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About Us

Explore the world of canine nutrition at, the ultimate hub catering to all your needs concerning dog dietary needs. Our platform offers evaluations of dog snacks, formulas (wet and dry), and feeding provisions. 

Additionally, we curate comprehensive resources encompassing cutting-edge canine dietary insights, culinary instructions, and all things interconnected with our central theme.

DogFood.Guide was developed for and by dog lovers like you and we are dedicated to making the wild world of pets a better place, one happy dog at a time

Our Mission

At, our dedicated mission is to improve the lives of dogs by offering expert dietary advice for their well-being. We aim to achieve this through personalized nutrition recommendations and specialized guidance. Moreover, we provide carefully crafted homemade recipes to cater to dogs' preferences and sensitivities, enabling pet owners to prepare nutritious meals at home, taking an active role in their pets' health.

Our Story

The inception of Dog Food Guide originated from a founder's individual challenges. Confronted with very persistent skin-related problems in her piebald dachshund, Willow, she was compelled to traverse an information gap. The process of seeking an appropriate diet for Willow was extended and demanding, yet it culminated in a realization – a dependable information source was imperative for pet owners confronting analogous hurdles.

Evolving from these modest origins, Dog Food Guide has experienced remarkable growth. Currently, we cater to a daily audience exceeding 5000 visitors who depend on our dog food guides to pinpoint the finest products for their treasured pets.

Who We Are

The staff at consists of a varied assembly of individuals, including avid pet enthusiasts, seasoned Veterinarians, and skilled writers. We are committed to providing content that is based on scientific evidence and research. We carefully reference all the sources we use for our claims, ensuring that our content is transparent and trustworthy.

Our Veterenarian Reviewers

Sara Ochoa


Sara ochoa

With a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from St. George University, where she excelled academically, Dr. Ochoa is a highly qualified veterinarian. She has been working at Whitehouse Veterinary Hospital in Whitehouse, TX (Practice Profile) for over 7 years, providing quality care for various animals.

She also completed her undergraduate studies at Louisiana Tech and gained more clinical skills at LSU after graduating from veterinary school.

Keeno Ian Moralde

Veterinarian / Surgeon

Keeno Ian Moralde

Ken graduated from UPLB and worked as a resident Vet at UP Diliman Teaching Hospital before joining Furpet’sake Veterinary clinic as a Veterinarian surgeon.

Having amassed more than 9 years of experience, performing various surgeries on pets. He is also passionate about spay, neuter, rescue and rehoming, and often leads or participates in campaigns that offer these services for free or at a low cost.

Our Editorial Team

Noreen Dollisen

Ma. Leonor Dollisen

Ma. Leonor possesses a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree from Informatics International College. While this credential might not elucidate her passion for pets, it does demonstrate her technical expertise and diverse character.

She's a dedicated aficionado of felines, particularly those without homes. Her fondness for cats originated during her early childhood, when she would rescue stray kittens and discreetly bring them home concealed in her school uniform pockets.

Raymond Umpa

Raymond Umpa

Raymond is a seasoned writer who has more than 10 years of experience in creating engaging and optimized content for various platforms and audiences.

He has worked on diverse projects ranging from articles, social media posts, newsletters and ebooks, covering different topics and niches. He has a knack for researching, writing and editing content that suits the needs and preferences of his clients and readers.

Mary Nielsen

Mary Nielsen

An individual with a profound affection for animals, who was brought up in an environment surrounded by dogs, cats, and chickens. A self-taught enthusiast in the realm of pet care.

At present, the proud caretaker of two rescued felines and two lovely mixed-breed canines. An ardent supporter of animal adoption. Enjoys immersing in captivating books centered around animals and finds joy in playing the piano.

Elaine Navajo

Elaine Navajo

For an impressive duration of four years, Elaine has been embarked on a voyage as a freelance writer within the domain of dog care. The profound fondness she nurtured for animals, ignited by the cherished companionship of her family's treasured pets during her developmental years, has flourished into a genuinely satisfying vocation focused on everything related to dogs.

Her deep affinity with animals has motivated her to concentrate her efforts on crafting content about canines, channeling her passion and knowledge into this enthralling realm.

Sheena Paredes

Sheena Paredes

Sheena is a graduate of BS Psychology. While her course is not related to her new-found role, her time at the university helped her develop the skills and attitude she needs to write high-quality content.

Our Commitment

At, upholding the utmost standards of editorial integrity is our core value. Our central tenet revolves around prioritizing information quality.

  • Our focus lies in producing content grounded in evidence. Every assertion we make is supported by scientific literature, duly referenced within each article.
  • Subject matter experts are instrumental in composing, revising, and reviewing all our content.
  • The sources we employ for researching our content are of the highest caliber.
  • We consistently revisit and update our pages with the most current information.

While we employ affiliate marketing to sustain our operations, our recommendations remain unbiased. 

Our dedication goes beyond offering superior pet nutrition insights. We are wholly committed to ethical principles, encompassing animal welfare and environmental preservation.

We steer clear of brands associated with cruelty towards animals and actively factor in the ecological footprint of food products in our assessments. Our mission is to effect positive change, one canine meal at a time.

What’s Next? 

If you've arrived here, it indicates that you, like many others, are seeking to enhance your dog's nutrition, whether it's for their well-being or to bring more joy to your cherished companion.

The exciting part is that we've meticulously prepared all the resources you need to accomplish this. Hence, from this point onward, you have the option to:

  • Explore our comprehensive nutrition guides, which will aid you in comprehending your dog's requirements and concerns.
  • Delve into our dog food guides, designed to assist you in selecting the perfect food for your specific dog.

We sincerely hope you derive satisfaction from the content we've diligently curated. If you possess any insights that could contribute to refining this website, we eagerly await your input!

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