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Our Approach to Product Evaluation

At Dog Food Guide, we consistently assess canine nutrition products and comprehend the associated accountability.

Your canine companion likely holds a significant place within your family. Their dietary well-being is of utmost importance, as evidenced by your dedication to seeking nutritional advice.

Consequently, we maintain exceptionally rigorous criteria for issuing recommendations. We believe you'd appreciate insight into our process for curating the products featured in our guides.

We do:

Below, you'll find a comprehensive rundown of the criteria we consider prior to showcasing a dog food product on our website.

Seek validation from regulatory bodies

Pet food undergoes numerous regulatory checks to guarantee its safety for your dog's consumption and its fulfillment of nutritional standards.

However, interestingly, not all products receive approval from every governing body.

Due to variations in interpretations of healthy dog food among different governmental organizations and their respective areas of focus, we meticulously examine its endorsement ratings from ALL of the subsequent establishments for optimal safety:

Thoroughly examine user reviews in great detail

It could be a simple task for brands to carefully select top-tier food samples and submit them to us for assessment in order to secure high ratings.

Hence, we place our trust in the collective insights of the public to form our judgments regarding the quality of a specific brand's product.

We meticulously examine both favorable and unfavorable reviews for all the products we endorse on the internet.

Furthermore, we frequently make contact with these customers to delve deeper into their experiences, comprehending their perspectives, and incorporating their insights into our content.

Our Approach to Product Evaluation 1
Positive Review
Our Approach to Product Evaluation 2
Negative Review

Analyze the range of products and background of the brand

Are you familiar with the renowned saying “History tends to repeat itself”? We hold the view that this principle applies to dog food as well.

Hence, prior to endorsing a novel product line or brand, we thoroughly investigate their past and operational practices to effectively evaluate potential risks on your behalf.

Here are a handful of factors we thoroughly examine when contemplating a new product or brand:

  1. Historical instances of voluntary recalls related to the brand and its product line.
  2. Recall history of the manufacturing facilities involved.
  3. Any FDA advisories or recalls linked to the product.
  4. The location where the product is manufactured.
  5. Associations and affiliations of the brand.
  6. Any alteration of the brand name aimed at concealing previous negative incidents.
  7. Recent alterations in ownership, manufacturing procedures, and recipes.

Carefully analyze nutritional data and obtain veterinary endorsement

Prior to featuring a product on our website, a team of accredited veterinarians meticulously examines both the nutritional data furnished by the manufacturer and the outcomes of feed tests conducted by unbiased laboratories.

This comprehensive approach guarantees that every product listed in our purchasing guides possesses a superior nutritional composition capable of meeting all the requirements of your beloved pet.

Take into account the dog's breed, size, and age

Given that our guides frequently address particular circumstances such as specific breeds or health conditions, we extend the request to our team of veterinarians to thoroughly examine and validate that the food recommendations align optimally with the context provided in the respective guide.

Evaluate the assertions made in the brand's marketing

Brands often leverage health-oriented marketing claims to enhance food sales.

We meticulously assess their marketing content and systematically address each claim, guaranteeing that you have a clear understanding of the nutritional choices you're making for your dog.

Comprehend the pricing and strategic placement of the product

A variety of dog foods cater to diverse budgets and dietary preferences. In all our guides, we aim to encompass a wide range of options, ensuring you encounter a budget-friendly choice, a cost-effective selection, and a premium alternative, at the very least.

Furthermore, our efforts extend to addressing specialized diets, encompassing variations such as high/low protein content, grain-free formulations, low calorie, and more.

Available delivery choices

What purpose does it serve to discover the ideal dog food if you encounter difficulties in obtaining it promptly or face extensive delivery delays, particularly if you reside outside major urban centers?

This underscores the significance of our evaluation of factors such as typical delivery duration, associated costs, national delivery scope, and the provisions for product returns in the event of a change of mind.

Brands that provide more favorable terms are granted superior placement on our platform.

We don’t: 

Items that will NEVER be present on the Dog Food Guide.

Share any content without comprehensive research

Every single one of our articles undergoes a rigorous research procedure, and our recommendations are not given without careful consideration. Therefore, when you come across information on our website, rest assured that it has been subjected to the comprehensive criteria outlined earlier, affirming the reliability of the advice provided.

Contradict the guidance provided by veterinarians and governmental agencies

In the current era, it's fashionable to challenge health institutions or medical experts, but we do not adhere to this trend. If a veterinarian advises against feeding a particular food to dogs, it will not be featured on our website, irrespective of our own individual viewpoints or convictions.

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