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TruDog Dog Food: 2021 Reviews, Recalls & Coupons

Tru Dog

Meet TruDog Dog Food

Pet food companies have often used cheap ingredients to help hold down the cost of food, but at what real price? The founder of TruDog was shocked to discover the types of dangerous ingredients that go into many commercial dog foods, so she started TruDog.

It’s one of the first dog foods dedicated to anti-aging in dogs. It’s designed to prolong not just life but health and well-being. Let’s find out if it’s worth the hype and if it could truly give you more time with your special dog.

Read on for our unbiased, comprehensive TruDog Dog Food Review.


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Brand Quick Look

  • Parent Company: TruPet LLCTruDog Dog Food: 2021 Reviews, Recalls & Coupons 1
  • Founded in: 2013
  • Made in: USA
  • Available at:  Chewy, Amazon
  • Types of Food: Freeze-dried raw, dehydrated raw
  • Real Meat in First 5 Ingredients? : Yes
  • Recalled in Past? : No

Behind the Brand

Lori R. Taylor had a beloved Great Dane named Truman who suddenly developed cancer at the age of seven and didn’t survive. Lori was baffled by the amount of known carcinogens found in typical dog foods, believing that feeding her beloved Truman a healthier diet free of these ingredients might have given her a bit more time.

She set out to formulate a dog food that could be as healthy as possible, allowing dogs to build their health and wellness throughout their lives. The result was TruDog, the first anti-aging food designed to slow the effects of a dog’s rapid aging without adding to the decline by using subpar and frankly dangerous ingredients.

She created a line of raw foods that use only the best ingredients and are freeze-dried or dehydrated to make them more convenient to store and serve. The foods are made in the USA following strict standards and use human grade ingredients.

The company believes that using the same standards for pet food as human food can help pets live healthier and lessen the effects of aging from a lifetime of processed, cheap meals.

TruDog Dog Food Review

TruDog FeedMe Grain-Free Beef Recipe

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
First Five Ingredients:

  • Beef
  • Beef Tripe
  • Beef Lung
  • Ground Beef Bone
  • Beef Liver

TruDog’s recipe uses rich beef and organs to provide dogs with a densely nutritious meal that gives them energy all day long. The recipe follows a raw carnivore diet, using things dogs would likely eat in the wild, such as the stomach lining to provide essential fatty acids and stomach acid to smooth digestion.

There are limited ingredients and no cheap fillers or artificial flavors. It’s grain free and uses no fruits or veggies, which can water down the pure protein. It may take some getting used to, but there is a lot of evidence that dogs can thrive on a meat only diet.

Herring oil provides a natural source of omega fatty acids to help ease skin issue and improve the condition of the coat. These fats may also help prevent injuries in working dogs and help dogs maintain energy without adding excess calories.

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It’s easy to store and doesn’t need refrigeration until you add water. It does take a little bit longer to reconstitute this recipe compared to other brands of freeze-dried foods, but the patience is well worth it.

The price is on the high side, especially those of you with large breed dogs or multiple dog households. If you can swing the cost, the trade-off could be fewer trips to the vet for digestion and allergy issues and possibly a reduction in the chance your dog will develop chronic disease from exposure to highly processed, subpar ingredients.

The ingredients are nearly human grade and come from sustainable sources. If you’re worried about grain free foods containing potatoes and peas, this could also be a good option because it’s a meat only diet. Overall, it’s probably one of the best foods you could give to your dog without taking the time to source ingredients and make it yourself.

What Types of Dog Foods Does TruDog offer?

TruDog offers a bridge between the convenience of kibble and the health benefits of raw. The raw foods are freeze dried or dehydrated, preserving the natural nutritional value while making them more convenient to store and serve.

The freeze-dried and dehydrated foods must be reconstituted following the directions on the bag. They’re easy to store and even more comfortable to travel with. They aren’t specified for any particular life stage or breed size, so check with your vet before using this food for puppies, especially large breed ones.

The recipes use no cheap fillers like corn or soy that can cause allergic responses in dogs. They’re free of artificial flavors and colors and don’t use any meat meals or by-products that aren’t labeled and fit for human consumption. Each ingredient is designed to pack a powerful nutritional punch, giving your dog the best possible chance at a long life.

