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Holistic Select Review 2020: Best Holistic Pet Food?

Holistic Select

Holistic Select dog food is a brand dedicated to the comprehensive treatment of digestive issues, giving your pet the best chance at being able to stay healthy and energetic all day long. It uses a blend of premium ingredients and probiotics for robust digestive support.

Each recipe is made in the United States from carefully sourced ingredients. The company is dedicated not only to providing you with the best possible ingredients but also giving back to the community through well-pet initiatives and programs designed to get every dog the best nutrition. Let’s see if Holistic Select could be the answer to your dog’s digestive issues.

Brand Quick Look

  • Parent Company: WellPet LLC
  • Founded in: 2000
  • Made in: Mishawaka, Indiana, USA
  • Made by: Wellpet Manufacturing
  • Available at: Chewy, Amazon, Walmart
  • Types of Food: Dry, wet
  • Real Meat in First 5 Ingredients? Yes
  • Recalled in Past? No

Behind the Brand

Holistic Select was officially debuted in 2000, but the company goes back much farther than that in different forms. It was founded in 1926 under the name Old Mother Hubbard. The idea was born back in 1873 at a bakery that made biscuits for pets.

Old Mother Hubbard was purchased by a pet expert in the 1960s and turned into a thriving holistic pet food option by 2000 when Holistic Select was officially introduced. It falls under the umbrella of WellPet LLC, a collection of holistic pet food companies dedicated to making your pet’s life easier through simple recipes and proper digestion.

The company is one of the top brands of holistic dog food in the country, providing recipes that help alleviate long-suffering dogs’ troubles and provide excellent sources of nutrition that customers can trust. They believe in simplifying ingredients and the power of great probiotics for the unique canine biome.

The company sources ingredients from trusted providers in North America and manufactures food is a facility with high-quality standards and frequent checks. Their foods pass rigorous safety standards and never use cheap ingredients for fillers common for bargain dog food brands.

Holistic Select Dog Food Review

Holistic Select Adult Health Chicken Meal and Brown Rice

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars
First 5 Ingredients: Chicken Meal, Brown Rice, Rice, Oatmeal, Chicken Fat

The Chicken Meal and Brown Rice Health formula is designed to boost your dog’s immune system through a specific and targeted blend of pro and prebiotic support. It helps with digestion and uses enzymes to help dogs break down difficult portions of the recipe including protein and starches.

Whole veggies and fruits provide excellent sources of vitamins and minerals to boost different body systems while giving your dog plenty of fiber to help with digestion. It also has an outstanding balance of whole grains to help your dog feel energetic throughout the day without adding in extra calories that can cause unnecessary weight gain.

Superfoods contain antioxidants to help give your dog the building blocks for good health and well-being. It’s a unique blend that specifically targets the digestive system so that the food is broken down well and easier than it would be without the presence of probiotics and enzymes.

The kibble is a good size and should be satisfactory for most dogs. Pickier dogs may not like the taste of the kibble, but sometimes using one of Holistic Select’s wet foods on top can help encourage your dog to eat. We love that it’s balanced and still contains those little extras to make digestion easier.

One really good thing about this food is that it doesn’t contain any potatoes or peas, which may have a link to a condition known as Canine Dilated Cardiomyopathy. We aren’t sure of the exact relationship, but it’s thought that foods heavy in potatoes and peas could have a link to an increased risk. You don’t have to worry about that with this food, however.

It uses no artificial flavors or preservatives, and there are no cheap fillers such as corn or soy. This allows your dog to have energy all day without adding empty calories that can make weight control difficult. It does have chicken, so be watchful if your dog has allergies already because chicken can be an allergen as well.

This is an excellent, high-quality food that really does help improve your dog’s digestion and overall health. We enthusiastically recommend it for all dogs. The company’s initiatives are excellent, and they’ve had such a good run with manufacturing that we don’t think you’ll have any issues with your dog and this food.

What Types Of Dog Food Does Holistic Select Offer?

Holistic Select offers a few different lines of food in both wet and dry options. They have life stage-specific and breed size specific formulas plus a line for dogs with constant, severe allergies.

Holistic Select Dry

Dry Foods

  • Adult Health Anchovy, Sardine, and Salmon Meal
  • Adult Health Chicken Meal and Rice
  • Adult Health Lamb Meal and Rice

Grain Free

  • Adult And Puppy Health Salmon, Anchovy, and Sardine Meal
  • Adult Health Duck Meal
  • Adult Health Deboned Turkey and Lentils
  • Adult Heath Rabbit and Lamb Meal
  • Large and Giant Breed Adult
  • Large and Giant Breed Puppy
  • Senior Health Chicken Meal and Lentils
  • Adult Small and Mini Breed Health
  • Puppy Small and Mini Breed Health
  • Weight Management Chicken Meal and Peas
  • Puppy Health Anchovy, Sardine, and Chicken Meal
  • Large and Giant Breed Adult Health
  • Large And Giant Breed Puppy Health

Holistic Select Wet

Wet Foods:

  • Grain Free Beef Pate
  • Grain Free Chicken Pate
  • Grain Free Duck Pate
  • Grain Free Lamb Pate
  • Grain Free Turkey and Duck Pate
  • Grain Free Whitefish, Salmon, and Herring Pate

Holistic Select Recall History List:

Holistic Select hasn’t had a recall yet, and because of their rigorous safety standards, we don’t expect they will any time soon. They use only trusted providers and regularly inspect their company-owned manufacturing facilities, so everything is under strict control. Considering they’ve been under this label since 2000, that’s a pretty good run so far.

holistic select dog food

Best Holistic Select Dog Food Recipes

Let’s take a look at a few of our favorites to see if one might be the answer for your pet’s needs. These have achieved high-quality ratings and plenty of customer satisfaction in the past.

