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13 Best Dog Movies on Netflix (plus TV Series) to Binge Watch this 2024

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Calling all dog lovers and Netflix enthusiasts!

Get ready for a paw-some adventure as we delve into the world of the best dog movies on Netflix.

Best Dog Movies on Netflix 1

From heartwarming tales to hilarious escapades, these films are guaranteed to make you howl with laughter and tug at your heartstrings. Netflix has unleashed a collection of canine-centric movies that will leave you wagging your tail in delight.

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So grab some popcorn and iced cold Coke, snuggle up with your furry friend, and prepare to be entertained by heartwarming stories, side-splitting comedies, and tales of friendship and adventure.

These movies celebrate the incredible bond between humans and dogs, showcasing the unconditional love, loyalty, and joy that our furry friends bring into our lives.

Let's unleash the cinematic canines and discover the paw-some world of dog movies that will have you begging for more!

Our List of the Best Dog Movies on Netflix:

Dog Gone (2023)

A fascinating film based on a true story about a college student named Fielding who adopts a dog named Gonker to cope with his breakup and unemployment.

When Gonker runs away on the Appalachian Trail, Fielding and his estranged father John embark on a desperate search to find him before he succumbs to a life-threatening condition. During the journey, they bond over their love for Gonker and learn to overcome their differences.

Hachi: A Dog’s Tale (2009)

Hachi - A Dog's Tale

A heartwarming film based on a true story. It follows the extraordinary bond between a loyal dog named Hachiko and his owner, Professor Parker Wilson.

After Parker passes away, Hachiko continues to wait for him at the train station every day for nearly a decade, inspiring the community and capturing the hearts of people worldwide.

Marmaduke (2010)


The story revolves around Marmaduke, a mischievous Great Dane who moves with his family to California. As Marmaduke tries to fit in with the new neighborhood, he faces hilarious challenges, makes new friends, and even falls in love.

Throughout his adventures, Marmaduke learns the importance of being true to oneself and embracing the uniqueness that makes him who he is.

Dog Gone Trouble (2021)

Dog Gone Trouble

Released in 2021, this film tells the story of Trouble, a privileged dog who becomes separated from his comfortable life and ends up stranded on the streets of New York City.

Determined to find his way home, Trouble embarks on an adventure where he meets a resourceful group of streetwise dogs. Together, they navigate the urban challenges, teaching Trouble valuable lessons about friendship, resilience, and the importance of finding one's true place in the world.

Against the Ice (2022)

against the ice

A historical survival film based on the true story of Danish explorer Captain Ejnar Mikkelsen and his engineer Iver Iversen, who embark on a perilous expedition to Greenland in 1909.

They aim to recover the records of a previous expedition and prove that Greenland is one island, not two.

Along the way, they face hunger, frostbite, polar bears, and isolation. They manage to find the proof they seek, but are left behind by their crew and have to endure two harsh winters before being rescued.

Benji (2018)


An adventure drama film about a stray dog named Benji who befriends two children, Carter and Frankie, who recently lost their father.

When the children are kidnapped by robbers who are after a key to a safe deposit box, Benji teams up with another stray dog and a pigeon to track them down and rescue them. Benji also helps heal the broken family and finds a loving home.

The film is a reboot of the 1974 film of the same name.

Rescued by Ruby (2020)

Rescued by Ruby

Based on a true story, this is about a state trooper named Dan and his canine partner Ruby, a shelter dog who had been returned five times by her previous owners.

Dan adopts Ruby and trains her to join the elite K-9 Search and Rescue Team of the state police, overcoming many challenges and obstacles along the way. Together, they form a bond of friendship and loyalty, and prove themselves as heroes in various missions, including finding a missing child and solving a murder case.

Vicky and Her Mystery (2021)

Vicky and Her Mystery

This film is a family drama inspired by real events of a girl named Victoria and her pet wolf Mystery.

After her mother's death, Victoria moves with her father to a small mountain village in France, where she finds comfort in adopting a puppy of unknown origin. She soon discovers that Mystery is actually a wolf, but decides to keep him as her friend and protector.

Together, they face various challenges and dangers, such as hunters, poachers, and authorities who want to take Mystery away from her.

June and Kopi (2021)

june and kopi

The movie is about a young couple who adopt a street dog named June and their family pitbull named Kopi. The film follows their adventures and challenges as they adjust to their new, loving home.

