wheat shorts, wheat germ, and wheat flour.

Animal fat is also added to the mix for the much-needed fats for dogs and also as an extra appeal to the taste of the kibble. Because the main ingredient meat meal doesn't have enough fat content as a result of the rendering process, animal fat is included in the recipe.

The source of animal fat however is not specified in the label, which means it could be fat from any animal, depending on the availability and costs during the time of production. 

Added to the animal fat are mixed tocopherols and citric acid. Mixed tocopherols are a combination of different sources of Vitamin E, usually from nuts, seeds, healthy oils, and spinach. 

Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant, helping prevent cell damage from free radicals, apart from aiding to boost better eyesight, stronger muscles, and healthier skin and fur.  

Many loyal customers have stuck to feeding their beloved pets this product. Many are satisfied with the results in their dogs’ health.

Reviews mentioned praises over its texture and kibble size, and how it resulted in better stool quality. There are also some that are not huge fans of this recipe, citing ill effects to their dogs after trying one bag, including dandruff and weight loss.

Our verdict? Joy's Maintenance Plus can be a good low-cost alternative as a maintenance diet for your dogs as opposed to other cheap brands.

Although comprised of ingredients not high on our wish list, we believe the company has done enough to secure the good quality of the meal commensurate to its affordability.

It sure is one of the lowest-priced brands of its kind, even when backed by a good record in the industry. But we can only recommend this to normal and healthy dogs, and not to seniors or health-problematic ones or those in need of better nutrition.

And due to the presence of ingredients common in food allergy issues, we suggest consulting with the local vet before serving this chow.

5. Joy Pure Grain-Free Chicken and Potatoes

Rating: 4.1 out of 5 stars

First 5 Ingredients:

  • Chicken Meal
  • Dried Peas
  • Dried Potatoes
  • Chicken Fat
  • Dried Sweet Potatoes

Joy Pure Grain-Free Chicken and Potatoes is the most premium of the company's dog meal line. At a 28-lb. package, it is the most expensive of the Joy brands even when still considered in the budget category. This product boasts of an upgrade in ingredients compared with the other recipes in the Joy product line. 

This recipe has no grains or soy. It is enriched with beneficial nutrients like glucosamine and chondroitin for stronger joints and muscles, and probiotics to aid in digestion.

The 27% protein and 14% fat are favorable to more active dogs. It's suitable for adult dogs of all breeds and sizes.

Chicken meal is the main ingredient in the recipe. It is made from chicken meat with skin and/ or bones that are ground and cooked in high temperatures before converted into powder form through a process called rendering. It makes for a tasty meal that dogs enjoy.

The next main ingredient is dried peas. Peas are an acceptable addition to dog meals because of their abundant carbohydrates, dietary fiber, protein, and small amounts of beneficial nutrients like Vitamin K and Manganese.

Dried potatoes and sweet potatoes are also part of the formula to supply extra manganese, phosphorus, copper, potassium, and vitamin B6. White potatoes are also high in vitamin C, while sweet potatoes contain beta-carotene.

Both types are plentiful of complex carbohydrates to provide a readily available supply of energy. Potatoes are also used to stabilize and improve the texture of the kibble.

Chicken fat is also part of the recipe, which gives omega 6 fatty acids that support skin and coat health, as well as cellular function. Chicken fat also has other nutrients, and even enhances the flavor of the meal.

Our take on Joy's Pure Chicken and Potatoes kibble is that it may be the best of all the dog recipes in the company's product line, mainly due to marginally better ingredients.

We do slightly pick peas and potatoes over soy and grain. This diet has sufficient essential nutrients to enhance a dog's health. 

While it may also be the most expensive of the Joy Dog Food line, it's still relatively cheaper than premium brands. It belongs to the middle-price class, where it's positioned at a marked-down rate compared with most competitors. We are comfortable recommending this kibble for your pets.

6. Joy Puppy Food

Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars

First 5 Ingredients:

  • Chicken Meal
  • Brewer's Rice
  • Chicken
  • Corn Gluten Meal
  • Chicken Fat

Joy Pup Food is the company's premium meal for puppies. It is made of chicken meal and packs sufficient nutrients needed by young canines in their developmental stages.

With a high 32% protein and 18% fat, this kibble is great for energy for the pups, which they will need for playtime. This recipe is easily digestible and soy-free.

It can be served dry or wet as a regular meal for puppies in the first couple of years of their life. It is suitable for all breeds and sizes.

Chicken meal is the first and main ingredient on the list. It is made from chicken meat and bones that are processed at high temperatures to remove the moisture and turned into powder form.

This powder becomes the main content of this kibble. It is fortified with essential nutrients to achieve a balanced meal. As the moisture content of the meat is removed, chicken meal has a higher protein content than fresh meat.

Brewer’s rice is a low-value grain ingredient that serves as filler in the meal and an additional source of carbohydrates. 

Chicken is the third major ingredient in the mix. It is highly palatable and a great source of protein. It also tastes delectable to most dogs.

