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Zignature Dog Food Review 2021: Best Limited Ingredient Food?

Zignature Dog Food Reviews

Meet Zignature Dog Food

Zignature Dog food is a limited ingredient dog food produced by Pets Global in North America. They use only premium ingredient formulas and are specifically intended for dogs with hard to satisfy allergies to a lot of ingredients in commercial dog foods.

They don’t use any cheap fillers or by-product meals and source all their ingredients in the US where they can. Each ingredient comes from only trusted sources.


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If your dog has a history of severe allergies that are making it difficult to lock down nutrition, Zignature may offer some relief for your furry companion.

Let’s break down each recipe and find out how your pet may finally see some improvements in severe allergies with Zignature’s limited ingredient formulas.

Check out our detailed Zignature Dog Food Reviews below.

Zignature Quick Look

  • zignature dog foodParent Company: Pets Global
  • Founded in: 2010
  • Made in: USA
  • Made by: Tuffy’s/KLN Perham, Minnesota (dry), Performance Pet, South Dakota (wet)
  • Available at:,,
  • Types of Food: Dry, wet
  • Real Meat in First 5 Ingredients?: Yes
  • Recalled in Past?: No
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Behind the Brand

Zignature began not too long ago in the search for clean kibble. The North American based company wanted to transform the kibble we feed our dogs, replacing cheap fillers and artificial ingredients with premium quality components to elevate what we think of as kibble. If you’re used to the cheap kibbles of big box stores, you may be pleasantly surprised.

The company prefers to think of itself as a pet health company rather than a pet food company. They believe that good health begins with nutrition and so the foundational aspect of pet health must be in feeding your pet correctly. They refuse to compromise quality in the name of profit and continually searches for the best ingredients.

There hasn’t been a recall for any of Zignature’s recipes and all of their recipes trend towards clean, low glycemic options with no known allergens or common food triggers.

They use only quality sources of protein and other ingredients for their kibble and aims to be the number one holistic pet food company in the nation. Because of their unique protein blends, they offer consumers the chance to find a food that both satisfies allergy requirements and may even satisfy your picky puppy.

Zignature also uses ingredients from sources that have the least environmental impact. The duck comes from small farms in France, for example, while trout is responsibly raised in the Northwest United States. The company chooses these ingredients because a holistic approach to food and sustainability is best and they know that for some customers, this seals the deal.

They came on the scene in 2010 and haven’t experienced much negative press for the most part or recalls. This responsibility gives owners the reassurance that what they’re paying good money for gets them a truly premium product.

Zignature Dog Food Reviews

Zignature Kangaroo Limited Ingredient Formula

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

First 5 Ingredients: Kangaroo, Kangaroo Meal, Peas, Chickpeas, Pea Flour,

The kangaroo formula is an excellent alternative to other more well-known meats out there. It has a much lower saturated fat content and a higher concentration of B12, which can help with the immune system and inflammation. It’s a meat first recipe that combines a balanced blend of complex carbohydrates and essential fatty acids so that your dog feels full longer without packing on pounds.

The limited ingredient formula gets rid of common food allergens including cheap fillers like corn and soy, artificial flavors and colors, and chicken products. It’s grain free and uses chickpeas and peas for fiber and low-glycemic carbs. It’s low in saturated fats as well.

Zignature Dog Food Review 2021: Best Limited Ingredient Food? 2

This recipe should help ease digestive issues and possibly help return your dog’s system to normal. The handful of ingredients are sourced from reliable places, and the food is manufactured in facilities in the United States.

It does use peas in the first five ingredients, which may give some people pause. Some studies have shown a link between peas and an enlarged heart condition, possibly because of taurine levels. If your dog is a breed at risk of an enlarged heart anyway, you may want to consider talking to your veterinarian before changing your dog’s current diet to Zignature.

It does offer pet owners the chance to find food their sensitive dog may like and not just make do with food that doesn’t make allergies worse.

What Types of Dog Food Does Zignature Offer?

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Zignature’s dry kibbles are limited ingredient and use clean, while protein sources with plenty of options. They’ve banned all chicken products, a not well known but still widespread allergen, but you still have plenty of protein sources including some exotic ones for dogs with more uncommon allergies.

Zignature’s foods are designed to be the first step in your dog’s overall health. By eliminating common food allergens, including chicken, your dog’s system can begin to heal. Your dog may experience less sickness and better stools as digestion continues to improve.

Foods are available in wet and dry options. They’re formulated for all life stages so you won’t find specific life stage formulas. Instead, you can choose a kibble for dogs who ware able to chew kibbles and softer, wet foods that could be more suitable to puppies or seniors. They also have a small bites option more suited to small breeds.

