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Best Rabbit Dog Food for Pets with Food Sensitivities

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Best Rabbit Dog Food

As food sensitivities and allergies in dogs continue to rise, pet food manufacturers have turned to other animal protein sources to offer dog owners new options for their furry friends.

The vast majority of these food sensitivities can be traced to traditional protein sources like beef, chicken, pork, and lamb, which have become so common in dog food that canines have developed allergies and intolerances to these proteins. 

Fortunately, there are now protein sources called novel proteins that dog food makers use to alleviate dogs’ food sensitivities.

In this review, Best Rabbit Dog Food, we focus on rabbit as a novel protein source for dog food. 


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Best Rabbit Dog Food for Pets with Food Sensitivities 2
  • Freeze-dried raw-diet
  • With raw-coated kibble
  • With lamb and rabbit
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Best Rabbit Dog Food for Pets with Food Sensitivities 4
  • Real raw nutrition
  • Made with farm-raised rabbit
  • Serve as is or rehydrate by adding water
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Best Rabbit Dog Food for Pets with Food Sensitivities 2
  • Crafted in the USA
  • Made with rabbit meat and organs
  • Highly-palatable, freeze-dried form
VIEW LATEST PRICE →See Customer Reviews →

Wild rabbits are among the traditional prey of wild and feral canines and wolves. Rabbits are a great source of essential proteins and other nutrients that keep them strong enough to face the daily challenges and threats in wildlife. 

Over the past few years, many farms have raised rabbits for various trades including rabbit meat for human consumption and rabbit fur for clothing products. Today, rabbit meat or deboned rabbit, organs, and by-products are popular ingredients in dog food formulas.

After reviewing dozens of the more renowned pet food brands, we came up with a list of our top 10 rabbit dry dog foods, as well as the best canned recipes and treats.

Based on the quality of ingredients and purity of animal proteins, we’ve ranked the best dog food formulas starting with the premium raw freeze-dried meals that offer the most rabbit meat content and wholesome ingredients, and then move down to the more affordable and popular dry kibble brands.

Towards the latter part of this review, we discuss what you need to know about rabbit meat and rabbit dog food formulas.

Best Dry Rabbit Dog Food Formulas

  1. Stella & Chewy's Absolutely Rabbit Dinner Patties
  2. Primal Rabbit Formula Nuggets
  3. Grandma Lucy's Pureformance Rabbit
  4. Instinct Original Recipe with Real Rabbit
  5. Blue Buffalo Wilderness Rocky Mountain Recipe with Rabbit
  6. Nature's Logic Canine Rabbit Meal Feast
  7. Earthborn Holistic Venture LID Rabbit Meal & Pumpkin
  8. Holistic Select Adult Health Rabbit & Lamb Meal
  9. Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Selected Protein
  10. Merrick Backcountry Great Plains Red Recipe
  11. Merrick Backcountry Alpine Rabbit Stew
  12. Nature's Logic Canine Rabbit Feast
  13. Instinct LID Real Rabbit Recipe
  14. Vital Essentials Rabbit Bites
  15. Wysong Dream Rabbit Freeze-Dried Raw Treats
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1. Stella & Chewy's Absolutely Rabbit Dinner Patties

First 5 Ingredients: Rabbit With Ground Bone, Olive Oil, Rabbit Liver, Pumpkin Seed, Organic Cranberries

Best Rabbit Dog Food for Pets with Food Sensitivities 7

Guaranteed Analysis:

Crude Protein 46%
Crude Fat 32%
Crude Fiber 5%

When it comes to our top choice for best rabbit dog food, Stella & Chewy’s Absolutely Rabbit freeze-dried goodies are a clear winner.

A quick look at the ingredients will already tell you that this rabbit-based dog food is a top drawer among premium dog foods. 

Made with real rabbit meat and rabbit liver as the single-source protein from U.S. farm-raised rabbits, this recipe also includes all-natural, all-organic, and top-quality ingredients like cranberries, spinach, broccoli, beets, carrots, squash, blueberries, and Fenugreek seed for all-around nutrition. 

