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6 Must-Know Facts About The Isabella French Bulldog & More

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Isabella French Bulldog

The Isabella French Bulldog is one Frenchie that any avid French Bulldog fan would want to get their hands on. Like all the other French Bulldogs, this dog boasts a big personality in a small yet muscular package. The difference? Unlike most, its color is something you won’t see every day. 

If you’re among the many dog lovers who've been dreaming to have one for a pet, then you’re in luck. Besides giving you all the need-to-know facts about this sought-after dog breed, you can also expect to learn why the Isabella Frenchies are among the most talked about of their kind, plus a lot more.

French Bulldog Breed: What You Need To Know

The French Bulldog is among the most-loved dog breeds in the doggo kingdom, and it’s easy to see why. This dog truly looks irresistible with its wrinkled face, captivating round eyes, and large pointy bat ears. And did I mention their spellbinding happy expressions?

Now, given their size, they are obviously not your ideal guard dogs. But they promise to be great companions. If you think these dogs exhibit the same Napoleon syndrome as other small dogs, think again. 

Look past their adorable flat faces and small build, and you’ll find their playful, affectionate, and everyone-is-my-best friend attitude uber charming. Not just that, French bulldogs are also adaptable and alert, making them reliable watchdogs for city-dwellers. 

And if you’re worried that they’ll have a barking session that will keep you and your neighbors up all night, don’t be. The French Bulldog is not your typical small dog that loves to bark at anything and everyone.

Common French Bulldog Coat Colors

While it’s true that French Bulldogs come in different colors and patterns, only a few are recognized by the American Kennel Club. This includes:

  • Cream
  • White
  • Fawn (may range from light to red fawn)
  • Or any combination of the colors mentioned above
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What Is An Isabella French Bulldog?

The Isabella French Bulldog, which is sometimes known as the Isabella Frog Dog, is the rarest French bulldog color, although there are a couple of them. Like the merle and platinum French Bulldog, the Isabella is considered among the rarest variations in the Frenchie realm. 

These French Bulldogs show off a dusty pale grayish brown coat. They also have light-colored eyes and noses.

Isabella Color Explained

In the canine world, the Isabella is a unique coloration and is rarely seen in dogs, in general, except for other dogs like the Weimaraner and Slovakian pointer. It’s a color unique to French Bulldogs and other breeds like Border Collies, Dachshunds, and German Shepherds. Why so?

To understand, we need to get to the bottom of it by looking into the Isabella-coated dog’s genetic makeup. 

Deemed as the rarest color combination, an Isabella French Bulldog carries the genotype dd, aka the “blue gene.” A pair of these dilution genes from the D-locus will give a black coat a light blue hue. The same recessive gene will give a dog’s eyes, paw pads, and nose a lighter color (think pink skin and light blue to light brown eyes).

Besides the dilution genes, the Isabella Frenchie also carries the chocolate gene or a pair of genes from the B-locus, which turns the black pigment to brown. The combination of blue and chocolate gene (bbdd) gives Isabella Frenchies its beautiful pale brown coat.

6 Must-Know Facts About The Isabella French Bulldog & More 1
Image from Your Pet Planet

Lilac French Bulldog Vs Isabella French Bulldog

When you search online, you’ll find a lot of articles stating that the Isabella French Bulldogs and Lilac French Bulldogs are one and the same. But the truth is, they’re not exactly alike. A closer look will show that a Lilac French Bulldog has a darker shade compared to its Isabella counterpart.

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Although a Lilac French Bulldog, sometimes known as “Lilac Clown Dog,” is also a rare variation since it also carries the rare blue gene, its genetic structure is slightly different from an Isabella Frenchie. Instead of having blue and chocolate coats, a Lilac Frenchie has a blue and cocoa or liver-colored coat – still brown but a darker shade. This gives a Lilac French Bulldog its light purple coat color.

In addition, Isabella French Bulldogs’ chocolate gene is testable, unlike those found in Lilac Frenchies. Because of this, breeders often call Isabella Frenchies a true lilac.

6 Things You Need To Know About The Isabella French Bulldog

Now that you know what makes an Isabella French Bully an Isabella and the difference between an Isabella and a Lilac Frenchie, here are 6 more things you need to know about this adorable creature. 

