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Crave Dog Food: 2020 Reviews, Recalls & Coupons

crave dog food

Meet Crave Dog Food

Crave Premium food is a limited line that offers dog foods mimicking the canine ancestral diet. The ingredients are free of cheap fillers and use only real meats and meat meals to create a high protein diet.

They have a very high standard of ingredients and use only higher quality ones sourced from trusted farmers and suppliers. They create all their foods at processing plants the company itself owns and it’s based in the United States. It’s a relatively new brand, but it does offer a lot of the types of things you’d look for in an ultra-premium kibble.

Let’s break down what Crave has to offer to see if this could be your next dog food. It’s premium while remaining affordable and could be worth hunting down at your local pet store or online.

Brand Quick Look

  • Parent Company: Mars crave dog food
  • Founded in: 2017
  • Made in: North America
  • Made by: Mars-owned facilities in North America
  • Available at: Chewy, Amazon, Walmart
  • Types of Food: Dry, canned
  • Real Meat in First 5 Ingredients? : Yes
  • Recalled in Past? : No

Behind the Brand

In 2017, Mars Inc introduced Crave Pet Foods, intended to appeal to those who wanted to upgrade their dog’s store-bought kibble to something that more closely mimics what their canine ancestors may have found in the wild. Because it’s so new, there aren’t many recipes yet, but each one breaks down to the basics.

Mars has been in the pet food industry for a long time and owns other brands you’ve most likely heard of (IAMS, Pedigree, and Eukanuba) among others. This is one of their premium lines, intended for pet owners looking to get rid of cheap fillers and artificial ingredients.

It uses a variety of real, whole meats as the first ingredients, followed by meat meals. Meat meals are made from extracting moisture from the meat and often have a lot more protein readily available than whole meats. Crave has a high protein content along with plenty of fiber and complex carbohydrates from much healthier sources for a balanced meal.

The formulas are created by the same people who created EVO pet foods, so it’s packed full of dense nutrition and is suitable for more athletic dogs or those with a more significant muscle mass. They’ve chosen to reduce the size of the kibble as well to make it more widely suitable for a variety of dog breeds and life stages.

What Types of Dog Foods Does Crave Offer?

Crave offers a line of dry and a line of wet dog food. They aren’t separated by life stage or breed size, but most of the recipes would be suitable for most life stages beyond puppyhood. We wouldn’t recommend feeding for your younger puppies because it may be difficult to tell if your puppy is getting enough DHA or other elements critical for growth.

The wet formulas could be good for seniors or small breeds who need a little help with chewing. They’re also good for dogs who are especially picky and need some incentive to eat dry kibble. The recipes are somewhat similar, focusing on the four main protein types (beef, poultry, lamb, and fish) and both use grain free complex carbohydrates.

All the formulas use peas and legumes, so talk to your veterinarian first before switching to these foods. They could be great for dogs with grain sensitivities, but there has been a tentative link established between diets rich in peas and legumes and the possibility of an enlarged heart (Canine Dilated Cardiomyopathy).

Dry Food:

  • Beef
  • Chicken
  • Lamb and Venison
  • Salmon and Ocean Fish

Crave Dog Food: 2020 Reviews, Recalls & Coupons 1

Wet Food:

  • Beef Pate
  • Chicken and Beef Pate
  • Chicken Pate
  • Turkey Pate
  • Beef Pate With Shreds of Real Chicken
  • Chicken Pate With Shreds of Real Chicken
  • Turkey and Lamb Pate with Shreds of Real Chicken
  • Turkey Pate with Shreds of Real Chicken

Crave Dog Food: 2020 Reviews, Recalls & Coupons 2

Crave Recall History List:

Crave itself has no recalls associated with the brand although other Mars pet foods do have their fair share. Because this is a more premium food, it’s possible that safety standards are stricter but Crave has only been around for a few years anyway. We’ll see if the record holds up.

Crave Dog Food Review

Crave With Protein From Beef

First 5 Ingredients: Beef, Chicken Meal, Pork Meal, Split Peas, Lentils

Crave with Beef is a high protein kibble made with premium ingredients and no grains. It doesn’t use any of the typical cheap fillers such as corn or soy, and the formula uses no artificial colors or flavors. It doesn’t use any chicken by-product meal either which can also be a source of allergies.