Throughout their journey, they encounter various situations, such as a robbery, a kidnapping, and a dog show. The film is based on a true story and showcases the bond between humans and dogs.

Heart Parade (2022)

heart parade

Heart Parade is a romantic comedy film about a career-oriented woman from Warsaw who does not like dogs, but has to travel to Kraków for work reasons.

There, she meets a charming widower, his son, and their four-legged pet, who is a participant in a dachshund parade. She soon finds herself falling in love with the man and his dog, but also faces some challenges and misunderstandings along the way.

The film is set in the beautiful city of Kraków and features many adorable wiener dogs.

Xico’s Journey (2020)


An animated film about a girl named Copi, her best friend Gus, and her dog Xico, who embark on a quest to save a mountain from a greedy corporation that wants to mine it for gold.

As they venture forth, they discover that Xico is not an ordinary dog, but a magical creature that holds the key to the mountain’s secrets. They also encounter various characters and challenges, such as a mysterious woman named Carmen, a group of bandits, and a legendary deer.

The film is based on Mexican folklore and culture.

Pets United (2019)

pets united

The story revolves around a group of spoiled and selfish pets who are stranded in their luxury hangout Pampered Pets when the machines that run Robo City, the hypermodern metropolis that they live in, go wild and take over.

Led by a glamour cat named Belle and a street-smart dog named Roger, they must join forces with a pack of unlikely heroes, such as a robot dog, a pig, and a chameleon, to stop the evil mayor and his robot army.

The film is a sequel to Animals United (2010).

Arctic Dogs (2019)

arctic dogs

The film is about a fox named Swifty who works in the mailroom of a delivery service in the Arctic, but dreams of becoming a top dog courier.

He gets his chance when he delivers a package to a secret location, where he discovers a villainous walrus named Otto who plans to melt the Arctic with ancient gas.

He teams up with his friends, a polar bear, an albatross, a fox engineer, and two otters, to stop Otto and save the Arctic.

The film features the voices of Jeremy Renner, Heidi Klum, James Franco, John Cleese, and others.

White Fang (2017)

white fang

Based on the novel by Jack London about a wolfdog who lives in the wilds of Alaska.

The film follows his journey from his birth to his encounters with different humans, some cruel and some kind. He faces many dangers and hardships, but also learns to love and trust.

The film features the voices of Nick Offerman, Rashida Jones, Paul Giamatti, and Eddie Spears.

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Dog-related Television Series You Can Watch on Netflix (2024) 

Muster Dogs (2022)

muster dogs

An enthralling, feel-good and heartwarming series that captivates audiences with its endearing tale of loyalty, friendship, and the unbreakable bond between humans and their canine companions.

Set in the picturesque town of Meadowville, the show follows the adventures of a diverse group of dogs known as the Muster Dogs.

With its blend of adventure, humor, and heartfelt moments, it appeals to audiences of all ages.

This heartwarming series reminds us of the incredible impact our four-legged friends can have on our lives and how they truly are man's best friend.

Canine Intervention (2021)

canine intervention

A captivating and heartwarming reality series which you can watch on Netflix that follows renowned dog trainer Jas Leverette as he transforms the lives of both dogs and their owners.

With his unique approach and deep understanding of canine behavior, Jas takes on some of the most challenging cases, ranging from aggressive behavior to anxiety and fear. 

This heartfelt series sheds light on the profound impact that dogs can have on human lives, demonstrating that with the right guidance, every dog has the potential to be a loving and well-behaved member of the family.

Go, Dog. Go! (2021)

go dog go

It's an animated series based on the children's book by P. D. Eastman.

It follows the adventures of Tag Barker, a handy and inventive pup, and her best friend Scooch Pooch, a shy and curious pup, in their canine town of Pawston.

They meet various characters and help them with their problems, using their creativity and teamwork.

The series features the voices of Michela Luci, Callum Shoniker, Lyon Smith, and others.

The Tale End

These are some of the best dog movies on Netflix that you can watch right now.

Whether you want to laugh, cry, or feel inspired, these movies will make you appreciate your furry friend and the amazing bond you share.

You will see how dogs can change lives, bring joy, and teach lessons. These dog movies available are not only entertaining, but also educational and heartwarming.

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