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PetKind Tripett Dog Food: 2019 Reviews, Recalls & Coupons

Meet PetKind Tripett Dog Food

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PetKind Tripett line is a unique type of dog food that gets its nutrients mainly from meat sources. It has a special ingredient, however, in the use of tripe. Tripe is the lining of grass-feeding animals’ stomachs and is known to hold high amounts of nutrients for carnivores and omnivores.

The company uses premium ingredients to make their wet foods, manufactured right in Canada and the use of tripe makes this type of food a rich option for picky and sensitive dogs who have trouble maintaining weight and muscle mass. Should you be feeding your dog this unique food? Let’s find out!

Brand Quick Look

  • Parent Company: PetKind
  • Founded in: 2001
  • Made in: Canada
  • Available at:  Chewy, Amazon
  • Types of Food: Wet
  • Real Meat in First 5 Ingredients? : Yes
  • Recalled in Past? : No

Behind the Brand

PetKind began in 2001 with three brothers whose mother frequently showcased champion show dogs. They understood from the beginning the importance of having quality ingredients for maintaining a dog’s health and wellbeing.

The company offers four different lines of food, but all provide various combinations of sustainably sourced meats and green tripe. All are certified fit for human consumption, and you never have to worry about artificial ingredients or cheap fillers.

The company is very particular about which suppliers to work with, so each recipe is carefully crafted to favor quality meats with no grains. There aren’t a lot of other ingredients other than meat because the family believes that dogs gain the majority of their nutrients from these dense protein sources.

What types of dog food does Tripett offer?

Tripett is the company’s wet food line. It uses a highly restricted ingredient list with tripe as the primary source of protein and other whole protein sources combined in some of the recipe formulations. It’s excellent as an additive on top of different foods to encourage picky eaters, but it’s also highly suitable for solo feeding.

Green Tripe is the cornerstone of the recipes, but they could also include other protein sources for complete meals. The original recipe is great for supplemental feeding while other protein sources are suitable for solo.

The recipes have just five or six ingredients each and no grains. The formulas follow a carnivore style diet meant to mimic the way your dog’s canine ancestors likely ate. It’s not life stage or breed size specific, but it does offer dense nutrition for working dogs and those with severe sensitivities.

Tripett Recipes

  • Original Formula Green Beef Tripe
  • New Zealand Green Lamb Tripe
  • Green Beef Tripe, Duck, and Salmon
  • Green Beef Tripe and Venison
  • Green Bison Tripe
  • Green Venison Tripe

The PetKind Tripett Recall History List:

  • Tripett has never had a recall, and PetKind also has a completely clean record with other lines. It uses only clean manufacturing local to Canada and follows strict protocols when handling meat and other ingredients. The recipes themselves use only ingredients fit for human consumption, so there’s less risk of contamination.

PetKind Dog Food Coupons 2019

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Best Tripett Dog Food Recipes

There aren’t a lot of options for these foods, but we do have a few we think would be good choices. Including the original recipe, there are several that could really work to alleviate your dog’s most persistent allergies.

Original Formula Green Beef Tripe

The original formula uses green beef tripe to provide an excellent source of protein and fat to keep your dog energized all day. It has only four ingredients and provides digestion support because of the natural omega fatty acids and digestive juices. It’s suitable for all life stages and can help restore digestion and boost the immune system. It’s ideal for solo feeding or for mixing in with dry foods.

Green Beef Tripe, Duck, And Salmon Formula

This enhanced formula uses both tripe and wholesome protein sources from duck and salmon. It has plenty of omega fatty acids for supporting both skin and coat health and contains no fillers, artificial ingredients, or chicken (which is a common allergy). It’s great for solo feeding and for encouraging picky eaters actually to eat a full meal. It contains just six ingredients.

Green Venison Tripe

This option is an excellent source of protein and nutrients in a form that’s easy for dogs to digest. It contains complete proteins and the omega fatty acids needed to maintain skin and coat health. Venison is a more exotic protein source that could encourage dogs to eat. There’s no grains, no cheap fillers, and no artificial ingredients.

Customer Reviews

Most Customers really love the simple recipe. For pet owners with dogs with digestion sensitivity, it’s a welcome relief to find a food that cuts out almost all the ingredients you associate with bargain foods and with complicated kibbles. Tripe is a wholesome, nutrient-dense food that helps regulate digestion and provides essential fatty acids for a healthy coat and skin.

What do people like and dislike about PetKind Tripett food?

Customers noticed that their dogs seemed more energetic and had better stools overall once they fully made the switch. They also were relieved to see that their dogs didn’t complain about the food, eating it right away as opposed to spitting out portions of the meal.

The downside for most customers is the cost. It’s a significant investment to feed your dog this brand exclusively, and those with more than one large breed specifically had trouble making it work in the budget. The upside is that you may need to feed less than the serving size of cheap food and it could help reduce the number of vet visits you have to make.

As always, there are going to be some dogs that don’t like the taste although with this brand it’s a relatively rare occurrence. Also, to reduce the adjustment period with digestion, it may help to switch to this food slowly by mixing it in with your dog’s current food.


  • “My dog is 13 years old. In her annual check-up her blood work showed her electrolytes were off and her cholesterol was too high. I changed her food to PetKind Tripett Green Beef Tripe, Duck & Salmon Grain-free canned food. She has lost weight while eating the same quantity and seeming satisfied. Her latest blood work showed that both the electrolytes & cholesterol were back in the normal range” Ellie,


  • “Our dog (75 lb lab mix) loves everything tripe. Unfortunately, she couldn’t care less about this one. Strangely enough she does like salmon and duck quite a bit, so I thought this mix would be a winner. Tonight she didn’t even touch the kibble that was mixed with this tripe. Looks like we’re back to the original, pure tripe.” Vatomi,

PetKind Tripett Green Beef Tripe, Duck, and Salmon

Dog Food Review

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

First Five Ingredients:

  • Green Beef Trip
  • Water
  • Duck
  • Salmon
  • Garlic
  • Guar gum

This version of Tripett’s unique formula gives your dog a complete meal including the famed green tripe that makes Tripett’s formulas so effective. It offers real, whole sources of protein that are typically not sources of common allergies. With plenty of omega fatty acids, you should see an improvement in your dog’s coat and skin.

The formula uses just six simple ingredients and uses only meat as the primary source of nutrition. The company’s experience with show dogs led them to an exclusive carnivore style diet that mimics the way wolves will often eat the stomach lining of prey in the wild. Tripe offers fatty acids and digestive juices that can encourage your dog to eat and maintain energy all day.

One of the downsides to the food is that it’s a bit expensive to use exclusively, but if your dog frequently has allergic reactions to things, that may be a welcome change despite the price. You can go down in portion sizes from cheap foods and still give your dogs the best possible nutrients.

The formula is suitable for all life stages, but you may want to check with your veterinarian about feeding it to a large breed puppy because of the abundant, dense proteins. However, for senior dogs, it could be a good way to get better nutrients and help calm down some age-related issues such as skin sensitivity or dental problems.

It’s designed to also improve the condition of the teeth despite being a canned food, and there’s plenty of moisture to make sure that digestion is more comfortable. It is a rich food so feed it and make sure to watch the amount of weight your dog has from time to time so that you know if you’re feeding the right amount.

It may be a bit of stretch in the budget, but we think this could be a game changer for senior dogs, picky dogs, or those with severe allergies to most dog foods. If you can’t quite get your dog’s skin condition under control or make frequent vet visits for upset tummies, Tripett could change the way your dog interacts with food, offering relief and the building blocks for long term health.

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