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Elaine Navajo

Elaine Navajo


Research and Writing | Dog care | Dog health

Deakin University Melbourne


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism 
  • With 4 years of writing experience
  • Grew up surrounded by pets
  • Educates fur-rents about less known yet crucial topics

Elaine's journey as a freelance writer in the dog care niche spans an impressive four years. Her deep-rooted passion for animals, kindled by the companionship of her family's beloved pets during her formative years, has blossomed into a truly fulfilling career centered around all things dog-related. Her profound connection with animals has driven her to specialize in writing about dogs, pouring her heart and expertise into this captivating field.

Having nurtured and tended to a diverse array of animals over the years, including a rabbit and a specially-abled dog, Elaine's unwavering conviction in the pivotal role of nutrition in a pet's overall well-being has only grown stronger. This conviction has solidified her belief that a pet's diet stands as a cornerstone of their health and vitality.

With an unrelenting enthusiasm for enlightening pet parents about lesser-known yet crucial topics, Elaine ceaselessly seeks out subjects to educate and empower. Her written works cover a gamut of subjects, from the often-overlooked hazards posed by plastic dog food bowls to the eye-opening revelations emerging from research on peas and their impact on dogs' health. Guided by her unswerving commitment to scientific rigor, Elaine is determined to steer pet owners through the intricate landscape of canine care using evidence-based information.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Elaine finds her abode in the vibrant locale of Cairns, Australia, where she shares her life with her cherished family and a delightfully endearing corgi named Kido. Kido, a quintessential embodiment of the amusing corgi breed, infuses Elaine's days with doses of mirth and whimsy. His charming antics, often manifested in audacious interruptions during business meetings, are often centered around clever ruses to procure extra servings from his ever-attentive human companion.

In essence, Elaine's journey as a dedicated freelance writer in the realm of dog care is marked by her fervent dedication to animals, her unyielding pursuit of knowledge, and her innate ability to weave together science and compassion in her mission to guide and enlighten pet owners across the globe.

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