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Innova Dog Food Review: What Happened to the Brand?

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Innova Dog Food Review


Looking for a detailed Innova dog food review? Unfortunately, they are no longer in production.

Innova was a dog food line under Natura Pet Products that marketed its products as wholesome, natural, and holistic. It was sold exclusively from independent pet food stores until it was bought by Procter & Gamble in 2010. 

The brand’s product line contained nine dry dog foods —  four designed specifically for seniors and puppies, one for weight management, and the rest for the maintenance of adult canines of different breed sizes. 

The following is a list of recipes that Innova offered:

  • Innova Puppy Formula 
  • Innova Senior Formula
  • Innova Large Breed Puppy Formula
  • Innova Large Breed Senior Formula
  • Innova Adult Small Bites Formula
  • Innova Adult Large Bites Formula
  • Innova Large Breed Adult Formula
  • Innova Salmon and Herring Formula 
  • Innova Weight Management Adult Formula 

What Happened to the Innova Brand?

Sixteen years ago, Innova was one of the most trusted pet food brands in the market. Unfortunately, in 2009, the Natura company became embroiled in a lawsuit for falsely claiming its kibbles were human-grade. In 2011, the company agreed to settle $2.1 million as a settlement fund.

A year before the settlement, Innova, along with other Natura brands, was bought by Procter & Gamble. The company purchase was not well-received by pet owners who were consumers of the Natura company. Sales declined as client trust fell.

In 2013, P&G experienced a huge recall of its Natura pet food brands for being potentially contaminated with salmonella. The recall was for 124 million pounds of dog and cat kibbles. 

A year later, P&G sold all of its pet food brands (Natura and Iams/Eukanuba) to another business, Mars Petcare. The lawsuits, recalls, and the subsequent sale of the brand combined to plummet the trust ratings of Innova down.

In 2015, Natura discontinued most of its product offerings. And by 2018, the last products of Natura were discontinued too. More info here.

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