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8 Best Bully Sticks For Dogs Who Absolutely Love To Chew: 2024 Update

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Best Bully Sticks For Dogs

Chewing is one of a dog’s favorite things to do. It’s a fact of life. If you’ve ever had a puppy, the first few months of life will be spent chewing on anything and everything you own.

And when they grow a little older, they’ll probably be a bit more selective with their chew toys but that urge to gnaw will never go away.


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8 Best Bully Sticks For Dogs Who Absolutely Love To Chew: [year] Update 2
  • Made with beef pizzle only
  • Perfectly roasted for irresistible aroma
  • Crafted for all breeds and sizes
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8 Best Bully Sticks For Dogs Who Absolutely Love To Chew: [year] Update 4
  • No foul-smelling odor
  • Made with only single ingredient
  • Made with free-range, grass-fed beef
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8 Best Bully Sticks For Dogs Who Absolutely Love To Chew: [year] Update 2
  • Ideal choice for medium-sized dogs
  • Chemical-free dog treat
  • Chewable treat that last long
VIEW LATEST PRICE →See Customer Reviews →

So what can you do? Buy healthy dog chews! If they’re going to chew anyway, provide your pet with a dog chew that’s both tasty and healthy and known to be without artificial preservatives. One popular kind of dog chew out in the market is the bully stick. 

Bully sticks are also called beef pizzle, pizzle sticks, or bully bones. These are the more acceptable terms for dog treats made from, erm, bull penis. Yup, those snackable dog chews are crafted from none other than the muscles of a bull’s private parts. 

But hey, bully sticks are a healthier and much safer alternative to rawhide chews, which pose a choking hazard for dogs. And since a bull pizzle is made from 100% beef, there’s very little risk of it irritating more sensitive stomachs

We researched the market to find the best bully sticks for dogs to help you make an informed decision. Check out our list below.

8 Best Bully Sticks For Dogs Who Absolutely Love To Chew: [year] Update 7
Pawstruck Straight Bully Sticks
  • No foul-smelling odor
  • Made with only single ingredient
  • Free-range, grass-fed beef
8 Best Bully Sticks For Dogs Who Absolutely Love To Chew: [year] Update 8
Smokehouse 4" Pizzle Stix
  • Made with beef pizzle only
  • Perfectly roasted for irresistible aroma
  • Crafted for all breeds and sizes
8 Best Bully Sticks For Dogs Who Absolutely Love To Chew: [year] Update 9
Bones & Chews Bully Stick 6"
  • Ideal choice for medium-sized dogs
  • Chemical-free treat
  • Chewable treat that last long
8 Best Bully Sticks For Dogs Who Absolutely Love To Chew: [year] Update 10
Bully Sticks Braided 12"
  • Dog chew that is totally digestible
  • Makes teeth and gums stronger
  • Freshen a dog's breath
8 Best Bully Sticks For Dogs Who Absolutely Love To Chew: [year] Update 11
Barkworthies Odor-Free Bully Sticks 6"
  • Baked and odor-free sticks
  • Zero chemical present
  • Addictive-free treats
8 Best Bully Sticks For Dogs Who Absolutely Love To Chew: [year] Update 12
Fantastic Dog Chews Mini Bully Sticks
  • Thinner size and softer texture
  • Can be given to smaller breeds
  • Can be consumed by dogs with fewer or no teeth
8 Best Bully Sticks For Dogs Who Absolutely Love To Chew: [year] Update 13
Chewy Louie 7" Bully Stick
  • Perfect treat without grain or gluten
  • Rigorously tested for safety
  • Crafted from grass-fed beef
8 Best Bully Sticks For Dogs Who Absolutely Love To Chew: [year] Update 14
Platinum Pet Treats Bully Bites
  • Delectable, meaty chews
  • Size is around 1-3 inches in length
  • Zero preservatives, color, or flavoring
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  1. Pawstruck Straight Bully Sticks
  2. Smokehouse 4″ Pizzle Stix
  3. Bones & Chews Bully Stick 6″
  4. Bully Sticks Braided 12″
  5. Barkworthies Odor-Free Bully Sticks 6″
  6. Fantastic Dog Chews Mini Bully Sticks
  7. Chewy Louie 7″ Bully Stick
  8. Platinum Pet Treats Bully Bites

