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Blue Seal Dog Food Reviews, Recalls & Coupons for 2024

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Blue Seal Dog Food

The Blue Seal dog food brand states that its products are “formulated for a lifetime of health and happiness.” This brand understands that pets hold a special place in the hearts of their parents and, as such, they should be treated not as pets but as members of the family.

In return for their undying love and dedication, dogs deserve to be fed a high-quality diet made from nutritious ingredients that nourish their bodies from the inside out.

This may not be the largest or the most popular brand on the market, but it is one worth considering if you have a limited budget but still want to offer your dog a decent quality product.

This brand adheres to high standards for quality and safety, offering an assortment of recipes formulated to match your dog’s life stage as well as his preferences.


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Manufacturer Information

The Blue Seal brand of dog food is manufactured by the Kent Nutrition Group, Inc. This company has general offices located in Muscatine, Iowa, but the website doesn’t provide specific information about where the brand’s products are actually manufactured except to say that its plants are located in the USA.

According to a brochure offered on the brand’s website, this company is committed to the quality of its products and it holds them to the highest standards from start to finish.

Each product is formulated by animal nutritionists and tested in a rigorous process carried out in their award-winning, certified-safe pet food facilities.

Made in the USA?

All Blue Seal dog foods are made in the USA in manufacturing facilities run by the Kent Nutrition Group, Inc. The brand speaks to the quality of its products in relation to safety of its manufacturing facilities, stating that those are certified-safe.

It does not, however, provide specific information about where these manufacturing facilities are located.

All we know is that these products are made in the USA somewhere.

Blue seal dog food

Blue Seal Dog Food Reviews

Blue Seal Dog Food Reviews, Recalls & Coupons for [year] 2
Blue Seal Classics Krunchies Recipe
  • Nugget size kibble for normally active canines
  • Contains chelated minerals for better nutrient absorption
  • Great option for soy-sensitive dogs
Check Price Here!
Blue Seal Dog Food Reviews, Recalls & Coupons for [year] 3
Blue Seal Natural 26 Active
  • Ingredient starts with pork meat
  • Holds more fat, suitable for highly active dogs
  • Meets the AAFCO nutritional requirements
Check Price on Amazon
Blue Seal Dog Food Reviews, Recalls & Coupons for [year] 4
Blue Seal EnTrust Lamb Meal, Rice & Pea Recipe
  • Added with superfoods for an antioxidant-rich recipe
  • Recipe starts with a novel protein - real lamb
  • Helps in proper digestion and a stronger immune system
Check Price on Amazon
Blue Seal Dog Food Reviews, Recalls & Coupons for [year] 5
Blue Seal EnTrust Puppy Chicken Meal & Barley Recipe
  • Real chicken protein is #1 ingredient
  • Elevate a dog's immune response to illnesses
  • Contains prebiotics to help "good bacteria" grow
Check Price on ChewyCheck Price on Amazon
Blue Seal Dog Food Reviews, Recalls & Coupons for [year] 6
Blue Seal Native Level 3 Chicken Meal & Rice Formula
  • Crafted for optimum nutrition
  • Contains omega fatty acids for mobility and healthy body functions
  • Healthy carbohydrates for keeping the dog's energy all day
Check Price on ChewyCheck Price on Amazon
Blue Seal Dog Food Reviews, Recalls & Coupons for [year] 7
Blue Seal Original Flavor Dog Biscuits
  • Healthy snacks made for pups of all ages
  • The abrasiveness of the treat keeps teeth clean and white
  • Contains an excellent source of amino acids
Check Price on Amazon
Blue Seal Dog Food Reviews, Recalls & Coupons for [year] 8
Blue Seal Lobster Bisque-It Flavor Dog Biscuits
  • Crafted with only 7 ingredients
  • Healthy-licious snack for dogs
  • Great training rewards while keeping dog's teeth clean
Out of Stock

This brand makes it its mission to provide high-quality pet food products that give pets the nutrients they need to live along, healthy and happy life.

Blue Seal says that its products “adhere to the highest standards of pet nutrition that not only match their stage of life, but the activities they enjoy”.

