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Artemis Dog Food Review, Recalls & Coupons for 2024

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The Artemis Pet Food Company has only been around for about two decades but the brand has expanded rapidly into one of the best holistic pet food brands in the country.

Artemis makes it its mission to create healthy, wholesome products that “supply the necessary nutrition to dogs at every stage of life, from puppyhood to the golden years”.


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Artemis’ pet foods are made with quality protein sources that are rich in amino acids as well as grain-free carbohydrates that offer excellent digestibility. The recipes are balanced for optimal nutrition with plenty of antioxidants and natural sources for key vitamins and minerals.

Simply put, Artemis’ pet food products are designed to nourish your dog’s body from the inside out using the healthiest, most wholesome ingredients available.

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Who Makes Artemis?

The Artemis Pet Food Company was founded in 1998 and it is currently based in Carson, California. This holistic pet food brand has quickly gained popularity around the country while fostering a reputation for excellence that is hard to beat.

Artemis has tripled in size over the past two decades and its customers are very vocal about their approval of the brand.

The Artemis website doesn’t provide much information about where the company gets its ingredients or where the products are made, but research suggests that the Artemis Pet Food Company makes its own food.

Is Artemis Made in the United States?

Artemis is a U.S.-based brand that is headquartered in Carson, California. The U.S. website doesn’t provide specific information about where or how Artemis products are made, but the Australian version of the website claims that Artemis products are made in California. Furthermore, if you look at a package of Artemis pet food you will see that it says “Made in the U.S.A.”

Artemis Dog Food Reviews

Artemis Dog Food Review, Recalls & Coupons for [year] 1
Artemis Fresh Mix All Life Stages Medium-Large Dog Recipe
  • Made with high quality ingredients
  • Zero potato, wheat, soy, corn & grain
  • Improves overall wellbeing
Check Price on ChewyCheck Price on Amazon
Artemis Dog Food Review, Recalls & Coupons for [year] 2
Artemis Fresh Mix All Life Stages Small Breed Dog
  • Meets AAFCO nutritional requirements
  • Zero-GMO ingredients
  • Contains fresh veggies and fruits
Check Price on ChewyCheck Price on Amazon
Artemis Dog Food Review, Recalls & Coupons for [year] 3
Artemis OSOPURE All Life Stages LID Duck & Garbanzo Beans
  • Generally safe for food-sensitive dogs
  • Low glycemic index to prevent blood sugar spikes
  • Plant-based healthy oils
Check Price on ChewyCheck Price on Amazon
Artemis Dog Food Review, Recalls & Coupons for [year] 4
Artemis OSOPURE All Life Stages LID Turkey & Garbanzo Beans
  • Protein source from fresh turkey
  • Great for pets with sensitive stomachs
  • Uses Heat Isolate Technology to retain food's nutrients
Check Price on Amazon
Artemis Dog Food Review, Recalls & Coupons for [year] 5
Artemis OSOPURE All Life Stages LID Salmon & Garbanzo Beans
  • Uses coconut and sunflower oil
  • No animal fat or canola oil content
  • Formulated with the highest quality ingredients to meet AAFCO requirements
Check Price on ChewyCheck Price on Amazon
Artemis Dog Food Review, Recalls & Coupons for [year] 6
Artemis OSOPURE Duck Formula in Gravy
  • Multi-protein animal sources for extraordinary flavor
  • Real duck cooked in fish broth
  • A complete meal formulated for all adult breeds
Check Price on ChewyCheck Price on Amazon
Artemis Dog Food Review, Recalls & Coupons for [year] 7
Artemis OSOPURE Beef Formula in Gravy
  • Contains real wholesome vegetables
  • Savory beef starts the list of ingredients
  • Limited-ingredient to satisfy allergic canines
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Artemis Dog Food Review, Recalls & Coupons for [year] 8
Artemis OSOPURE Chicken Formula in Gravy
  • Crafted with real chicken as #1 ingredient
  • Wholesome vegetables for essential nutrients
  • Supports healhty lifestyle of canines
Check Price on Chewy
Artemis Dog Food Review, Recalls & Coupons for [year] 9
Artemis OSOPURE Lamb Formula in Gravy
  • Delectable lamb is the primary protein source
  • Deliciously made with real vegetables
  • Zero soy, potato, or by-products
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Artemis Dog Food Review, Recalls & Coupons for [year] 10
Artemis OSOPURE Turkey & Salmon Formula in Gravy
  • Made with turkey as main protein provider
  • Right amount of fiber to support digestion
  • Flavor-enhanced with salmon and tuna
Check Price on Chewy

Overall, the Artemis brand seems to offer high-quality nutrition through a variety of wholesome dog food recipes. Not only does Artemis use high-quality ingredients, but its formulas also follow a holistic approach to dog nutrition.

This means that every recipe is complete and balanced, made with all of the healthy ingredients your dog needs and nothing he doesn’t.

Artemis isn’t like other brands that offer dozens of different recipes for dry and wet food – the company has a limited selection of products but you can rest assured that each one is carefully formulated and designed for optimal nutrition.

