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4health Dog Food Review 2024: Healthy & Affordable Natural Dog Food

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4health Dog Food Review

4health is a pet food brand from the Tractor Supply Company that specializes in healthy, natural foods for both dogs and cats. The brand aims to provide high quality, yet affordable food for pets.

To help you pick the best food for your precious pup, we have created this 2024 4health dog food review of their best-selling products available at and Amazon.

The Tractor Supply Co. is one of the biggest rural lifestyle retailers in the US. Established in 1938, they started as a mail-order business selling tractor spare parts.

A year later, the company opened its first store in Minot, North Dakota. The livestock and pet products category make up about 47% of their overall sales – the largest share out of all of their merchandise.

Their products are manufactured by Diamond Pet Food. They make products for various pet brands such as Taste of the Wild and Kirkland Signature. All of Diamond’s manufacturing facilities are based in the US.

They offer both wet and dry dog foods. Their dog food products are divided into 5 main product lines: Original, Grain Free, Special Care, Untamed, and Strive.

The brand offers a wide variety of dry and canned food products for both dogs and cats, as well as a line of dog treats. All in all, this brand seeks to compete with bigger pet food brands by offering a quality product at an affordable price point.

Who Makes 4Health?

The 4Health brand is specifically crafted for distribution through Tractor Supply, the leading operator of rural lifestyle stores in the United States, boasting more than 1,500 retail outlets spread across 49 states. 

Tractor Supply, originally established in 1938 as a mail order catalog, has evolved into a formidable entity generating over $6 billion in annual revenue. Notably, the production of 4Health dog food is overseen by Diamond Pet Foods, Inc., a company owned by Schell and Kampeter.

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4Health Dog Food Reviews

1. Original Salmon & Potato Formula

4health Dog Food Review [year]: Healthy & Affordable Natural Dog Food 1

First 5 ingredients:

Salmon, ocean fish meal, potatoes, peas, cracked pearled barley

Protein: 25.0% min

Fat: 14.0% min

Fiber: 4.0% max

Moisture: 10% max

Food Type: Dry

Best for: Adult, All Breeds

This kibble is specially formulated to provide complete and balanced nutrition for adult dogs.

With real salmon as the first of its ingredients, this dry food provides high-quality protein needed by dogs. This product has no corn, wheat, or soy.

Along with potatoes, peas, cracked pearled barley, and pea flour, it also has nutritious fruits and vegetables as sources of essential vitamins and minerals.

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Ocean fish meal and egg product are included as additional sources of protein. This salmon and potato recipe is rich in omega fatty acids to help support skin and coat health.

Consider trying this formula for your adult dog. It's favored by dogs and praised by owners of pets with food allergies, leading to healthier skin and coat. 

While some express concerns about its plant-based ingredients, many reviews highlight its quality and lack of artificial additives.

2. Strive Performance 87 Formula Dog Food

4health Dog Food Review [year]: Healthy & Affordable Natural Dog Food 2

First 5 ingredients:

Chicken, chicken meal, pork, brown rice, white rice

Protein: 30.0% min

Fat: 20.0% min

Fiber: 3.0% max

Moisture: 10% max

Food Type: Dry

Best for: All Lifestages, Small Breeds

This 4health dog food formula is specially developed for the nutritional needs of active dogs. This food is formulated for strength and endurance.

This is an energy-dense formula made up of 87% animal-derived protein. It is fortified for heart health with taurine.

Real chicken provides high-quality protein to help dogs build strong, lean muscles. This recipe has rice to ensure a balanced diet. It is free from wheat, corn, or soy that are common triggers for allergies in dogs.

It also includes probiotics and antioxidants to provide the right nutrients needed for exceptional energy and stamina for your active dog. Glucosamine and chondroitin are included to support joint health.

All in all this is recommended for active or working dogs, offering endurance and stamina. Dogs find it highly palatable, and owners appreciate its value. 

With high-quality yet affordable ingredients, it's a favorite among many. Remember to introduce new food gradually to prevent stomach upset, and feeding guides are available on the packaging.

4health Dog Food Review [year]: Healthy & Affordable Natural Dog Food 3

3. Grain Free Beef & Chicken Canned

4health Dog Food Review [year]: Healthy & Affordable Natural Dog Food 4

First 5 ingredients:

Beef, Chicken, Beef Broth, Beef Liver, Guar Gum

Protein: 9.0% min

Fat: 9.0% min

Fiber: 1.5% max

Moisture: 78% max

Food Type: Wet

Best for: Adult, All Breeds

Special Diet: Grain-free

This wet food is a premium quality product specially developed to meet the nutritional needs of adult canines. Using natural beef and chicken as the key ingredients, this recipe offers high-quality protein that helps the body repair tissue and build strong, lean muscles.

This grain-free dry dog food has no corn, soy, or wheat. It also has no artificial enhancers. Every serving of this 4health food contains species-specific probiotics to support healthy digestion and to modulate your dog's immune system.

This canned dog food is popular among dogs due to its flavorful blend of beef, chicken, beef broth, and beef liver, providing enhanced taste and added nutrients.

Being grain-free, it's gentle on sensitive stomachs, free from common allergens like corn, wheat, or soy. However, some owners note that the product may be too watery.

4. Special Care Sensitive Stomach Formula

4health Dog Food Review [year]: Healthy & Affordable Natural Dog Food 5

First 5 ingredients:

Chicken, Chicken Broth, Potatoes, Chicken Liver, Fish

Protein: 9.0% min

Fat: 5.0% min

Fiber: 3.0% max

Moisture: 78% max

Food Type: Wet, Pâté

Best for: Adult, All Breeds

Special Diet: Grain-free

This grain free 4health canned food is made specifically for adult dogs with sensitive stomachs. It is made of easily digestible proteins from chicken, fish, turkey, and salmon. A special fiber blend is included to help aid digestion.

