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Customer Review of Ollie Dog Food

When it comes to your dog’s food, do you really know what you are feeding him? It is unfortunate but true that many dog owners fail to take the time to read the label on their pet’s food. Unless you perform this simple task, however, there is a very real risk that you could be feeding your dog a product that isn’t good for him.

While there are many premium pet food manufacturers out there, you cannot necessarily determine the quality of a product simply by looking at a bag of pet food – you have to dig a little bit deeper. If you are concerned about your dog’s health and wellness, you should make an effort to feed your dog the best diet you can afford and, if you want to go above and beyond, you should consider feeding your dog Ollie pet food.

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What is Ollie?


Ollie is a new startup pet food company that was founded in 2016 by Gabby Slome, Alex Douzet, and Randy Jimenez. This New York-based pet food company set out to turn the pet food industry on its head by offering fresh, custom meals for dogs similar to meal-prep services like Maple and Sprig for humans. With $4.4 million in venture funding, Ollie has hopes of bringing their dream of delivering healthy, natural, and customized to dogs all over the country a reality. In the same way that disease statistics are rising among humans at an alarming rate, instances of diabetes, cancer, and liver failure in pets are becoming more and more common. The secret to giving your dog a long, happy, and healthy life doesn’t come in a pill bottle – it comes in a cardboard box, delivered fresh every two weeks.

There are several pet food manufacturers out there who offer fresh and frozen raw dog food formulas, but Ollie takes things to the next level by customizing their meals using specific information about your dog such as breed, activity level, and age. Says co-founder Alex Douzet, “we understand the dog… and we have an algorithm that will calculate daily calorie needs and match that to the type of food we send”. Dog owners complete an online profile to select the ideal diet for their dog and it is shipped fresh every two weeks. Not only are Ollie’s products delivered fresh which negates the need for artificial preservatives, but their food is so carefully formulated and nutritious that it requires a minimal amount of synthetic supplements to meet AAFCO base requirements.

While Ollie’s team is divided between New York and Pennsylvania, their products are deliverable to all 48 states in the continental U.S. Prices begin around $3 per pound with the average price being in the $6 per pound range, depending on the calorie needs of your dog. While this is certainly more than the average kibble costs, it is actually more affordable than some of the other premium pet food options on the market such as freeze-dried raw food options which can cost upwards of $15 a pound. Currently, Ollie only options two dog food products – chicken formula and beef formula – but they plan to expand their offerings to include cat food products and additional flavors in the future. The premium pet food market has become a $13 billion market and Ollie hopes to capitalize on that growth by offering a product that is truly unique and better than anything else on the market.

How is Ollie Pet Food Made?

Ollie pet food is designed with help from a veterinary nutritionist to ensure that each recipe is complete and balanced in keeping with AAFCO nutrient profiles for dogs. Each recipe is made from carefully sourced ingredients, all of which are U.S.-based. Ollie sources their meat ingredients from family-run farms in the United States – their chicken is vegetable-fed and hormone-free while their beef is corn-fed and humanely-treated. All of Ollie’s products are free from by-products, fillers, artificial flavors, and preservatives. Ollie’s pet food is made in small batches and cooked at low temperatures in a USDA-regulated facility located in Pennsylvania. Their products are hand-packed and shipped fresh to ensure optimal nutrition and maximum flavor. Each and every batch of Ollie pet food is lab-tested before being sent out to make sure there hasn’t been any contamination.

How Does the Ordering Process Work?

The process for ordering Ollie pet food is surprisingly simple – all you have to do is log on to and click on the “Design Your Dog’s Meal” button to create an online profile for your pet. You will be asked to provide detailed information including your dog’s name, breed, sex, and altered status (neutered or intact). You will also be asked for your dog’s age, activity level, weight, and body condition. If your dog has any allergies you will be allowed to input that information and you will be asked for basic information about your dog’s current diet. After providing all of these ollie2-1-of-1details, you will be presented with a summary of your dog’s nutritional needs including his total daily calorie needs and the amount of food he should be fed each day. You will then have the option to choose from two dog food formulas (chicken or beef) and then you will be taken to the checkout page. If at any time you need to pause, skip, or cancel your order you are free do to so – you can log in later with your email address. You can also update your dog’s profile if there is a change in weight or activity level – Ollie will update your dog’s food formula accordingly.

After you have completed your dog’s online profile and placed your order, you will be given a confirmation number and sent a confirmation email. This email contains all the information pertaining to your order including your dog’s name, your recipe selection, the calorie content of your dog’s custom diet, and a confirmation of your shipping address and billing info. When your order ships, you will be sent another email to confirm your order number, your delivery date and tracking number. Most orders ship within 1 to 2 business days of ordering and shipping is expedited to ensure that your product arrives fresh. You will be sent another notification email when your product arrives along with instructions for how to store it for maximum freshness.