The pet food company offers a decent variety of products, though Blue Seal reviews are not always entirely complimentary.

Regardless, it is important for you to take the time to evaluate the quality of any dog food product before you buy it for your dog. 

  1. Blue Seal Classics Krunchies Recipe
  2. Blue Seal Natural 26 Active
  3. Blue Seal EnTrust Lamb Meal, Rice & Pea Recipe
  4. Blue Seal EnTrust Puppy Chicken Meal & Barley Recipe
  5. Blue Seal Native Level 3 Chicken Meal & Rice Formula
  6. Blue Seal Original Flavor Dog Biscuits
  7. Blue Seal Lobster Bisque-It Flavor Dog Biscuits
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1. Blue Seal Classics Krunchies Recipe

First 5 ingredients: Ground Corn, Poultry By-Product Meal, Ground Wheat, Chicken Fat, Corn Gluten Meal

Rating: 3/5 Stars

Blue Seal Dog Food Reviews, Recalls & Coupons for [year] 9
A kibble that is designed to meet the nutritional needs of an active adult dog, this is also free from soy products.

This Classics Krunchies Recipe dry food is made with the natural taste of poultry in a high-quality, protein-rich formula enriched with essential vitamins and minerals.

It is formulated for normally active adult dogs, designed to provide the wholesome nutrition your dog needs for a lifetime of fitness and health.

This recipe doesn’t contain any artificial colors or flavors and it is naturally preserved – you’ll also be glad to know that it is free from soy products. It contains chelated minerals for metabolic health and strong immunity, plus yeast culture to improve nutrient uptake.

The first ingredient in this formula is ground corn and this is a problem for a number of reasons. For one thing, you never want to buy a dog food that lists anything but high-quality source of animal protein as the first ingredient.

Also, corn offers limited nutritional value for dogs and it comes with a high risk for triggering food allergies or sensitivities. It is also worth noting that this isn’t the only corn ingredient – corn gluten meal is also listed. There is some protein in ground corn, but corn gluten meal is much higher in protein.

The thing to remember here, however, is that plant proteins are much less biologically valuable for your dog than animal proteins. This recipe does include animal proteins but it comes in the form of poultry by-product meal. Not only is this a low-quality by-product, but it doesn’t even come from a named source like chicken or turkey.

In addition to the ground corn that is listed first, this dry food also includes another grain – ground wheat. Similar to corn, wheat is difficult for many dogs to digest, offers limited nutritional value, and comes with a high risk for triggering food allergies.

The total crude fiber content of this recipe is only 4% which puts it within the recommended range of 1% to 5%, but most of the fiber seems to come from those corn and wheat ingredients as well as beet pulp.

Beet pulp is a controversial ingredient as well. While there is no hard and fast evidence to suggest that it is dangerous, many dog owners prefer not to feed it to their dogs. The only good things about this recipe are the chicken fat and the chelated minerals.

Chicken fat is a highly nutritious ingredient for dogs and a rich source of essential fatty acids. Chelated minerals are minerals that have been bound to protein molecules which makes them easier for your dog’s body to utilize.

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Overall, this recipe probably not something you want to feed your dog. Not only does it start with a low-quality grain as the first ingredient, but it includes multiple corn and wheat ingredients.

Add to that the fact that the only source of protein comes from an unnamed by-product meal, and you can see the problem. This recipe does include chicken fat as the main source of fat and it is supplemented with chelated minerals, but these things are not enough to redeem the recipe as a whole.

All in all, this recipe contains too many low-quality ingredients and it relies too heavily on synthetic supplements to ensure nutritional balance.

2. Blue Seal Natural 26 Active 

First 5 ingredients: Pork Meat and Bone Meal, Ground Corn, Ground Wheat, Corn Gluten Meal, Chicken Fat

Rating: 3/5 Stars

Blue Seal Dog Food Reviews, Recalls & Coupons for [year] 10
It offers high protein and fat to meet the energy needs of working and active dogs. Naturally preserved with zero artificial colors or flavors.