Moreover, this raw freeze-dried patties give your pups a spectacular 46% minimum crude protein and 32% minimum crude fats, which are highly appropriate for adult dogs of all breeds and sizes, and especially for working and active dogs.

And because rabbit meat is the lone animal protein, this chow is safe for canines with food-sensitivities. It received high reviews from over 200 customers at

2. Primal Rabbit Formula Nuggets 

First 5 Ingredients: Rabbit (with ground bone), Rabbit Livers, Organic Kale, Organic Celery, Organic Pumpkin Seeds

Best Rabbit Dog Food for Pets with Food Sensitivities 8

Guaranteed Analysis:

Crude Protein 57%
Crude Fat 19%
Crude Fiber 3%

Equally amazing as our first choice is Primal’s raw freeze-dried rabbit nuggets, which also boast incredible top-rate natural ingredients.

These sumptuous nuggets are made of real rabbit meat and organs (livers, kidneys, lungs, and hearts) sourced from trustworthy U.S. farms.

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Rabbit is the only animal source in this grain-free food, making it ideal for food-sensitive dogs and pups suffering from severe allergies. 

Check out the stellar organic ingredients deck: kale, celery, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, cranberries, blueberries, squash, cilantro, ginger, and quinoa, on top of other natural and nutrient-rich additions like organic apple cider vinegar, fish oil, organic coconut oil, and cod liver oil.

This rabbit pack presents an outstanding 57% minimum protein and 19% fats, which are perfect for a dog's diet.

3. Grandma Lucy's Pureformance Rabbit

First 5 Ingredients: USDA Rabbit, Chickpeas, Flax, Carrots, Celery, Apples

Best Rabbit Dog Food for Pets with Food Sensitivities 9

Guaranteed Analysis:

Crude Protein 36%
Crude Fat 15%
Crude Fiber 7.1%

Not too far behind is Grandma Lucy’s freeze-dried rabbit dog food.

From the company’s time-tested kitchen recipes since 1999, this grain-free, healthy dog meal is proudly made with USDA-certified rabbits, the single protein source for this diet, and super nutritious whole foods like carrots, celery, apples, bananas, blueberries, cranberries, pumpkin, papaya, spinach, and garlic.

Chickpeas provide most of the fiber in this dog's diet for healthy digestion. 

Additionally, this rabbit meat-based dog food is fortified with all the essential nutrients vital for your pooch.

With a minimum protein and fat content of 36% and 15% respectively, this is undoubtedly one of the best rabbit pet food formulas in the trade today.

4. Instinct Original Recipe with Real Rabbit

First 5 Ingredients: Rabbit, Salmon Meal, Menhaden Fish Meal, Chickpeas, Canola Oil

Best Rabbit Dog Food for Pets with Food Sensitivities 10

Guaranteed Analysis:

Crude Protein 36.5%
Crude Fat 20.5%
Crude Fiber 3.5%

This grain-free dry kibble is special because it’s coated with real freeze-dried raw rabbit, which makes it a premium dry rabbit dog food that humbles other dry dog food formulas with rabbit.

Rabbit meat is the first ingredient and main protein source but supported by other animal ingredients like menhaden fish meal and whitefish meal. 

The kibble is coated with raw rabbit meat and organs including rabbit liver, kidney, and lung. It also has canola oil, which supplies fat and essential omega fatty acids that are helpful in keeping healthy skin and coats in dogs. 

Healthy fruits and veggies like carrots, apples, and cranberries are also part of the mix, and so is rosemary extract, which is known to boost a dog’s brain health.

The guaranteed analysis of this brand is remarkable with a protein load of 36.5% and fat content of 20.5%, which are fit for working dogs.

5. Blue Buffalo Wilderness Rocky Mountain Recipe with Rabbit

First 5 Ingredients: Rabbit, Fish Meal, Peas, Pea Protein, Pea Starch

Best Rabbit Dog Food for Pets with Food Sensitivities 11

Guaranteed Analysis:

Crude Protein 30%
Crude Fat 15%
Crude Fiber 6%

Making our list of rabbit meat-based foods is Blue Buffalo’s Rocky Mountain rabbit recipe, which is absolutely expected.