  1. Artemis Fresh Mix All Life Stages Medium-Large Dog Recipe
  2. Artemis Fresh Mix All Life Stages Small Breed Dog
  3. Artemis OSOPURE All Life Stages LID Duck & Garbanzo Beans
  4. Artemis OSOPURE All Life Stages LID Turkey & Garbanzo Beans
  5. Artemis OSOPURE All Life Stages LID Salmon & Garbanzo Beans
  6. Artemis OSOPURE Duck Formula in Gravy
  7. Artemis OSOPURE Beef Formula in Gravy
  8. Artemis OSOPURE Chicken Formula in Gravy
  9. Artemis OSOPURE Lamb Formula in Gravy
  10. Artemis OSOPURE Turkey & Salmon Formula in Gravy

1. Artemis Fresh Mix All Life Stage Medium/Large Dog Recipe

First 5 ingredients: Chicken, Chicken Meal, Turkey, Barley, Brown Rice

Rating: 4/5 stars

Artemis Dog Food Review, Recalls & Coupons for [year] 11
Formulated with the highest quality ingredients designed to meet the nutritional requirements of medium and large-sized dogs with the right balance between fats, protein, fiber and carbohydrates.

This Artemis Fresh Mix All Life Stage Medium/Large Dog Recipe is specifically designed to meet the nutritional requirements of medium- and large-sized dogs.

Dogs of this size require plenty of healthy protein to maintain their lean muscle mass without so much fat that they gain an unhealthy amount of weight.

This formula provides a careful balance of protein, fat, and carbohydrate as well as digestible fibers and natural antioxidants. It has an optimal blend of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids as well to support your dog’s immune system as well as his skin and coat.

The first ingredient in this recipe is chicken, a high-quality source of protein and valuable nutrients. While it is worth noting that fresh meats like chicken contain up to 80% moisture by volume, that isn’t a problem for this recipe because there are plenty of supplementary proteins.

In addition to fresh chicken, this recipe contains chicken meal and fish meal – these are fresh meats that have been cooked to remove moisture which makes them a highly-concentrated source of protein.

There are also several other fresh meats included such as turkey, duck, and salmon. All in all, this recipe contains 23% crude protein which is higher than AAFCO’s minimum recommendation for adult maintenance.

After the first three ingredients (all of which are proteins) come several carbohydrates – barley, brown rice, oatmeal, and millet. All of these are grain-based carbohydrates that are considered highly digestible for dogs.

The only potential problem here is that barley contains gluten which may trigger allergies or sensitivities in some dogs – there are also some dogs who are sensitive to grains in general. Aside from these main carbohydrates there are some supplementary inclusions as well – peas, pea flour, tomato pomace, flaxseed, dried chicory root, and an assortment of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Aside from the peas, the next three ingredients are mainly included as sources of dietary fiber. The fresh fruits and vegetables fulfill this role as well, though they are more valuable as natural sources for essential vitamins and minerals.

The remaining ingredients in this kibble consist primarily of fats, extracts, and supplements. The main source of fat in this recipe is chicken fat. While this may sound unappetizing to you, it is actually a nutrient-rich and highly valuable source of energy for dogs.

It also doesn’t hurt that this recipe contains salmon oil as a supplementary fat – this helps to balance out the omega-3 and omega-6 content in this recipe. As far as supplements go, this recipe includes synthetic vitamins, chelated minerals, and dried fermentation products.

Synthetic vitamins offer limited bioavailability for dogs but that isn’t a problem because the fresh fruits and vegetables help to fill in the gaps. Chelated minerals are chemically bound to protein molecules which makes them more digestible for dogs and dried fermentation products act as probiotics to support your dog’s healthy and regular digestion.

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Overall, this formula provides your dog with plenty of protein, healthy fat, and digestible carbohydrates. It is a little surprising that with seven sources of animal protein the crude protein content is only 23%, but that is still above the minimum recommendation for adult dogs. The fat content for this recipe is well within the recommended range and most of it comes from animal-based sources.

Some dogs may have trouble with the gluten and grains in this recipe, though dogs who have no sensitivities to those ingredients will find this recipe highly digestible.

This recipe also contains some beneficial supplements including chelated minerals and probiotics, not to mention natural sources for some of those same nutrients.

2. Artemis Fresh Mix All Life Stages Small Breed Dog

First 5 ingredients: Chicken, Chicken Meal, Turkey, Fish Meal, Barley

Rating: 4.5/5 stars

Artemis Dog Food Review, Recalls & Coupons for [year] 12
Packed with 6 types of meat, this recipe will surely give your tiny trooper the meat he craves for. Adhering to the needs of small breeds, this features the perfectly-sized kibble.

This Artemis recipe is crafted specifically for small breed pups of all life stages. It’s formulated with six types of meat (fresh and meals) to give your pup an undeniably meaty taste.

