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Best Dog Food Delivery Services in 2024: Fresh, Healthy & Convenient

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Best Dog Food Delivery Services

Online delivery services have become very popular over the past few years. It hit a global popularity peak these past two years due to the Covid-19 pandemic as consumers wanted to stay home and just have their basic needs delivered to them.

Well, since pet food is also a basic necessity when you have pets, pet food delivery services have also risen to the occasion these last couple of years.

And so for the benefit of pet parents in the United States, we have reviewed some of the best dog food delivery services available today.

But first, let’s talk about exactly what dog food delivery companies have to offer and why dog owners can now ditch buying dog food from traditional pet shops.


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Why You Should Consider Dog Food Delivery 

Most of us are accustomed to going to the grocery store or local pet shops to buy our home needs, which include pet food. But food delivery services have proven to be highly effective in bringing our pet’s diet to our doorstep for a little extra cost.

Here are some of the main benefits of buying dog food via dog food delivery services:


Don’t you just love the idea of ordering what you need with just the touch of a finger, and in the comfort of your own home? That’s exactly what you need to do to avail of dog meal delivery services. Just go to their official websites to place your orders.

Or you may call their business numbers if you need to talk to a salesperson. It’s so easy you don’t have to get out of your couch and drive for several blocks. 

You can expect the orders to arrive in 1 to 5 days, depending on the proximity of your area. Moreover, if you find the perfect dog’s diet for your pup, you can even apply for dog food subscription services, which guarantee regular deliveries without having to place an order.


With the Covid-19 virus still very much around, going to a pet food store or supermarket could expose you to infected people. Also, you avoid some of the other external threats when outside your home. This is why a dog food delivery service is the way to go.

Get 60% off your first order


More Choices

By browsing through the different websites and pages, you’ll find the pet diet that’s perfect for your pets. Not only will you find a wide variety of dog food brands to choose from, but you’ll also see different dog food options such as dry food, canned food, fresh pet food, raw dog food, and homemade dog food. 

You can also find treats, supplements, toys, and other pet supplies. Complete information about each dog food like ingredients, guaranteed analysis, nutritional data, and even reviews from other pet owners are useful information that you can easily find when buying online. 

Price Comparison

By visiting different pet food delivery service websites, you can compare the prices of different dog food brands and options. This allows you not only to find the product that fits your budget but also to plan for future purchases after checking out the different dog food prices.

No More Heavy Lifting

Most dog owners, of course, buy dog food in bigger bags that are more economical. But those bulky 30-pound bags are too heavy to carry. Thankfully, food delivery services will do all the lifting for you.

Never Run Out

Most dog food delivery companies offer auto-shipping services so that your pooch never runs out of dog food. Busy dog owners benefit from this auto-shipping function from dog food subscription services as the food of their choice is automatically delivered on a regular basis until they unsubscribe.


Best Dog Food Delivery Services in [year]: Fresh, Healthy & Convenient 1
Best Dog Food Delivery Services in [year]: Fresh, Healthy & Convenient 2
  • 100% real food
  • 60% Off first order
  • Nutritionally balanced & complete
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Best Dog Food Delivery Services in [year]: Fresh, Healthy & Convenient 3
Best Dog Food Delivery Services in [year]: Fresh, Healthy & Convenient 4
  • Wide selection
  • Excellent service
  • Door to door shipping
Best Dog Food Delivery Services in [year]: Fresh, Healthy & Convenient 5
Best Dog Food Delivery Services in [year]: Fresh, Healthy & Convenient 2
  • Pre-portioned meals
  • Whole proteins and veggies
  • Crafted by Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionists
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Are Pet Foods From Dog Food Delivery Companies Cheaper?

That depends on a number of things. Remember that delivery services will have to charge you a delivery fee to cover the transportation costs. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that the overall cost is higher than in pet supply stores.

Some grocery stores and supermarkets have higher profit margins than dog food delivery companies, which make the prices quite competitive. 

