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Mary Nielsen

Mary Nielsen


Pet Care | Animal Health | Pet Nutrition


  • A certified rescuer and foster parent
  • Often leads pet adoption drives in her area
  • Knowledgeable about animal health and welfare

During her childhood, she was constantly surrounded by a variety of animals. Whether it was dogs, cats, chickens, or other creatures, they served as her loyal companions. This early exposure ignited a fascination within her to understand their requirements, actions, and distinctive characteristics. She delved into a multitude of books and articles centered around topics like pet upkeep, nutrition, and well-being, driven by her burgeoning interest. She now regards herself as an autodidact proficient in the domain of animal welfare.

Presently, her abode is shared with a quartet of furry family members, consisting of two cats and two dogs she adopted from a shelter. Her commitment to advocating for animal adoption and rescue is unwavering, reflecting her firm convictions. Apart from her affinity for animals, she also derives joy from playing the piano and immersing herself in literary works, especially those that revolve around creatures of the wild.

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