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Real Meat Company Dog Food: 2021 Reviews, Recalls & Coupons

real meat dog food reviews

Meet The Real Meat Company Dog Food

The Real Meat Company uses a unique blend of air-dried, meat-based foods designed to provide dense nutrition for your dog. It uses only human grade ingredients, and none of the meats use added antibiotics or added hormones.

Let’s take a look at the recipes to see what this company offers and to see if they may be able to provide a solution to your dog’s health issues by upgrading meals.

It could be the best decision you make, so let’s find out by reading our comprehensive Real Meat dog food reviews below.

Brand Quick Look

  • Parent Company: The Real Meat Company
  • Founded In: 2003the real meat company
  • Made in: California, USA
  • Available at:  The Real Meat Company site
  • Types of Food: Air-dried raw
  • Real Meat in First 5 Ingredients? : Yes
  • Recalled in Past? : No

Behind the Brand

The Real Meat Company is a California based pet food company that uses only human-grade ingredients to create densely nutritious food. The company is family owned and operates on a much smaller margin than massive food companies, which allows them to offer premium ingredients without hefty prices.

Although it’s a little more expensive than your standard cheap kibble, the ingredients are human grade and recipes are designed to mimic your dog’s natural ancestral diet.

They source meats from only free-range sources because those meats are higher in natural fatty acids and vitamins. Each stage of the production process is highly monitored, and all meats are sourced from the United States, Australia, or New Zealand.

The company is based in California and is independently owned. They source all ingredients only from reliable suppliers and builds long term relationships with their suppliers so that they can trust every ingredient.

The Real Meat Dog Food Reviews

The Real Meat Company Beef Recipe

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

First Five Ingredients:

  • Beef
  • Beef Lung
  • Beef Liver
  • Ground Beef Bone
  • Vegetable Glycerin

The beef recipe uses beef and beef organs plus ground bone to provide a majority meat diet from a single protein source. It’s highly nutritious and provides dogs with plenty of protein and minerals for healthy bone growth, muscle tone, and skin development.

Protein and fats are essential sources of energy for your dog, so this recipe could help your dog feel full and prevent energy crashes throughout the day.

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The food is air dried raw, which is a much gentler process for making dog food than high heats or extruding. The food is shelf stable and highly convenient to store.

Once you reconstitute it, dogs seem to really love the soft texture and enjoy the taste. It’s an excellent way to ease into raw life for your dogs without the hassle of preparing all raw.

The bags are a little on the expensive side, but you can serve less per serving than you would a cheap kibble. Also, once you switch to densely nutritious food, you could notice fewer vet visits and less money spent on remedies for chronic issues like itchy skin.

We think the recipe could help quite a few of your dogs that have higher energy requirements or that have grown a little older and have trouble chewing and digesting kibble.

Overall, it’s an excellent recipe and an attractive alternative to fully raw diets. The recipes are suitable for dog’s digestion, and we think you’ll notice a big difference not only in your dog’s digestive health but also in their energy levels throughout the day. The extra cost is usually worth it.

Top Rated Real Meat Dog Food Recipes

There aren’t many choices for the dog food line (the company has a wider range of treats), but we do think starting with one of the following three options could be an excellent choice for your dog’s health. Each one would be an excellent choice for your dog.

1. Beef Recipe

Beef is a good source of dense protein, and this recipe provides your dog with higher levels of protein suitable for active dogs. It contains 90% free-range beef with 10% dedicated to healthy oils and vitamins and minerals. The food is easy to serve and store, providing you with raw nutrition without the mess. It’s grain and gluten free and uses no hormones, artificial colors, or cheap fillers.

2. Lamb Recipe

Lamb is a good source of fatty protein for dogs that have trouble putting on weight or are pickier than the average dog. It contains mostly meat, with lamb and lamb organs, for a desirable taste and texture. Healthy oils plus vitamins and minerals give your dog plenty of energy and help improve the texture of the coat and skin. Lamb can also be useful for dogs with beef or poultry allergies. It’s gluten and grain free and uses no cheap fillers or artificial ingredients.

3. Turkey Recipe

The Turkey Recipe is a leaner source of protein and could be a good choice for dogs that have trouble keeping their correct weight. It still provides plenty of dense protein with turkey meat and organs, plus vitamins and minerals to help support systems like immune or digestion. Turkey is also an excellent option for dogs that need a blander diet because of stomach or esophageal sensitivities. It uses no artificial flavors and no cheap fillers. It’s gluten and grain free as well.