Just like all 4health pet food formulas, this Special Care canned food for sensitive stomachs is free from corn, wheat, or soy that are common triggers for allergic reactions or upset stomachs in dogs.

Species specific probiotics are added to specifically help digestion and modulate the immune system of dogs. Good gut health also helps in the absorption of nutrients.

It resolves issues like vomiting, loose bowels, and gas. Dogs enjoy the rich flavors of various proteins making it appealing even to picky eaters with food sensitivities. However, some buyers note that the canned food may be too soupy.

5. Original Beef & Vegetable Stew

4health Dog Food Review [year]: Healthy & Affordable Natural Dog Food 6

First 5 ingredients:

Beef Broth, Chicken, Beef, Carrots, Dried Egg Whites

Protein: 8.0% min

Fat: 5.0% min

Fiber: 1.5% max

Moisture: 82% max

Food Type: Wet, Pâté

Best for: All Lifestages, All Breeds

Made with real meat, this 4 Health vegetable stew has high-quality proteins to help give muscle strength to dogs.

Animal protein also helps heal body tissues. Vegetables such as peas, carrots, and potatoes ensure a well balanced diet for your pup.

This canned food is rich with the flavors of real beef, chicken, and hearty veggies. With probiotics added, this beef & vegetable recipe wet dog food aids digestion for better absorption of nutrients.

 This dog food recipe offers a tasty and nutritious option for dogs at an affordable price, earning praise for ingredient quality.

Free from corn, soy, wheat, and artificial additives, it provides value compared to natural dog food brands. However, despite being labeled as a beef and vegetable stew, chicken is the primary protein, with beef listed fifth.

Not suitable for limited-ingredient diets, owners of allergic pets should carefully review ingredients.

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Is 4Health Line Made in the United States?

Yes. Diamond Pet Foods is based in the U.S. and has plants in numerous U.S. states including Missouri, California, and South Carolina. Not only is 4Health dog food made in the United States, but it is available in stores all over the country.

Because it is made exclusively for the Tractor Supply, prices are kept low so it is easy for pet owners to make a smart choice for their pets.

Tractor Supply is also dedicated to giving back by sponsoring several fundraising events to raise support and awareness for homeless pets in the U.S. and Canada.

4health Dog Food Review [year]: Healthy & Affordable Natural Dog Food 7

Where Do They Get Their Ingredients?

The Tractor Supply website doesn’t provide much specific information about the 4Health brand of pet food except to say that it is a premium pet food brand.

They do state that their products are made with real meat as the primary ingredient, but they do not provide details about where their ingredients come from.

Because 4Health is produced in the United States you might assume that their ingredients are sourced in the U.S. as well. This is highly likely but not guaranteed.

4Health Dog Food Recalls

The 4Health is sold in Tractor Supply Co. stores but this dog food is manufactured by Diamond. It is one of the largest pet food manufacturers in the country, though they do not provide any specific information about where or how 4Health products are made.

Unfortunately, Diamond has been affected by numerous recalls in recent years, including several for the 4Health brand of dog food in particular. Here are the details for those recalls:

  • In March 2013, the FDA issued a recall for 4Health All Life Stages Cat Formula dry food due to low thiamine levels.
  • In May 2012, the FDA issued a recall for all brands of 4Health dry pet food due to potential salmonella contamination.

Final Words

4health has established a reputation of high quality, affordable pet foods. It is one of the more affordable brands in the natural pet food market.

They offer an extensive array of dry and wet food options for dogs. They have dog foods with different animal proteins and plant-based ingredients for various lifestyle and health needs.

They have been able to provide tasty dog food products without using artificial enhancers such as colors, flavors, and preservatives.

With real animal protein as the main ingredient in all of their dog foods, you can be confident that you are feeding your dog high quality meals that are free from by-products.

As far as results are concerned, their products have received many positive reviews from dog owners. Their products are gentle on even sensitive stomachs.

Many reviews state that their dogs are doing well on 4 health dog foods after trying other brands. The inclusion of species specific probiotics seem to be helping the gastrointestinal health of a lot of pups.

The brand is also quite affordable compared to many natural dog foods in the market. With good quality, natural ingredients, dog owners get great value from these affordable products.

Based on quality of ingredients, results delivered, and affordability, 4health is overall a good brand of dog food. The brand has proven that tasty, nutritious food with high quality ingredients need not be costly. Dogs are healthy and happy with their delicious meals, and their owners are able to save on food costs.

4health Dog Food Review [year]: Healthy & Affordable Natural Dog Food 8

How expensive is 4Health?

The 4Health brand of dog food is marketed as a premium pet food brand without the premium price. Because it is technically a store brand, it is much more affordable than many high-quality pet food brands. The price for a 30-pound bag of 4Health dry dog food ranges from about $35 to $40, depending on the recipe. You can purchase 13-ounce cans of 4Health wet dog food for $0.99 and larger 22-ounce cans for $1.59 or $1.99 each.

Have 4health dog foods ever been recalled?

Yes. In 2017, some canned products from the brand were recalled due to possible foreign material. No recalls have been issued since. In May 2012, 4health products that were made in Diamond’s Gaston, South Carolina facility were recalled due to potential salmonella contamination.

Is 4health a good dog food?

The Tractor Supply Company market 4health as a premium but affordable dog food. According to the company, their food costs 20% less than other premium dog food brands, while still being of great quality. 4health dog foods are free from corn, soy, and wheat, as well as artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives.

Is 4health dog food made in China?

4Health dog food is owned by the Tractor Supply Company, but it's manufactured by Diamond Pet Foods, a pet food production giant with plants in Missouri, California, and South Carolina.

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