Some dog food delivery companies also offer discount coupons or gifts to regular customers. In most cases, you might find these delivery services more economical in the long run since you also must account for your car fuel expenses when going to the pet supply stores yourself.

Types of Pet Food Deliveries

For decades, most Americans have settled with traditional dog foods like dry food kibble and canned dog food in feeding their furry kids.

But because many commercial pet foods are found to contain inferior quality ingredients, artificial additives, and even some harmful chemicals, veterinarians and animal nutritionists started looking into safer and healthier pet diet options that use human-grade and all-natural ingredients.

Today, pet parents have more than a few options to feed their animal pals. And, most of these options are available online and deliverable straight to customers’ homes in a few days.

Here are the types of pet foods that are available in dog food delivery service companies and third-party websites:

Traditional Dry Food and Wet Food – Kibbles and Canned Pates

Many commercial pet food companies have their own websites where you can order online with delivery services. Or you can visit, the largest online dog food delivery service in the USA, where you’ll find thousands of dog food products and pet supplies that can be shipped straight to your doorsteps.

Fresh Dog Food – Home-cooked, Human-grade, Organic

Do you want fresh pet meals for your pups but don’t have the time or know-how to prepare? No problem. There are so many delivery services all over the country that specialize in small-batch fresh dog foods.

You can visit their websites and select from a wide array of ready-to-serve fresh dog meals, or have a custom-made diet specially prepared for your canine buddy automatically shipped to your home. 

Among the most reliable fresh dog meal makers are The Farmer’s Dog, Ollie, Nom Nom, and Spot & Tango. 

Raw Dog Food – Fresh Raw Food, Freeze-Dried Raw, Air-Dried, Dehydrated Raw

If you are believer of the natural and ancestral diets of canines, then raw food is what you’re looking for. You can find pre-packed raw dog food in some grocery stores and pet food shops, or order online from food delivery services.

Or you can do the shopping in the local meat market yourself. Among the notable raw food deliveries are Raw Paws Pet Foods, We Feed Raw, and Cali Raw Nutrition.

Personalized Meals – Fresh, homemade, pre-portioned, and ready-to-serve meals

Many fresh dog food makers offer customized meal plans to address dogs’ specific requirements that include ingredients and portion sizes of dog food.

Dog parents are asked to fill out a questionnaire that includes the dog’s age, breed, weight, activity level, health issues, or if she has sensitivities to certain food ingredients. The ready-to-serve personalized meals are then delivered through an auto-shipping arrangement every month.

Fresh Dog Food Delivery Services

Among the fast-growing consumer enterprises today are meal delivery services for fresh dog food. Many dog owners over the past few years started to think that fresh food or raw food may be healthier for dogs.

Although this subject is still very much debatable, more studies have come forward supporting the benefits of feeding our canine companion with fresh dog diet instead of the traditional dog food of kibble or canned wet food. 

Because of this increasing demand for fresh dog foods, the number of fresh meal delivery companies has also grown these past couple of years. Among the most prominent in the United States are The Farmer’s Dog, Ollie, Nom Nom Now, Just Food For Dogs, and Pet Plate.

Most of these fresh dog meal recipes are formulated by a veterinary nutritionist and are made with natural and fresh ingredients only that include real meat, fruits, and vegetables. 

Fresh recipes don’t contain ingredients typically found in the traditional kibble like cheap fillers and artificial preservatives.