Best Bully Sticks For Dogs

1. Pawstruck Straight Bully Sticks

8 Best Bully Sticks For Dogs Who Absolutely Love To Chew: [year] Update 15

Pawstruck Bully Sticks are slow-cooked oven-baked treats sourced from ethically conscious farms that supply grass-fed free-range beef. 

There are no artificial ingredients like preservatives or additives in them, and no hormones or chemicals were used in the raising of the cattle.

These bully sticks are a smart and tasty way of maintaining your dog’s dental health by chipping away at the tartar and plaque on your dog’s teeth. 


  • Sold by weight not per count
  • Low odor dog treats
  • Comes from grass-fed cattle


  • Inconsistent sizing

The bull pizzle treats have an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars from 67 reviewers. Customers rated these bully sticks highly because of their longevity, low odor, and value for money.

These only have a faint smell compared to the usual bully sticks that will leave an entire house smelly once the wrappers are taken off.

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Strong chewers, who often destroy treats in a matter of minutes, find these much tougher. These will keep dogs fully occupied for hours or even days. 

We like that these come from ethically-raised cattle that were not given antibiotics or hormones to help in their growth. The beef comes from free-range grass-fed cattle of some of the best ethically-conscious farms in South America.

Because the treats are packaged by weight instead of sold per count, there is a consistency with the amount of treats your pup will be getting. When treats are small, you will get more sticks per bag.

When the bully sticks are crafted a bit larger, there will be fewer sticks inside. Generally, paying by weight will come out cheaper than if you are paying for each piece. 

The con, however, with these null pizzle sticks is that they come in varying sizes instead of one standard size for each packaging.

A few of the negative reviews had nothing to do with the product itself but about a hole in the packaging (possibly from shipping) that the bully sticks came in.

2. Smokehouse 4″ Pizzle Stix 

8 Best Bully Sticks For Dogs Who Absolutely Love To Chew: [year] Update 16

Best For Small Breeds: Smokehouse Pizzle Stix are bully sticks made right here in the USA. These 100% all natural and digestible sticks are slow roasted to perfection to remove any traces of bacteria, making them perfectly safe for your dog to eat.

The bully sticks are crafted for all breed sizes, but since these are small, the bully sticks are more suitable for small breed pups. Large breed chewers may gulp these down in a heartbeat. 


  • Do not stink
  • 100% natural
  • Beef is sourced from the USA
  • No additives, colorings, preservatives or chemicals


  • Inconsistent sizing
  • Does not last long

98 customers gave these bull pizzle treats a 4.4 star rating out of 5, and 91% of them highly recommend it to fellow owners of fur babies. While the bully sticks are not marketed as odor free or low odor, many reviewers were quite happy to find out that these do not smell bad at all. 

Dogs love the treats and find them delicious, even finicky ones that usually do not indulge in doggy snacks. It’s a great distraction for pups that would normally get bored easily or chew through stuff in the house. It’s also a big plus for pet parents that the beef used to make these are sourced right here in the USA. 

The bully sticks have different sizes. Some can be thin, some are hollow. The price point is also an issue because the bully sticks normally do not last very long. 

3. Bones & Chews Bully Stick 6″

8 Best Bully Sticks For Dogs Who Absolutely Love To Chew: [year] Update 17

Bones & Chews offers standard-sized and -shaped chews that are an ideal choice for medium-sized dogs, although the 6” beef muscle chews can comfortably be given to a large dog or a smaller dog without worry.