Designed to improve your dog’s overall health, this recipe does not contain any controversial ingredient like canola oil or rendered fats. The formula also does not use soy, wheat, corn, or potato so even sensitive dogs who are triggered by these ingredients may be able to enjoy the food.

In the list of ingredients, the first four are all animal proteins: chicken, chicken meal, turkey, and egg product. This is extremely good for a dog food.

Not only is the first ingredient a quality meat, there are three other animal proteins next to it. Further down are duck and salmon to contribute a little more protein to the mixture.

While there isn’t wheat in the food, it does have brown rice. The brown rice is a more nutrient-dense form of rice when compared to white rice. Both are the same, actually, except that white rice has had many layers removed (hull, bran layer, cereal germ), and these layers contain most of the nutrients.

The brown rice here contributes most of the carbohydrates in the food, but it’s also helped by the presence of peas and pea flour. Carbohydrates are mentioned often in dog food reviews because these are macronutrients (along with protein and fat) that supply your dog with plentiful energy.

One more important thing about carbohydrates. One of its forms is fiber, which is associated with digestive health and regular bowel movement. Fiber can also help reduce the risk of heart disease in pups and keep them in shape. It’s only found in plant-based foods such as grains and fruit.

Since fat is important in keeping a dog’s skin healthy and his fur shiny, it’s an essential part of any canine diet. The fat in this mixture mainly comes from salmon oil and flaxseed. There are a lot of healthy fat sources out there but one of the best are ones that come from specifically named animals. (For example, poultry fat wouldn’t be of the same quality as chicken fat.)

Since there are so many meats in the formulation, a good dose of vegetables and fruits are needed to balance it out. Artemis rises to the occasion and brings in superfoods like cranberries, blueberries, and spinach, to name a few.

Probiotics, supplemental vitamins, and chelated minerals round off the list, along with some health-promoting green tea extract (have antioxidants called catechins), barley grass (antioxidant and anti-inflammatory), and l-carnitine (amino acids good for the heart and for losing weight).

This is a pretty meat-heavy dish that’s high on every nutrient that matters. The protein at 28% is more than average, the fat is just a tad bit higher, and the fiber is at an ideal level. Although the meal is full of vitamins and minerals, what’s great here is that the omega fatty acids, DHA, biotin, and vitamin E have guaranteed levels. 

The food doesn’t just focus on meat, fat, carbs, and the usual vegetables, but it also makes use of other, more atypical ingredients (green tea extract, parsley flake, rosemary, etc.) to support your pup’s optimal health.

The price is also not bad and quite reasonable for the value. Overall, this Artemis dog food gets high marks from us.

3. Artemis OSOPURE All Life Stages LID Duck & Garbanzo Beans

First 5 ingredients: Duck, Duck Meal, Garbanzo Beans, Peas, Lentils

Rating: 4/5 stars

Artemis Dog Food Review, Recalls & Coupons for [year] 13
Concentrated with only one animal protein – duck, this will be a good meal for sensitive pets. Fiber is also incorporated to help in regulating a healthy bowel movement.

Designed not only for dogs but also for our feline friends, this Artemis recipe contains an optimal amount of meat designed to entice your meat-loving four-legged companion. In contrast to the Fresh Mix line of Artemis, the OSOPure dry dog food range concentrates on only one animal protein source to make the recipes ideal for sensitive pets.

Not only is there just one type of animal protein, the ingredients here are limited too. There are just a few core ingredients while the rest are made up of probiotics, vitamins, and minerals. But as with other Artemis recipes, there is no canola oil or GMO product included.

The food starts with fresh duck and duck meal. Duck is comparable to chicken when it comes to nutrition. The meat is just as lean (most of the fat in duck is found on the skin), and it is high in iron and protein.

What makes duck better than chicken is that this poultry meat is considered a novel protein. It is often prescribed or recommended by holistic veterinarians for pets suffering from inflammatory conditions such as arthritis or allergies.

There are a few legume ingredients (garbanzo beans, peas, lentils, and pea flour) here right after the meat. Hopefully, they don’t overwhelm the meat content when combined together. These act as the carbohydrate sources of the food for energy and fiber supply. Since there are several sources of carbs in this diet, it’s safe to say your pup will have no end of energy day after day.

Fiber is a form of carbohydrate, and because there are several carb ingredients, the fiber level is also up. So why is this important? Fiber regulates the bowel movement of dogs. It bulks up the stool (reducing the risk of diarrhea) but softens it enough to allow it to pass easily (decreasing constipation).

Two types of oil (sunflower and coconut) and flaxseed contribute most of the healthy fat content. These provide the fatty acids needed to maintain the beautiful skin and coats of dogs, increase heart health, and strengthen the immune system.

A few of the minor ingredients that we feel deserve mention are the pumpkin, chicory root, and yucca schidigera in the mixture.

Pumpkin offers urinary tract support, chicory root has inulin which modulates the gut environment of dogs, and yucca schidigera reduces body and stool odor.