Best Dog Food Delivery Services in [year]: Fresh, Healthy & Convenient 7
  • Wide selection
  • Excellent service
  • Door to door shipping
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Best Dog Food Delivery Services in [year]: Fresh, Healthy & Convenient 8
The Farmer’s Dog
  • 50% Off on first box
  • Comes in 4 recipes
  • Personally portioned recipes
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Best Dog Food Delivery Services in [year]: Fresh, Healthy & Convenient 9
Open Farm
  • No corn, wheat or soy
  • Human-grade ingredients
  • No rendered poultry or meat meals
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Best Dog Food Delivery Services in [year]: Fresh, Healthy & Convenient 10
Spot & Tango
  • Ready to serve meals
  • Only 12 simple ingredients
  • With fruits nad vegetables
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Best Dog Food Delivery Services in [year]: Fresh, Healthy & Convenient 11
  • 100% real food
  • 60% Off first order
  • Nutritionally balanced & complete
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Best Dog Food Delivery Services in [year]: Fresh, Healthy & Convenient 12
Nom Nom
  • Pre-portioned meals
  • Whole proteins and veggies
  • Crafted by Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionists
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Best Dog Food Delivery Services in [year]: Fresh, Healthy & Convenient 13
Pet Plate
  • Vet-designed recipes
  • Made with real ingredients
  • Crafted in a human-grade kitchen
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Best Dog Food Delivery Services in [year]: Fresh, Healthy & Convenient 14
Just Food for Dogs
  • Has Vet support recipes
  • 15 fresh whole-food recipes
  • Promote proper immune system health
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Best Dog Food Delivery Services in [year]: Fresh, Healthy & Convenient 15
Fresh Pet
  • Real, fresh food
  • Great for picky eaters
  • Convenient resealable packaging
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Best Dog Food Delivery Services in [year]: Fresh, Healthy & Convenient 16
A Pup Above
  • Gently cooked sous-vide
  • 100% human-grade food
  • 72% more protein than others
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  1. Chewy
  2. The Farmer’s Dog
  3. Open Farm
  4. Spot & Tango
  5. Ollie
  6. Nom Nom
  7. Pet Plate
  8. Just Food for Dogs
  9. Fresh Pet
  10. A Pup Above

10 Best Dog Food Delivery Services in 2022

1. Chewy

Food type: Dry, wet, raw, fresh, freeze-dried, air-dried, prescription

Best Dog Food Delivery Services in [year]: Fresh, Healthy & Convenient 17
They have everything you need for your pet at amazing prices, every day. Explore more than 2,000 favorite brands – all from the comfort of home.

Our top overall pick for dog food delivery services is Chewy and it’s easy to understand why.

Chewy is perhaps the largest dog food delivery company in the United States, with thousands of dog food options to choose from and across over 300 reputable commercial brands. It’s hard to beat the wide selection of dog foods that Chewy carries – dry food, wet food, veterinary diets, fresh diets, raw food, premium food, human-grade meals, freeze-dried, and even organic treats. 

Furthermore, you can find all sorts of dog food that suit certain health issues in dogs such as food sensitivities and allergies. Among the dog food options are grain-free, limited ingredient diets, gluten-free, chicken-free, healthy weight, low-fat, sensitive skin and stomach, and many more.

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But dog food isn’t all Chewy has. It also has a wide range of supplements, healthcare products, toys, food bowls, beds, collars, clothing, accessories, grooming products, and even gifts and books. You name it, Chewy has it. And yes, it has cat food too, as well as other food and supplies for all sorts of pet animals.

Choosing the right product for your pet is a piece of cake. Chewy provides all the information you need to know about each dog food product, including ingredients, guaranteed analysis, nutritional info, manufacturing info, weight, feeding instructions, table comparisons, FAQs, and price choices. 

Each dog food is also rated by online reviewers so you can see if it is a popular brand. Also, you can read all the comments about the dog food and decide if it is a good fit for your Fido. Ordering is as simple as ABC too, with easy-to-use online order forms.

Chewy also offers auto-shipping for busy pet owners. With Chewy, your pets can always have enough food and supplies delivered regularly. Many customers also say that Chewy’s customer service is second to none. No wonder thousands of pet parents subscribe to Chewy.