This Blue Seal recipe features high protein and fat ingredients designed for “normally active to hard-working dogs” in all life stages. It is formulated to meet the nutritional requirements established by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles. It bears no artificial color or flavors.

First in the list of this meal’s ingredients is pork meat and bone meal. Meat and pork bone is the extracted product from (pork) muscles, bone included, exclusive of any unwanted parts like blood, hair, horn, hoof, etc. Pork is considered a novel protein source and can be a good option to have some variety in your dogs’ meals.

This main ingredient contains protein but not as much as chicken or beef meat. Though it has lower protein content than other meat counterparts, it holds more fat that makes it a suitable food for active pups.

The recipe’s fiber content mainly comes from ground corn supplemented by ground wheat, corn gluten meal, and dried beet pulp.

Corn and wheat are low-cost grains and the most debated among their category. While it only offers limited nutritional value, it provides the needed quick energy for dogs that undergo rigorous activities or pups that are just extremely frisky.

It is important to point out that this is a multigrain-inclusive recipe. Dogs that may have grain sensitivities or other food intolerances should try other available options with fewer to no grain components.

Chicken fat (preserved with vitamin E) is the natural source of fat in this formula that provides the essential amino acids dogs need to build a healthy immune system.

It promotes shiny coats, itch-free skin, and improved vision for dogs to enjoy life to its prime. This natural source of fat contributes to the overall taste of the product.

Life Classic Natural 26 is a practical recipe that uses animal-based protein and multigrain ingredients to sustain active and high-performing dogs. This meal has a crude protein value of 26% that comes from pork meat and bone meal complemented by ground corn, corn gluten meal, and dried beet pulp. 

The grains present in this formula also provide the carbohydrate and fat content, though many consider the last three ingredients mentioned above as lacking nutritional value.

To make up for this deficit, there are chelated minerals and vitamins added to complete the dietary benefit of this product as claimed.

Since this is a multigrain recipe, this is not recommended for dogs that may have grain allergies or intolerances. But overall, this serves its purpose as a low-cost protein and energy-giving food for your canines.

3. Blue Seal EnTrust Lamb Meal, Rice & Pea Recipe

First 5 ingredients: Lamb Meal, Brown Rice, Ground Barley, Ground Oats, Chicken Fat 

Rating: 3.5/5 Stars

Blue Seal Dog Food Reviews, Recalls & Coupons for [year] 11
Made from real lamb protein which provides essential amino acids that dogs need for muscle development and energy. This recipe also contains supplementary fibers, fruits, veggies and Omegas to promote overall well-being.

This EnTrust Lamb Meal, Rice & Pea Recipe dry food is described as a specially formulated recipe featuring “highly-digestible lamb protein and moderate levels of fat to support an ideal body condition”.

This formula contains no corn, wheat, or soy products and it is free from artificial additives. In addition to being rich in animal protein, this formula is supplemented with digestible carbohydrates like brown rice, barley, and oats plus plenty of healthy supplements. It is also made with Blue Seal’s NutriVantage supplement to support your dog’s total body health and wellness.

The first ingredient in this recipe is lamb meal. Whereas fresh meats contain up to 70% moisture by volume, meat meals like lamb meal have been cooked down to about 10% moisture which makes them a very highly-concentrated source of animal protein.

This recipe also includes supplementary proteins in the form of fish meal and pea protein concentrate. The latter of these ingredients is a little troubling because plant proteins are less biologically valuable for your dog than animal proteins.

This ingredient appears in the seventh slot, however, so it is unclear how much it actually contributes to the total protein content of the recipe.

After the lamb meal comes brown rice, ground barley, and ground oats. All of these are considered highly digestible carbohydrates for most dogs, though they may cause a problem for dogs that are allergic or sensitive to grains.

There are also supplementary sources of fiber such as ground peas, ground flaxseed, rice bran, and dried beet pulp. The main source of fat in this formula is chicken fat, a highly nutritious ingredient and a concentrated source of energy for your dog.

It is supplemented by ground flaxseed and fish oil as well for a balance of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. The remaining ingredients in this recipe consist primarily of fresh fruits and vegetables as well as synthetic supplements.