However, chicken is also one of the most common causes of food allergies in dogs. It is recommended that the puppies are checked regularly for food sensitivities.

Corn gluten meal is also part of the recipe. It adds more protein to the kibbles. However, this plant-based protein source is not at par with high-quality animal proteins. 

The fifth ingredient is chicken fat, which gives omega fatty acids and other nutrients. It also adds more flavor to the kibbles to help stimulate puppies’ appetites. 

So far, all the reviews for this product are highly encouraging. Some believe it is the best meal to start for puppies.

We think Joy's Puppy Food is a great choice for a puppy meal, especially for the more economical households. It has satisfactory features including adequate nutrients, savory taste, good digestibility, and good texture. It is a much better option compared to most brands in the budget category. 

Its price is very reasonable. But we recommend that puppies are also served fresh meals and other nutrient-rich foods to complement the diet.

7. Joy Ultimate Chicken Meal and Rice Formula

Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars

First 5 Ingredients:

  • Chicken Meal
  • Oat Groats
  • Pearled Barley
  • Chicken Fat
  • Dried Peas

Joy Ultimate Chicken Meal and Rice Formula is positioned by the manufacturers as a premium dog meal. Indeed, this product is among the higher-priced recipes of Joy Dog Food. It also has better ingredients than some of the other meals in its product line. 

The company indicated on the label that there are no animal by-products in the kibble. It also has no corn, wheat, or soy. It has added nutrients from natural sources including chicken, fish, and vegetables. It can be served to all dog ages, sizes, and breeds.

Chicken meal is a high-quality, concentrated source of protein made of chicken meat that may or may not contain skin and ground bones. As most of the moisture has been removed, it offers a higher protein percentage compared to fresh meat.

Oat groats are hulled whole oats, which are higher in protein and fiber, yet lower in carbohydrate calories than most grains. Pearled Barley is barley without its outer shell, which contains carbohydrates and fiber. 

Chicken fat is included as a source of omega fatty acids that support skin and coat health. This high-quality fat source is full of rich chicken flavor that makes the kibbles very palatable.

Peas are a great add-on to the recipe for more supply of carbohydrates, dietary fiber, protein, and small amounts of beneficial nutrients like vitamin K and manganese.

This recipe received mostly splendid reviews from customers. Many have said that it's the meal they intend to feed their furry loves for a long time. Some also claim to have seen remarkable results in their dogs including a shinier coat. 

Joy Ultimate Chicken Meal and Rice Formula is one of our preferred recipes from the Joy line. It's made of better quality ingredients than the other kibbles the company offers. We especially like the high-quality grains featured in this recipe.

Overall, it has a great balance of essential nutrients in a diet that is enticing to most dogs. In terms of value for money, it is probably the best the company can offer.

8. Joy Ultimate Lamb Meal & Rice Formula

Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars

First 5 Ingredients:

  • Lamb Meal
  • Brewer's Rice
  • Brown Rice
  • Dried Peas
  • Meat Meal

Joy's Ultimate Lamb Meal & Rice Formula is also positioned as a premium formula by the company, which is comprised of superior ingredients than others in its product line. Lamb meal is the main source of its 21% protein and 12% fat. 

This recipe is fortified with nutrients like glucosamine and probiotics that support a dog's health. It is also a good product for food-sensitive dogs as it has no corn, wheat, and soy. This recipe is suited for dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds.

Lamb meal is the primary ingredient, which is derived from lamb meat and bones. It is an excellent source of essential nutrients like protein and fat, but lamb meal contains higher concentrations of calcium. It also has a savory flavor that dogs love.

Brewer’s rice is a low-quality grain ingredient that serves as filler in the meal and an additional source of carbohydrates. Brown rice (or whole-grain rice) is easily digested by dogs and is a good source of B vitamins, iron, manganese, selenium, magnesium, and omega 3 fatty acids. 

Peas are better fillers than most grains and add more carbohydrates, dietary fiber, protein, and small amounts of beneficial nutrients like vitamin K and manganese.

Meat meal is the fifth main ingredient and adds more protein and fat to the formula. While the most plentiful ingredient is lamb meal, the addition of an unnamed animal ingredient such as meat meal makes this recipe less suitable for very sensitive dogs.

Comments for this recipe are mostly positive, several of which are appreciative of its delicious taste as their pups seem to love having the crunchy lamb kibbles for their meals.

We give Joy Lamb Meal & Rice Formula four stars. It's probably our third favorite from the company's roster, next to its chicken counterpart and the grain-free recipe. We like the balanced diet and the quality of the kibble.

Based on comments from pet parents, Its taste is one of the best in its category. Like most Joy Dog Food recipes, it's a great value for money. 


What types of dog food does Joy Dog Food offer?

Joy Dog food makes quality kibbles that are mostly made of meat meal. They are intended as comfort food for canines and made easier to digest and chew. The recipes have appealing flavors and odors as indicated in several reviews.

