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Noreen Dollisen

Ma. Leonor Dollisen


Cat Health and Wellness | Cat Nutrition

Informatics International College Alabang


  • Holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science
  • Gained hands-on experience with strays during her stint in Qatar
  • Passionate cat lover who once filled her school uniform pockets with stray kittens

Noreen holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science. This degree might not explain her cat obsession, but it showcases her technical prowess and multifaceted personality.

She is a cat enthusiast with a soft spot for strays. Her love affair with cats began as a young kid when she would take in stray kittens and sneak them home in the pockets of her school uniform. An aunt's gift of a Siamese kitten only deepened her affection for the feline species.

Although she's into computers and writing (a serious side of her!), Noreen's interest in feline nutrition grew when her cat, Shadow, developed persistent UTI and bladder problems. She has since striven to understand the mysteries of feline nutrition, aiming to help other pet owners who are in the same boat.

When she's not playing cat detective with her 13 cats (yep, the cat population has grown exponentially), Noreen loves traveling with her family and hunting down new foodie places to explore.

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