The fresh fruits and veggies help to provide natural sources for key nutrients, though supplements are still needed to ensure complete and balanced nutrition. It is good to see that several of the minerals are chelated as well – this helps to improve their uptake.

Overall, this EnTrust recipe falls somewhere between a 3-star and a 4-star rating. It starts off strong with a highly-concentrated source of named animal protein as the main ingredient and continues with three highly digestible complex carbohydrates.

This formula is also rich in animal fats, especially chicken fat which is highly nutritious. Where this recipe goes downhill is in the use of plant proteins like ground peas and pea protein concentrate as well as some questionable ingredients like rice bran, dried beet pulp, and yeast culture.

The formula could benefit from some probiotics and a few more of the mineral supplements could be chelated. It is good, however, to see some fresh fruits and vegetables as natural sources for key nutrients, though they appear far enough down the list that it’s hard to tell how much is actually used.

All in all, this recipe wouldn’t be the worst choice for your dog but you can probably still find something better within the same price range, if you wanted to.

4. Blue Seal EnTrust Puppy Chicken Meal & Barley Recipe

First 5 ingredients: Chicken Meal, Ground Corn, Chicken Fat, Ground Barley, Corn Gluten Meal

Rating: 3/5 Stars

Blue Seal Dog Food Reviews, Recalls & Coupons for [year] 12
It’s packed with real chicken protein containing essential amino acids, omega-3 fatty acids to support brain development and antioxidants to develop a strong immune system.

The Blue Seal EnTrust Puppy Recipe is a protein-packed meal without soy or wheat formulated to meet the distinct nutritional needs of small and medium-breed puppies. This is also a decent option for pregnant and lactating dogs as well as overly active pups.

The main ingredient and protein source of this formula is chicken meal. For first-time pet parents who are not familiar with chicken meal, AAFCO describes the term as the dry and extracted product from a mixture of clean flesh and skin with or without bones.

Chicken meal is basically the same as chicken but in reduced form. The process of creating this ingredient involves high temperature. The rendering method not only breaks fat and removes water to produce a concentrated protein ingredient but also kills bacteria, viruses, and parasites. 

In the same process mentioned above, the natural nutrient in the chicken meal somehow loses its original value, thus, synthetic supplements are present in the overall recipe to ensure dietary balance.

Ground corn is the main source of carbohydrates for this meal. However, ground corn in dog food is frowned upon by some pet owners as myths about it being non-nutritive are present. 

According to some veterinarians, corn provides partial nutritional value and is not necessarily bad for the dogs. But since ground barley is also present in this recipe, this increases the carbohydrate content of the meal as a whole.

We all know how the saying goes— too much of something is not good. Excessive carbohydrate content can trigger allergies or digestive concerns in canines in the long run.

Ground barley, which was mentioned earlier as another ingredient of this recipe, is low in cholesterol and provides good dietary fiber for dogs.

Corn gluten meal, correspondingly, supplements the overall protein value of the recipe, supports healthy muscle build-up, and improves skin and hair health.

Let's move on to a more notable ingredient that is chicken fat (mixed tocopherols preservative). This animal fat is a good source of fat without artificial preservatives.

It provides the essential fatty acids for overall health and development. In addition to that, this component also improves the taste of the dish to encourage feeding.

Animal fat is a good source of concentrated energy to sustain highly- performing dogs such as nursing and pregnant dogs. Hyperactive dogs also benefit from this energy-giving ingredient letting them spend more time for play.

In conclusion, this product is an ok pet food for starters but it has too much carb content to our liking. Interestingly, ground corn, which makes up most of the carbohydrate content of the formula, draws different reactions from pet owners for the not so remarkable nutritive benefit for the pups. Chicken fat, on the other hand, is a noteworthy ingredient as it provides omega-6 fatty acids and improves palatability.

All in all, if pet owners are looking for low-cost food for their pets that would provide practical nourishment, then Blue Seal Entrust Chicken Meal & Barley Recipe would meet the requirement.