If not for the presence of chicken meal, which may cause allergic reactions in some dogs, this premium kibble could have been a top choice.

Nonetheless, it is still unquestionably one of the best dog food formulas in the market coming from a highly reputable pet food manufacturer in Blue Buffalo. 

Real rabbit meat is the first ingredient in the list, with peas and pea protein as the main source of fiber and carbohydrate content, plus a generous blend of healthy plant-based ingredients like potatoes, sweet potatoes, blueberries, barley grass, parsley, turmeric, and yucca schidigera extract, a plant known to support joint health and reduce inflammation. 

More importantly, this dog meal is notable for its lush vitamins and minerals like potassium chloride, zinc amino acid chelate, zinc sulfate, vitamin E supplement, iron amino acid chelate, vitamin B3, L-ascorbyl-2-polyphosphate (source of vitamin C), folic acid, copper amino acid chelate, manganese sulfate, taurine, and manganese amino acid chelate for complete nutrition.

6. Nature's Logic Canine Rabbit Meal Feast

First 5 Ingredients: Rabbit Meal, Turkey Meal, Millet, Chicken Fat, Pumpkin Seed, Yeast Culture

Best Rabbit Dog Food for Pets with Food Sensitivities 12

Guaranteed Analysis:

Crude Protein 36%
Crude Fat 15%
Crude Fiber 5%

Often overlooked, this premium chow belongs to this list of the top rabbit dog food formulas because of its unique fusion of high-quality ingredients.

Rabbit meal from trusted European sources is the first ingredient, backed up by other animal proteins namely turkey meal, dried pork liver, and menhaden fish meal. 

But this kibble also has other incredible ingredients not typically used in dog foods like dried almonds, apricot, artichoke, mushroom, and pineapple extract, which all offer fabulous nutrients advantageous to your pooch.

It also boasts of a high 36% crude protein and 15% fat.

7. Earthborn Holistic Venture LID Rabbit Meal & Pumpkin

First 5 Ingredients: Rabbit Meal, Pumpkin, Tapioca, Alaska Pollock Meal, Sunflower Oil

Best Rabbit Dog Food for Pets with Food Sensitivities 13

Guaranteed Analysis:

Crude Protein 26%
Crude Fat 13%
Crude Fiber 6%

Another prime-quality dry dog food is Earthborn Holistic’s limited ingredients and grain-free rabbit and pumpkin formula.

Sourced from distinguished traditional rabbit farms in France, rabbit meal is the first ingredient in this dog’s diet, with Alaskan Pollock meal as the only other animal ingredient. 

This kibble is surely great for dogs with food allergies being a limited ingredients diet. Pumpkin is a superb main component for the carbohydrate content, and also as an agent for healthy digestion.

Sunflower oil, which is preserved with mixed tocopherols, is another major part of the formula, which has ample omegas to boost skin health and the immune system.

But despite the minimal ingredients, this meal is in no way wanting in nutrition. It is bolstered with important nutrients for a dog’s health like potassium chloride, beta-carotene, various vitamins supplements, niacin, folic acid, biotin, and riboflavin supplement. 

Additionally, this premium dog's diet includes other minor but beneficial components like Yucca Schidigera extract, rosemary extract, and green tea extract, which contains antioxidants that are favorable to the cardiovascular system.

Dog owners would be pleased to know too that this recipe is free of artificial flavors and preservatives.

8. Holistic Select Adult Health Rabbit & Lamb Meal

First 5 Ingredients: Rabbit Meal, Lamb Meal, Chickpeas, Lentils, Peas

Best Rabbit Dog Food for Pets with Food Sensitivities 14

Guaranteed Analysis:

Crude Protein 31%
Crude Fat 13%
Crude Fiber 6%

Holistic also has an answer for the finest rabbit dog food brands and that’s its grain-free rabbit and lamb recipe. This kibble only has rabbit and lamb as its animal ingredient sources to make it safe for sensitive dogs.

