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Corgi Husky Mix – A Pet Lover’s Guide to the Fluffiest Breed Ever

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Corgi Husky Mix

Depending on what’s more dominant, a Corgi Husky Mix may look like a miniature Siberian Husky or a larger than usual light brown Corgi with striking gray eyes. So, if you are torn between a Husky and a Corgi, and you simply love the qualities of both dog breeds, then, you might as well get a Husky Corgi Mix. 

Corgi Husky puppies are short, strong, and stocky. They are little in stature, have a medium-length coat, and are quite likable with their larger-than-life personalities. Puppies of Siberian Husky-Corgi crossbreeds are energetic, fun-loving, and excellent watch dogs.

Although they are too active to be amazing lap dogs or apartment dogs, they have the potential to make a good family pet for busy homes with the time to devote to exercise, training, and grooming.

In this article, you will learn more about this adorable breed, and whether or not your lifestyle and personal preferences would suit them.

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Breed At A Glance:

  • Size: 13 to 15 inches in height
  • Weight: 20 to 50 pounds
  • Lifespan: 12 to 15 years
  • Energy Level: Active but not aggressive; needs regular mental and physical stimulation
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Breed Overview

The Corgi Husky Mix, also known as the Horgi, Corgsky or Siborgi, is a cross between a Pembroke Welsh Corgi or a Cardigan Welsh Corgi parent and a Siberian Husky. Just like with other mixed breeds, it can be hard to predict how would Horgi puppy look like as an adult.

Will the pup’s Siberian Husky lineage manifest more than his Corgi bloodline? Well, only time can tell. Nonetheless, what we know for sure is that this adorable mixed breed puppy would make a great family pet, not just because of its cuteness, but more so because of its personality.  

Corgi Husky Mixes are active, gentle, free spirited, friendly, and intelligent, which makes them great companions and highly trainable dogs that can take the role of a good guard dog.

The American Kennel Club (AKC) recognizes both the Corgi and the Husky, but not the Corgi Husky Mix. The American Canine Hybrid Club and the Designer Breeds Registry both do not yet recognize it, too.

History of the Corgi Husky Mix Puppy

With the popularity of its parent breeds, it’s not surprising how this adorable designer breed has come about. In fact, what comes as a shock is its relatively young age compared with other breed combinations.

Whether you believe it or not, the Corgi Husky Mix has only been around for 25 years. And its growing popularity is again expected, given the global fame of its purebred parents.

Both Corgis and Huskies are often utilized to produce several mixed breed dog mixes and both possess great traits that can be passed along to their surviving litter.

However, despite the popularity and elite status of its parents, a Husky Corgi Mix or a Horgi is not recognized by the American Kennel Club for the simple reason that it is a hybrid dog, and not a purebred. Hence, these adorable pups don't have a breed standard.

Breed Origin

The Husky Corgi Mix is pretty much a new breed, which makes it difficult to know exactly where it came from. However, by looking at the history of the Corgi and Siberian Husky parents, we can have a better perspective on the Horgi.

Both the Siberian husky and the Cardigan or Pembroke Welsh Corgi are working and herding dog breeds, with the Pembroke and Cardigan, employed in breeding. Having descended from these two breeds, we can say that Horgis can also be used for herding.

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The Cardigan and the Pembroke Welsh Corgi are two of the canine breeds with the longest histories in Britain. The Corgi was recognized by the UK Kennel Club in the 1920s. Sometime in 1933, a US breeder imported the first Pembroke to the country.

Huskies, on the other hand, are descendants of the Taymyr wolves. The Husky is well recognized for being a snow dog. The Chukchi people of Siberia, who used their Huskies to transport supplies, were the first to breed them. They were brought to Alaska during the 20th century to be used as sled dogs for the Gold Rush, and they quickly gained popularity.

In 1930, when the Soviet government closed the borders, the last Siberian Husky was shipped from Siberia, but the breed survived and flourished in North America. In 1930, the AKC granted them recognition.

Corgi Husky Mix Appearance

Size-wise, a Horgi looks like a tiny version of a Husky. And from such a distinctive feature we can say that most Husky Corgi mixes take after their Corgi parent when it comes to their looks. However, based on their coat, we can say that most Horgis take the color of their Siberian Husky parent.