5. Blue Seal Native Level 3 Chicken Meal & Rice Formula

First 5 ingredients: Chicken Meal, Brewers Rice, Ground Barley, Chicken Fat, Ground Flaxseed

Rating: 3.5/5 Stars

Blue Seal Dog Food Reviews, Recalls & Coupons for [year] 13
This is a special formula that is tailored fit to the needs of highly active dogs. It is fortified with an exclusive blend of trace minerals, antioxidants, organic macromolecules and chelating agents.

Blue Seal Native Level 3 Chicken Meal & Rice Formula is a meat protein with nutrient-dense calories made for canine athletes for optimal nutrition and energy boost.

It is formulated with a combination of antioxidants, trace minerals, and chelated agents to provide distinct nutritional benefits to pregnant and nursing dogs, as well as pups struggling with weight gain.

The recipe starts with chicken meal as its primary ingredient. Though chicken meal may look as if it’s  a lesser quality meat ingredient, its protein content compared to fresh chicken says otherwise. This meat meal is densely packed since water is removed from the product during the process of rendering, thereby containing 300% more protein than fresh chicken.

Fish meal and dried egg support the chicken meal to fulfill the overall protein content of the product with crude values equivalent to 30% protein and 20% fat. They both offer a substantial amount of omega-3 fatty acids to support proper brain development, good heart health, and enhanced vision.

The main source of carbohydrate comes from brewer’s rice, which is a fragment of leftover rice after white rice has been handled. It is often dubbed as a filler ingredient to add volume to dog food with less to no nutritional benefit to offer.

The third ingredient is ground barley that steadily supplements the carbohydrate level in this recipe. It is safe for dogs to eat as it is low in cholesterol, high in fiber to support digestion, and contains necessary nutrients like vitamin B and manganese.   

The fourth ingredient is chicken fat, which is high in linoleic acid—an omega-6 fatty acid that improves heart health and reduces the risk of serious diseases in dogs.

Chicken fat is a natural fat source that enhances palatability. This ingredient is suitable for pups having a hard time gaining weight and might provide the needed kick to get those pups to eat and pack on some pounds.

Other listed ingredients are ground flaxseed crammed with essential fatty acids that improve the hair and coat of dogs; rice bran (stabilized) and plain dried beet pulp that contribute to the additional dietary fiber and aid in the gastrointestinal health of canines.

This is a decent recipe packed with animal protein, carbohydrate-filled grains, and animal fat that constitute a well-balanced diet.

Some ingredients may come off as inferior with regards to quality but this dry food delivers the beneficial nutrient which is properly supported by appropriate antioxidants, trace minerals, and synthetic nutrients for high-energy and active dogs to thrive on.

It is important to keep in mind that dogs have different dietary needs. One dog might thrive on a product while another may not. Is this the best dry food pet parents can get their dogs? It all depends on the dogs’ nutritional requirements and diet. Along with this, it is vital to know the ingredients you are giving your dogs for a sound decision.

6. Blue Seal Original Flavor Dog Biscuits

Rating: 3.5/5 Stars

Blue Seal Dog Food Reviews, Recalls & Coupons for [year] 14
A nutritious, tempting snack with lobster meal as the main flavor. A good option for dogs with sensitivity to several animal proteins.

Blue Seal Original Flavor Biscuits are healthy snacks made for pups of all ages. These work as treats, training rewards, or as teeth cleaners (the chewing action and abrasiveness of the food can keep your canine’s teeth clean and white). Because these are biscuits, we can see a few grain products here, such as wheat flour, wheat middlings, and corn gluten meal.

Whole-wheat flour is a healthier alternative to white flour when it comes to dog food. It’s made from grinding by grinding up wheat kernels. This means that every part of the grain is utilized, leaving the flour with all of the nutritional value of the wheat grain.

Now while the wheat flour is a quality ingredient, the wheat middlings are not. These are classified as byproducts and are made of the leftover particles from wheat bran, wheat shorts, wheat flour, and other stuff from the mill. It is used as an inexpensive filler in pet foods.

Now, while leftovers do not sound exactly attractive nor are considered premium, the nutrition content of the wheat middlings kind of balance it out. These contain an energy equal to 96% to that contributed by barley and 91% compared to that provided by corn. 