The bully sticks are labeled as chemical-free. They are cleaned with water and vinegar before they go through a drying process. They also go through an irradiation process to ensure their utmost safety.

Because of the standard sizing, these are ideal for medium chewers.


  • Single ingredient
  • Lasts for a good long while
  • Comparatively inexpensive


  • Size is getting smaller
  • No information about the brand or source of beef

This particular bully stick product has one of the most number of reviews on Chewy. 2970 reviewers gave the Bones & Chews an average of 4.2 out of 5 stars.

The chews reportedly last a long time—about an hour for medium to aggressive chewers—and a day for occasional chewers. 

The price has also been mentioned as particularly attractive because these chews don’t cost as much as most products of the same type.

However, there have been several complaints that the sizing of the chews have gone smaller. Instead of the usual thick size, previous buyers have said that the chews now look thinner than before. 

4. Bully Sticks Braided 12″

8 Best Bully Sticks For Dogs Who Absolutely Love To Chew: [year] Update 18

Best For Larger Dogs or Aggressive Chewers: These braided bully sticks by Bully Sticks are highly palatable chews in the longest length available for bigger dogs or  aggressive chewers.

The braided design gives the sticks a tougher and more complicated chew texture to ensure that these last your pup hours.

The natural beef pizzle sticks come from grass-fed free-range Brazilian cattle. These are first braided before being slow-roasted in their own juices to preserve the flavor and freshness. 


  • Comes from free-range grass-fed beef
  • Long-lasting chews


  • Has a natural smell that is quite strong
  • Pricey

181 reviewers gave these bully sticks an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. A common theme among those who gave the product positive reviews is the treats keep pets occupied for a long time.

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The sticks are thick, and it takes even strong chewers quite a while to finish them. Hours for aggressive chewers and as long as several days for the canine who only likes an occasional chew.

These bully sticks are not odor free, and the scent is actually quite strong. Dogs love them, but plenty of pet parents strongly oppose the smell, which they described as “horrible.”

One other complaint about these beef pizzles is that they can be expensive for a pack containing only two chews.

5. Barkworthies Odor-Free American Bully Sticks 6″

8 Best Bully Sticks For Dogs Who Absolutely Love To Chew: [year] Update 19

Barkworthies Bully Sticks are 6” treats that are baked and virtually odor free. These come in a standard shape and texture that promotes healthy teeth and prevents the dreaded doggy breath.

The beef used in the treats is sourced globally, but the bully sticks themselves are baked right here in the US using a special process (baking at a low temperature for a longer period) to keep them odor free. These chewy treats are best for small and medium dogs. 


  • Odor free bully sticks
  • Baked not irradiated to remove any bacteria


  • Don’t last long
  • Sizes can be inconsistent

93 customers gave these bully sticks a combined rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars. Although the product has a slight smell if you’re next to it, it is mostly odor free especially when compared to other bully sticks.

That is a big plus to dog owners who do not have to deal with stinky carpets or dog beddings after their pet is done with the chew.

These also help enormously with teething puppies who need to relieve some discomfort. However, there are sizing inconsistencies with these chews.

Some of the chews come in the right size, but there are complaints that some of the sticks are half the size of the others. Some customers are also unhappy that these don’t last their pups long.

6. Fantastic Dog Chews Mini Bully Sticks 

8 Best Bully Sticks For Dogs Who Absolutely Love To Chew: [year] Update 20

Best For Seniors: Fantastic Dog Chews are mini bully sticks made from 100% grass-fed free-range beef. These are 6” in length but have a thinner size and softer texture, which makes them ideal treats for smaller toy breeds, pooches with sensitive mouths, and dogs with missing teeth.

The brand sources its beef from Brazil. The free-range cattle are not treated with hormones, antibiotics, or steroids.


