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Earthborn Holistic Dog Food Review 2021: Love Your Pet, Love Your Planet

earthborn holistic

About Earthborn Holistic

Let us all learn more about this brand via our in-depth Earthborn Holistic Dog Food Review.

If you can’t guess what this dog food brand’s marketing angle is based on its name, take a look at their slogan: “Love Your Pet. Love Your Planet.”

Earthborn Holistic is an eco-conscious pet food brand offering dry and moist foods for dogs and cats.

Backing their eco-friendly branding is a combination of partnerships and processes that facilitate the planting of trees, recycling of used packaging, and the use of renewable resources.

The company partners with UPCs for Trees, a program that plants trees in exchange for returned Earthborn Holistic UPC codes.

It also works with TerraCycle to recycle used packaging into useful products. The company also implements multiple environmentally-friendly methods and materials throughout the manufacturing process.


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All Earthborn Holistic packaging is made in North America using natural gas instead of crude oil. The brand’s Venture line is packaged in Earthborn’s PlantBag, which is made from up to 30% plant-based plastic made from Brazilian sugarcane ethanol.

Many of their marketing materials, including signs, brochures, and shelf talkers, are printed using soy ink on paper made from up to 100% post-consumer content.

Behind the Brand

Earthborn Holistic’s parent company is Midwestern Pet Foods, Inc. In addition to Earthborn Holistic, the company also manufactures ProPac and Sportmix pet food.

Founded in 1926, this fourth-generation family owned and operated company currently has pet food manufacturing facilities in Indiana, lllinois, New York, and Oklahoma.

All of Earthborn Holistic’s dry foods are manufactured in these United States facilities, while their moist foods are made in Thailand.

The company partners with US Pet Nutrition, division of Chicken of the Sea. US Pet Nutrition originally manufactured Earthborn Holistic moist foods in the United States and has since moved that operation to Thailand.

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Earthborn Holistic Dog Food Review

Earthborn Holistic Great Plains Feast Natural Dry Dog Food Review

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

First 5 Ingredients: Bison Meal, Peas, Pea Protein, Tapioca, Dried Egg Product

This popular recipe is designed for all life stages, meaning that it’s complete and balanced for puppies and seniors alike.

Earthborn Holistic Dog Food Review 2021: Love Your Pet, Love Your Planet 1When judging this formula, one of the first things to consider is its protein content. While it contains 34% protein, it’s important to ask whether this protein comes from animal or plant sources. Let’s take a look at the ingredient list.

The first ingredient is bison meal – a good sign. Bison meal is a meat concentrate, containing about 300% more protein than fresh bison. This makes it a powerful source of the animal protein that dogs thrive on.

Further down the ingredient list, you’ll note the presence of lamb meal, which is another nutritious source of ultra-concentrated animal protein. Eggs are an easily-digestible, super nutritious form of protein for your dog, making this a welcome addition to the recipe.

That said, the fact that pea protein is the third ingredient suggests that a large percentage of the protein in this food comes from a plant source.

In lieu of grains, this food contains multiple starchy binders that hold the kibble together – you’ve got peas and pea protein, both of which offer plenty of carbs, plant protein, and little in terms of nutrient value, followed by tapioca, which is high in carbs and, like the pea ingredients, only marginally nutritious.

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The food is rich in nutrients from natural sources like blueberries, apples, carrots, spinach, and cranberries. It also naturally delivers Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids to support skin and coat health, along with L-carnitine to promote healthy lean muscle mass.

This food gets great reviews from customers, who say that their dogs excitedly devour the food and notice improved skin and coat health. Perhaps because it’s free of many common problem ingredients like beef, fish, soy, corn, and wheat, this food is particularly popular among dogs with food sensitivities and allergies.

Particularly when you compare it to other foods in the natural and premium niche, this is an affordable dog food choice. You can purchase a 28lb bag for about $52.

This recipe is available in 5lb, 14lb, and 28lb bags.

What types of food does Earthborn Holistic offer?

Earthborn Holistic has three dry kibbles lines, plus two lines of moist food and a selection of treats.

The brand offers both grain-free and grain-inclusive dry formulas, while their moist offerings are absolutely grain-free.