This OSOPure formula is excellent for sensitive stomachs and controlling obesity. The calories (at only 335 per cup) are quite low but the nutrition content is up to par with many other types of dog food. There are guaranteed levels of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids as well as several minerals and vitamins.

Many who’ve tried the recipe for their pets have reported that their dogs loved the taste. They also claimed that when put on this diet, they have witnessed less itching or allergies.

If we had to change one thing about this product, we’d suggest less legumes. There are four successive legume ingredients within the first six ingredients. Combined together, the total volume might overpower the strong showing of duck and duck meal.

4. Artemis OSOPURE All Life Stages LID Turkey & Garbanzo Beans

First 5 ingredients: Turkey, Turkey Meal, Garbanzo Beans, Peas, Lentils

Rating: 4/5 stars

Artemis Dog Food Review, Recalls & Coupons for [year] 14
This recipe provides optimal nutrition levels having turkey as the main protein contributor. A formula that is free from grains, it will surely be a good option for hypoallergenic meals.

This grain-free, single animal protein source, and hypoallergenic diet promises to provide your pups with optimal nutrition levels but without the extra pounds. It is crafted without chicken, wheat, soy, corn, potato, gluten, or grains. And the few produce in this limited ingredient formulation are non-GMO.

It uses turkey as the main protein contributor. Fresh turkey leads the list, while turkey meal closely follows. The difference between the two? Moisture. Fresh turkey is made up of mostly water so when cooked, there is little protein left. However, chicken meal has had the moisture removed from it. When compared, chicken meal will contain more nutrition against the same weight of fresh chicken.

Turkey is close to chicken in nutrition. In fact, studies show that the difference between the two is insignificant. If your pup can’t handle chicken, this turkey-based recipe might be the answer. Turkey is certainly less common than chicken and has been reported less as triggering allergic reactions.

Because it’s grain-free, the formula takes its carbohydrate content from legumes instead. The four ingredients (garbanzo beans, peas, lentils, pea flour) arrive right at the heels of the turkey meats. They are quite protein-rich too so these contribute to the overall protein levels of the recipe.

Why is carbohydrate content important? For one, carbs offer up lots of energy, and not just for play. The energy that carbs provide fuel your dog’s brain, heart muscles, kidneys, and central nervous system. For another, fiber is a form of carbohydrates. Fiber is necessary for keeping blood cholesterol levels in check and helping with digestion.

And because carbohydrate and fiber are truly essential, Artemis included tomato pomace in the food. Tomato pomace is what’s left over when tomatoes are processed for ketchup, canned juice, and the like.

What’s left are the skins and seeds, which are excellent sources of soluble fiber. The fiber slows down digestion so a dog’s body has more time to absorb vitamins and minerals from his meal.

Artemis is known for its use of sunflower oil and coconut oil in dog food as a plant-based alternative to rendered animal fat.

Coconut oil has medium-chain fatty acids (lauric acid, capric acid, myristic acid, among others) that tackle infection and digestive issues, to name a few. Meanwhile, sunflower oil has sufficient levels of omega-3 fatty acids.

There isn’t a maximum level of fat in dry dog food, but the 14% crude fat content here is considered to be moderate. The calories shouldn’t be a problem either because 328 kcal per cup is not regarded as high. This formulation may be ideal for moderately active dogs who don’t burn through calories fast.

According to previous buyers of the pet food, both dogs and cats love the taste. It’s a neat formula that answers all the nutritional needs of pets but also prevents their sensitive issues from being a worry again. In fact, itching and inflammation have been reduced a great deal. The only negative thing about the formula is that it can be difficult to find.

5. Artemis OSOPURE All Life Stages LID Salmon & Garbanzo Beans

First 5 ingredients: Salmon, Salmon Meal, Garbanzo Beans, Peas, Lentils

Rating: 4/5 stars

Artemis Dog Food Review, Recalls & Coupons for [year] 15
Especially made to help increase the quality of life of highly sensitive pups. It has fresh salmon and salmon meal as primary ingredients that are great sources of protein and omega fatty acids as well.

Artemis OSOPure in Salmon & Garbanzo Beans are formulated to help increase the quality of life of sensitive pups. The single animal source diet is designed to give your pet optimal protein levels for all stages of his life.

Salmon and salmon meal head off the list of ingredients. The salmon meal supports the fresh salmon in providing most of the protein content of the food. While fresh salmon is a quality ingredient, once cooked, it loses most of its volume because fresh meat is made up of over 50% water.

The salmon meal guarantees that the animal-based protein levels remain high. To explain, salmon meal has already been processed to have most of its moisture content reduced. This means there is more meat and more nutrients even with a smaller serving of meal compared to a larger serving of fresh meat.

Salmon is a fatty type of fish and is not only a great source of protein but of omega fatty acids as well. The fatty acids are responsible for keeping your dog’s coat thick and shiny and his skin healthy and itch-free. Salmon is a good choice if you’re trying to steer away from traditional meats like chicken and beef for your pet.