  • Great for small to large breeds
  • Made from free-range beef


  • Not widely available on pet sites

These chews only have a limited number of reviews on, but the few reviewers so far gave the treats all 5 stars. Because the bully sticks are smaller and softer, they are recommended for senior and small breed dogs, and even for puppies. 

According to reviewers, these treats are the perfect size to give to very different sized dogs. So if you have a multi-pet household composed of canines of differing ages or breeds, these would be a good middle ground for all. 

7. Chewy Louie Bully Stick 7”

8 Best Bully Sticks For Dogs Who Absolutely Love To Chew: [year] Update 21

The Chewy Louie Bully Sticks are premium dog chews that are all natural and crafted from grass-fed free-range beef. It’s geared towards adult dogs that are moderate chewers.

Due to a lack of bully sticks in the US, Chewy Louie sources its bully dog treats from South America (Brazil, Paraguay, or Colombia) where the cows are free-range and grass-fed.

The treats are then processed at a plant in Paraguay but are tested upon arrival in the brand's Kansas plant to ensure they are completely safe to eat.


  • Priced competitively
  • Low odor treats


  • Not made in the US

These bully sticks from Chewy Louie only have 4 reviews from, but all of them give the product 5 stars out of 5.

The treats have more reviews elsewhere, but the ratings paint a very similar picture. Dogs simply love the treats and will totally devote their time in whittling the sticks to nothing.

Compared to other bully sticks, these treats are low odor and will not stink up the house. It lasts for a good hour or so, unlike other bully sticks that will be gobbled up within a few minutes. 

Although not really considered a con, the treats are made in South America. The tests imposed by Chewie Louie on the treats upon their arrival in the US are quite stringent, so you can be sure that these are perfectly safe to give your pup.  Of course, having these chews made in the USA would have been better.

8. Platinum Pet Treats Bully Bites 

8 Best Bully Sticks For Dogs Who Absolutely Love To Chew: [year] Update 22

Platinum Pet Treats Bully Bites are snackable, meaty chews that are about 1-3 inches in length. The small pieces make these ideal quick snacks for all dogs, especially the small breed ones.

These are sourced directly from Europe and crafted without the use of artificial preservatives, color, or flavoring. 


  • Ideal for small breed adult dogs
  • Snack bite sized


  • Don’t last long

These bully sticks currently have a limited number of reviewers—only four as of the moment—but all of them highly recommend the product.

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The sticks are said to be money-savers and the perfect size for giving quick snacks. The treats are always completely demolished and gone, with no half eaten sticks or chipped ends left lying around.

However, the bully sticks don’t last long, possibly because they are quite small. These are mostly meant for snack giving and not really as a long-lasting chew.

They also have moderate odor, but dogs love the smell and they seem to be a hit with every canine, even the ones who are usually picky.

8 Best Bully Sticks For Dogs Who Absolutely Love To Chew: [year] Update 23

Why Do Dogs Like To Chew?

We’ve established that dogs like gnawing on things, but is it okay for them to do so? Chewing is considered normal for pups.

Puppies go through a teething period where they need to gnaw on stuff to relieve pain because the process of growing teeth can be quite intense for them.

Between puppyhood and adulthood (about seven to 12 months of age), dogs go through another phase where they get an uncontrollable urge to chew.

Called the adolescent phase, dogs this age like to explore things and chewing things is one of those things that happen to be fun. And even when they’re past puppyhood and adolescence, most dogs will keep that natural chewing instinct. 

Other reasons for chewing include:

  • Boredom – your dog is not getting enough physical stimulation 
  • Attention-seeking – your pet may have found out that the easiest way to get your attention is to chew on something forbidden, like a phone or remote control.
  • Unbalanced diet – A few pups may try to compensate for a lack of minerals in their diet by trying to chew stones or plaster.
  • Anxiety – Some dogs don’t handle being left alone for long periods well. Chewing becomes a destructive behavior for them.

*If you see any or both of the last two listed behaviors in your pup, consult a vet for the best way to deal with your dog. 

