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8 Best Dog Food and Water Bowl Mats in 2020

There are some dogs that seem to have taken some etiquette training and can eat their food and drink their water delicately, keeping messes at a minimum. However, most pups tend to get extra excited during mealtimes and will dive into food bowls, making a mess every time they eat. If this latter part sounds familiar, you likely have a messy eater on your hands – and in your heart. The beauty of a problem is finding the solution, so if your pup is consistently making a mess on your floor, a food and water mat will help make your life tons easier.

Whether you are dealing with wet food drips, dry kibble crumbles, or water splashes, you can cut down your clean up time by placing a solid mat down to capture those spills. There are several components to consider when choosing the best dog mats for dog food bowls, including material, size, ease of cleaning, raised edges, and waterproofing. While some of these components may not apply to your preferences, it is important to consider them all and inform yourself on the best available options on the market. With this guide, you will be supplied with these important aspects to consider, along with some top recommendations that are not only quality but budget friendly as well.

5 Key Components to consider when looking for a Dog Food and Water Bowl Mat

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  • Material – Food and water mats are made from different materials. The most popular include rubber, plastic, and silicone. Each of these is a great option, all dependent upon your specific needs. Although the materials may differ, they are all designed to keep your floors clean and your headaches at bay! Each of these materials is easy to clean – mats are designed in different ways so while you may have a preferred material, the functional aspect of the mat is likely to win you over.
  • Size – Your pet’s size will affect whether or not you are going to use a small or large mat. Some small breed dogs will be a lot more dainty with their eating habits, however, larger, ravenous pups will want to devour their meals enthusiastically, creating lots of messes. (If you are a big pup parent, you know exactly what that looks like!) The ideal mat will be large enough to hold your pet’s food and water bowls and give way for spills along the way. Consider your pet’s needs and move forward with a mat that will be enough to cover all spills.
  • Ease of Cleaning – Some of the best mats have ridges or bumps on their surface to keep food and water bowls from moving around. This is a great feature not only because of its ability to keep bowls from shifting, but also because those ridges or bumps can trap food and keep water from reaching the floor. However, this design can also make wiping a little bit more difficult. If you are looking for convenience and ease, choose an option that is dishwasher safe. Otherwise, a good rinse under water in the sink will suffice! In addition to raised bumps or ridges on the surface of a placemat, most mats will also offer a non-skid bottom. This will prevent your pup from dragging the mat across the floor during an enthusiastic mealtime.
  • Raised Edge – Most quality mats are designed with a raised edge. This offers extra protection, containing any and all spills created after mealtimes. Without a raised edge, extra heavy spills will eventually leak onto the floors you are so keen on protecting. If your pup does not generally create a large mess and you are just looking for a mat to hold food and water bowls, you may find that a raised edge is not necessary. However, if your pup is well known as a messy eater, this is an important consideration when selecting the right mat. Choosing a mat with a raised edge offers that extra protection you may be looking for.
  • Waterproofing – This is a crucial aspect of a good mat. If the mat you are considering is not waterproof, try for another option that is. Keep in mind that water resistant is not the same as waterproof. If a mat is only water resistant, it will be able to handle a few splashes but not full spills.  A waterproof mat will keep moisture and food residue from reaching the floors you want to keep clean. With a waterproof mat, your floors are safe from water damage or mold buildup.

BarksBar Original Silicone Pet Feeding Mat

8 Best Dog Food and Water Bowl Mats in 2020 9

Key Features:

  • Made with FDA-grade non-toxic silicone
  • Hypoallergenic and BPA free product
  • Easy cleaning
  • Raised outer lip
  • Dot pattern grips food and water bowls

Overall Best Dog Food Mat  – This silicone feeding mat by BarksBar is made to keep your floors clear of food and water messes during your pet’s mealtime. It has a “gripper-dot” pattern on the silicone material that prevents feeding bowls from sliding and spilling over. It is non-toxic, made with human-grade silicone, and its BPA-free, which makes it safe for your household.

This mat is flexible and can be folded or rolled to make storing it easy. Its surface makes cleaning near effortless, allowing you to wipe and clear it of any debris in an easy to maintain fashion. In addition, it is large enough to hold a medium-sized food bowl and a medium-sized water bowl side by side.


  • Flexible material that is easy to clean
  • Keeps your floors free of spills
  • BPA-free and non-toxic
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Could be too small for large breed dogs that require bigger food bowls

PetRageous Designs Pet Paws Placemat, Black, Regular

8 Best Dog Food and Water Bowl Mats in 2020 10

Key Features:

  • Surface of mat is easy to wipe clean
  • Keeps water and splashes off your floor
  • Neutral black and white design

Most Affordable Dog Food Placemat  – This placemat by PetRageous keeps your ravenous pet’s meals off your beautiful floors. It is black and white with paw prints that can fit with any décor. It is designed to stay still while your pet chomps into his favorite dinner. It is also great for capturing splashes when your pet is looking to quench his thirst.