Garbanzo beans, or chickpeas, are often found in natural brands of dog foods promoting grain-free diets. It’s rich in folate, protein, potassium, and magnesium. The other legumes in the formula like lentils and peas contain plenty of vitamins and minerals. All three are also filled with fiber and carbohydrates.

Since this is a limited ingredient diet, there are just a few more ingredients that make up the core of the formula. These ingredients include sunflower oil, tomato pomace, flaxseed, pumpkin, coconut oil, dried chicory root, and yucca schidigera.

Artemis tries to steer away from rendered animal fats. Instead it uses plant-based alternatives to provide your pet with the necessary fat in his diet.

The sunflower and coconut oils are deemed to be healthier and also less likely to trigger an allergic reaction in sensitive pups. They aren’t in any way deficient in the necessary fatty acids. In fact, there are guaranteed levels of omega 3 and 4 in this recipe.

The tomato pomace provides added fiber to keep your pooch’s digestive system in good working order. Flaxseed also contains fiber, but it contains polyphenols called lignans that may help fight off cancer and improve cardiovascular health.

Aside from being nutritionally complete for all life stages, this recipe comes with a few surprising but very welcome extras. One of these is the addition of choline chloride. Choline chloride is a vitamin that supports metabolism, brain health, and proper liver function.

In this food, it’s not a token amount. The choline chloride appears in the upper part of the ingredient list, which means there are significant amounts of it in the food. Because this recipe is meant for all life stages, the addition of choline chloride can greatly benefit senior pups because it helps prevent the symptoms of dementia and senility in dogs.

6. Artemis OSOPURE Duck Formula in Gravy

First 5 ingredients: Duck, Fish Broth, Water, Dried Egg Product, Chicken

Rating: 4/5 stars

Artemis Dog Food Review, Recalls & Coupons for [year] 16
This holistic, high quality wet food is made with real duck as the very first ingredient in a savory gravy (fish-based broth) that your pooch will love.

This Artemis Osopure Grain-Free 95% Duck Formula is designed to be used as a staple diet for dogs or as a complement to Artemis dry food. This formula is a super-premium product made with 95% duck – it is also grain-free and all-natural.

Made with fresh duck and cooked in chicken broth, this formula is full of natural flavor as well. As is true for all of Artemis’ dog food products, this recipe is completely free from corn, wheat, and soy ingredients and it doesn’t contain any artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. It is just a pure and simple canned food that is rich in protein and full of flavor.

The first ingredient in this recipe is fresh duck. While fresh meats contain up to 80% moisture by volume, that isn’t a problem for this canned food recipe. In dry foods, fresh meats lose a lot of their volume when they are cooked to remove moisture.

In canned foods, however, much of the moisture is retained so the duck in this recipe won’t change significantly in volume. In fact, this ingredient provides a crude protein content of 9% which translates to a dry matter basis of 50%.

That is well above the AAFCO recommended minimum for adult dogs. Because this formula is made with 95% duck, it is also guaranteed to be full of natural duck flavor.

The second ingredient in this wet food is chicken broth. This ingredient helps to keep the moisture content of this formula high and it contributes some natural chicken flavor as well.

The next ingredient is guar gum which is primarily used as a thickener in canned dog foods. Guar gum is also a source of dietary fiber and likely a major contributor to the 1.5% crude fiber content of this recipe.

That translates to a dry matter value of 8% which is a little bit high for a dog food recipe. The crude fat content is 5% (which translates to a dry matter value of 27% which is well above the AAFCO recommended minimum.

The remaining ingredients in this formula consist of synthetic vitamins and minerals. Unfortunately, none of the minerals are chelated and this recipe doesn’t make use of any dried fermentation products as probiotics.

Overall, this is a simple recipe but one that provides excellent nutritional value. Made from 95% duck, this formula is protein-rich and loaded with healthy animal-based fats – it is also full of natural duck flavor.

The main benefit of this recipe is, of course, the high protein content but it is also a very moist product which is great for dogs who have trouble chewing hard food or who are picky when it comes to what they eat.

It is also a big benefit that this formula is grain-free and contains a limited number of ingredients – that reduces the risk that it will trigger food allergies or sensitivities.

All in all, this formula provides a healthy balance of protein and fat without too much carbohydrate. In terms of how it could be improved, there is always room for chelated minerals and probiotics.

7. Artemis OSOPURE Beef Formula in Gravy

First 5 ingredients: Beef, Fish Broth, Water, Dried Egg Product, Oceanfish

 Rating: 4/5 stars

Artemis Dog Food Review, Recalls & Coupons for [year] 17
Featuring real beef as the very first ingredient in a savory broth that is fish-based. This premium, gluten and grain free wet food is perfect for pets who suffer from allergies.

This holistic canned food by Artemis combines real meat with a mix of farmer’s market fresh vegetables for a balanced diet fit for all doggy life stages. Because it’s under the OSOPure range, it keeps the ingredients limited to make it easy for pet owners to track everything that’s included in the label.