Corgi Husky mixes have short legs, long back, and bigger ears and their bodies are low to the ground. They usually have a gray and white coat with black accents. Their tails are normally long, raised, curled, and bushy, which are typical for Siberian Huskies.

They feature upright fox-like ears on top of their heads, almond-shaped eyes, and fox-like head. These dogs have a straight back and can appear to be fairly stocky. As mentioned earlier, the average Horgi weighs between 20 and 50 pounds and stands 13 to 15 inches tall.

Corgi Husky Mix – A Pet Lover’s Guide to the Fluffiest Breed Ever 1
Image from Dog Advisory Council

Coat Appearance and Color

The Corgi Husky Mix often has a very thick double coat with a long top coat and dense undercoat. Its coat can occasionally be dense and straight like the coat of a Husky, but it is more likely to be long and thick like that of a Corgi. Additionally, these dogs shed a lot, especially during the shedding season, making them an unsuitable breed for people who have allergies. 

A Horgi’s coat may be red, fawn, sable, or tan just like the world-renowned Corgi, or it can also be black, grey, or agouti, which is reflective of its Siberian Husky lineage. They can either have a singular color, or a tri-color similar to the globally-popular Corgi.

Additionally, these adorable pups can also sport a Husky “mask,” as well as some white markings that can both be seen on Corgis and Huskies.

Corgi Husky Mixed Breed Puppy Personality

Horgis are known for being very loyal and beautiful like their purebred Siberian Husky and Corgi parents. They are sweet, intelligent, and very playful, and they do possess some unique qualities.

Usually a family dog, the Horgi is very friendly and can be less dangerous to strangers because it is less intimidating. Hence, this tiny adorable dog may not be a perfect watchdog for that reason. However, it can be trained to be one considering its high intelligence.

Corgi Husky Mix Temperament

A Corgi mixed with a Siberian Husky pup, as well as other mixed breed dogs, may have unpredictable traits and temperament that can be influenced by both of their parents’ lineage.

The Corgi is a generally amiable breed that rarely exhibits shyness or aggression. Due to their tendency to be exceedingly sociable with everyone they meet, they do not make very good watch dogs.

Although the Siberian Husky is mostly recognized for its high energy level and alertness, it is also a highly sociable breed. Some people may also find them a little too adventurous for their way of life and living conditions. 


Corgi husky mix puppies shed as much as their Corgi and Husky parents. Hence, you need to groom them at least once a day, especially during the shedding season. You will also need to vacuum more frequently than usual if you have a Horgi in your home to handle its shedding.

Additionally, you should brush your pup frequently, ideally every day. Having said this, it is not advisable for people with asthma to get a Horgi as a pet.

Regularly grooming your Siborgi’s coat will help in loosening dead hairs and in keeping his coat in prime condition at all times. Never clip the Horgi's coat since it serves as a barrier that keeps them safe and warm.

Horgi also needs a decent bath once every 1 to 2 months. And if you are the one bathing your dog, you need to be extra patient since a Horgi’s coat is resistant to water. Shampoo should only be used during routine maintenance if the hair is extremely unclean. And you should invest in a good dog shampoo to ensure that your pup’s coat is always soft, shiny, and healthy.

Aside from occasional bathing and regular grooming, you also need to trim your Horgi’s nails regularly before they get too long. This can make your pup comfortable and it can also prevent him from hurting himself or other animals or people in the house.

However, you should make sure not to trim the nails too much because it can hurt your dog and it can also cause his paws to bleed. If you are not yet comfortable trimming your dog’s nails, it’s best to bring him to an expert dog groomer.

And just like us, humans, as well as other pets, a Horgi’s teeth should also be brushed regularly with dog toothpaste or baking soda and water twice a week. This can help prevent teeth and gum problems, and bad breath, and ultimately help promote good dental health. Additionally, you should check your pup’s ears regularly by wiping them with a moist cotton ball every day.

Corgi Husky Mix – A Pet Lover’s Guide to the Fluffiest Breed Ever 2
Image from Pet Ventures Book

Common Health Issues

Just like any other dog breed, a Horgi may be born with a hereditary disorder or eventually develop common ailments that his purebred parents also have. And just like other dogs, a Corgi Husky mix is prone to different health issues that can come out sooner or later whether or not his health is maintained in prime condition through proper diet and exercise.

