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Castor and Pollux Dog Food : 2020 Review, Recalls & Coupons

Castor & Pollux Dog Food

Castor and Pollux dog food is an all-natural brand of premium pet food.

If you didn’t know anything about this brand, you might think that it was named after the founder’s pets but the names Castor and Pollux actually come from Greek mythology.

Twin brothers, Castor and Pollux appeared in several Greek myths but don’t worry – there is nothing mythological about the pet food. It is just wholesome and nutritious pet food, plain and simple.

The company was started by Shelley Gunton and Brian Connolly, loving parents of a lab/pointer mix named Joey. What started as a homemade dog food recipe has blossomed over the past twenty years into one of the top natural and organic pet food brands on the market.

Their pet foods are designed to nourish the bodies of pets from the inside out, providing them with all of the essential nutrients they need and nothing they don’t.

Manufacturer Information:

The Castor and Pollux Natural PetWorks company was launched in 2000 with the release of the world’s first branded, premium-quality line of specialty pet food products. The Organix line of certified-organic pet foods and treats was released in 2003 and the following year saw the debut of the Natural Ultramix line of products.

Though they began as a family-owned operation, the company was acquired by Merrick Pet Care, Inc. in 2012 in an effort to spread the brand across the country – Merrick is the only U.S. pet food manufacturer certified to product dry and canned organic pet food products.

In 2015, the Merrick Pet Care company was acquired by Nestle Purina PetCare, currently the second-largest pet food company in the world and the largest in the United States.

Castor and Pollux Dog Food Reviews

Castor and Pollux takes pet nutrition very seriously which is why they use only the freshest natural and organic ingredients in their pet food products. This brand is the self-described “leader in organic and natural pet food” and one of the only pet food companies that offers certified-organic products.

This company makes some pretty lofty claims about the quality and nutrition of their products but these claims appear to be founded in truth. A quick review of several their products reveals the use of organic meats and digestible carbohydrates, not to mention plenty of healthy fats and wholesome fruits and vegetables. Their products are also free from corn, wheat, and soy ingredients as well as artificial additives.

1. Organix Grain-Free Chicken and Potato

This Organix Grain-Free Chicken and Potato recipe is one of many organic and grain-free dog foods that this company has to offer. Made with organic free-range chicken as the number-1 ingredient, this formula does more than just meet your dog’s minimum requirements for protein – it greatly exceeds them.

This recipe is made with grain-free potatoes which are highly digestible for most dogs – they also come with a low risk for triggering food allergies and sensitivities. This recipe is supplemented with plenty of healthy fats as well as natural sources for key nutrients.

As promised, the first ingredient in this formula is organic chicken – and that isn’t the only protein at the top of the list. Second on the list for this Organix Grain-Free Chicken and Potato recipe is chicken meal. While fresh meats like chicken contain up to 80% moisture by volume, chicken meal has already been cooked to remove moisture so it contains up to 300% more protein by volume than fresh chicken.

Though both of these ingredients are excellent additions to this formula, it is somewhat troubling to see not just one but two plant proteins just a little bit further down the list. This recipe includes both pea protein and potato protein as the fifth and sixth ingredients – it is likely that this ingredients contribute significantly to the product’s 32% crude protein content.

The main sources of carbohydrate in this Organix Grain-Free Chicken and Potato recipe are organic peas and organic tapioca. These are both grain-free and highly digestible carbohydrates for dogs. These ingredients are supplemented later by organic potatoes and organic alfalfa meal.

For fats, this formula relies primarily on organic sunflower meal, chicken fat, and organic coconut oil. It would be better to see the chicken fat listed before the sunflower meal, but these three fats combine to offer a balance of eomga-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. The remaining ingredients in this recipe consist primarily of vitamin and mineral supplements and probiotics.

Dry Food Rating: 4/5 stars

Overall, this Castor and Pollux Organix Grain-Free Chicken and Potato recipe starts off strong with organic chicken and chicken meal as the top two ingredients. With organic peas and tapioca as the primary carbohydrates, this formula provides plenty of energy and dietary fiber that is grain-free and gluten-free.

Where this recipe starts to go downhill is with the use of two plant protein concentrates and the use of a plant-based fat before the first animal-based fat. The position of the plant proteins so high on the list suggests that they contribute significantly to the total protein content of the product.

You should also note that none of the mineral supplements are chelated, so your dog will only be able to absorb a portion of the nutrients they provide. This recipe doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients but there is certainly room for improvement.

2. Natural Ultramix Duck & Venison, Green Beans with Wild Rice Entrée in Gravy

This Natural Ultramix Duck & Venison, Green Beans with Wild Rice Entrée in Gravy Canned Food recipe is made with “hearty portions of natural duck, venison, green beans, and wild rice” to provide your dog with a meat-rich diet that is complete and balanced.