Whether your pet is into wet food or dry food, kibbles and wet food spills will be captured by this mat. It has a surface that is easy to wipe clean – or you can run it under the sink for a quick rinse-off. It is 12 inches by 19 inches, a great size for not only holding two bowls, but also to capture messy eater spills.


  • Easy to clean surface
  • Keeps messes off your floors
  • Neutral design for any household


  • Plastic material, though easy to clean, will not absorb any wet messes

6 More Top Rated Mats for Dog Food and Water Bowls

Van Ness Dinner Mat, Color Varies

8 Best Dog Food and Water Bowl Mats in 2020 11

This dinner mat by Van Ness is non-skid with a raised rim design that is able to contain spills from wet food, dry kibbles, and water. It is resistant against stains and odors, making it ideal for long-term use. The heavy-duty silicone material makes it perfect for any environment, whether you keep your pet’s food and water bowls inside or outside.

Mr. Peanut's Dog & Cat Placemat, Gray

8 Best Dog Food and Water Bowl Mats in 2020 12

This placemat by Mr. Peanut’s Dog & Cat is an idyllic solution for keeping pet messes off your floor. It was designed with keeping your floors clean in mind with a 1.2 inch raised perimeter. It is made with a leak-proof polymer and an anti-slip bottom that makes sure it stays in place, even during exciting mealtimes. The design of this product makes it versatile so purchasing multiples could serve different purposes. For instance, since it is easy to clean and can contain messes, it can be great for using under your pet’s litter box. This placemat is meant to protect your floors and you can create adaptable ways to do just that!

JW Pet Stay in Place Mat for Dogs & Cats, Color Varies

8 Best Dog Food and Water Bowl Mats in 2020 13

JW Pet Stay’s placemat has a skid stop technology that prevents it from shifting around where you place it. Not only does it keep its place on the floor, it also keeps food and water bowls from sliding around with its raised bump design. It is made of silicone that is not only durable but also very easy to clean. This flexible material makes the cleaning process simple, even if food has dried over the course of a day. A simple rinse or wipe is made simpler with the malleability of this product.

Pet Parade Non-Skid Dog Bowl Tray

8 Best Dog Food and Water Bowl Mats in 2020 14

Keeping messes off your clean floors is made easy with this non-skid tray by Pet Parade. It has a raised outer lip that keeps all water and food spills contained. Plus, it has a non-skid bottom that keeps it from moving all over the floor while your favorite pet devours his meals. Not only does this product have an outer raised lip, it also has an outer trench that can be filled with water to keep pesky bugs from reaching your pet’s food. When it’s time to clean this tray, you can just pop it into the dishwasher!

Petmate Brushed Nickel Replendish Food & Water Placemat

8 Best Dog Food and Water Bowl Mats in 2020 15

This placemat by Petmate takes a high-tech approach to keeping pet spills from affecting your floors. It is made with a rubberized material that has interior ribs to keep food and water spills from spreading outward and onto your polished floors. These small grooves on the placemat trap spills but are also easy to clean. There are multiple sizes available to keep small or large bowls from spilling over. Plus, this product stays put wherever you place it.

Omega Paw Hungry Pet Bone Mat for Dogs & Cats

8 Best Dog Food and Water Bowl Mats in 2020 16

Pet mealtimes get messy. Omega Paw knows this. That is why they created this uniquely designed mat that not only has a raised outer edge to contain any spills, but also looks good while doing so. This mat will help you keep your floors clean day in and day out, whether your pet is enjoying a meal or just lapping up water to stay hydrated. The material is non-slip and will keep your pet from repositioning his feeding area. It is easy to clean, whether you want to wipe it down or just run it under water in your sink. This design is meant to make your life just a little easier.


Pups are easy to love – they wag their tails in excitement at the sight of your presence, love and comfort you endlessly no matter what your days bring, and provide you with a sense of safety and companionship. Not everything pets do is favorable, however, and messy eaters can leave you a bit frustrated. Pups eat at least twice a day and that means twice the cleanup on top of your other responsibilities. It doesn’t have to be so hard. Food and water bowl placemats are meant to take that extra stress off your plate.

A durable material means your pet will have a great product to eat from and it also means you do not have to keep investing in cleaning products for extra messes. Some placemats will have a raised edge and those are perfect for larger pups that require extra room to do their devouring. If your pup is a small breed, the extra space or raised edges may not be required. Moisture can be very damaging, especially for wood floors, and having a mat to place down will help to protect your floors. A product that is dishwasher safe makes it ultra-simple to maintain cleanliness. There are many options available on the market and the ones listed above are all tried, true, and tested. We hope you find the right match for you, no matter your needs or décor, because the options listed above can cover it all!


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