Unlike its dry dog food counterparts, the OSOPure canned formulas do not focus on a single animal protein. The meal starts with fresh beef but supports the protein content of this meat with the inclusion of dried egg product and oceanfish for a meatier recipe.

There are less legumes here in this canned food and more meat. In fact, three of the first five ingredients are meat. The remaining two are made up of fish broth and water to keep the moisture content levels up.

Beef contains a high level of protein and is one of the most common meat ingredients in dog food. Oceanfish also contains significant amounts of protein as well as a meaningful load of omega-3 fatty acids like most fish do.

Carrots, pumpkins, peas, and broccoli keep the meal even more nutritious. Aside from being good sources of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants, the vegetables are also full of fiber.

There are two types of fiber — soluble and insoluble — but dogs need both. The soluble ones dissolve in water and can help lower blood glucose and cholesterol levels.

The insoluble ones work to promote the regularity of stool movement, making it easy to pass. Dogs who suffer from constipation will benefit from the addition of fiber in their diet.

The tapioca starch in the label might give you some pause, particularly if you are struggling to cope with your dog’s allergies. But the tapioca is quite safe and is often used as an alternative to common ingredients (such as potatoes) that may cause allergies.

In this recipe, tapioca starch acts as a complex carbohydrate and also as a binding agent (along with guar gum).

This is a wholesome recipe that dogs will love. It contains no grains, potatoes, wheat, corn, soy, or any by-product that dogs with sensitivities might possibly have problems with. The savory gravy that covers the food offers another level of palatability to the already tasty dish.

Overall, this seems to be an ideal recipe for most dogs. You just need to note that there are a few different kinds of meat proteins here, including egg. In case your pup reacts to the formula, it might be harder to track which specific ingredient caused it.

8. Artemis OSOPURE Chicken Formula in Gravy

First 5 ingredients: Chicken, Chicken Broth, Water, Dried Egg Product, Oceanfish

Rating: 4/5 stars

Artemis Dog Food Review, Recalls & Coupons for [year] 18
Features real chicken as the topmost ingredient with organic, wholesome veggies which add delicious flavor and provide the much needed nutrients, carbohydrates and fiber.

Dogs who go crazy over chicken might find this Artemis canned food their new favorite. The recipe combines a significant amount of real poultry meat with several fresh vegetables for a completely nutritious but tasty feast.

Chicken, of course, takes the lead in this formulation. We’ve all seen the many dog food brands that use chicken as the main ingredient. So let’s talk about nutrition to see why it’s a popular ingredient in pet food.

Aside from the fact that chicken is inexpensive, what makes it desirable is that it is considered one of the leaner meats, supporting your dogs with the high-quality protein that he requires but little of the calories that he doesn’t. It’s also a good source of glucosamine and essential amino acids that your dog needs for bone health.

The second ingredient is chicken broth. Chicken broth is not merely chicken-flavored water. The way broth is made is by simmering meat so it tends to contain a significant amount of protein and selenium. Although the recipe has water too, it’s nice to see that much of the moisture content has nutritional value.

Dried egg product and oceanfish add another layer of animal-based protein support. The dried egg product gives your dog all the benefits of fresh egg.

Oceanfish can refer to any fish in the ocean, although most dog food manufacturers use little marine fish for their recipes. These small fish usually have a high oil content that’s good for dog skin and hair.

Carrots, pumpkins, peas, and broccoli provide the requisite vegetables to make the meal more rounded. Both carrots and pumpkins have a high amount of beta-carotene and vitamin A, critical to the eyesight of canines. They’re also loaded with fiber, a necessary component for proper and healthy digestion.

Broccoli is also high in fiber as well as vitamin C. And peas are filled with several minerals like zinc, iron, potassium, and magnesium. Not to mention that peas are also good sources of A,B, and K vitamins.

Completing the list is the sunflower oil. The oil contributes a lot of the fat in the food. Unlike humans who might be wary of fat, canines thrive when given the right amount in their food.

The sunflower oil contains omega-6 fatty acids that stimulate hair growth, promotes a healthy immune system, and maintains the reproductive system of your pet.

Artemis OSOPURE Chicken Formula in Gravy contains the right amount of all the essentials like protein, carbohydrates, fat, and fiber. The savory and gravy-based food offers dogs of all ages and breeds a holistic and balanced nutrition. 

There are a moderate amount of calories in this to provide all of your dog’s needs but not too much to make him gain weight. At 372 kcal per cup, it seems just about enough for not-too-active pups to indulge in.

There are only a few reviews on this product (which are all favorable), so we base most of our opinion on the quality ingredients that we see on the food label.

Overall, this looks to be a promising meal that you would feel good about when adding to your pet’s regular dog food rotation.

9. Artemis OSOPURE Lamb Formula in Gravy

First 5 ingredients: Lamb, Fish Broth, Water, Oceanfish, Dried Egg Product

 Rating: 4/5 stars

Artemis Dog Food Review, Recalls & Coupons for [year] 19
Made with real lamb + organic vegetables. This a limited-ingredient, gluten and grain free formula that is ideal for pets who suffer from allergies or food sensitivities.