Large Breed Adult Health Chicken Meal and Oatmeal

Large breed dogs have unique needs, and the high-quality protein concentrate should help your large breed keep up proper muscle tone without adding in extra calories that can cause weight issues. Using oatmeal is a good source of carbohydrates to provide energy all day.

A proper blend of probiotics for your canine’s gut flora keeps digesting in check and boosts the immune system to help dogs with inflammation or itchy skin. Omega fatty acids also support skin and coat health while glucosamine and chondroitin promote joint health. Fruits and vegetables round it all out with vital vitamins and minerals.

Senior Health Chicken Meal and Lentils

Your senior dog needs support for aging joints and an aging mind. This formula uses concentrated proteins to ensure proper muscle tone into aging and uses only high quality, natural ingredients for better digestion.

It contains specific enzymes that help break down proteins and starches, making it easier on overall digestion. Glucosamine and chondroitin support aging joints and may help improve their condition. Holistic Select uses a high-quality blend of probiotics suited to your dog’s unique canine flora to help ease digestion and support the immune system.

Turkey and Duck Pate Grain Free Adult Wet Food

The Duck Pate is a rich source of protein and fat that can help picky dogs eat all their meal. It uses high-quality duck proteins and a blend of fruits and vegetables for a high-quality meal that includes prebiotic and probiotic support.

Botanicals and herbs such as chicory root help ease digestion to help dogs that sometimes have trouble with their stools when eating wet foods. It’s great to top off kibble and create a blend of high quality, nutritious food that will also satisfy your dog’s picky tastes.

Customer Reviews

Holistic Select is a very well-liked food with four or more stars consistently across online providers and individual recipes. Customers love that their dogs’ digestion and skin health usually improves on this food and that the probiotic support helps dogs with chronic tummy troubles. It also helps with the immune system.

This is also a consistently high rated food for veterinarians and top dog food raters. It’s well respected and often used as an alternative to cheap foods that have done a lot of damage to a dog’s skin, immune system, and weight.

Holistic Select

What Do People Like And Dislike About Holistic Select Food?

People seem to love the simple ingredients and the trust they have that the food is the highest quality. Customers noticed that their dogs digestion improved and the quality of their coat and skin. Most dogs seem to like the taste of the kibble, and if they don’t, the canned foods usually do the trick.

Some customers did note that their senior dogs had trouble chewing the kibble and that the puppy formulas may still cause some gas. If that’s the case, gently introduce the food to your puppy or dog by transitioning slowly from the food they were on to see if that helps. Some dogs are highly picky and may not like a food regardless, but the canned duck recipe often helps with that pickiness.

Some of the recipes use peas as an alternative to grains which may make cause some heart issues in breeds prone to an enlarged heart. Some customers noted that they wished the formulas came in a pea free version to alleviate that danger until we understand more about what’s happening.


“Our 5 Bearded Collies have been on Holistic Select their entire adult lives. We have never had any digestible issues with the kibble. They love the flavor, and sometimes I use it for treats when training. It is also on the list at Whole Dog Journal as one of the preferred kibbles….” Hector, chewy.com


“Two of my three dogs are not finicky eaters, so generally it's not a problem. My border collie is a finicky eater, and he's always been a problem. But now not one of my dogs likes this new formula of holistic select. I have been feeding them this previously, before the product change, there was no issue. But now getting them to eat is like going 12 rounds with Mike Tyson….” pronewsguy, chewy.com

Holistic Select

Is Holistic Select good dog food?

Holistic Select's food, including Holistic Select Adult Health Duck Meal Dry Dog Food, looks very good. The protein content is a little on the low side but it should be fine for an adult maintenance diet, especially if you are not looking for a dog food to avoid allergies.

Who owns Holistic Select dog food?

WellPet LLC is a pet food company formed by the combination of Wellness Natural Pet Food, Holistic Select Natural Pet Food, Eagle Pack Natural Pet Food and Old Mother Hubbard Natural Dog Snacks, purchased by Berwind Corporation. WellPet is headquartered outside of Boston, in Tewksbury, Massachusetts.

Where is Holistic Select dog food manufactured?

WellPet products, including Holistic Select, are made at the company's manufacturing facility in Mishawaka, Indiana.

What is a holistic dog food?

The word Holistic itself means the treatment of the whole of a being. This means that holistic dog food is geared towards focusing on every aspect of your dog's health, from the body to the brain. Natural dog food, just like holistic dog food contain all-natural ingredients.


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