As for the corn gluten meal, it’s an excellent source of amino acids and protein for your pet. It is made by removing germ, bran, and starch from corn kernels then grounding up what’s left into a meal that contains highly concentrated amounts of protein.

While the grains contribute some plant-based protein, you can also find animal-based proteins in the mixture courtesy of the poultry by-product meal.

It comes in second to the wheat flour and makes up a sizable volume in the food. Chicken fat, meanwhile, provides the third macronutrient (protein and carbohydrates are the other two) and energy source in the treats.

The treat contains a moderate protein amount, making it ideal for all life stages and activity levels. The low fiber amount keeps the digestive system healthy, allowing for regular bowel waste movement that’s neither hard nor too soft. It’s also a big plus that these treats are healthy — the doggy biscuits are vitamin- and mineral-fortified and come with yeast culture for an extra digestive boost.

It has to be noted that the hard-textured biscuits contain some ingredients that are not at all what you’d consider quality. For example, poultry-by-product meal does not specifically name what poultry animal was used, and since it’s a byproduct, what parts. However, the product does contain plenty of nutrition, is cheap, and dogs seem to love the flavor — all points in its favor. 

7. Blue Seal Lobster Bisque-It Flavor Dog Biscuits

Rating: 4/5 Stars

Blue Seal Dog Food Reviews, Recalls & Coupons for [year] 15
Blue Seal Lobster Bisque-It Flavor Dog Biscuits
A healthy, nutritious snack for dogs of all ages. Stuffed with lobster meal, this biscuit treat is ideal for training rewards while keeping your dog's teeth clean and white.

Blue Seal Lobster Bisque-It Flavor is a nutritious snack that can double as a training treat or teeth cleaner for your pup no matter the age. The hard biscuits are medium-sized but can be broken into pieces to fit the mouths of little pets.

These highly tempting snacks come in a flavor that you normally wouldn’t find in dog treats — lobster. If your pup is sensitive to several animal proteins, this treat may be ideal for him as chances are, he hasn’t been exposed to this particular protein yet.

Although the recipe does not use fresh lobster, the lobster meal ingredient is even better. Meat consists mostly of water and when cooked, loses most of its volume. Lobster meal is just lobster meat that has had most of its water content removed, and it will have more nutrition content when compared to fresh meat of the same volume. 

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This is a limited ingredient recipe. Aside from lobster, there are only six other ingredients. And of those, one is a natural preservative (salt) and another is a natural color. Only five can be considered main ingredients.

While lobster provides the protein, the wheat flour and brown rice provide the carbohydrates. Aside from binding the snacks and giving energy, these two contain a high level of antioxidants that support and maintain the glucose levels in your dog’s system. They’re also high in fiber, selenium, manganese, iron, folate, and vitamin E.

The wheat middlings, however, are another story. They’re nutritious too (these give off plenty of energy comparable to barley), but they’re not what you’d call quality food ingredients since middlings are considered byproducts of the mill industry. 

Lastly, there is vegetable oil. It gives off the fat that keeps dogs cushioned, insulated, and energetic. The brand does not list the specific vegetable oil used, but there should be omega fatty acids in it whatever the variant. Although, the fatty acid content depends on what type of vegetable was used. (Omega fatty acids give dogs healthy skin and hair.) 

We like how this recipe keeps it simple by utilizing only 7 ingredients for the snacks. Depending on your dog’s food sensitivity or lack of, the limited ingredient biscuits should be perfect for him.

The protein content is moderate at 16%, and there’s enough fiber (4%) to help maintain the health of your dog’s digestive system. 

The nutrition found in these treats is commendable. The only thing that keeps us from rating it higher is the use of byproducts. It would also help if Blue Seal indicated the specific vegetable oil used as there are plenty different kinds. 

Blue Seal Dog Food Reviews, Recalls & Coupons for [year] 16

Ingredient Sourcing

Not only does Blue Seal fail to mention exactly where it manufactures its products, but the brand also doesn’t provide any specific information about where it gets its ingredients.