What Comes with Your Order?

Ollie pet food is shipped in a standard cardboard box with the Ollie logo on it. Inside you will find three boxes of Ollie dog food divided into seven trays, each containing two days’ worth of food, with plenty of padding and two freezer packs to keep the product cold. Each tray is vacuum sealed for freshness and the product arrives frozen. Also included in your shipment is an instruction sheet for thawing and serving your dog’s food as well as a rubber lid to keep your Ollie pet food fresh, a plastic scoop to dish it up, and a bandana for your dog to wear. Once your first tray of pet food has thawed, it is ready for your dog to enjoy – just follow the feeding instructions for the correct serving size and let your dog go to work on it!

How Do Dogs Feel About Ollie Pet Food?


When you open up your first tray of Ollie dog food, it will be obvious to you that it isn’t your ordinary dog food. Whereas traditional dog food comes in pre-shaped kibbles, Ollie pet food is prepared fresh – you can actually see chunks of carrots and peas in the food! The texture of Ollie dog food is very different from that of kibble, so it may take a little time for your dog to get used to it. For many dogs, however, all it takes is a few bites before they are hooked – the whole bowl will be emptied and licked clean in no time at all. Depending on the quality of your dog’s previous diet, you may notice some significant improvements as your dog enjoys his first two weeks of Ollie pet food. Quality nutrition will help to boost your dog’s energy levels, freshen his breath, improve his eyesight, regulate his digestion, and make his coat shinier and softer. It may even make his stools more compact!

The Bottom Line

Ollie is not just a premium pet food manufacturer – this company offers a product that is completely unlike anything else on the market. While there are certainly other manufacturers who offer fresh and frozen dog food, no other company customizes its products for individual customers.Not only does Ollie product top-quality products, but they also offer excellent customer service. Within days of receiving your order, you should receive a phone call from Ollie customer service to check in on you and your dog. You can ask any questions you have at that time and customer service is always an email or a phone call away. You will also find a list of FAQs on the Ollie website as well as detailed information about the company’s history and their production process. Ollie also has a blog on their website that provides helpful information for pet owners.

50% Off First Box of Ollie Dog Food
+ Free Shipping

Ollie Dog Food – Chicken Recipe Review:

The Chicken Goodness recipe from Ollie contains 72% moisture, 10% protein minimum, 5% fat minimum, and 2% maximum fiber. To compare this recipe to a commercial dry dog food, you need to convert the guaranteed analysis to dry matter basis. Given the 72% moisture content of this recipe, the dry matter value for protein is a minimum of 35.7%, a dry matter value for fat of 17.85%, and a dry matter value for fiber of 7.14%.

Here is a list of the ingredients in this recipe:

ollie6-1-of-1Chicken, chicken gizzard, carrot, green peas, chicken liver, chia seed, long grain rice, spinach, potato, egg, blueberries, sunflower oil, dicalcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, fish oil, iodized salt, cod liver oil, zinc gluconate, basil, rosemary, vitamin E, pyridoxine hydrochloride (Vitamin B6), riboflavin (Vitamin B2)

Ingredient Breakdown:

The first ingredient in this Chicken Goodness recipe is fresh chicken and it is followed by chicken gizzard. Fresh meats provide premium-quality protein for dogs and organ meats contribute additional protein as well as some healthy fat content and key vitamins and minerals. Chicken gizzards in particular provide iron, calcium and sodium as well as protein and fat. Chicken liver is particularly rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and iron. These organ meats work together with the sunflower oil, fish oil, and cod liver oil to provide a balance of essential and omega fatty acids for your dog which are important for improving and maintaining the health of his skin and coat.

In terms of carbohydrate, this recipe relies primarily on fresh vegetables such as carrots, green peas, and spinach as well as long grain rice and potato. Both long grain rice and potatoes are starchy carbohydrates that are generally considered easily digestible for dogs. Keep in mind, however, that rice is a type of grain – if your dog has an allergy or sensitivity to grains, this could cause a problem. This recipe also gets some supplementary fiber from chia seed and fresh blueberries. Overall, this recipe has a dry matter value for crude fiber of 7.14% which is a little bit high for dogs – the maximum recommendation is generally around 5%. Because most of the fiber in this recipe comes from fresh fruits and vegetables, however, you shouldn’t have to worry about digestibility.

