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Raymond Umpa

Raymond Umpa


Research | SEO-Optimized Content | Newsletter | Ebooks | Content Creator

San Pedro College Davao


  • More than 10 years of writing experience
  • Capable of using Canva, SurferSEO, Semrush
  • Exposed to eCommerce, digital marketing, pet wellness and more
  • With excellent research and analytical skills

With a decade of experience as a freelance writer, he has collaborated with diverse clients spanning various sectors. His work history includes partnering with entities within the health and wellness sector, aiding them in amplifying their products and services to enhance customer well-being.

Moreover, he has contributed to the pet industry by sharing his profound understanding and enthusiasm for animals and their welfare as he is a fur-dad himself. Beyond this, he possesses proficiency in the realm of digital marketing, crafting content designed to captivate and involve the intended audience, ultimately leading to enhanced conversions.

His repertoire extends to composing pieces for clients in the CBD and eCommerce domains, where he imparts knowledge and enlightens readers about the opportunities and complexities of these burgeoning markets. His portfolio showcases a spectrum of content types, ranging from informative and insightful articles, through engaging social media posts that elicit curiosity and interaction, to informative newsletters that keep subscribers updated.

Furthermore, his skill set encompasses generating blogs that underscore the unique persona and expertise of each client, as well as creating comprehensive eBooks that furnish readers with profound insights and valuable information.

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