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Grandma Lucy’s Dog Food: 2019 Reviews, Recalls & Coupons

Meet Grandma Lucy’s Dog Food

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Grandma Lucy’s is a family-owned company that produces freeze-dried dog foods using only human grade ingredients. It’s an artisan brand created by pet owners in honor of a beloved dog, Lucy, who developed picky eating habits and severe allergies.

The line includes recipes designed to bring out the best health in your dog and provide reliable sources of food that contain none of the cheap, processed fillers regular dog foods have. If you’ve been thinking about switching your dog to raw foods but don’t have the time or ability to create foods consistently, this could be a great alternative. Let’s take a look at what Grandma Lucy’s has to offer.

Brand Quick Look

  • Parent Company: Grandma Lucy’s Pet Foods
  • Founded In: 1999
  • Made in: California, USA
  • Available at:  Chewy, Amazon
  • Types of Food: Freeze-Dried
  • Real Meat in First 5 Ingredients? : Yes
  • Recalled in Past? : No

Behind the Brand

In 1999, an elderly dog named Lucy sent her family on a mission. She’d gotten pickier and couldn’t eat many of the standard treats and foods found in the grocery store. Her owners decided to start making their own treats because they were horrified at the ingredients list in bargain kibbles and dog treats.

They came up with a few recipes and had such good luck, they decided to share the recipes with the world. They attended dog shows and fairs, selling out of their treats quickly. In 2007, they released their first line of dog food just after massive food recalls due to contamination. Their meals are built on the idea that only human grade ingredients with balanced recipes should be in your dog’s bowl.

Freeze dried meals retain all the natural flavors and encourage even picky dogs to eat while providing optimal nutrition. The company continually innovates recipes and watches studies to find out what the best practices are in dog nutrition.

The staff carefully inspects each recipe during the production process to make sure everything is the highest quality for your companion. The foods are small batch and tested in Grandma Lucy’s kitchens before ever making their way to you.

What Types of Dog Food Does Grandma Lucy’s Offer?

Grandma Lucy’s offers freeze-dried, grain free foods designed to be rehydrated for palatability. Mouth-feel is very important for many dogs, so this allows dogs to feel like they’re eating home-cooked meals without the hassle of raw foods.

The recipes never use any artificial ingredients, colors, or flavors, and no cheap fillers such as corn or soy. They’re balanced with real meats and whole fruits and vegetables for a balanced meal. There are four different lines you can use to make sure your dog will eat and receives nutrition suited to its individual digestive system.


The artisan recipe uses simple ingredients designed to mimic the home-cooked meals you make for yourself. The recipes are single sources of whole protein with fruits and vegetables plus healthy fats for all-day energy. Plus, there’s a premix option if you need a base to add your own meat.

Artisan Recipes

  • Chicken
  • Pork
  • Lamb
  • Venison
  • Bison
  • Pre-mix


The Pure-formance line is a low glycemic recipe designed to support active dogs by releasing energy slowly throughout the day. The recipes use whole proteins with plenty of fruits and vegetables for sources of vitamins and minerals. Chickpeas offer the basis of the recipe with plenty of fiber and slow release energy.

Pure-formance Recipes

  • Chicken
  • Lamb
  • Rabbit
  • Goat
  • Fish
  • Pre-mix


Macanna makes use of superfoods to blend superior nutrition while reducing inflammation. These recipes are designed for more sensitive dogs who have trouble with digestion or itchy skin. Foods like coconut, kale, hemp, and turmeric provide a holistic approach to healing the body and settling digestion.

Macanna Recipes

  • Beef
  • Salmon
  • Turkey
  • Pre-mix


Valor is a small batch superfood that uses quinoa as a basis for slow release carbs, plenty of fiber, and better digestion. It uses single sources of protein for easier digestion and could be a good option for dogs that have trouble maintaining proper weight. It’s highly nutritious and easy to digest.

