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Weruva Dog Food : 2020 Review, Recalls & Coupons

The name Weruva may be a little strange but it tells the story of this wonderful brand. Weruva is a line of all-natural, luxury pet food products designed by a pair of animal lovers. In fact, the name is an amalgamation of the names for their three rescue cats – Webster, Rudy, and Vanessa.

The Weruva company understands that pets are part of the family and they make it their goal to provide a product that nurtures your pets in a loving way – in fact, they follow the tag line, “people food for pets”. Weruva uses quality base proteins like chicken, beef, and fish as well as fresh vegetables and other nutritious ingredients.

This brand specializes in wet food products, though they do have a limited offering of dry dog food options. Overall, Weruva products offer excellent nutritional value, high digestibility, and plenty of natural flavor.

Who Makes Weruva?

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The Weruva Company designs and produces all of their own pet foods. The “About Us” section of the website notes that Weruva products are made in human food facilities using many of the same ingredients that are used in people foods.

Is Weruva Made in the United States?

When it comes to the production and manufacture of Weruva pet foods, things can get a little confusing. The Caloric Harmony and Caloric Melody lines of dry food are produced in a BRC-approved facility in Canada. Their canned foods, however, are made in Thailand. In fact, Weruva dedicates a whole section of their FAQs to this issue. According to Weruva, while both their Canadian and Thailand facilities “process [their] foods under great safety measures, formulas produced in Thailand are manufactured under far greater scrutiny”. Weruva also notes that Thailand is a world leader in the production of human food, so it should be good enough for pets as well.

Where Does Weruva Get Their Ingredients?

Not only is Weruva very transparent about where their products are made, but they also go into great detail about where they get their ingredients. The Caloric Harmony and Caloric Melody lines of dry dog food are not made with any ingredients sourced from China. Weruva gets their chicken and chicken meal from the U.S. and Canada, and their salmon and salmon meal from the U.S., Canada, and Norway. Weruva’s venison, venison meal, lamb, and lamb meal comes from New Zealand and Australia and their legumes from the U.S. and Canada.

Weruva Dog Food Recall History List:

  • Although some pet owners might be concerned about a pet food company that sources some of its ingredients and production outside the U.S., Weruva has never given their customers cause to worry. To this date, Weruva has not been involved in any recalls, FDA-issued or voluntary. In fact, they mention in the FAQ section that the recall of 2007 that affected more than 100 pet food brands is something that would never happen to Weruva. They have an exclusive contract with a company that exports ingredients to the U.S.

Weruva Dog Food Coupons 2020

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Weruva dog food products can be found primarily in specialty pet stores and some local chains – you can also purchase them from various online pet food retailers. Weruva occasionally offers coupons on the company website, though you are more likely to find Weruva dog food coupons from individual retailers.

Is Weruva Dog Food Expensive?

The Weruva brand of dog food is somewhat expensive but what you are paying for is quality. Weruva uses many high-quality proteins in their products as well as gluten-free and grain-free carbohydrates. The price for a 24-pound bag of Weruva dry dog food ranges from about $55 to $120, depending on the recipe. Weruva wet foods come in both cans and pouches. Pouches for the Dogs in the Kitchen line of wet food come in 12-packs, each containing 2.8-ounces of food – these cost about $15 which makes each pouch around $0.62. Most of Weruva’s wet foods come in 14-ounce cans which are sold in.

What Kind of Dog Food Does Weruva Offer?

Though Weruva only offers wet food products for cats, they have a line of dry food options for dogs as well as several wet food options. Weruva’s dry dog foods are made with high-quality ingredients including up to 80% animal-based proteins. There are three different lines of wet dog food products including cans, pouches, and supplements. These products are available at varying price points to suit everyone’s budget.

Weruva Dry Products

For dry dog food, Weruva offers two product lines: Caloric Harmony and Caloric Melody. The Caloric Harmony line of products includes three recipes, all of which are made with 80% animal-based proteins. The Caloric Melody is made with 70% animal proteins. Both lines include traditional and grain-free options, all with a low glycemic load and a high animal-to-plant protein ratio. Here is a list of Weruva dry dog food recipes:

Caloric Harmony Recipes:

  • Chicken Dinner with Pumpkin
  • Chicken, Turkey and Salmon Dinner with Pumpkin
  • Venison and Salmon Meal Dinner with Pumpkin

Caloric Melody Recipes:

  • Chicken Dinner with Lentils
  • Lamb Dinner with Lentils
  • Chicken, Turkey, and Salmon Dinner with Lentils

Weruva Canned Products

When it comes to their wet dog food products, Weruva has two different product lines. The Weruva line of canned food consists of the original lineup of family recipes made with high-quality proteins and minimal carbohydrate content. The Dogs in the Kitchen line of products includes both cans and pouches featuring boneless, skinless white chicken breast, grass-fed lamb, and boneless skinless fish loins. Here is a list of Weruva wet dog food recipes:

Weruva Canned Food Recipes:

  • Paw Lickin’ Chicken
  • Grandma’s Chicken Soup
  • Funky Chunky Chicken Soup
  • Amazon Liver
  • Green Eggs and Chicken
  • Peking Ducken
  • Wok the Dog
  • Steak Frites
  • Bed and Breakfast
  • Marbella Paella
  • Jammin’ Salmon
  • Cirque De La Mer
  • That’s My Jam!
  • Hot Dayam!
  • Kobe Master
  • Kobe Yume
  • Kobe Gyro
  • Kurobuta Pagoda
  • Kurobuta Hero

Weruva Dogs in the Kitchen Recipes:

  • Love Me Tender Chicken Breast Au Jus
  • Fowl Ball with Chicken Breast & Turkey Au Jus
  • Funk in the Trunk with Chicken & Pumpkin Au Jus
  • Goldie Lox with Chicken & Wild Caught Salmon Au Jus
  • Lamburgini with Lamb & Pumpkin Au Jus
  • The Double Dip with Beef & Wild Caught Salmon Au Jus

Weruva Dog Treats and Supplements

In addition to an assortment of wet and dry dog foods, Weruva also has a few treats and supplements for both dogs and cats. Weruva has two grain-free treat options for dogs and cats – Paw Lickin’ Chicken freeze-dried chicken treats and Blue Water Whitefish freeze-dried whitefish treats. There is also one supplement – Pumpkin Patch-Up, a fiber supplement that will help to support your dog’s digestive system. It is gluten-free and contains two ingredients – pumpkin and water.

Weruva Dog Food Reviews

When it comes to their dog food products, Weruva places heavy emphasis on animal-based proteins. Weruva understands that dog are carnivores and that they have a limited ability to process plant ingredients. That is why every recipe features a high-quality source of animal-based protein like chicken, turkey, lamb, or fish. Most of Weruva’s recipes are low-glycemic and carbohydrate-limited – some of them even include organic ingredients. All in all, Weruva’s dog food products offer excellent nutritional quality and balance.

Weruva Caloric Harmony Chicken, Turkey & Salmon Dinner with Pumpkin Recipe

Weruva Dog Food : 2020 Review, Recalls & Coupons 1

This Weruva Caloric Harmony Chicken, Turkey & Salmon Dinner with Pumpkin recipe is a high-quality diet that will satisfy your dog’s need for protein and his cravings for natural flavor. Furthermore, this recipe is great for picky eaters because it is loaded with meat. This recipe is completely grain-free and potato-free, making it an easy-to-digest formula and a great option for dogs that suffer from food allergies or sensitivities. It is made with cage-free, deboned turkey and chicken as well as wild-caught, deboned salmon. All in all, this recipe contains 80% animal-based proteins as well as plenty of healthy fats to support your dog’s healthy skin and coat. Any dog would be lucky to receive this recipe.

As promised, the first ingredient in this recipe is deboned chicken and it is followed by salmon meal and turkey meal. Chicken is a high-quality source of animal protein but it contains up to 80% moisture by volume. Fresh meats like this run the risk of becoming significantly reduced in volume during the cooking process. This isn’t a problem in this Weruva Caloric Harmony Chicken, Turkey & Salmon Dinner with Pumpkin recipe, however, because there are two highly concentrated sources of protein that follow it. Meat meals like salmon meal and turkey meal have already been cooked to remove moisture so their volume won’t change much during the cooking process. This recipe also contains deboned turkey, deboned salmon, and whole eggs as supplementary sources of animal protein.

After the first three ingredients come the two main carbohydrates – lentils and chickpeas. These are both gluten-free and grain-free carbohydrates, not to mention highly digestible for dogs. These ingredients provide a small amount of plant-based protein as well, but it is unlikely to be enough to affect the total protein content of this recipe very much. There are several supplementary carbohydrates in this recipe as well – green peas, split peas, and pumpkin. Tomato pomace and apple pomace are both included as supplementary sources of fiber. Some pet owners consider tomato pomace a harmful ingredient, though this has not been proven in a definitive way.

The remaining ingredients in this Weruva Caloric Harmony Chicken, Turkey & Salmon Dinner with Pumpkin recipe consist primarily of fats, flavors, and supplements. The main source of fat in this recipe is chicken fat – a highly nutritious ingredient and a concentrated source of energy for dogs. This fat is supplemented by salmon oil which helps to ensure a balance of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. In terms of supplements, this recipe includes vitamins, minerals, and dried fermentation products. The fact that many of the mineral supplements are chelated speaks well to the quality of this recipe – chelated minerals are bound to protein molecules which makes them easier for your dog’s body to digest and absorb. The carbohydrate ingredients provide some natural sources for key vitamins and minerals as well while the dried fermentation products act as probiotics which support your dog’s digestion.