But it’s made more balanced with an excellent line up of high-quality ingredients that include chickpeas, lentils, and peas as sources of fiber and carbohydrate content, plus canola oil, dried molasses beet pulp, flaxseed, pumpkin, papaya, and pomegranate for a wealthy supply of gainful nutriments. 

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The formula is fortified with potassium chloride for better functioning of the electrical charges in the heart as well as the dog’s muscles and nerves, zinc sulfate for healthy skin and fur and good thyroid function.

Ascorbic acid, copper sulfate for enhancing the dog’s nervous system, folic acid for normal metabolic functions such as DNA synthesis and red blood cell production, vitamin E supplement, and mixed tocopherols as natural preservatives that also offer some vitamin E content. 

What’s great about this diet is that its price is quite easy on the budget despite being a premium dog food. It’s actually the lowest-priced item on this list.

9. Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Selected Protein PR

First 5 Ingredients: Potato, Rabbit Meal, Coconut Oil, Hydrolyzed Soy Protein, Potato Protein

Best Rabbit Dog Food for Pets with Food Sensitivities 15

Guaranteed Analysis:

Crude Protein 19%
Crude Fat 10%
Crude Fiber 3.4%

Now here’s a diet that’s surely hypoallergenic. Well, this dry dog food is actually a prescription diet for dogs suffering from severe allergies. It has very few ingredients to eliminate potential allergens. 

Other than the lone animal ingredient, the other healthful components are potato, coconut oil, hydrolyzed soy protein, potato protein, vegetable oil, and fish oil for the essential components in a dog’s health.

This dog food requires a veterinarian’s authorization to purchase and is quite pricey.

10. Merrick Backcountry Great Plains Red Recipe

First 5 Ingredients: Deboned Beef, Lamb Meal, Salmon Meal, Sweet Potatoes, Potatoes

Best Rabbit Dog Food for Pets with Food Sensitivities 16

Guaranteed Analysis:

Crude Protein 38%
Crude Fat 17%
Crude Fiber 3.5%

Completing our top rabbit dog food formulas list is Merrick’s unique blend of raw coated kibble and freeze-dried raw bites that are guaranteed to satisfy your finicky tail-waggers.

This premium diet offers an incredible 38% protein and 17% fat load, which is great for dogs of all life stages. 

Deboned beef, lamb meal, and salmon meal head the list of ingredients although it also includes pork meal, rabbit meat, and beef liver for a protein-heavy dog's diet. Pork meal adds even more flavor to this recipe.

The main plant-based ingredients are sweet potatoes, potatoes, peas, pea protein, and sunflower oil.

It also contains numerous healthful nutrients including various vitamins, niacin, folic acid, and riboflavin supplement, which helps support the metabolism of amino acids and carbohydrates in the body.

Bonus: Best Rabbit Canned Dog Foods and Treats

Apart from the available rabbit-based kibbles and raw freeze-dried chows, there are also some noteworthy canned dog foods and treats that can be awesome extras to keep your dog hopping with glee.

The wet recipes may also serve as delightful toppings to your dogs' regular kibble.

1. Merrick Backcountry Alpine Rabbit Stew

First 5 Ingredients: Deboned Rabbit, Turkey Broth, Chicken Broth, Deboned Turkey, Turkey Liver

Best Rabbit Dog Food for Pets with Food Sensitivities 17

Guaranteed Analysis:

Crude Protein 9%
Crude Fat 4%
Moisture 82%

Just like its dry kibble, Merrick also has a great offering in rabbit wet dog food with this delicious rabbit stew recipe.

Made with deboned rabbit meat as the first ingredient, followed by other tasty poultry ingredients namely turkey broth, chicken broth, deboned turkey, and turkey liver, this canned dog's diet is guaranteed to satisfy your furry home buddies. 

It also has flaxseed oil and salmon oil for the important omega fatty acids. Salmon oil is one of the finest sources of omegas that can help keep your dogs' coats shiny.

It’s also augmented with vital nutrients like vitamins A, various Bs, potassium chloride, riboflavin supplement, folic acid, and vitamin E supplement.