Valor Recipes

  • Turkey
  • Fish
  • Chicken

Grandma Lucy’s Recall History List:

  • Grandma Lucy’s has never been recalled. The company follows rigorous processes to ensure that the food is the highest quality and production is clean. The company is present even during production, which is what contributes to their clean track record. In nearly 20 years, they haven’t had an incident, an impressive feat.

Grandma Lucy’s Dog Food Coupons 2019

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Best Grandma Lucy’s Dog Food Recipes

Grandma Lucy’s has a lot of excellent recipes, but the different lines may be overwhelming. Here are three we think could be an excellent start for your dog.

Artisan Venison Recipe

The venison recipe is an excellent source of protein that could help dogs with allergies to things like poultry. It uses no cheap fillers and no artificial ingredients. The protein source is also suitable for picky dogs because venison is rich meat that may entice your dog to eat their entire meal for once.

Macanna Salmon

Salmon is an excellent source of protein for dogs that have skin issues. Omega fatty acids can condition the skin and coat and help reduce inflammation. Superfoods such as coconut oil and turmeric also reduce inflammation and encourage proper digestion. The recipe is excellent for dogs that can’t quite seem to get their digestion or itchiness under control.

Pure-formance Lamb

Lamb is another rich source of protein for dogs that have highly athletic builds or expend a lot of energy during the day. The chickpea formula is low glycemic and releases energy slowly instead of spiking the blood sugar. It’s suitable for dogs that are moving a lot and tend to crash in the middle of the day or who can’t keep proper weight on.

Customer Reviews

Many customers were very pleased with the health results of the food. Many liked that this was a way to switch their dogs to raw menus without the hassle of preparing the meals at home and storing them.

Freeze dried foods are shelf stable but reconstitute to a pleasing texture. The meals from Grandma Lucy’s are highly rated from customers, reaching nearly five stars for many of the recipes, and is highly rated by several trusted dog reviewers online.

What Customers Like and Dislike about Grandma Lucy’s?

Customers with picky dogs often found that they had an easier time getting dogs to eat these recipes. They also liked that the foods are easy to store and don’t require room in the freezer. Many noticed a significant improvement in their dog’s health and well-being.

Some customers noticed that their dogs had trouble with gas after switching to the new food. It’s important that you transition dogs slowly to allow their digestive systems to adjust. Also, the cost of the food was prohibitive for some customers, especially with multiple dogs or large breed dogs. You may be able to offset the cost some because serving sizes will be smaller and you may not have as much reason to go to the vet once digestion and irritation settle.


  • “I raw feed all of my dogs. I have one dog that has a small intestinal disease & has a hard time absorbing & digesting food. He has allergies to MANY things & several proteins as well. I found that he reacts well to this food & can digest it too. I feed & rotate him on raw sources of rabbit, beef, green tripe, white fishes (things he can eat with no problems). Now. I have one more protein & food source to add to his limited arsenal of food choices.” Gayle,


  • “I have been feeding this per the instructions on the bag and my two Frenchie’s are losing weight rapidly. I have supplemental wet dog food to get their weight back up to where it needs to be. The price of this product and the quantity it needs in order to maintain a healthy weight is a little much.” Sophie,

Grandma Lucy’s Macanna Salmon Recipe

Dog Food Review

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

First Five Ingredients:

  • Salmon
  • Pinto Beans
  • Hemp Hearts
  • Carrots
  • Coconut

The Macanna Salmon recipe uses a blend of superfoods such as coconut oil and turmeric to help aid your dog’s digestion and create overall wellbeing. It has a rich protein source from salmon and essential fatty acids to condition the skin and provide energy throughout the day.

A blend of vegetables and fruits, including superfood kale, gives your dog a variety of critical vitamins and minerals while the grain free recipe helps reduce inflammation and digestion upsets. The food uses no cheap fillers such as corn or soy and no artificial ingredients. It has only human grade ingredients and an easy to serve, freeze-dried texture.

It’s on the expensive side, but if you can manage it in your budget, the quality ingredients could decrease the amount of time you spend in the vet’s office because of inflammation and digestion issues. Switching your dog to a human grade recipe is an excellent way to maintain their health and energy. We highly recommend this company and this recipe.

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