As part of the Natural Ultramix lineup, this formula is loaded with fresh, natural ingredients like real meat, fresh veggies, and whole grains. It provides a balance of omega fatty acids for healthy skin and coat as well as natural sources for key nutrients. It is also highly digestible and full of natural flavor.

As promised, the first ingredient in this formula is fresh duck. This ingredient is supplemented with fresh venison as a supplementary source of animal protein. These two protein-rich ingredients are separated by turkey broth and water.

While these ingredients don’t provide much in the way of nutrition, they help to maintain the moisture level of this formula and the turkey broth contributes some natural flavor as well. What is somewhat troubling to see is the addition of pea protein later on in the list – this is a plant protein and therefore less biologically valuable for your dog than any animal protein.

This ingredient appears in the twelfth slot, however, so it may not contribute significantly to the total protein content of this Natural Ultramix Duck & Venison, Green Beans with Wild Rice Entrée in Gravy Canned Food recipe.

The main sources of carbohydrate in this recipe are carrots, dried peas, green beans, potato starch, and dried potatoes. All of these are gluten-free and grain-free carbohydrates that offer good digestibility for dogs – they also contribute some dietary fiber to support his digestive system.

The fats in this recipe don’t appear until the end of the list which is a little strange – it is also worth noting that they are all plant-based fats. This recipe is supplemented with vitamins and minerals and it does contain several thickeners.

The only problem with the synthetic supplements is they offer limited bio-availability for your dog – chelated minerals would be more biologically valuable.

Canned Food Rating: 4.5/5 stars

Overall, this Duck & Venison, Green Beans with Wild Rice Entrée in Gravy Canned Food recipe is a quality source of balanced nutrition for dogs in all life stages. This recipe starts off strong with duck and venison as the primary ingredients with turkey broth thrown in for moisture and flavor.

All of the carbohydrates used in this recipe are gluten-free, though there is one grain – rice. As long as your dog doesn’t have a grain sensitivity, however, he should be fine. This recipe could be improved with the replacement of the pea protein with another meat-based ingredient as well as the inclusion of an animal-based fat. It also wouldn’t hurt to add some chelated minerals and probiotics.

Made in the USA?

Though the Nestle Purina PetCare has a global reach, the Castor and Pollux brand is produced and manufactured exclusively in the United States. Though the company has changed hands, their products are still developed by a team of experts in the field of animal nutrition and organic ingredients.

This company does more than just provide premium-quality organic foods for pets – they are also dedicated to giving back to the community, especially for pets in need.

The PetWorks Partner Program was created to provide pet rescue groups and organizations around the company with high-quality natural and organic foods. Since the program began, they donated more than 4 million bowls of food to pets in need.

Castor and Pollux Dog Food

Where do they Get Their Ingredients?

The Organix line of pet food and treats from Castor and Pollux was the first and most complete line of organic-certified pet food products in the United States. They continue to be a leader in the field of organic and natural pet food. This company believes in the power of quality nutrition which is why they use only the freshest natural ingredients in all of their products.

They believe in the power of organic ingredients to reduce allergies, to improve digestion, and to boost overall health in pets – that is why all of their ingredients are sourced right here in the United States.

Castor and Pollux Recall List:

Not only are they dedicated to using the highest quality ingredients in each of their products, but they also take quality control and safety measures very seriously in the manufacture of those products.

This being the case, it should come as no surprise to you that the brand has not been affected by a single recall to date. This is not always an indication of quality but, in this case, it supports the brands claims of being a natural and high-quality brand of pet food.

How expensive are their products?

The Castor and Pollux brand is fairly expensive, but you have to remember that this brand uses all-natural ingredients as well as many organic ingredients. The Natural Ultramix product line is the more affordable of the two with 25- and 30-pound bags of dry food ranging from $$40 to $80.

The Organix line of dry foods is a little pricier, ranging from $45 to $90 for a 22- or 25-pound bag. You can purchase 12.7-ounce cans of their wet food in cases of 12 for $20 to $50, depending on the recipe, which gives you an average price of around $3.00 per can.

Castor and Pollux Dog Food

Here is their Product List:

Though Castor and Pollux had a modest start, they now offer a wide range of products for both dogs and cats. Their pet foods can be divided into several product lines – Organix, Natural Ultramix, and Good Buddy.

The Organix line of products was released in 2003 and it contains both classic and grain-free recipes featuring certified-organic ingredients. The Natural Ultramix brand joined the lineup in 2004 and it features high-quality, natural ingredients like real meat and grain-free carbohydrates.

The Good Buddy line of products consists of nutritious and flavorful dog treats. Though each product line is different, they are all made with natural, wholesome ingredients in recipes that are complete and balanced. You couldn’t ask for more.