Their foods are all in dry kibble form made from quality ingredients of mixed meat meal and plant-based fillers. Most are suitable for all dog ages, breeds, and sizes. They contain a good mix of essential nutrients, especially protein, which is a foremost necessity for dogs. 

Their recipes have been improved through time from the original formula that was concocted in the '50s. Although Joy Dog Food's formulas mainly use meat meal instead of whole meat, the company declares it selects the finest quality ingredients only. Meat meals do have concentrated protein and other nutrients. However, some recipes contain unnamed meat meals, which makes it difficult to evaluate the quality of the ingredients.

Joy Dog Food products are among the most affordable in the market and are popular choices for many long-time dog owners. Its merchandise is notable for its great value for money.


  • Chicken Meal and Rice
  • Lamb Meal and Rice

Grain Free:

  • Pure Chicken Recipe


  • High Performance 26/18
  • High Energy
  • Super Meal
  • Adult Formula 26/18
  • Maintenance Plus
  • Puppy Food 32/18
  • Special Meal

Are Meat Meals Safe for Dogs to Eat?

Meat meals are safe for dogs to eat. They offer a more concentrated source of protein compared to fresh meat.

Single-source meat meals such as chicken or lamb meal are considered high quality, as they are made from clean, ground meat (with or without skin) and bones of either chicken or lamb only. Unlike unnamed animal ingredients, they are more suitable for dogs with allergies. 

Some experts say that the process by which meat meals are made largely diminishes the essential nutrients that are naturally abundant in animal meat and body parts.

Mostly made of animal organs and by-products, meat meals are ground and cooked at high temperatures until they're dehydrated, in the process losing a great amount of the nutrients.

But most dog food manufacturers will say that meat meals actually have higher concentrations of protein and other nutrients. Some are also enhanced with more nutrients from other sources.

Our take on the issue is this: meat meals are okay when the source is credible, meaning they are made from quality parts in USDA-inspected systems and facilities.

Some slaughterhouses and meat meal factories are unsanitary and contaminated, and worse, even use 4D meats or bad meats and parts.

In the case of Joy, we believe the company sources its meat meals from high-standard suppliers. This company has been around for a very long time without any known major issues.

Having said this, however, we still believe single-source meat meals, whole meat, and raw ingredients are the best sources of essential nutrients for dogs and are more digestible. But we acknowledge the necessity of unnamed meat meals to cater to lower-income households.


Joy Recall History

The company has been around for close to 80 years yet it has no record of recalls. Joy Dog Food strictly follows USDA-set regulatory guidelines and operating procedures, and its packaging processes are of the highest safety standards. All products are made in the USA and a USDA-approved facility. 

Customer Reviews

Customers tend to rate it around four stars but really aren’t that many ratings online overall. People seem to either love or hate the food, and there isn’t much in between with online ratings. The vast majority of the company’s sales are still through brick and mortar stores, however, so those ratings may change as more sales (and therefore reviews) come up online.

What Do People Like And Dislike About Joy Dog Food?

Most reviews reveal that customers like the overall look, feel, smell, and taste of Joy Dog Food kibbles. There are several testimonials of the Joy recipes' beneficial results such as better coat, more energy, and even better stool.  

Customers also liked that the food was highly affordable, allowing them to upgrade their dog’s food without having to tap too deeply into their wallets. 

There are also some claims of blunt taste, distasteful odor, and the size of kibble being too small for comfort.

Customers that are more sensitive to the ingredient menu dislike the use of fillers like corn, wheat, or grains in most of the products. And there are some concerns about the sources of the meat meal.


  • “My dogs have just loved this. I switched from a store brand to this because my younger dog was not putting on weight properly. And since then she's really started to fill out well. And even better, my older dog is having an easier time eating the small pieces.” Jaxx,


  • “…She eats literally anything but refuses to touch this. I've tried mixing in other dog foods and even pumpkin and she will still spit it out when she realizes this food is mixed in. Almost the entire bag had to just be tossed. Such a complete waist of money ! :(“ Garbage, chewy
joy dog food review

Is Joy dog food good?

Joy is a grain-inclusive dry dog food using a moderate amount of named meat and by-product meals as its dominant source of animal protein, thus earning the brand 3.5 stars. - Dog Food Advisor

Should puppies be fed grain free food?

Whilst grain-free food can be a little more expensive than traditional foods, it is equally as healthy for your dog and is particularly beneficial for puppies who are intolerant to grains. There has been speculation recently that grain free diets may contribute to canine heart conditions.

Do dogs need grain in their diet?

Dr. Venator says, 'Grains are actually an excellent nutrient source.' Grains are packed with nutrients and provide carbohydrate, fat, and antioxidants. That means, the grains in dog food can support healthy, skin, and hair, plus support healthy immune systems and more.

Why are peas bad for dogs?

Garden peas, of course, must always be shelled. But be cautious with pods, because they can get stuck in your dog's throat and cause choking. And as with any new food, watch for adverse reactions, such as diarrhea or vomiting. Peas are a good source of vitamins, including A, K, and the B vitamins.

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