A fully nourishing meal for dogs who love the taste of lamb, this recipe promises to give canines only the healthiest ingredients. As with all of Artemis’s dog food recipes, this does not contain any potato, grain, soy, corn, wheat or any by-products. The ingredients are also non-GMO so you can be assured that your pup is only eating safe food.

Lamb is a wonderful source of protein. You know that chicken is high in protein? Well, there are only slight differences between the two gram for gram. Lamb also contains the right amount of fats, and most dogs seem to love the taste. If your pup is allergic to beef, lamb is a suitable replacement.

There are two sources for moisture. One is fish broth and the other is water. Both combine to keep the moisture level at 82%. Fish broth is actually a nice choice instead of pure water for moisture. Since the broth comes from simmering fish meat, there’s bound to be a significant amount of nutritional value in it.

Oceanfish and dried egg product add a little more protein to the food. Dried egg products are simply dehydrated eggs. The process they undergo makes them last longer without spoiling.

Meanwhile, ocean fish may refer to a number of different fish but what most pet food companies often use is little bony marine fish that contain lots of oil. So aside from protein, these also contribute fat into the mixture.

Unlike other OSOPure recipes that utilize either sunflower oil or coconut oil or both, this recipe takes its fat content mostly from the fish broth and the oceanfish. While all fish contain some levels of omega fatty acids, the oily ones contain the most.

These omega fatty acids are responsible for improving your dog’s hair and skin. Omega fatty acids also improve heart health, reduce inflammation, and lower blood pressure.

Lastly, there are a few select vegetables that are key in delivering naturally-sourced vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to your pup.

Most of the OSOPure recipes vary only in the main ingredient but are almost identical when it comes to protein, fat, and fiber levels.

However, this lamb formulation has a little more fat than usual. At 6% crude fat content, it’s 2% more than the others. It’s not a bad thing because the content is still within reasonable levels.

This is a good recipe overall if your pup is not overly sensitive. Otherwise, there might be some difficulty since this has fish, lamb, and poultry (egg) in it.

10. Artemis OSOPURE Turkey & Salmon Formula in Gravy

First 5 ingredients: Turkey, Fish Broth, Water, Salmon, Dried Egg Product

Rating: 4/5 stars

Artemis Dog Food Review, Recalls & Coupons for [year] 20
This canned formula boasts salmon and turkey as its main protein sources, making it a mouthwatering meal. Plus it also contains organic, farm-grown veggies such as pumpkin, carrots, peas and broccoli.

Crafted to meet the needs of all life stages, this canned dog food in gravy makes use of both poultry and fish to arm your dog with proper nutrition. It’s completely gluten- and grain-free to make the food accessible to pups with sensitivities.

Turkey is the main ingredient. Turkey is, like chicken, a lean meat. However, fresh turkey does not contain a whole lot of nutrients because it is made up of mostly water. When cooked, most of the water dissipates, leaving little meat behind.

So while fresh meat is desirable as an ingredient in pet food, it needs a little support to keep the protein levels high. This is where the salmon, dried egg product, and tuna come in. All these animal-based proteins help to make the meal reach a nice 8% in crude protein.

Fish broth and water provide the moisture content. Dogs who aren’t fond of drinking water are suited for wet foods as these can give them added hydration. One more thing, the fish broth enhances palatability of the food.

Aside from those mentioned above, the only things left to mention are the vegetables that provide the food with naturally-sourced vitamins and minerals. Although Artemis included supplemental nutrition, it is still better if your pet can get it directly and naturally from their food.

Lastly, there are two ingredients here that might raise some concern, if you’re not familiar with them. Tapioca starch and guar gum.

Both act as stabilizers and thickeners for the canned food, but they are not without nutrition themselves. Tapioca starch is a complex carbohydrate, while guar gum has water soluble fiber that can improve blood glucose control.

The guaranteed analysis can be found below:

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If your dog is getting a little tired of the usual flavors, this turkey and salmon recipe can energize his taste buds again. It offers a little taste twist that dogs, even picky eaters, can get behind.

We can offer no objection to the quality of the food nor the ingredients. Everything looks good, and there are none that are seen as problematic.

The only thing that we can see right now is the amount of calories per cup. At 420 kcal/can, it seems a little higher than most. Still within reasonable range, just a tad bit more.

artemis dog food

Where Does Artemis Get Their Ingredients?

The Artemis brand follows a holistic approach to pet nutrition which involves using the highest quality ingredients in the healthiest formulas. A holistic pet food product is designed to nourish your dog’s body from the inside out using only the most nutritious ingredients.

Holistic pet foods are made to provide your dog with all of the nutrients he needs and nothing he doesn’t. The Artemis website mentions a number of quality ingredients such as real meat, digestible carbohydrates, and omega fatty acids, though they do not provide specific information about where these ingredients come from.

The most the Artemis Pet Food website says is that their ingredients come from the United States.