2. Nature's Logic Canine Rabbit Feast

First 5 Ingredients: Rabbit, Water Sufficient for Processing, Pork Liver, Dried Egg Product, Montmorillonite Clay

Best Rabbit Dog Food for Pets with Food Sensitivities 18

Guaranteed Analysis:

Crude Protein 12%
Crude Fat 7%
Moisture 72%

This primo rabbit dog food in pate form is made of first-rate natural ingredients with real rabbit meat as the headliner.

It is complemented with a host of great wholesome ingredients like pork liver, herring oil, dried apples, apricots, artichokes, broccoli, and spinach to name a few. 

Many dogs just love this delicious feast from Nature's Logic, which must be on the checklist of best dog foods today.

3. Instinct LID Real Rabbit Recipe

First 5 Ingredients: Rabbit, Water, Rabbit Liver, Chickpeas, Montmorillonite Clay

Best Rabbit Dog Food for Pets with Food Sensitivities 19

Guaranteed Analysis:

Crude Protein 10%
Crude Fat 3%
Moisture 78%

Here’s another superior dog food pate with real rabbit meat as the primary and single protein ingredient.

Made by renowned pet food maker Instinct, this grain-free wet diet is also teeming with great components like rabbit liver, chickpeas, and a splendid array of vitamin supplements and mineral additives for overall wellness. 

The limited ingredient diet is perfect for allergic dogs. Based on reviews, it seems many dogs get a kick out of this premium diet.

4. Vital Essentials Rabbit Bites

All Ingredients: Rabbit, Mixed Tocopherols

Best Rabbit Dog Food for Pets with Food Sensitivities 20

Guaranteed Analysis:

Crude Protein 37%
Crude Fat 11%
Moisture 8%

If the best rabbit dog foods are a bit over your budget, you can opt to give your pets high-quality treats instead. Vital Essentials presents a great rabbit-based treat that is absolutely limited ingredients and grain-free.

Real rabbit meat that’s free of any added hormones or antibiotics is the single-protein ingredient in this savory treat. It has a remarkable 37% protein load and only 11% fats, which is perfect for older dogs. 

Its appetizing taste is surely a great reward for your good boys and girls especially during training.

By the way, giving treats as rewards is a very effective way of getting your dogs to follow your commands. It's just a great dog training advice shared by many dog trainers.

5. Wysong Dream Rabbit Freeze-Dried Raw Treats

First 5 Ingredients: Rabbit, Natural Flavor, Taurine, Organic Blueberry, Organic Barley Grass

Best Rabbit Dog Food for Pets with Food Sensitivities 21

Guaranteed Analysis:

Crude Protein 48%
Crude Fat 21%
Moisture 4%

Wysong’s Dream Rabbit treats are truly the stuff dreams are made of for both dogs and cats.

Made with freeze-dried raw rabbit meat infused with other natural ingredients like organic blueberry, organic barley grass, chia seeds, broccoli sprouts, and plums. 

It is also enriched with a myriad of nutrients, especially taurine, and amino acids that are valuable for your pet companions. And it has an exceptional 48% minimum protein content too.

Best Rabbit Dog Food for Pets with Food Sensitivities 22

Guide to Feeding Your Dog Rabbit Dog Foods

Is Rabbit Good For Dogs?

Yes, rabbits have been found to be a great meat ingredient and protein source for dogs. Over the past few years, rabbit has made it to many dog food brands. Even rabbit organs are excellent components in dog meals because of the many nutritional benefits they offer.

Lean Protein and Low Cholesterol

A rabbit’s meat is leaner than other traditional meats used in dog foods. This means less fat and cholesterol, which is great for overweight and older dogs.

Rabbits surprisingly also have higher protein contents and amino acids than chicken, beef, and most other animal ingredients, which are essential to your dog’s muscles and tissues. This makes rabbit as one of the best choices for a dog's diet.

Rich in Vitamin B12 and Other Nutrients

Rabbits are also rich in various essential nutrients, but especially vitamin B12, which is vital to the dog’s nervous system health.


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And since rabbits are relatively new ingredients in the pet food business, they’re considered novel proteins.

Shifting to a novel protein diet like rabbit can relieve the immune system from reacting to the common proteins, thus freeing the pups from uncomfortable allergic symptoms. 