The brand itself began as a grist mill in 1868 in Lawrence, Massachusetts and grew into one of the largest feed manufacturing companies in the Northeast United States.

As a feed supplier, you can expect this brand to use a number of different grains in its products, though it does have some grain-free options. This brand uses some corn and wheat products as well as barley, rice and other digestible carbohydrates.

Most recipes include some fresh fruits and vegetables for nutritional balance, but there are also a lot of synthetic supplements on the list for most products.

Blue Seal Recall History

The Blue Seal brand states that it, “strives to be the most trusted and preeminent regionally focused animal nutrition brand in the East” and it speaks to the quality and safety of its products on the brand’s website. Every product is rigorously tested for safety before release and the brand offers a complete satisfaction guarantee.

These dog foods are manufactured in U.S. facilities, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that it is a high-quality brand. It bodes well, however, that there aren’t any Blue Seal recalls in recent history.

It does look like some of its products were being made by Menu Foods at the time of the 2007 recall, but none of Blue Seal’s products were taken off pet store shelves.

How Expensive Are Their Products?

This brand is sold primarily at feed stores, so it is one of the more affordable pet foods on the shelf. The average cost for a 30-pound bag of dry food is between $35 and $55, depending on the recipe. You might be able to save a little money with Blue Seal coupons, if you can find them.

Get 60% off your first order


List of Current Products Available

The Blue Seal brand of dog food has a more limited assortment of product choices than many brands, but its products are formulated for dogs in different life stages so you can choose the one that is right for your dog.

Most of the products belong to the EnTrust line of kibbles, which are precisely balanced with quality ingredients including concentrated meat proteins and the NutriVantage nutrition optimizer, a proprietary supplement designed to ensure complete and balanced nutrition. 

Currently, the brand does not offer any wet food varieties and is solely focused on providing kibbles and biscuits.

Dry Products

Blue Seal Dog Food Reviews, Recalls & Coupons for [year] 17

This brand offers three product lines of dry dog food – Classics, EnTrust, and Native. The Classics line only includes two recipes – Krunchies and Natural 26. The EnTrust line, on the other hand, includes ten recipes for dogs in all life stages and with different activity levels.

The newest Blue Seal dog food range is Native. It is dedicated specially for performance athletes and features five levels of recipes to support different canine activities.

Each formula usually begins with a concentrated source of meat protein, and they are all supplemented for nutritional balance. Here is a list of their dry recipes:


  • Classics Kruniches Recipe
  • Classics Natural 26 Recipe


  • EnTrust Puppy Chicken Meal & Barley Recipe 
  • EnTrust Large Breed Puppy Chicken Meal & Barley Recipe 
  • EnTrust Active Dog Chicken Meal & Barley Recipe 
  • EnTrust Adult Dog Chicken Meal & Barley Recipe 
  • EnTrust Adult Dog Lamb Meal & Rice Recipe  
  • EnTrust Adult Dog Lamb Meal, Rice & Pea Recipe 
  • EnTrust Adult Dog Pork & Barley Recipe
  • EnTrust Senior Dog Chicken Meal & Barley Recipe
  • EnTrust Weight Control Chicken Meal & Barley Recipe 
  • EnTrust Grain-Free Chicken Meal, Pea & Sweet Potato Recipe 


  • Native Level 1 (24 Protein 14 Fat)
  • Native Level 2 (26 Protein 16 Fat)
  • Native Level 3 (30 Protein 20 Fat)
  • Native Level 4 (35 Protein 25 Fat)
  • Native Puppy (28 Protein 15 Fat)


Blue Seal Dog Food Reviews, Recalls & Coupons for [year] 18

In addition to their complete and balanced dog food products, this brand also offers an assortment of dog treats in the form of biscuits.

These biscuits previously came in different sizes but are now limited to medium ones. Here is a list of their dog treat recipes:

  • Original Flavor Dog Biscuits 
  • Peanut Butter Flavor Dog Biscuits 
  • Lobster Bisque-It Flavor 
  • Assorted Flavors Dog Biscuits

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