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Artemis Dog Food Recall History

Artemis follows a holistic approach to pet nutrition so you can rest assured that they use only the highest quality ingredients in their products. Artemis relies on quality meat proteins, digestible carbohydrates, and healthy fats to ensure complete and balanced nutrition for dogs in every stage of life.

With their commitment to quality nutrition, it should come as no surprise to you that Artemis has not been affected by any product recalls to date. This alone may not be an indication of quality for a pet food brand but, in this case, it helps to support the brand’s claims of offering high-quality pet food products for dogs and cats.

Artemis dog food products can be found in specialty pet stores and some local chains – you can also purchase them from online pet food retailers. Artemis rarely offers coupons on the company website but you can connect with the brand on social media to receive special offers. You may also be able to find Artemis dog food coupons from individual retailers from time to time.

Artemis Dog Food Review, Recalls & Coupons for [year] 21

Is Artemis Dog Food Expensive?

The Artemis brand of dog food is a little more expensive than the average kibble, though it is not as pricey as some premium pet food brands. You also have to keep in mind that Artemis offers three product lines of dry food, so prices will vary.

The price for a 28- or 30-pound bag of Artemis Fresh Mix dry dog food ranges from about $60 to $120, depending on the recipe while 22-pound bags of Artemis Osopure dry food cost $58 to $93.

You can purchase 13-ounce cans of Artemis Fresh Mix wet dog food in cases of 12 for $27 to $42 which gives you an average price of around $2.90 per can. Cans of Artemis Osopure wet food also come in cases of 12 for about $30 to $35.

What Kind of Dog Food Does Artemis Offer?

The Artemis Pet Food brand is not the largest pet food brand on the market – it only offers a limited selection of products in each line. The company does, however, have multiple product lines to choose from, which include both dry food and wet food options as well as treats.

The Fresh Mix line of products is made with the freshest all-natural ingredients available in recipes formulated for dogs in different stages of life.

The Osopure line of products is completely grain-free and made with premium proteins. The H.I.T line contains high meat and low carbohydrate formulations.

Artemis Dry

Artemis Dry Products

When it comes to its dry food products, Artemis has three different product lines. The Fresh Mix line of dry foods includes three recipes – two of which are made for All Life Stages while the third is designed for weight management and senior dogs.

All of the recipes in the Fresh Mix lineup are made with a careful blend of protein, fat, carbohydrate and fiber to ensure optimal health and healthy weight.

The Osopure line includes four grain-free formulas made with premium proteins, and the H.I.T. line includes six recipes of premium dog food. Here is a list of Artemis dry recipes:

Fresh Mix Dry Recipes:

  • A.L.S. Small Breed Formula
  • A.L.S. Medium/Large Breed Formula
  • Weight Management/Senior Formula

OsoPure Dry Recipes:

  • Duck & Garbanzo Beans Formula
  • Salmon & Garbanzo Beans Formula
  • Turkey & Garbanzo Beans Formula

H.I.T. Recipes:

  • Four Fish Medium & Large Breed Formula
  • Lamb & Pork Medium & Large Breed Formula
  • Chicken & Lobster Medium & Large Breed Formula
  • Four Fish Toy & Small Breed Formula
  • Lamb & Pork Toy & Small Breed Formula
  • Chicken & Lobster Toy & Small Breed, Weight Management & Senior Formula
Artemis Canned

Artemis Wet Products

Though Artemis offers three product lines of dry food, there is only one line of wet food – OSOPure. The OSOPure line contains five formulas.

OsoPure Wet Dog Food Recipes:

  • Beef Formula
  • Lamb Formula
  • Chicken Formula
  • Duck Formula
  • Turkey & Salmon Formula
Artemis Dog Food Review, Recalls & Coupons for [year] 22

Is Artemis dog food good?

Artemis Fresh Mix Dog Food receives the Advisor's mid-tier rating of 3.5 stars. - Dog Food Advisor

Which dog food has the highest meat content?

For an option with a higher meat content, try Sainsbury's Hypoallergenic Recipe Adult Dog Food with Fresh Lamb. This contains 60% lamb, as well as 6% beet pulp - which helps with a dog's digestion. If your dog is intolerant to lamb or other mainstream meats, try Burns Sensitive+ Plus Pork and Potato.

Is it OK to moisten dry dog food?

Do consider adding water to dry kibble. If your pet has begun showing less interest in the food, it may be time to add a little gravy. It's real simple, too. Just take about a ¼ cup of filtered water and add it to the top of the bowl of kibble in order to moisten and enhance the flavor of the pet food.

Why do veterinarians recommend Royal Canin?

Dogs are not true carnivores and have been evolved to digest both grains, vegetables and meat. In fact, feeding grain free diet is the leading cause of DCM in dogs. Royal canin is approved by WSAVA and AAFCO. They hire veterinary nutritionist and do extensive feeding trials.

Does dry dog food expand in the stomach?

It's natural for kibble to expand when it's in the stomach. That's no new discovery. Your dog is probably regurgitating it because her stomach is becoming overfull once it swells from the stomach juices.

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