How Do You Choose A Bully Stick?

With many options available in the market, how do you go about finding which are the best bully sticks for dogs? Here are some guidelines to help you:

1. Length

Bully sticks generally come in 4”, 6”, and 12” lengths, but there are many more length sizes you can find. If you have a big dog or a strong chewer, the longer lengths may be more suited to him. If you have a small pooch or a pup who only occasionally chews, smaller pizzle sticks may be more ideal.

Typically, the bull pizzle length is equal to how long your dog will be chewing on it. A good bully stick should last your dog more than a few minutes of chewing to be worthwhile.

2. Width

There are standard-sized bully sticks that most dogs will be able to chew easily. But there are also different sized options if you want something geared specifically for your pup. For example, there are thin sticks that a little pooch can easily gnaw, but larger breeds may find thicker dog chews more satisfying.

3. Shape

The standard bully stick is a straight shape but recently, other bully sticks shaped into braids, loops, and curls have come out. The shapes do serve a purpose.

Curled bully sticks scrape plaque better from a dog’s mouth, while braided bully sticks add a level of texture and complexity to chewing so your pup will take his time in going through one.

When it comes to selecting a bully stick, remember this general rule: the wider, longer, and more complex the shape, the longer the stick will last your pup. 

Variety of dog treats

Better Than Rawhide?

Bully sticks are a healthy alternative to rawhide chews. Unlike rawhide, which can be difficult to digest for dogs, bully sticks will easily break down in your pet’s tummy. They also don’t splinter off, so you don’t have to worry about sharp edges causing internal injuries to your pup. 

You do have to watch out for the little pieces. Once your dog has whittled his bully stick down to a smaller piece that is a little bigger than his mouth, there is a risk of choking if he decides to swallow that piece in one gulp. 

Aside from being better than rawhide in some aspects, bully sticks offer lots of health benefits to your dog. While nothing beats a routine brushing of the teeth, bully sticks promote dental health. Tough dog chews help scrape off plaque buildup from your pet’s teeth. 

And if your dog has a sensitive stomach, bully sticks are the perfect treats because they’re all natural and usually made of a single ingredient only.

A few brands add a natural flavor like honey, but that’s about it. There are no artificial ingredients nor any preservative. The drying or cooking process generally kills off any bacteria in the food.

Lastly, pizzle sticks are high in protein so these offer lots of support when it comes to muscle development and maintenance, whatever age your dog might be.

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Things To Consider When Giving Your Pup A Bully Stick

1. Give bully sticks sparingly. 

Like all treats, bully sticks shouldn't make up a large part of your dog’s diet. In fact, a bully stick shouldn’t make up over 10% of your dog’s daily calories.

2. Go slow with puppies when giving a bully stick.

While bully sticks are generally safe, little dogs have more sensitive stomachs than adults and might have an adverse reaction to the treats.

3. Monitor your dog closely.

Bull pizzle does not splinter, but it can pose a choking risk if your pup tries to gulp a piece that’s bigger than he can handle. Make sure that you watch your dog closely as his bully stick gets small enough to swallow. 

4. They’re not for pups with sensitive teeth.

Bully sticks may not be as hard as hooves or antler chews, but they can still be pretty tough on sensitive gums and older teeth. Dogs with dental problems should not be given a bully stick as a treat.

5. Most bully sticks smell.

Yup, even the best bully stick will have a natural odor. That “horrible” smell, though, will be attractive to your dog even when it’s the complete opposite to you. If this is a problem, look for odor free bully sticks instead. 


Since dogs love to chew, bully sticks can provide a more satisfying way for them to fulfill that urge. Snacks like biscuits or kibbles will be gone in one gulp, unlike dog bully sticks that will keep your pet happily chewing for hours

Just remember that bully sticks are treats, and giving your pup these chews too frequently will supply him with too many calories, which might lead to obesity. Give bully sticks sparingly and with caution.

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