With the exception of their Primitive Natural™ grain-free recipe, all Earthborn Holistic dry foods are ultimately plant-based diets, containing rich concentrations of nutritious fruits and vegetables.

But these plant inclusions aren’t all nourishing. You’ll also find ingredients like barley, brown rice, and tapioca, none of which are particularly good for your dog. They’re high in carbohydrates and low in nutritional value.

Earthborn Holistic Dog Food Review 2021: Love Your Pet, Love Your Planet 2

Earthborn Holistic also loses points with the inclusion of high-protein plant ingredients – often used to cheaply boost the protein content of the food. Because dogs most effectively assimilate protein from meat, this plant matter is an inferior protein source.

While most ingredients are sourced in the United States, Earthborn Holistic foods include several non-US ingredients.

Those exceptions are New Zealand or Australian lamb meal, South American tapioca, Canadian flaxseed, and krill meal that comes from Antarctica. The company works with a US supplier to obtain vitamin premixes, which are sourced from around the world.

While all of these vitamin ingredients are thoroughly tested and inspected to ensure the highest quality and, according to the company, the supplier makes every effort to avoid Chinese ingredients, some subparts of certain vitamin ingredients may originate in China.

You won’t find artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives in any Earthborn Holistic dog foods. None of their recipes include corn, soy, or wheat, nor do they use meat by-products.

Venture Dry Dog Food

Earthborn Holistic’s Venture line focuses on regionally-inspired recipes with limited ingredient lists. All six Venture formulas are grain-free.

  • Alaska Pollock Meal & Pumpkin
  • Duck Meal & Pumpkin
  • Pork Meal & Butternut Squash
  • Rabbit Meal & Pumpkin
  • Squid & Chickpeas
  • Turkey Meal & Butternut Squash

earthborn holistic dog food review

Holistic Dry Dog Food

The Holistic line centers around recipes nutritionally designed to support optimal canine health and growth. Each of these foods is made with grains such as barley, brown rice, oatmeal, and rye.

  • Adult Vantage™
  • Ocean Fusion™
  • Puppy Vantage™
  • Small Breed

Grain-Free Holistic Dry Dog Food

Like the Holistic line, these grain-free recipes target specific nutritional demands and are intended to promote overall health.

  • Coastal Catch™
  • Great Plains Feast™
  • Large Breed
  • Meadow Feast™
  • Primitive Natural™
  • Weight Control

K95™ Moist Dog Food

The 95 in K95™ refers to the percentage of meat in each recipe. Real, protein-rich meat makes up 95% of each canned formula. In addition to meat content, these meals incorporate nourishing vegetables along with added vitamins and minerals.

  • K95™ Beef
  • K95™ Chicken
  • K95™ Duck
  • K95™ Lamb
  • K95™ Turkey


Moist Grain-Free Holistic Dog Food

Each of these moist dog food recipes was formulated with overall canine health in mind. Every recipe features a combination of nourishing fruits, vegetables, and protein-rich meat and comes in an easy-to-use resealable 8oz container.

  • Chip’s Chicken Casserole™
  • Duke’s Din-Din™ Stew
  • Pepper’s Pot Roast™ Stew
  • Toby’s Turkey Dinner™ in Gravy
  • Lily’s Gourmet Buffet™ in Sauce


Dog Treats

All of Earthborn Holistic’s treats are grain-free. They are available in a variety of formulas that appeal to different tastes and dietary needs.

  • Moist Grain-Free
  • EarthBites™ Cheese Flavor
  • EarthBites™ Chicken Meal Recipe
  • EarthBites™ Hip and Joint
  • EarthBites™ Lamb Meal Recipe
  • EarthBites™ Peanut Flavor
  • EarthBites™ Skin and Coat

Recall History

Earthborn Holistic has never been troubled by recalls until just this December 30, 2020, then expanded their recall just this January 2021, when the U.S. Food and Drug Administration posted a recall notice by Earthborn Holistic manufacturer, Midwestern Pet Foods.

As many as 110 dogs are reported to have been fatally affected after ingesting nine lots of Sportmix dog food brand, while a total of 210 have gotten sick.