The remaining ingredients in this recipe include fresh herbs for flavor and a modest assortment of synthetic supplements. The fact that this recipe only includes six supplemental nutrients means that most of the nutritional value for this recipe comes from fresh ingredients. Fresh ingredients are always more valuable as sources of nutrition for dogs because they are easier to digest and absorb. Your dog’s body can only absorb so much from synthetic vitamins and minerals. You will also notice that this recipe is devoid of additives like artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives.

Ollie Dog Food – Hearty Beef Eats Recipe Review:

The Hearty Beef Eats recipe from Ollie contains 68% moisture, 12% protein minimum, 10% fat minimum, and 2% maximum fiber. To compare this recipe to a commercial dry dog food, you need to convert the guaranteed analysis to dry matter basis. Given the 68% moisture content of this recipe, the dry matter value for protein is a minimum of 37.5%, a dry matter value for fat of 31.25%, and a dry matter value for fiber of 6.25%

Here is a list of the ingredients in this recipe:

Beef, beef heart, beef kidney, sweet potato, beef liver, peas, potato, carrot, spinach, chia seed, dicalcium phosphate, sunflower oil, blueberries, calcium carbonate, fish oil (fish oil, tocopherol), iodized salt, zinc gluconate, basil, rosemary, vitamin E supplement, pyridoxine hydrochloride (Vitamin B6), riboflavin (Vitamin B2)

Ingredient Breakdown:

The first ingredient in this Hearty Beef Eats recipe is beef and it is followed by beef heart and beef kidney. Fresh beef provides a high-quality source of protein as well and healthy fat – it also contains some iron, sodium, folate, and choline. While beef is the main source of protein in this recipe, it is supplemented by three types of beef-based organ meats – heart, kidney, and liver. Beef heart is rich in iron, Vitamin C, Vitamin B12, folate, and niacin – it also contributes some calcium, sodium, and saturated fat. Beef kidney provides both protein and fat as well as sodium, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, iron, calcium, Vitamin D, folate, and niacin. Beef liver is a natural source of protein and fat as well as being rich in Vitamin A with moderate iron, vitamin D, vitamin B12, folate, and choline content.

In terms of fat, this recipe relies primarily on fresh organ meats but they are supplemented with sunflower oil and fish oil. Fish oil is an animal-based fat and a highly concentrated source of energy for your dog. Sunflower oil also provides a concentrated source of energy but, because it is a plant oil, it is less biologically valuable than the fish oil. Together, however, these two ingredients work with the organ meats to provide a balance of essential and omega fatty acids. These fats are particularly beneficial for improving and maintaining the quality and condition of your dog’s skin and coat.

The remaining ingredients in this beef dog food recipe consist of fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh herbs, and nutrient supplements. In terms of carbohydrate, this recipe relies primarily on sweet potato and green peas with supplementary carbohydrate and fiber from fresh potatoes, carrots, spinach and blueberries. The chia seed provides both dietary fiber and healthy fat. It is worth noting that this recipe does not contain any gluten or grains which makes it a good choice for dogs that suffer from food allergies or sensitive stomachs. This recipe is also free from artificial additives, thought it does contain a handful of synthetic supplements to ensure complete and balanced nutrition for your dog.

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23 thoughts on “Customer Review of Ollie Dog Food”

  1. It is good to see fresh food options. Evermore Pet food is a small company that has been in business since 2009. They are relatively unknown as they do not have millions of dollars in venture capital behind them so they are growing mainly by word of mouth. They also deliver to your home in 48 states. You do not have to subscribe to order, and information about the food and ingredients is transparent on their website without your having to put in personal information first. Also cooked in a USDA kitchen, their beef is grass fed, most ingredients are organic and there is now a grain free lamb recipe as well. All animals are humanely raised. I hope that you will consider doing a review of this small company. More people should know!

    1. My pup Max is a very picky eater. I tried all top named brands and I can truly say I finally found the best in Ollie”s. Max just loves it – looks at me to ask for more when finished. I believe he would eat the bowl if it pertained to Ollie. GREAT DOG FOOD –
      I would truly recommend this dog food – You’ll agree when you try it

    2. “Our” food? That would imply that you, in fact, work at Ollie? For their sake, a hope you don’t. Talking to or about your competitor like the way you just did in a public forum makes the entire company look immature and bad (for lack of a better term). I’d rethink your strategy before you create a PR nightmare for “your” company.