Feed Me Recipes

  • Beef Bonanza
  • Gourmet Gobbler

Tru Dog Products

RawGo! Recipes

  • Chicken and Rosemary
  • Beef and Carrots
  • Lamb and Cranberry

Treat Me Recipes

  • Beef Delight
  • Gobbler Crunch Delight
  • Savory Salmon Delight

The TruDog Recall History

TruDog Dog Food has never been recalled thanks to a steady check on all manufacturing plants and a commitment to quality, human grade ingredients.

The company has issued a recall recently (2018) for a set of treats and meal supplements that could have been linked to Salmonella contamination. However, that recall didn’t affect any of TruDog’s meal products, only the supplements.

Best Selling TruDog Food Recipes

Their recipes are high quality, and we’d be comfortable feeding our dogs anything from their product line. Here are a few to get you started.

1. FeedMe Grain Free Beef

If your dog has allergies and sensitivities, the grain free beef recipe could be a good choice. It features limited ingredients with a single protein and plenty of healthy fats to aid in nutrient absorption. It’s fortified with blood and fat, which both contain omega fatty acids to help the skin, coat, and joints. You won’t need to feed as much per serving as you would a cheap kibble, making it also better for your dog’s overall weight and muscle condition.

2. FeedMe Grain Free Turkey

The grain-free turkey option is another highly convenient way to get raw benefits without the mess. It contains a single protein source from lean turkey, including the organs and blood and fat. The rich fats help protect your dog from injury and maintain the condition of the skin and coat. It has no artificial ingredients or cheap fillers and could be an excellent option for dogs who need to lose a few pounds.

3. RawGo! Lamb and Cranberry Dehydrated Recipe

Lamb is a rich source of protein suitable for active and working dogs. Cranberry can help with digestion and imparts critical vitamins and minerals for your active dog’s health and wellbeing. It features whole fruits and veggies plus a vitamin blend that rounds out the nutritional balance for this recipe. It’s also easy to store and serve.

Customer Reviews

Customers love the results of switching to TruDog. It has some faithful fans and regularly gets rave reviews both from users and from trusted reviewers dedicated to providing the best sources of information for their readers. The recipes have over four and a half out of five stars on most online retailers for almost all the recipes. The food is doing something right.

What Customers Like and Dislike about TruDog?

Customers like that the food is free of all artificial ingredients and uses none of the usual offenders in cheap dog foods. There are no cheap fillers such as corn or soy, no meat meals or by-products, and no complicated recipes with names customers couldn’t recognize. The meals are suitable for solo feeding or to spice up boring kibble.

TruDog Dog Food Review

Most dog owners had no trouble getting dogs to eat the food. It’s convenient to prepare and store, and most dogs showed signs of improved digestion, fewer allergic responses, and less itchy skin. Although there was no way to tell if the food truly does help a dog live longer, most also saw improvements in their senior dog’s quality of life.

Some noticed temporary digestion issues and gas as dogs adjusted to the food. To help alleviate this issue, make sure to transition your dog’s slowly to the new food by mixing a little more in their old food every day until you completely switched over. Most dogs’ digestion settled down soon enough.


  • “This stuff is so delicious, according to my very picky eater doggie, that he will walk up to his food bowl and eat it all without leaving as he usually does. He will go outside then and come back in for a little more. He's 13 years old and this is the first dog food that has turned him on like this.” Cookie,


  • “My dog was unimpressed. I tried feeding it to him as a topper to his grain free kibble but after a couple of bites he walked away. Tried giving it to him for several days but finally gave up – so I still have about $22.00 worth of food to give away. Our Giant Schnauzer isn’t food driven and this food didn’t excite him.” JeanB,

TruDog Dog Food Review

Is TruDog safe for dogs?

TruDog FeedMe Grain-Free Beef Recipe: TruDog Dog Food receives our best rating of 5 stars.

Where is TruDog located?

TruDog is located at 4025 Tampa Rd Ste 1117 Oldsmar, FL

Do vets recommend raw diet?

Raw diets, especially raw meat diets, are not recommended because of the risk for salmonellosis and other infections that can affect pets and their owners.

Do raw fed dogs live longer?

Not only will a raw food diet increase your dog's lifespan by up to three years, but your dog will also enjoy increased healthfulness and energy during their longer life. Change is never easy, but switching from commercial dog food to raw doesn't have to be hard, expensive, or time-consuming.


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