Best Dog Food Delivery Services in [year]: Fresh, Healthy & Convenient 18


  • Great customer service
  • With online customer reviews and ratings
  • With auto-shipping and discount coupons
  • Complete information is provided for each dog food product
  • Perhaps the largest dog food delivery service in the country, with the most dog food options and pet supplies for all pet types


  • Inventory issues with some brands
  • Reports of some damaged products when delivered

2. The Farmer’s Dog

Food type: Fresh cooked

Best Dog Food Delivery Services in [year]: Fresh, Healthy & Convenient 19
Formulated by board-certified veterinary nutritionists to be complete and balanced, and made with human-grade ingredients that are gently steamed to help retain their maximum nutritional value.

Each year, more and more pet parents are going for fresh dog food for their pups. Needless to say, fresh meals have so many benefits to your canine companion more than the traditional kibble. First of all, fresh dog food is made with better-quality ingredients, usually with all-natural and human-grade ingredients. 

Most traditional dog food recipes contain cheap fillers and artificial preservatives, which are not very healthy. Also, most fresh dog food recipes are typically made by veterinary nutritionists to ensure compliance with the nutritional standards of the Association of American Feed Control Officials or AAFCO.

When it comes to fresh dog food, The Farmer’s Dog is the gold standard. Known for its human-grade fresh dog food meals, The Farmer’s Dog has built a reputation for making fresh recipes that are safe even for humans to eat and nutritionally complete for a dog’s overall health.

What sets The Farmer’s Dog apart from other delivery services is that they prepare each fresh pack separately according to the specific needs of the customer’s dog.

Before dog owners place their orders, they are asked about specific details of their pups such as breed, age, weight, and health conditions in order to arrive at the ideal dog’s diet. This customized approach to preparing fresh diets ensures that pet owners truly get their money’s worth. 

The Farmer’s Dog offers four fresh dog food recipes – chicken, beef, turkey, and pork. Part of the human-grade ingredients are fruits, veggies, fish oil, and all the nutrients required by the AAFCO.

The Farmer's Dog


  • Uses eco-friendly packaging
  • Delivered fresh dog food meals
  • Auto-shipping and free shipping options
  • Customized fresh meals for each customer’s dog
  • Made with all-natural and human-grade ingredients


  • A bit more expensive than most fresh dog foods

3. Open Farm

Food type: Dry, wet, freeze-dried raw, fresh cooked

Best Dog Food Delivery Services in [year]: Fresh, Healthy & Convenient 20
They provide pets with the highest quality food while ensuring that it was made ethically and sourced from humane family farms that treated their animals with respect.

Surely deserving to be mentioned in the conversation about the best dog diet delivery services is Open Farm – makers of high-quality dog and cat meals that are known for their ethically-sourced and humanely-raised animal ingredients. 

The company takes pride in its products being made with the highest quality standards, apart from sourcing only from selected and certified-humane farms.

They offer complete transparency in tracing the origins of each ingredient. Moreover, the company strongly advocates animal welfare and climate sustainability standards.

Open Farm has many pet food options for both dogs and cats – dry food, wet pet food, freeze-dried raw, gently-cooked, and even treats.

Among the most popular dog foods are Wild-Caught Salmon and Ancient Grains, Grass-Fed Beef Rustic Stew, Surf & Turf Freeze-Dried Raw and Dehydrated Cod Skins Treats. Each recipe is guaranteed to have sufficient essential nutrients for complete and balanced nutrition.

As for the delivery, Open Farm offers free shipping of orders above $50, and also a fast 1-3 days shipment. Customers can also opt for a customized feeding plan with Open Farm veterinary nutritionists to come up with the best dog diet.

open farm dog foods


  • Fast shipping: 1-3 days
  • Free delivery for orders of over $50
  • Ethically and sustainably-sourced ingredients
  • Complete transparency on sources of ingredients
  • Many all-natural dog food products in dry, wet, gently-cooked, or raw types


  • Quite pricey

4. Spot & Tango

Food type: Air-dried, fresh cooked

Best Dog Food Delivery Services in [year]: Fresh, Healthy & Convenient 21
They only use whole ingredients you know and recognize — lean proteins, fresh fruits and veggies, and high quality carbohydrates all sourced from local farms.