What Types of Dog Food Does The Real Meat Company Offer?

The company creates a meat first recipe that uses a gentle air-drying process to preserve the natural ingredients and mouth-feel of their foods. Each recipe has quality proteins and higher sources of fats to provide energy all day long. They use only naturally sourced ingredients, and each recipe is suitable for all life stages (though you should check with your vet before switching your puppy over to this food).

Senior dogs may have an easier time digesting this food, and it could offer some relief if your dog has dental issues. Storage is more manageable, and the bags are shelf stable until you rehydrate them.

The foods have no gluten or grain and use no cheap fillers such as corn or soy. The recipes are also mostly meat, rounding out about 90% meat with 10% other wholesome ingredients to more closely mimic your dog’s carnivore needs. The recipes also include meat organs, and everything is labeled.

Air Dried Recipes:

  • Beef
  • Chicken
  • Lamb
  • Turkey

The Real Meat Company’s Recall History

The Real Meat Company has never been recalled due to rigorous safety standards in both ingredient sources and production. The company has an excellent track record, especially for foods that are raw and gently dried. We highly recommend their practices and trust that what they’re doing to keep your dog and you safe is working.

Customer Reviews

Customers rate The Real Meat Company’s foods favorably, with around four stars at most online retailers. They like the natural ingredients and the mostly meat formulas for their dogs. The recipes are easy to serve and are also favorably rated with trusted dog food reviewers as well.

What Customers Like and Dislike about The Real Meat Company?

Customers love the food form. It’s easy to serve and allows them to feed their dogs' raw options without having to handle fresh meats or store large amounts of dog food in the freezer. It uses no artificial colors or flavors, which can encourage dogs to overeat.

Customers with sensitive dogs and picky dogs note that the absence of cheap fillers helps their dogs’ digestion settle, and the mostly meat recipes have done good things for muscle tone and skin and coat health. People love the convenience and dogs seem to love the taste.

For some customers, their dogs experienced more gas than usual on this type of food, which sometimes is a product of higher protein levels. Switching a dog to the food through slow transition can sometimes help ease digestion, especially if the dog has been used to cheap kibble up to this point.

The cost is higher than standard cheap kibbles, but you don’t have to feed as much per serving, and you may even have fewer trips to the vet’s office due to digestion or skin irritations. If you can afford the extra, it could be a better choice than the cheap kibble you’ve got now.


  • One of my dogs loves dried lamb lung. The consistency of this food is a lot like lamb lung. He loves this food. It is alllllll treats to him. Good food and I find I don't have to serve as much as wet canned food. I feel that he is getting quality food that he loves. Have reordered this as well as the lamb one.” Marjo,
real meat dog food reviews


  • My dog was diagnosed with liver cancer and this food has literally bought him more time. All other foods he was throwing up and couldn't digest. I love it for him, but am sad to the see the price of it continually going up, it just went up $16 more a bag!! I can hardly afford to keep buying this when I have to purchase at least 2 bags a month:(“ Doglover25,

Is air dried dog food good?

The reason air dried food is so good, is that it's almost all real meat and it's not cooked. It's raw food with the moisture evaporated out of it, like dehydration but without the heat. This means that most of the nutrients are left intact and there is minimal damage to the amino acids, enzymes, vitamins and proteins.

Is dehydrated food healthy for dogs?

Dehydrated pet foods offer all the benefits of raw, including minimal processing and high bioavailability of nutrients. The gentle heating slowly cooks proteins without compromising their nutrient value, yet eliminates the dangerous pathogens commonly found in raw meats.

Is freeze dried dog food better?

Many pet food brands are moving toward freeze-dried dog food and dehydrated products to provide solutions that are both healthy and convenient. Freeze-drying retains nearly 100% of the natural nutrients in foods, almost as good as eating it raw!

Is freeze dried food healthy?

Freeze-dried food is relatively healthy. Other nutrients, such as vitamins C and E and folic acid, are somewhat depleted through the freeze-drying process. Once rehydrated, freeze-dried food is similar in nutritional value to fresh food according to Diane Barrett, a food science and technology prof at UC-Davis.


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