The vast majority of domesticated canines have not been exposed to rabbit-mixed meals yet. 

Low Carbon Footprint and Cost Efficient

Raising rabbits for commercial purposes, including pet food components, has become more popular since they’re easy to breed and raise, and have a much smaller carbon footprint than most farm animals. 

The gradual proliferation of rabbit farms will also bring down the cost of rabbit-based pet food eventually. 

However, as more dogs start consuming rabbit dog foods, it’s possible to develop allergies and intolerances from this protein in the distant future.

For now, rabbit ingredients in dog food are safe and healthy for your dog.

rabbit dog food

Why Should You Consider Rabbit Dog Food?

As discussed earlier, rabbit meat offer many health benefits to your dogs, although most other animal sources likewise present the same benefits, more or less.

If your beloved pets don’t have any issues with their current meals, and they appear to be in tiptop shape, a diet change is not necessary.

If however, you notice that your dogs lack energy or are sluggish, don’t have a thick and shiny coat, or worse, show symptoms of food allergies and intolerances like skin problems and stomach issues, perhaps a shift to a novel diet will help. 

We strongly recommend however consulting the local veterinarian before making any major decisions, especially for more serious health issues and severe allergies.

Most Common Food Allergy Symptoms in Dogs

For your guidance, here are the most common dog allergy symptoms:

Skin Issues. These are some of the common symptoms of allergies in most dogs, which are extremely uncomfortable.

Dogs will constantly scratch different parts of the body, but especially the feet, ears, and face as well as the front legs and abdomen.

Skin irritation and redness may also manifest in more severe ways like in hot spots and bald patches, which are indications of the parts that are scratched more frequently.

Sneezing. Just like in humans, allergic reactions in most dogs also include flu-like symptoms like frequent sneezing, coughing, and even nasal issues like runny or stuffed noses.

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Red Eyes or Discharge in Eyes. Allergies may also manifest in your pup’s eyes when they scratch them often or when they tear up. You may notice redness in the eyes and even some discharge.

Paw chewing. When you see your dog often chew on their paws, this may be because of itchiness caused by food allergies.

Gastrointestinal Issues. Although not as common as skin irritation, G.I. issues may also arise from food sensitivities. These may come in the form of stomach aches, increased gas, dehydration, and lack of appetite, among others.

Ear Infection. The ears are common targets of allergic reactions. Constant scratching of the ears may lead to more complications like wounds or even damage to the nerves and other vital parts.

Diarrhea. Stomach upsets are also common symptoms of food intolerances. Watery stools are also an indication of potential food sensitivity.

Vomiting. Some foods may cause dogs to vomit as they’re rejected by the digestive system.

Swelling of the face, ears, mouth, or eyelids. Inflammation of the face and facial parts may also be a result of food allergies in dogs as in humans. Severe swelling will require immediate medical attention.

Among the most common food ingredients that cause food allergies and sensitivities in dogs are beef, dairy, chicken, eggs, wheat, soy, corn, some grains, and even lamb.

However, it is important to note that only about 10% of dog allergies are attributed to food. There are other more probable causes of allergies in dogs like parasites and environmental elements.

There’s no better way to determine if your pup is suffering from food sensitivities than to visit the doggy hospital. Your pooch may be subjected to laboratory tests including blood extraction to better identify the real culprits.

Having said this, a diet change to a novel protein may be beneficial to dogs in general, not just allergic dogs. And rabbits are a great ingredient to try.

Best Rabbit Dog Food for Pets with Food Sensitivities 23

What to Look for in Rabbit Dog Food?

More pet food companies are now including rabbits in their ingredients line-up. This is because of the many benefits derived from rabbits, not to mention being a more cost-efficient option compared with other more exotic sources like venison, bison, and wild boar. 

As mentioned earlier, rabbit meat is leaner and offers more protein than most other popular animal sources. It’s also known to have the lowest cholesterol content of any other animal ingredient for pet food.

But not all rabbit-based pet diets are great. Some are absolutely admirable, while some are less attractive, just like in other animal ingredient-heavy pet meals. 