Another fresh dog food brand that’s making a splash among dog owners is Spot & Tango. One of the best-loved dog food subscription services today, Spot & Tango is famous for its ready-to-serve meals, which are made of human-grade and fresh ingredients only. 

This highly-regarded dog food delivery service offers two recipe types – fresh food and UnKibble. UnKibble is a special fresh diet recipe that’s dehydrated through a unique Spot & Tango process called Fresh Dry that retains the nutritional value of the dog’s food.

At first glance, it looks like kibble, but it’s actually dehydrated fresh food that needs no refrigeration. Unlike kibble, it has no low-quality meat meals and artificial preservatives.

UnKibble is a game-changer in premium dog food as it presents all the goodness of fresh food and the convenience of kibble. There are 3 UnKibble recipes – Duck & Salmon, Beef & Barley, and Chicken & Brown Rice. All recipes are made with real meat and wholesome fruits and vegetables like sweet potato, carrots, apples, and spinach. 

On the other hand, Spot & Tango’s Fresh Recipes are just as enticing and admirable as their UnKibble counterparts. There are three fresh dog food recipes – Turkey & Red Quinoa, Beef & Millet, and Lamb & Brown Rice. The company also offers a personalized meal plan for your pup.

banner spot tango


  • Free 2-day shipping in the USA
  • Human-grade, fresh ingredients
  • Personalized and proportioned meal plans
  • 2-week trial subscription with money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied
  • Two fresh food types – fresh dog food recipe and the signature UnKibble, each with 3 delectable recipes


  • Once a month only delivery in some locations

5. Ollie

Food type: Freshly cooked

Best Dog Food Delivery Services in [year]: Fresh, Healthy & Convenient 22
Ollie dog food is a delicious option that is made of human-grade ingredients. It is a unique dog food option that offers a tasty meal your doggie will enjoy. Their meals do not include any artificial ingredients or unnecessary fillers.

Ollie is undoubtedly a household name when it comes to fresh dog food delivery companies. Also considered among the leaders in the fresh dog food business, Ollie is another excellent homemade dog food option for your “good boy.” So many pet owners swear that Ollie’s fresh meals are huge hits with their pups. 

All four recipes – Beef, Chicken, Turkey, and Lamb – are formulated by animal nutritionists. As can be expected, these human-grade meals are made with real high-quality meats and whole foods like sweet potato, kale, spinach, blueberries, and peas.

There surely isn’t any question about the greatness of this fresh dog food. But what about its delivery services? Top-of-the-line.

The easy order process starts with a brief profile description of the dog (dog’s age, breed, body weight, etc.) to be able to customize the suitable meal and then deliver it fresh straight to the customer’s home. 

Pet owners get a two-week supply of food packs to be stored in the freezer. The fresh, human-grade, and all-natural dog food comes with its own scoop and feeding instructions based on the dog’s profile.

And Ollie offers 60% off to first-time orders, plus a full money-back guarantee on the starter pack if the picky eater doesn’t adore it.

Best Dog Food Delivery Services in [year]: Fresh, Healthy & Convenient 23


  • 60% off on first order
  • Personalized meal plans
  • Free shipping in the USA
  • Human-grade and natural ingredients
  • 100% money-back guarantee on starter box


  • The recipes are not fully customizable

6. Nom Nom

Food type: Freshly cooked

Best Dog Food Delivery Services in [year]: Fresh, Healthy & Convenient 24
Nom Nom’s recipes are crafted by Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionists with fresh, whole ingredients and balanced with essential vitamins and minerals. Meals plans are personalized to each dog’s age, weight, activity level and unique health goals.