Wet Food

  • Turkey Limited Ingredient Formula (LID) Formula
  • Pork LID Formulazignature canned wet
  • Lamb LID Formula
  • Kangaroo LID Formula
  • Duck LID Formula
  • Zssential Multi-Protein LID Formula
  • Trout and Salmon LID Formula
  • Salmon LID Formula
  • Whitefish LID Formula
  • Venison LID Formula
  • Catfish LID Formula
  • Goat LID Formula
  • Guinea Fowl LID Formula

Dry Food

  • Lamb LID Formula
  • Trout and Salmon LID Formula
  • Kangaroo LID Formula
  • zignature dog foodZssential Multiprotein LID Formula
  • Turkey LID Formula
  • Pork LID Formula
  • Duck LID Formula
  • Salmon LID Formula
  • Catfish LID Formula
  • Whitefish LID Formula
  • Venison LID Formula
  • Goat LID Formula
  • Guinea Fowl LID Formula
  • Kangaroo Small Bites LID Formula
  • Lamb Small Bites LID Formula
  • Trout and Salmon Small Bites LID Formula
  • Turkey Small Bites LID Formula
  • Zssential Multi-Protein Small Bites LID Formula

Zignature Recall History

Zignature hasn’t had a recall yet, which is partly a testament to their foods and recipes and partly that they haven’t been in business that long. As the company gets older, things tend to happen, and accidents may occur. At this point in the game, their record is completely clean.

Best Zignature Dog Food Recipes

Zignature has a few different options that could suit different life stages. Let’s take a look at a few of our favorite recipes.

Kangaroo Limited Ingredient Dry Food

Zignature Dog Food Review 2021: Best Limited Ingredient Food? 3

If your dog is allergic to everything, it could take a significant change to help reset digestion. Kangaroo is a rich source of protein that’s uncommon enough that even your severely allergic dog may finally be able to digest everything. It has almost no saturated fats and twice the amount of B12 as other meats which can help reduce inflammation. It’s low glycemic and uses good sources of complex carbohydrates without corn, soy, potatoes, or grains.

Duck Limited Ingredient Wet Food

Zignature Dog Food Review 2021: Best Limited Ingredient Food? 4

Puppies and seniors may benefit from the rich protein found in duck. It contains slightly higher amounts of fat to help puppies and seniors maintain healthy skin and brain activity. It also uses complex carbohydrates in low glycemic formats for better weight control. Probiotics help ease digestion, and the moisture content makes it easier for puppies and seniors to digest and stay regular.

Zssential Multi-Protein Small Bites

Zignature Dog Food Review 2021: Best Limited Ingredient Food? 5

It can be tough to pack all the nutrition your small breed needs into such small serving sizes, but the multi-protein option could be a good choice. It uses turkey, salmon, lamb, and duck to form a densely nutritious formula that could really boost your small breed dog’s daily protein intake. It’s meant for smaller serving sizes and uses quality carbs with fruits and veggies to round out the recipe.

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Customer Reviews

People typically like Zignature and are pleased with how their previously difficult dogs respond to the formula. If you’ve struggled with allergies for a number of years, it could be a real relief to find something that doesn’t make those allergies worse.

What do people like and dislike about Zignature dog food?

Customers like that Zignature offers truly limited ingredient options for their dogs and that it isn’t just one or two recipes either. With more than enough choices, you should be able to find something that eases your pet's allergies while also being something they actually like. No more forcing them to eat something just because it’s your only limited ingredient option.

It’s on the expensive side although, for many of you, money isn’t the issue. If you’re on a tight budget, it could push your comfort level a bit. However, for dogs that can’t seem to settle digestion, it could be money well spent.

Also, some studies have come out recently about using peas and legumes in dog food. There’s a possible link now between dog foods with these ingredients and a condition called Canine Dilated Cardiomyopathy. It could be correlation, not causation, but talk to your vet about Zignature before switching.

zignature dog food reviews


  • “Our Dog is 8 years old and has had food allergies forever. We narrowed down his protein source to be Venison only. He eats a mixture of Purina HA and this Venison. Dues to Venison shortages the previous brand went out of business recently, and we SWITCHED to Zingnature. OMG, in 8 years I have never seen my dog eat ANYTHING with so much joy and gusto. He runs downstairs to eat breakfast now. With the other venison, we had to hand feed our dog. Amazing food. And he is happy healthy, high energy etc. I cannot recommend this more highly !” – Rufus,


  • “I fed this food for almost two years before learning about dietary DCM. Unfortunately, Zignature is one of the worst offenders for dogs testing low in blood taurine and positive for DCM. It has nothing to do with taurine in the food, and (research is ongoing) most likely to do with the legume ingredients. Vets have advised to stay away from all potatoes, peas, legumes. I was one of the lucky ones in that my dog was negative for DCM on echo, but I have switched to a vet-approved food and encourage other customers to consult with their vets and have honest conversations about canine nutrition, and why feeding trials are an extremely important part of recommended foods…” Siren,

zignature dog food reviews

Is Zignature good dog food?

Zignature is a grain-free dry dog food using a moderate amount of named meat meals as its dominant source of animal protein, thus earning the brand 4 stars. However, it's unfortunate the company chose to include so much plant-based protein in its recipe. - Dog Food Advisor

Has Zignature dog food been recalled?

No, Zignature Dog Food has never been recalled. Zignature is owned by a privately held company called Pets-Global.

Is Zignature dog food made in the USA?

All Zignature Dog Foods are manufactured in one of two US-based facilities, one of which is located in Perham, Minnesota, and the other in Mitchell, South Dakota. All of the ingredients used in Zignature recipes are sourced from France, New Zealand, Australia, and the U.S.

Is Zignature dog food AAFCO approved?

Zignature's populare pet foods include: Kangaroos formula, Whitefish formula, Duck formula, Lamb formula, Trout & Salmon formula, Turkey formula, and Zssential formula (a combination of meat proteins). These are all life stage foods and AAFCO-approved.


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