  2. Wow where do I begin with this AMAZING company….Our miniature Pomeranian Pete
    was diagnosed with some kidney issues and the vet wanted a special diet and I turned
    to Ollie for help. Not only did Whitney take time on the phone with me going over all of the options but I could tell that she truly cared about our little fur-ball. Pete felt so much better on his new diet and loved the taste. Long story short our little Pete was 12 years old and prone to seizures in his old age & he passed away just a month ago. Ollie sent flowers to our home in sympathy of our loss….We will be forever grateful to this company not only for their compassion but for the love that they carry in their hearts for not just Pete but your little fur-balls as well.
    Kelly O.

  3. I tried My Ollie and the food came wet, and thawed. I contacted the company and they apologized and said they would be expediting a new order. That was on a Thursday. When nothing arrived, they told me (3 days after my email) a package was being prepared and would be shipped in a week. To me, that is not expediting. I cancelled and asked for a refund which they said they would do, but didn’t (to date). Email was slow, response was slow, and I had to send pictures to prove that my order arrived thawed.

    1. Hi Colleen, Erin from the Canine Care team. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences with Ollie. We certainly want to make sure you are taken care of. The agent you were working with refunded the order on 6/22 – typically, we see refunds can take 3-5 business days to process through your bank. Please email me – (attn: Erin) as I’d love to make this right and see if we can help Daunte try Ollie!

    2. I also received a shipment from Ollie that was thawed when it arrived (this was during a heat wave), but my experience was completely different. Customer service was extremely helpful and we had a new shipment in 3 days. They even offered to give us recipes that we could cook for our dog while we were waiting. Ollie’s has made our dog much healthier – and much happier. She has a sensitive stomach and we’ve tried everything, including vet prescribed probiotics and anti-nausea medication. After switching to Ollie’s, she no longer throws up or has painful (and smelly) gas. It’s also cured her dry skin and she has more energy now than ever. I would recommend this company to anyone. This is how dogs were meant to eat.

    3. Any reason you didn’t call? I would think if you wanted a fast resolution, you would advise ASAP so that they could resolve ASAP. When I have an issue with something that isn’t a priority, I will email, so maybe the resolution was not for you??

      1. I have been trying to call them for days!! NO answer and no response from email. I am very upset. This food is not cheap!!

  4. We tried Ollie for a few months. Prior to Ollie, I was homecooking a rotation of meats (chicken, turkey, pork, beef) and mixing with Honest Kitchen Base Mixes. It was a lot of work to keep on bulk cooking the meats so I decided to try Ollie out. Man, oh man, did I want this to work! I thought, great, my days of lugging huge bags of meat from Costco are over! Unfortunately, it did not work out for us. Sigh.

    My dog got sick a couple of times on the food. Once was because the food was thawed when I got it from FedEx and several containers smelled “off”. They did reimburse me for it though.

    Recently, he had to go to the hospital for severe GI upset. He tried the new lamb formula and he had several episodes of explosive MUCUS stool with chickpeas. They just did not agree with him! Once his mucoid stools were under control after several days of Metronidazole, I tried to get him back on the Chicken Formula which he was doing ok on. He refused to eat it and he had not eaten much for almost 2 days. This is a dog that hikes and walks at least 10 miles a day. I checked the container and it again and again, smelled rotten, distinctively not like chicken, or chicken organ meats. I have since cancelled the deliveries. It looks like I can’t take shortcuts or chances with my baby.

    1. you might want to check out Evermore Food for Dogs
      (disclaimer my daughter is one of the co-owners of the company and I posted a previous comment). No food is perfect for all dogs but they do have a pretty good track record.

  5. My two, active, healthy, large breed dogs eat a high end quality, commercial vegan diet (pea protein).
    Will you be considering a vegan dog food option in the future? Thank you!

  6. This company has dropped the ball on me, several times. There is a disconnect with customer service and fulfillment. Despite several tries communicating, I have received food I did not order, and was billed for it (have yet to see an invoice, only cc charge). Also, the trays of food most recently delivered are half the size of my original delivery.
    We have tried beef (dog won’t touch it), lamb (a little interest, but also a no-go), and chicken (he recoils at the mere scent). I regret recommending Ollie to my friends.

  7. Ruth Mandelbaum

    For a non biased review of this dog food category read the article in the August 2018 issue of The Whole Dog Journal

  8. I like to mix fresh food (Ollie, Farmer’s Dog) or frozen (Primal, Stella & Chewy) in with a high quality kibble (Wellness Core, Orijen). That provides something the dog really enjoys that’s also healthy while still convenient and affordable for me!

  9. I had an Ollie subscription for over a year and I feel I must worn everyone out there before they commit to this.

    I have a 1 year old chocolate Labrador retriever that I started on the Ollie diet from the moment I got her at 2 months old. I LOVED the quality of the food. My dog never had any stomach issues, her coat looked great, and she was right in her ideal weight class.