If the first few fresh food delivery services we suggested don’t impress you, perhaps this one will – Nom Nom fresh pet food. Nom Nom’s fresh dog food recipes are proudly created by a US Board-certified veterinary nutritionist.

Wait, actually there are two of them in the company that have set out to make the best possible fresh recipes with all the nutrients your four-legged pals need. 

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Nom Nom offers four savory recipes for dogs – Beef Mash (with real fresh beef, russet potatoes, eggs, carrots, and peas), Chicken Cuisine (with real fresh chicken, sweet potato, squash, spinach, sunflower oil), Pork Potluck (with real fresh pork, russet potatoes, green beans, squash, kale), and Turkey Fare (with real fresh turkey, brown rice, eggs, carrots, and spinach).

This fresh dog food company also offers a fresh cat food recipe – Chicken Cuisine (with real fresh chicken, chicken liver, carrots, vinegar, and spinach).

To keep the nutrients intact, these fresh meals are slow-cooked at lower temperatures. Grain-free options are available for dogs with food allergies. Nom Nom is also 100% made in the USA, with all ingredients coming from US-based suppliers.

Ordering is simple, which starts with a questionnaire about the customer’s pup. New customers are offered a two-week trial with a 20% discount on the fresh pet food. Shipping is free within the US. Full refund is offered to unsatisfied pet parents within 30 days of receiving the order. 

Most Nom Nom customers see astonishing results in their pets after a few weeks of feeding the human-grade meals.

Best Dog Food Delivery Services in [year]: Fresh, Healthy & Convenient 25


  • 50% off on first order, 2-week trial subscription 
  • Free shipping in the USA, plus auto shipping option
  • Freshly-prepared recipes by a veterinary nutritionist
  • Sample variety pack and gut health kits are available too
  • Full refund if satisfaction is not met within 30 days of delivery
  • Many fresh meal options for both dogs and cats, including grain-free


  • Few reports of the food not being cold upon arrival

7. Pet Plate

Food type: Freshly cooked

Best Dog Food Delivery Services in [year]: Fresh, Healthy & Convenient 26
Their meals are made with human-grade ingredients in a USDA kitchen. Every batch is hot-filled for safety and flash-frozen to lock in freshness.

With so many stellar fresh dog food deliveries, what’s so special about Pet Plate? Well, it has more recipes than other prominent fresh dog food names. I

n terms of quality and benefits, Pet Plate surely measures up with the very best in the business. But while most others offer usually 3 or 4 recipes, with the usual animal proteins, the company decided to expand the options a little bit.

Also made with human-grade and all-natural ingredients made in a USDA-certified facility the way human food is made, this dog food delivery service boasts of the following fresh recipes: Barkin’ Beef, Chompin’ Chicken, Tail Waggin’ Turkey, Lip Lickin’ Lamb, Power Packed Pork, and Lean and Mean Venison.

The brand also offers organic treats and supplements – Chicken Apple Sausage Bites, Tummy Ticklin’ Digestive Cookies, and Joint Jumpin’ Mobility Cookies. 

A quick look at the Turkey entrée, for instance, reveals great ingredients such as brown rice, carrots, apples, and pumpkin. Pet Plate recipes are also widely-recognized as nutritionally balanced meals.

Pet Plate prides itself on having pets’ health in mind when making these ready-to-serve meals. The company claims to have delivered over 15 million meals in the USA in four years. 

Creating a meal plan is uncomplicated, with the usual gathering of the dog’s info like the dog’s age, weight, activity level, and dietary requirements. The fresh, customized, and pre-portioned fresh frozen food is delivered straight to your doorstep without a shipping fee.

pet plate dog food review


  • Refer-A-Friend incentives
  • Free shipping, with auto-shipping option
  • Topper option, 25% of full meal to add to your dog’s food
  • Balanced meals formulated by an in-house veterinary nutritionist
  • More fresh food recipes than other pet food services, plus treats and supplements


  • No samples or trial periods
  • Shipping days are only Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays (depending on your zip code)

8. Just Food For Dogs

Food type: Freshly cooked (frozen or tetra-packed options), prescription

Best Dog Food Delivery Services in [year]: Fresh, Healthy & Convenient 27
Makes all their healthy meals for dogs and puppies using ONLY fresh whole-food ingredients, restaurant-quality meats, and locally sourced produce.