New reports also stated that the company distributed the contaminated products in over 35 countries, USA included.

Aflatoxin, a poison, is produced by the Aspergillus flavus mold that grows on corn and other grains. Symptoms of aflatoxin poisoning include:

  • Vomiting
  • Abdominal pain
  • Diarrhea
  • Loss of appetite
  • Sluggishness
  • Jaundice

If you see any signs of these in your pet, contact a veterinarian immediately.

If you have purchased any food from this company, you can return them to the place of purchase. You can also contact Midwestern Pet Foods.

Thoroughly clean and sanitize all utensils that have been touched by the food.

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Where to Buy

Earthborn Holistic dog food is available both online (Chewy) and offline in the United States and over 70 countries worldwide.

Find a retailer here.

Earthborn Holistic Dog Food Review 2021: Love Your Pet, Love Your Planet 3

Customer Reviews

Ninety-six percent of 297 reviewers on Chewy say that they would recommend the brand’s popular Great Plains Feast grain-free kibble.

Read the reviews and you’ll notice certain trends: positive reviews talk about improved skin and coat health, especially among dogs with food allergies. Happy customers also tend to speak highly of the food’s palatability.

Negative reviews tend center around the digestive issues that the food causes in some dogs.


“I have a young border collie who is not food motivated for treats and not a dog that is eager to eat her dinner/breakfast. We have tried several high quality dry kibble foods and she loves this one. The kibbles seem crisp and fresh. It has gotten good reviews for the quality of ingredients. I do dog sports/agility/dock diving and know several people who I've learned are also feeding this and have also been happy with this brand.” – Edgarfoot

“We have been feeding our pups Earthborn Holistic for the past 2 1/2 years and they love it. We moved to Florida from Pennsylvania and our pups immediately started itching and were constantly shedding, but in big clumps, plus they were licking their skin raw because their skin was flaky and just not good. We found a great local groomer who helped them feel better but they also sold Earthborn Holistic. We switched from the big name brand and never looked back. The dogs love it and their skin and coats are much better. I always recommend any of their products. We switch it up and do a mix of Great Plains & the seafood one or Bison to give them different tastes.” – Calmg0d

earthborn holistic dog food review


“We switched to this food from Farmina N&D low grain, but the waste was 2x the amount. I'd rather feed my pups food that is used and absorbed by their bodies rather than expelled as waste. While the grain free aspect was of interest and the ingredients look wonderful, my dogs tolerated it, but didn't love it. I'm sure it's a decent food, but if you've tried a high absorbsion food that makes less waste (and less smell), you'd notice the difference. I have three 100+ lb Akitas, waste is a factor. One note, my dogs have terrible skin allergies, this food didn't seem to cause any outbreaks.” – SWilk

“I believe the product is most likely a good one, my dogs liked the flavor, but…it gave them horrible gas! I can hear My German shepherd's belly making all kinds of weird sounds. My question would be, if it's highly digestible and all that, why would it make their belly's upset and give them gas? So might be good for some dogs just not others.” – Tanyabear

Is earthborn holistic a good dog food?

Overall, Dog Food Advisor seems to consider Earthborn Holistic a good quality premium brand with many good formulas. The company's Grain Free Holistic line was given an overall score of 4.5 out of 5. However, the Primitive Natural recipe was singled out as exceptional and therefore given its own 5 star review.

Who owns earthborn holistic dog food?

Midwestern Pet Foods is the parent company of Earthborn Holistic pet food, ProPac, ProPac Ultimates, and Sportmix. The company was founded in 1926. It operates as a subsidiary of Nunn Milling Company, Inc. Earthborn's dry foods are made at the company's facilities in Monmouth, Illinois.

How long has earthborn holistic been in business?

Midwestern Pet Foods, a family-owned and operated business, was founded in 1926 as a small milling company and is now in it's 4th generation of family leadership. We specialize in producing nutritional dog and cat food recipes, oven-baked biscuits and treats.

Does earthborn holistic have taurine?

Since their introduction, they've fortified their grain-free recipes with taurine, amino acids and L-Carnitine as prudent nutritional considerations. All Earthborn Holistic foods are designed to provide complete and balanced nutrition and meet Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) requirements.


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