It has a meaty flavor that tends to please even picky dogs, but it does have a bit of a “dog food” odor, so be aware that you may need to find a way to seal the bag. IT balances complex carbohydrates with appropriate protein and minerals to give dogs energy and to encourage lean muscle growth.

The texture is smaller than standard kibble so many dogs may find it easier to chew the kibble. Large-breed dogs could be prone to eating it too quickly, but overall Crave gets just the right texture for the kibble. It’s suitable for its own meal or for mixing in with one of Crave’s wet foods for an extra treat.

Customer Reviews

The company is new, but it does have a few steady followers. Most fans are happy to find a food that balances their budget and eliminates common sources of food allergies and digestive issues.

They like that there are no artificial flavors or colors and no corn or soy fillers. The food has a steady rating of above four stars on both Chewy and Amazon and also won over a few reputable reviewers as well.

What Do People Like And Dislike About Crave Food?

The taste was a critical reason for high reviews from many happy customers. They expressed joy that their dogs tended to like the taste and actually look forward to eating their kibble. They also liked that the food contained none of the usual cheap fillers and seemed to help their dogs maintain energy and stamina all day long.

The lack of grains is a huge plus for those dogs with sensitive systems. If your dog is itchy and has constant bowel issues, getting rid of gluten and grains could help settle those problems. Check with your veterinarian before switching foods and be sure to transition your dog slowly.

Most of the complaints centered around kibble bag sizes. The largest size currently available is a 22-pound bag, which could be fine for a single dog household, but multiple dog households may find that inconvenient. Also, people noted that the kibble size seems significantly smaller than standard kibble, which could make it difficult for larger dogs to consume.

One complaint is the use of peas and legumes to take the place of grains. If your dog is a breed already susceptible to an enlarged heart, the extra taurine from these ingredients could hasten the condition. Talk to your vet first before you begin the transition.


      • “Our dogs were eating raw, but we needed to switch to kibble for a couple reasons. After much research, Crave seemed worth a try since it's an affordable 5-star food on dogfoodadvisor with no recalls. Both of our border collies don't tolerate wheat well, and each seems to have his own sensitivity to different treats or foods. Crave doesn't have wheat and the first ingredient is actually lamb. Luckily it works for both of them, and they both love it (notoriously picky eaters). We had some trial and error with other brands before this and let's just say we had a lot of accidents to clean up. They've been eating Crave for over a year and have always had solid poops. One eats 1.5 cups and the other 1.25 cups and a 22lb bag lasts us pretty close to a month. We rotate between the lamb & venison, beef, and chicken and just switch to the next without transitioning and they do fine. One likes the salmon, and the other doesn't so we leave that one out so everyone's happy.” crazyBClady, chewy.com


      • “I was excited to try this food for my pups. I'm not one to complain about kibble size but this kibble is way too tiny like tea cup dog size. I would not like to feed this to my pups. Dogs seem to like the flavor but I have 8 large dogs and the kibble size is way way too small. In the photo 1st is dimound large dog kibble 2nd is Crave. I will never buy this again. And I gave the two I had away.” Furmom, chewy.com

Who makes crave pet food?

Mars Petcare US has introduced Crave, a new brand of dog and cat food crafted with high-protein, meat-first, grain-free recipes. The Crave brand is available at both pet specialty stores and mass retailers.

Is crave dog food good for dogs?

Yes, it is an excellent energy source. Dogs want the taste and nutrition of a diet that's rich in animal proteins — not soy or grains such as corn or wheat. All Crave recipes are grain-free with quality carbohydrate sources, such as chickpeas, to help provide the energy to run and play.

Has crave dog food been recalled?

Crave itself has no recalls associated with the brand although other Mars pet foods do have their fair share.

What is in Crave dog food?

CRAVE dog food is crafted without chicken by-product meal. With 34% protein, CRAVE dog food is inspired by a dog's natural diet. Real meat is the first ingredient you'll see on our dog food labels, and these protein-rich recipes provide dogs with energy and supports lean bodies.


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