Ever heard of fresh prescription dog foods? It may sound odd but Just Food For Dogs has them. That’s right, special veterinarian-prescribed fresh diet formulated by veterinarians to address specific health issues in dogs. 

This remarkable dog food delivery service has a team of experts in animal nutrition and veterinary science that work together to create a dog’s nutritional fresh diet that can also help alleviate some common canine health problems. 

Check out its list of vet support recipes: Renal Support Low Protein (ground lamb, lamb liver, sushi rice, long-grain brown rice, cauliflower), Balanced Remedy (ground turkey breast, long-grain white rice, sushi rice, sunflower oil, coconut oil), Joint and Skin Support (pork loin and tenderloin, quinoa, kale, carrots, Fuji apples), Critical Care Support (ground beef, chicken thigh, chicken liver, beef liver, long-grain brown rice), Hepatic Support Low-Fat (Alaskan Pacific wild-caught cod, long-grain white rice, sweet potato, chicken eggs, broccoli), and Metabolic Support Low-Fat (turkey breast, oats, acorn squash, chicken egg whites, ground beef). All recipes require a vet’s prescription to order.

Of course, JFFD also has fresh daily recipes that are equally amazing and suitable for any pooch. You can choose from among seven delicious variants (Shepherd’s Pie, Chicken, Beef, Turkey, Lamb, Fish, and Venison) that are all made with human-grade and top-quality ingredients and without any artificial preservatives.

Grain-free options are also available. And that’s not all they have. They also have dog treats (chicken breast, pumpkin, beef brisket, beef liver bark, venison, chicken apple bark, and salmon bark), dog vitamins and supplements (skin and allergy care, probiotic live, calm, joint care, joint care plus, and omega plus), and cat food (fish and chicken). 

For pet parents who wish to cook fresh dog food at home, JFFD also makes available the DIY Nutrient Blend for each of the daily recipes which comes with complete cooking instructions.

Best Dog Food Delivery Services in [year]: Fresh, Healthy & Convenient 28


  • Offers fresh vet-prescribed dog’s food for health issues
  • DIY Nutrient Blend for dog parents that want to cook home
  • Free-shipping for auto subscriptions, plus store pick-up option
  • Wide variety of fresh food recipes, plus treats, supplements, and cat diet
  • Discounts and promos available, plus product refund for first purchase if unsatisfied


  • Record of product recalls in 2018 due to listeria contamination
  • Custom-made meals require one-time formulation fee of $250

9. Fresh Pet

Food type: Freshly cooked

Best Dog Food Delivery Services in [year]: Fresh, Healthy & Convenient 29
They create fresh and healthy food for pets that's delicious to eat and makes it easier for pets to digest vital nutrients. Just fresh, whole ingredients, gently cooked without preservatives.

Since we have been featuring fresh dog foods here, why not feature one of the trailblazers in the fresh food recipes for pets? Fresh Pet started making fresh foods in 2006.

Today, its name has become synonymous with fresh meals for dogs and cats. With over 1 million customers and 20-thousand plus fridges all over North America carrying its products, Fresh Pet continues to raise the bar in making fresh and natural recipes. 

Its presence in thousands of grocery stores, pet food shops, and online pet food outlets has been sufficient for the company to make a huge impact in the way pet owners feed their dogs and cats, so much so that it opted not to offer its own dog food delivery service. It wasn’t necessary as they have so many partner stores that consumers can easily find.