They’re Still Like Your Regular French Bulldog

Besides being part of the rarest variation, which gives these dogs their golden brown color, light brown or light blue eyes, and pinkish skin, Isabella, Blue Merle, and Lilac French Bulldogs are still like any other French Bulldog out there. 

Like their standard, non-dilute counterparts, you can expect the Blue Merle, Isabella, and Lilac Frenchies to be friendly, eager to please, affectionate, and bright.

Isabella French Bulldogs Are Not AKC-Recognized

Although rare, both the Isabella and Lilac French Bulldog variations are not AKC-recognized. Only the fawn-, cream-, or brindle-colored French Bulldogs are accepted.

Although Rare, They’re Not So Hard To Find

Thanks to today’s technology, finding rare French Bullies like a Lilac French Bulldog and Isabella French Bulldog Puppy only takes a few clicks. But since they’re sought-after and breeding these isn’t easy, you might need to line up and wait for some time before getting one.

6 Must-Know Facts About The Isabella French Bulldog & More 2
Image from Forever Puppy

Breeding French Bulldog Puppies Is Costly

Unlike other breeds that require minimal assistance when doing their thing, French Bulldogs (given their tiny yet massive build) need help. 

Whether you have a lilac, an isabella, or a regular one, they’ll require artificial insemination to breed. They will also need to have a C-section when giving birth.

They’re Pricier Than Regular French Bulldogs

Given its rarity and complex breeding process, you can expect the puppies of this type to cost a lot.

To give you an idea, the average price of a standard French Bulldog is around $1500+. Isabella French Bulldog puppies, on the one hand, cost around $4500 to $15000. If puppies are sold with breeding rights and are bred from recognized bloodlines, you can expect the cost to increase. The same goes for Lilac Frenchies. 

Like Other Frenchies, They’re Susceptible To Health Problems

Puppies of this color are often believed to be susceptible to health problems like color dilution alopecia because of the recessive blue gene. However, this isn’t always the case. This condition usually appears when a puppy has a faulty dilute gene. 

Truth be told, most puppies of rare colors like lilac and isabella (especially those bred by respectable breeders) are born healthy. But like any other French bullies and brachycephalic dogs. Isabella and Lilac Frenchies are prone to have the following conditions:

  • Respiratory problems
  • Cherry eye
  • Hips dysplasia
  • Immune disorders

What To Do When Buying Isabella French Bulldog Puppies 

Planning to buy a rare-colored Frenchie puppy? Since these are pricey, you’d want to make sure that you’re getting your money’s worth by being extra finicky. 

Whether you’re looking for a blue merle, lilac, or isabella puppy, you’d want to buy from a reputable breeder that prioritizes the puppies’ health above all else. This way, you know for sure that you’re getting a high-quality, healthy pup. 

Besides that, don’t hesitate to ask for documents like the dog’s DNA test. You might also want to check the puppies’ parents. This way, you know for sure that the dog you're planning to get is indeed the rare kind that you’re expecting.

6 Must-Know Facts About The Isabella French Bulldog & More 3
Image from French Coast Bullies

How To Take Care Of Your Isabella-Colored Frenchie

Same with other dog breeds, an Isabella Frenchie will require loads of TLC, visits to the vet, plus…

Grooming. To get rid of loose fur and to help distribute coat oils. Doing so will help keep your dog’s coat neat and shiny.

Complete and well-balanced diet. Whether you’re planning to give your pup a dry, wet, or raw diet, ensure that it's made of wholesome ingredients. It’s also best to avoid giving your dog table scraps (like cooked bones). If you want to reward them, give ‘em a high-quality treat instead.

Playdates. If you think they’re couch potatoes that love to lounge all day long, you’re wrong. They love to run around and are pretty agile. Let them go through a dog agility course sometime and be impressed.

Early socialization. Although they’re generally affectionate, Frenchies tend to be territorial. Teaching your dogs to socialize while they’re young will help minimize this. 

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Final Thoughts

Isabella or not, a French Bulldog is still a French Bulldog regardless of color. If you’re mainly on the lookout for a furry companion, then any Frenchie will do. 

It’s a different story, though, if you’re getting one for breeding. Of course, you’d want to ensure you’re getting a true lilac or Isabella. So, be extra cautious. Don’t buy it because it’s cheap. Often, those come with a lot of problems. 

Whether you’re buying locally or out of state, make sure to buy from an ethical, reputable breeder. Do your due diligence and don’t be afraid to ask.

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