This Weruva Caloric Harmony Chicken, Turkey & Salmon Dinner with Pumpkin has a guaranteed analysis as listed below:

  • Crude Protein (Min) – 39%
  • Crude Fat (Min) – 14%
  • Crude Fiber (Max) – 5.5%
  • Moisture (Max) – 10%
  • Omega-6 Fatty Acids (Min) – 2.7%
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids (Min) – 0.5%
  • Calorie Content – 3,470 kcal/kg (365 kcal/cup)

This Weruva Caloric Harmony Chicken, Turkey & Salmon Dinner with Pumpkin is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for all life stages.

Weruva Dry Food Rating: 5/5 stars

Overall, this Weruva Caloric Harmony Chicken, Turkey & Salmon Dinner with Pumpkin recipe offers excellent nutritional value through the use of high-quality ingredients. Not only is this recipe loaded with protein, but up to 80% of that protein comes from animal-based sources (and quality ones, at that). This recipe is grain-free and carbohydrate limited, though it may be a little bit high in fiber. The inclusion of dried fermentation products, however, enhances the digestibility of this recipe as a whole. This recipe is loaded with healthy fats and beneficial nutrients, making it a delicious and balanced meal for your dog. Simply put, this Weruva Caloric Harmony Chicken, Turkey & Salmon Dinner with Pumpkin recipe would be a great choice for any dog.

Weruva Dogs in the Kitchen Love Me Tender

Weruva Dog Food : 2020 Review, Recalls & Coupons 2

This Weruva Dogs in the Kitchen Love Me Tender recipe is made with high-quality proteins and loaded with natural flavor. This recipe comes in both 10-ounce cans and 2.8-ounce pouches which means that you can use it two different ways. Feed this recipe to your dog from the can as his staple diet, or use the food from the pouch as a meal-topper. Like all recipes from the Dogs in the Kitchen line of products, this formula is grain-free and starch-free, made with non-GMO ingredients and it doesn’t contain any carrageenan. It is pure and delicious nutrition for dogs in all life stages.

The first ingredient in this Weruva Dogs in the Kitchen Love Me Tender recipe is chicken broth and it is followed by chicken. It is common for canned dog foods to list water or broth as the first ingredient because moisture is needed to process the food. The use of chicken broth instead of water doesn’t have much of a nutritional impact, but it does provide some extra natural flavor. The chicken used in this recipe is boneless, skinless white meat so you know it is a high-quality ingredient. This recipe contains 9% protein which, converted to dry matter basis, is nearly 56% protein. That doesn’t just meet your dog’s minimum protein requirements – it greatly exceeds them.

After the chicken comes locust bean gum. This ingredient is likely used as a thickener (along with the xanthan gum and guar gum) – it may also provide a minute amount of dietary fiber. As a whole, however, this recipe is very low in carbohydrate and fiber which is a good thing because dog’s have a limited ability to digest plant products. The next ingredient is sunflower seed oil – the recipe’s main source of fat. This ingredient isn’t necessarily bad, but it is a plant-based protein and it only contains omega-6 fatty acids, no omega-3s. It would be better to see this ingredient paired with an animal-based fat (or replaced by one) but it doesn’t do your dog any harm. The remaining ingredients in this recipe are vitamins and minerals used to balance out the nutritional content.

This Weruva Dogs in the Kitchen Love Me Tender has a guaranteed analysis as listed below:

  • Crude Protein (Min) – 9%
  • Crude Fat (Min) – 6.2%
  • Crude Fiber (Max) – 0.11%
  • Moisture (Max) – 81%
  • Phosphorus (Min) – 0.11%
  • Sodium (Min) – 0.043%
  • Calorie Content – 269/10-ounce can

This Weruva Dogs in the Kitchen Love Me Tender is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for maintenance.

Weruva Canned Food Rating: 4.5/5 stars

Overall, this Weruva Dogs in the Kitchen Love Me Tender recipe offers high-quality nutrition for your dog. With boneless, skinless white meat chicken as the main ingredient (excluding the broth), you can count on this recipe to meet your dog’s needs for animal-based protein. This recipe is very low in carbohydrate and dietary fiber but high in fat. Fat is a concentrated source of energy for dogs, so that’s a good thing – it would be better, however, if the fat used in this recipe came from an animal-based source or, at least, if it were supplemented by a source of omega-3s. All in all, however, this Weruva Dogs in the Kitchen Love Me Tender recipe is a high-quality diet for dogs.

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