The brand has dozens of various pet food recipes to choose from, at least one for every type of dog and cat. Unlike many fresh dog food companies today, Fresh Pet does not make customized or personalized fresh diets.

You’re going to have to portion the food yourself according to your pup’s needs. Fresh Pet dog and cat food are packaged much like traditional dog food, in various bag sizes, but of course without the unpleasantries of regular kibbles like cheap fillers, by-products, and artificial preservatives and colors. 

To find the right pet food for your furry kids, you may use the “product selector” function in the company’s website where an easy-to-answer questionnaire is presented.

Completing the questionnaire will instantly show the best pet food options for you. Basic information about your pet is asked like the dog’s age, weight, life stage, preferred flavors, and diet goals.

You may also browse through the list of all the products where you will find several options on the type of animal protein (e.g. chicken, beef, fish, etc.), type of packaging, and special preferences (grain-free, puppy, picky eater, etc.). By the way, each fresh food is gently steamed at low temperatures to keep all the nutrients intact before being frozen for storage.

Best Dog Food Delivery Services in [year]: Fresh, Healthy & Convenient 30


  • Budget-priced fresh meals
  • FDA and USDA standards
  • Farmed-raised and locally-sourced ingredients
  • One of the pioneers in fresh pet foods in the industry
  • Present in thousands of stores all over the USA and Canada, plus third party website partners


  • Not pre-portioned
  • No personalized meal plans
  • No in-house delivery services

10. A Pup Above

Food type: Freshly cooked

Best Dog Food Delivery Services in [year]: Fresh, Healthy & Convenient 31
All ingredients are 100% human grade and they only source non-GMO produce and meat without steroids, antibiotics and hormones.

We wrap up this list of the best dog food deliveries in 2022 with another prime dog food delivery service – A Pup Above (formerly known as Grocery Pup).

The company prides itself not only with its high-quality fresh pet foods but also with having more protein levels in their recipes compared with other top fresh food names. 

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On average, the company claims, A Pup Above dog foods have 77% more protein than most of their competitors. On its website, you’ll see a comparative table with some of the renowned fresh dog food names like Just Food For Dogs, Nom Nom, The Farmer’s Dog, and Pet Plate. 

But that’s not all. A Pup Above is also proud about its cooking method – sous-vide or cooking the food in a sealed bag at precise temperatures. Used in high-end restaurants all over the world, this method helps retain the flavor and nutrients in the ingredients. 

A Pup Above has four appetizing recipes namely Texas Beef Stew, Chicka Chicka Bow Wow (chicken), Porky’s Luau, and Turkey Pawella, which can be ordered individually. You can also try the sampler pack, which contains all four flavors in 3-lb. bags. 

Customers can opt to go for the subscription service and choose the package (half-plan or full-plan) and delivery schedules (2, 4, 6, or 8 weeks).

You can save 10% with a subscription plan. You can also get a full refund of your first purchase if you or your pup, isn’t pleased with the product.

Best Dog Food Delivery Services in [year]: Fresh, Healthy & Convenient 32


  • Half-plan or full-plan options
  • Full refund on first purchase if not satisfied
  • Subscription plan and auto-shipping available
  • Rich in protein, more than other leading fresh food brands
  • Sous-vide cooking method retains most of the nutrients and natural flavors


  • No custom-made meals

Get 60% off your first order



There’s never been a time when pet moms and dads have had it this easy buying pet diets than it is today. Pet food deliveries are now everywhere and these are so much more convenient and safer ways of getting your furry pal’s diets straight to the food bowls. 

As a dog or cat owner, you are also presented with so many food options including fresh home-cooked meals and raw food that can be shipped to your doorstep ready to serve. If you have picky eaters among your pets, you can now have hundreds of dog food types and flavors to choose from that you can do a little trial-and-error run. 

We hope that our review has helped you select your next source for the best dog food delivery that suits your pet’s health and preferences the most.

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