This is why it is highly crucial to review the ingredients deck of each product, together with the guaranteed analysis and sources of ingredients. 

If you have time to spare, it absolutely helps to check out product reviews from credible online sites to get a better picture of the diet before purchasing it. Comments from loyal and new customers provide valuable inputs about these dog diets.

Here are some of the important details to look for in the rabbit dog food:

Real rabbit meat or rabbit meal as first ingredient

The best rabbit dog foods have real rabbit meat, deboned rabbit or rabbit meat with ground bones, as the first ingredient and main protein source. If rabbit is listed beyond the first five ingredients, it’s not as prime quality as those with rabbit as the headliner. 

Some use rabbit meal instead of real rabbit as the first ingredient. It is a concentrated protein source made by rendering rabbit meat. Some pet foods in the budget category use rabbit by-products instead of meat and organs.

Limited ingredients especially protein sources

It’s especially helpful for sensitive dogs to be served with limited ingredients diets. This will help you and your vet easily identify ingredients that induce allergic reactions. 

Some brands will have rabbit as the first ingredient but mix other animal proteins into the formula including common allergens like chicken and beef.

Quality ingredients

Always choose pet foods that are comprised of quality ingredients. Wholesome and natural ingredients are safer and healthier than artificial ones. Avoid unnamed animal ingredients like meat meal, meat by-product, or animal derivatives. 

A meat meal is commonly made of poor quality animal ingredients, which could be more of the by-products of various slaughtered animals and fish. 

Free of gluten and other common food allergens

Again, if you have pups that are prone to food allergies, it’s best to do away with common allergens like corn, wheat, and soy.

Many of these ingredients are common in most dog foods. These days, there are a lot of brands that offer grain-free and gluten-free options. 

Best Rabbit Dog Food for Pets with Food Sensitivities 24
Free of artificial preservatives, flavoring, and coloring

Select dog foods with all-natural ingredients. Some artificial ingredients commonly used in cheap brands pose some health hazards to dogs.

Enhanced with essential nutrients for dogs

You can never get all the complete nutrition a dog needs in just one form of diet, including fresh and raw food. Pick the best dog foods that are fortified with essential nutrients crucial to a dog’s health. 

You’ll find it in the ingredients list if the diet is enriched with vitamins and minerals, antioxidants and probiotics, and omega fatty acids that are all highly valuable to your pooch’s overall health.

Manufactured in countries with high safety and quality standards

Pet food manufacturers are mostly in the business to make money. So many of them will maximize profits by minimizing costs, which sadly typically includes using poor quality ingredients and sub-par safety standards.

This is why there are thousands of cases of recalls in pet foods as a result of health issues and even fatalities caused by dog meals. 

The best products are those created in countries with strict quality and safety standards such as the USA, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia.

The finest ingredients are also usually sourced from these countries. It’s best to find labels that are approved by the AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials).


If you’re looking to shift your furry pal’s meal to another protein source, rabbit is a great choice. 

Whether your pup has grown tired of his regular diet or has turned into a picky eater, it is likely to suit his taste buds as rabbit meat is quite enticing to a lot of dogs.

And if your Fido has developed food sensitivities to his old brand, rabbit is an excellent novel protein to give him. 

Rabbit meat-based canine diets may be a little more costly than traditional protein sources since they’re relatively new in the market.

But it’s also an affordable option compared to wild animals or other more exotic animal food sources like buffalo, kangaroo, and alligator.

We mentioned the many advantages of rabbit as an animal ingredient in dog food. Their high-protein and low-cholesterol load make them a prime choice among animal meats. And most dog foods with rabbit are made by the more eminent pet food companies in the world.

But it's not enough to just choose a dog food with rabbit. A review of the other accompanying ingredients is also crucial in deciding which diets to give your beloved four-legged kids.

And, if your pet companions are suffering from more serious allergic symptoms, dog food change may not be sufficient to ease their condition.

It’s imperative to see the vet immediately. Some cases may require medication and extra care than just a simple diet change.

Best Rabbit Dog Food for Pets with Food Sensitivities 25

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