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Want A Platinum French Bulldog? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

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Want A Platinum French Bulldog? Here’s Everything You Need To Know 1

Frenchies, in general, look so adorable. But you’ll probably find the rare-colored ones even more captivating – like the platinum French Bulldog. 

This unique French Bulldog color can easily be confused with the regular cream French Bulldog. As such, it’s important to know what makes them different, and everything else in between. 

After all, eccentric French Bulldogs are uber expensive. So it’s understandable if you want to make sure that the French Bulldog puppy you're planning to get your money’s worth.

And you know what? You’ve come to the right page. 

A lover of French Bulldogs, Dog Food Guide is here to reveal all you need to know about these Frenchies – from their DNA, the different types of platinum French Bulldogs, and more.

Must-Know French Bulldog Facts

When it comes to popularity, you can count on the French Bulldog breed to be part of the A-listers. Search for the most popular dog breeds (whether in the USA or the whole world), you’ll always find these miniature bulldogs in the top 10. 

So why are these small yet muscular four-legged dogs with their large bat ears more popular than other dogs?

French Bulldogs are adaptable and do not mind living in a tiny space like an apartment. This makes Frenchies an excellent companion for city-dwellers

Besides that, training them is easy and they’re also good around other people (even kids) and other pets. On top of that, they’re also quite alert, making them great watchdogs.

Standard French Bulldog Colors & Markings

Although French Bulldogs come in various coat colors and markings, not all are recognized by AKC. Surprisingly, a lot of the hard-to-find French Bulldog colors and markings are not approved.

Curious about the acceptable colors for French Bulldogs? Here they are:

  • White
  • Cream
  • Fawn (ranging from light fawn to a red fawn)
  • Or any combination of the abovementioned French Bulldog colors

When it comes to French Bulldog coat marking or pattern, only the following are accepted:

  • Brindle
  • Pied
  • Black masks
  • Black shadings
  • White markings

Given the above details, you're probably wondering about other French Bulldog colors like fawn tan, blue fawn, a black Frenchie with tan points, or a blue French bulldog, as well as a brindle-free solid black Frenchies and merle. All of these are not accepted. 

Frenchies with blue or green eyes or even just traces of those two colors are also disqualified. What's more, a fluffy Frenchie is also disqualified because only the short, smooth-coated French Bulldogs are recognized.

What Is A Platinum French Bulldog

Now, let’s find out what the platinum French Bulldog color is and what makes it so rare and special.

A platinum French Bulldog looks like your average cream French Bulldog. However, instead of a black nose, black paw pads, and dark eyes, these eccentric French Bulldogs are considered a diluted version (think lighter eye color, pinkish paw pads, lips, and nose).

Given these traits, some might say that they look similar to an albino. But unlike albinos, this  Frenchie color retains its shiny coat, which has a somewhat silver sheen.

The Platinum French Bulldog Color & Its Rare DNA Color Palette

So what makes this French Bulldog color rare when it looks a lot like your standard cream Frenchie? The secret lies in their DNA.

Unlike your average cream French Bulldog or other common French Bulldogs colors, a platinum French Bulldog color’s DNA profile is unique. It includes 3 recessive pairings – two of which are always present. These are:

Cream (ee)

The cream color from the E-locus is a gene that a Frenchie MUST HAVE to be called “platinum.” These unique dogs often carry a double cream gene (ee). Interestingly, A dog that carries any copies of the cream gene will show a cream color.

Blue (dd)

Another recessive gene that a French Bulldog must have to be considered a platinum French Bulldog color is the blue gene, which is found in the D locus. The blue French Bulldog carries two copies of the dilute d allele giving the blue French Bulldog a somewhat grayish hue. 

The blue gene (dd) mixed with the cream gene (ee) results in an equally-beautiful champagne French Bulldog color. This coat color, however, is not considered platinum. 

For a French Bulldog color to be qualified, it has to have another recessive pairing. It can carry both or either one of the following genes.

Cocoa (coco)

Previously called a non-testable variant, this now-testable phenotype is found in the C-locus and is similar to the brown coat color but darker. 

Chocolate (bb)

If not the cocoa gene, platinum French Bulldogs can also carry another recessive gene – the chocolate (bb) gene. This is found in the B-locus. 