    My review is not so much as for the food, but the service. I have a large dog, so I was needing to have a delivery once a week. (she was on 100% Ollie diet). This was fine, until I went on vacation. I called Ollie two weeks before I left for vacation and asked that instead of sending one box of food to send two so I could send my dog to her babysitter with enough food. They emailed back, saying no problem, charged me double, then didn’t send the food. I patiently asked them to then instead send the box they missed to the babysitter. They again emailed back saying no problem. The box was 3 days late getting to the babysitter, and I paid an additional fee for the 3 days of feeding (where my dog was sick due to the sudden food change) not to mention I needed to coordinate all this while on a cruise ship, being charged like crazy to make these calls and emails while in the middle of the ocean.

    I decided after a while of having my dog on this diet that unfortunately I could no longer afford it. I was paying nearly $280 per month, and my dog is only a year old. I was very hesitant to do this because I did love the food quality, but this is just not sustainable long term. I am charged on Sunday for a delivery that will come on Wednesday; so I emailed on Tuesday Ollie and asked that they please cancel all future deliveries, but keep the current scheduled delivery. They once again said “no problem” they understood my request and all future deliveries after the current one would be cancelled. Wednesday comes along, and no food. I email them again and asked that they either reimburse me or send the food like we agreed. They said they could send the food in two days, and recharged my account for a second time. After many emails back and forth, I will finally be reimbursed (3-5 days later) for both charges and not receive the food. At that point I was just so tired of dealing with them.

    My biggest problem with Ollie was just the complete lack of understanding. I would send detailed emails with dates and 100% of the information they needed and every single time they said it would be handled and it wasn’t. (These are just two examples).

    I think this diet is great, but not for large dog owners. Needing to have a delivery once a week or more, when it cannot be adjusted properly ever, is more difficult then it would sound. The cost also increases more and more the larger your dog is, but the food amount doesn’t necessarily increase.

    Good luck! Hopefully your experience is better then mine! I’ll be glad to be done with Ollie unfortunately.

  10. Please cook your own meals for your dog. Ollie doesn’t take any responsibilities for whatever happens. My dog had an allergic reaction, he ended up with antibiotics. I canceled the after that. Three months later I checked my old emails and found out they kept charging me and sending food that I actually never received. I just called them, unfortunately, they are not willing to do anything. They are fine by charging you and not caring if you got your boxes or not. The only solution they gave me was to offer me another box. What am I supposed to do when my dog is allergic to their product?

  11. First day of Ollie and my Maltese licked his bowl clean…he LOVED Ollie! From a human persective – Ollie smells like human food and is very easy to serve. I wish I could post the picture of him eating…he wouldn’t take his face out of the bowl!

  12. Ollie’s dog food is good but customer service is not. Make sure you read everything on this website when you are placing an order. They will ship the food to you every 2 weeks and you can’t find the policy on their website. It is a subscription and apparently you agree to it when you place the first order! I tried to cancel it but they don’t respond to emails. If you have a question call them and ask for a confirmation email.

  13. My oldest dog, Theodore, was diagnosed with lung cancer back in April of 2020. We took him to a holistic veterinary. One of the first things I noticed on the new vet’s website is that they will probably recommend a change of dog food. I told him Theodore was eating Ollie and he gave it a thumbs up. Well, Teddy died in July of 2020. My Ollie delivery was already on the way. I asked them how I can cancel my subscription and what should I do with Teddy’s food, which arrived the day after he passed. Ollie told me they credited me in full for his food, they told me I could keep the food or donate it, all in a wonderful and tear jerking email expressing their condolences. I don’t know how many companies would do such a thing. I was very impressed. I also need to mention, besides Teddy, I have two very finicky King Charles Cavaliers. They love their Ollie! Ollie is a stand up company with great, wholesome dog food. I highly recommend their food and their company.

  14. I was thinking about making the switch from Orjen to Ollie, but after reading everyone’s reviews…. I think i’ll stick with what my Daisy eats currently. FYI Orjen is a stanky smelling food but great all around.

  15. Please tell me the price per cup for your food and how many cup(s) is the equivalent to 2 cup of Blue Buffalo currently being fed to my 97lb Rottweiler and 1-1/2 to my 44 lb Pit Bull. I’ve been watching all these Facebook and e-mails and it appears that no matter how much anyone loves their dogs and consider them family, unless you have a 10lb dog or lighter the cost is simply prohibitive. Especially if you’re on a small fixed income. So far the ones I’ve checked range from $330 to $900 per month. Personally I don’t know anyone who can afford that. Thank you

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