Dry Products

They offer a wide variety of dry products which are divided into two main product lines. The Organix line of dry foods features both classic and grain-free recipes made with certified-organic ingredients as well as a limited selection of kibbles infused with freeze-dried raw bites.

The Natural Ultramix line of products features natural ingredients as well as added vitamins and minerals – there are also a few recipes infused with freeze-dried raw bites. Here is a list of dry recipes:

Organix Dry Food Recipes:

  • Chicken and Brown Rice Recipe
  • Large Breed Recipe
  • Puppy Recipe
  • Healthy Weight Recipe
  • Grain-Free Chicken & Potato Recipe
  • Grain-Free Lamb & Peas Recipe
  • Grain-Free Salmon & Peas Recipe
  • Grain-Free Small Breed Recipe
  • Grain-Free Free Range with Raw Bites

Castor & Pollux Dry

Natural Ultramix Dry Food Recipes:

  • Adult
  • Lamb & Rice Adult
  • Grain-Free and Poultry-Free Adult
  • Grain-Free Real Chicken & Sweet Potato
  • Grain-Free Duck, Sweet Potatoes & Whole Peas Entrée
  • Grain-Free Red Meat Recipe with Raw Bites

Wet Products

Here is a list of their wet recipes:

Organix Canned Food Recipes:

  • Butcher & Bushel Organic Chicken Wing & Thigh Dinner
  • Butcher & Bushel Organic Chopped Turkey & Chicken Dinner
  • Butcher & Bushel Organic Shredded Chicken Dinner
  • Butcher & Bushel Organic Tender Chicken Dinner
  • Grain-Free Organic Chicken & Vegetable Recipe
  • Grain-Free Organic Chicken & Potato Recipe
  • Grain-Free Organic Turkey & Vegetable Recipe
  • Grain-Free Organic Turkey, Carrot & Potato Recipe
  • Organic Chicken & Potato Recipe
  • Organic Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe
  • Organic Turkey & Vegetable Recipe
  • Organic Turkey, Carrot & Potato Recipe

Castor & Pollux Wet

Natural Ultramix Canned Food Recipes:

  • Chicken, Vegetable & Brown Rice Stew
  • Duck & Venison, Green Beans with Wild Rice Entrée in Gravy
  • Grain-Free Beef and Vegetable Dinner
  • Grain-Free Whole Chicken Thigh, Fresh Cut Carrots & Sweet Potatoes Entrée in Gravy
  • Grain-Free All-Beef Sausage Links & Sweet Potato Entrée in Gravy
  • Grain-Free Beef Tripe & Chicken, Apples & Green Peas Entrée in Gravy
  • Grain-Free Minced Chicken & Bacon with Fresh Tomatoes Entrée in Gravy
  • Grain-Free Venison, White Potatoes & Fresh Cut Carrots Entrée in Gravy


In addition to an assortment of dry food and wet food products, Castor and Pollux also offers a dedicated line of dog treats called Good Buddy. These treats come in the form of dental chews, jerky strips, sausage cuts, and an assortment of rawhide bones and treats. Here is a list of Good Buddy dog treat recipes:

Castor & Pollux Treats


  • All Americans USA-Raised Beef Treats
  • All Americans USA-Raised Chicken Treats
  • Grain-Free Dental Chews Little Bones
  • Grain-Free Dental Chews Medium Bones
  • Jerky Strips Real Chicken Recipe
  • Jerky Strips Real Salmon Recipe
  • Prime Patties Real Beef Recipe
  • Prime Patties Real Turkey Recipe
  • Sausage Cuts Real Beef Recipe
  • Sausage Cuts Real Chicken Recipe
  • Meaty Center Bone
  • Cheddar Cheese Flavor Cookies
  • Peanut Butter Flavor Cookies
  • Pumpkin & Apple Flavor Cookies
  • USA Rawhide Bones and Treats

Castor and Pollux Dog Food

Is Castor and Pollux good dog food?

Judging by its ingredients alone, Castor and Pollux Dog Food looks like an above-average dry product. Castor and Pollux Natural Ultramix is a grain-inclusive dry dog food using a moderate amount of named meat meals as its main source of animal protein, thus earning the brand 4 stars.

Is pristine dog food good?

Castor and Pollux Pristine Grain Free Dog Food receives the Advisor's top rating of 5 stars.

Who makes Organix food?

Castor & Pollux. ORGANIX sets a new standard for pet nutrition as the only complete line of USDA organically certified pet food. The number one ingredient in every recipe is either organic free-range chicken or turkey blended with sustainably grown fruits and vegetables.

Who owns Castor & Pollux?

Nestle-Purina announced that it's gobbling up some of pet parents favorite niche pet food brands Merrick and Castor & Pollux. Merrick Pet Care said that they had signed an agreement for Nestlé Purina PetCare Company to purchase the company.

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