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Keeno Ian Moralde

Keeno Ian Moralde, DVM

Veterinarian / Surgeon

Surgery | Food & Nutrition | Spay & Neuter

University of the Philippines Los Baños


  • Specializes on soft tissue surgeries
  • Holds Vet Med degree from UPLB (2013)
  • Spearheads low-cost or free spay and neuter campaigns
  • Veterinarian surgeon with more than 9 years of experience

Ken, an ardent and seasoned Veterinary surgeon, is presently affiliated with Furpet’sake Veterinary Clinic situated in Iligan City, Philippines. With over a decade of practice in the realm of feline and canine medicine, his wealth of knowledge and expertise continues to expand. His forte lies in conducting delicate soft tissue surgeries for his furry patients, encompassing procedures like spaying, neutering, tumor excision, wound closure, and hernia rectification.

His educational foundation was established at the esteemed University of the Philippines Los Baños, where he acquired the fundamental principles of animal health and well-being, culminating in the attainment of his veterinary degree. To refine his clinical acumen and surgical finesse, he undertook a residency program at the UP Diliman Teaching Hospital.

Furthermore, he actively champions spay and neuter initiatives, playing a crucial role in curbing the overpopulation and distress of stray animals. His unwavering support extends to diverse animal welfare groups, collaborating on rescue and rehoming endeavors that offer abandoned and mistreated animals a renewed chance to secure caring and nurturing homes.

On his days of respite, he finds immense joy in exploring different places, soaking in the wonders of travel. Additionally, he holds dear the time spent with his personal menagerie of nine cats and three dogs.

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