Platinum French Bulldog
Image from: Blue Coat French Bulldogs

3 Types Of Platinum French Bulldog Colors

Yes, you guessed it right. The French Bulldog's coat color will vary depending on the DNA color combination that they carry. Here are the 3 types..

Lilac Platinum French Bulldog

A lilac and an Isabella French Bulldog are already hard to find. These dogs’ DNA structures include the chocolate genotype plus the dilute dd genotype. 

However, a lilac Platinum French Bulldog carries the blue gene and the cream gene. And instead of the chocolate gene, the lilac dogs carry the cocoa gene.

The average price for lilac platinum French bulldog puppies is $6500.

Isabella Platinum French Bulldog

Unlike the already-rare lilac platinum French Bulldog’s DNA color combination, a platinum Isabella French Bulldog carries both the blue and cream gene and the chocolate gene. They’re rarer than the lilac platinum, making these Platinum French Bulldog puppies a lot more expensive (around $12000).

Newshade Platinum French Bulldog

If you think that the Isabella Platinum French Bulldog is already pricey, think again. Among the three, the newshade is the most expensive French Bulldog color. This is because its DNA profile does not only carry 3 recessive gene pairings but 4.

A newshade’s DNA includes all the genes mentioned above – cream, blue, cocoa, and chocolate. Price-wise, Frenchie puppies with this color costs around $15000.

Other Platinum Frechie Variations

Now, if you want more choices, here are two other rare kinds of Frenchie dog variations that you might want to check out.

Fluffy Platinum French Bulldog

As the name suggests, these aren’t your usual short-haired Frenchies. Carriers of the “Fluffy Bulldog” genes, you can expect these to cost around $15000.

Fluffy Merle Platinum French Bulldog

Frenchies with the merle pattern are already rare. Fluffy merle platinum Frenchies, however, are extremely rare. 

When it comes to price, puppies of this kind cost more. It is clearly among the most expensive French Bulldog colors since it costs around $50000.

Want A Platinum French Bulldog? Here’s Everything You Need To Know 2
Image from: Animal Corner

What To Expect From Your Platinum Frenchie

Except for the rare French Bulldog color, these cuties are much like your average French Bulldog. They’re still lovable and friendly. They’re also prone to various health issues like cherry eye and autoimmune skin disorders. 

However, if you want us to nitpick, here are a few things to anticipate when you search for a French Bulldog puppy for sale with this color.

They’re Sold With A High Price Tag

As seen above, these dogs are not cheap. Puppies with extremely rare shades are a lot more expensive. Also, the price increases when top-quality puppies are sold with breeding rights and recognized bloodlines.

They’re Less Aggressive Than A Regular Frenchie

Compared to your regular fawn or cream Frenchie, they say that these French Bulldogs are much less energetic and aggressive. This makes them a suitable companion for families with small children.

They’re Not AKC-Recognized

Brindle, pied, and black-masked white, cream, and fawn French Bulldogs with light brown to black eyes are the only acceptable ones. Other color combinations (like a cream French Bulldog puppy with light-colored eyes) are not AKC-recognized. 

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How To Ensure That The Puppy Your Eyeing Is High-Quality?

An average Joe or Jane will have a hard time distinguishing Platinum puppies from non-platinum Frenchie puppies. And since puppies of this kind come with a high price tag, it’s always better to be extra picky. How?

Besides checking the eyes and the paw pads, always search for and buy from responsible, reputable, ethical breeders. Asking for a DNA test from the breeder is also a good idea since you need to make sure that the dog or puppy carries 3 recessive pairings. Besides that, you might want to visit a vet and have the puppy checked to make sure that the puppy is healthy. 

Want A Platinum French Bulldog? Here’s Everything You Need To Know 3
Image from: Preloved UK

Final Thoughts

If you’re not a breeder and you’re just in search of a pet, any Frenchie will do. Like the platinum-colored ones, Frenchies in general (even the regular-colored Brindle), are cute on the outside and warm on the inside.

However, if you’re a breeder who would like to increase his or her chances of breeding unique-colored Frenchies, the Platinum French Bulldog is a great choice given the multiple colors it carries.  Of course, it also comes with a lucrative price.

So be extra wary. If the Frenchie puppies are for sale at such a low price, consider this a red flag. It does not hurt to ask for all the needed documents to make sure that the breeders are reputable. The same applies whether you’re on the search for a merle, pied, or brindle French Bulldog puppy.

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