Below are some of the common health problems that Horgi’s are at risk of having:


Obesity is one of the common health issues of this mix.  However, by keeping an eye on your pup's weight, exercising, and controlling portion sizes, this problem can be easily controlled and avoided.

Hip Dysplasia

This is a deformity of the hip that develops during a pup’s growth and development. The problem starts with the lack of uniformity in the growth of the head of the femur and the socket. As a result, the thighbone doesn’t fit perfectly into the hip joint. A dog with hip dysplasia can experience pain or lameness on one or both of his back legs.

Von Willebrand’s Disease

This is a hereditary blood disorder that affects a dog’s clotting process. It occurs due to the deficiency in a certain protein in the blood, called the von Willebrand factor. This protein helps platelets in sticking to damaged or injured surfaces to form a clot and prevent bleeding.

Since canines with this condition have a deficiency in this clothing factor, they are more prone to prolonged or excessive bleeding after an injury. Other symptoms of this genetic blood disorder include bloody urine, bleeding gums or nose, blood in the stool, bruising, prolonged bleeding, or excessive bleeding after surgery.  

Degenerative Myelopathy

This is an irreversible, and fatal neurodegenerative canine disorder that affects older and senior dogs. It results in paralysis of the back limbs and can progress to paralysis of all limbs. Dogs with this condition can eventually lose control of their legs, bladder, and bowels.

At present, there is still no effective treatment for this condition. However, managing and treating concurrent problems such as hip dysplasia or arthritis can provide pain relief and promote comfort. Symptoms of degenerative myelopathy include wobbling, difficulty walking, easily falling over when pushed, falling when standing or walking, and abnormally worn toenails.

Aside from these health risks, Corgi Husky Mix is also prone to having:

  • Eye problems such as glaucoma, corneal dystrophy, cataracts, and progressive retinal atrophy
  • Skin problems
  • Back problems
  • Epilepsy
  • Diabetes
  • Congenital heart diseases such as Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA)
Corgi Husky Mix – A Pet Lover’s Guide to the Fluffiest Breed Ever 3
Image from World Dog Finder

How to Care For a Husky and Corgi Mix Pup

Exercise Requirements

Siberian Huskies and Corgis have high energy because both are active working breeds. Hence, exercise should be a major part of a Horgi’s daily activities. This won’t only help in promoting long and healthy life, but it can also keep them physically and mentally entertained. Chances are, if Horgis are bored, they can be destructive. And sedentary lifestyle can also increase their chances of developing weight-related ailments.

Engaging your active dog in moderate activities every day is enough. You can play fetch with your pup, play wrestling, cuddle with him, chase him, or do pretty much anything that you can do to keep him entertained without exhausting him.

You can also take your dog on regular daily walks. However, keep in mind that until your Corgi Husky Mix has been completely leash trained, prepare to deal with a lot of abrupt stopping and bolting. Husky Corgi Mixes have a propensity to explore and chase anything that piques their curiosity.

It's worth noting, though, that due to their short legs and lengthy backs, it's crucial not to overexert them while they're growing. Overtraining during growth might lead to trauma. Try to take your puppy for a 5-minute walk for every month of their life. For instance, if your puppy is 6 months old, you should take him for a 30-minute walk.

Living Conditions

Horgis make excellent family dogs since they are happy, playful canines. They are friendly and kind, and children would adore playing with them. Because of their cute size, they can also live and thrive in an adequately-sized apartment.

And considering their active and playful nature, it's also important that these dogs have regular outdoor exercise, or better yet, access to an outdoor space, such as a backyard. 

Diet & Nutrition

Horgis have a huge appetite, and with their size, it is so easy for them to overeat. And another thing, it is not a secret that obesity is somewhat harder to spot in dwarf dog breeds since most of the time those with healthy weight look the same as those who are overweight. Hence, to be on the safe side, you should monitor your dog’s food intake and avoid free feeding him. Instead, you must establish regular feeding schedules every day.

More importantly, for miniature dog breeds, the quality of the food should always be a priority. You can contact your veterinarian so he can assess your dog and advise you regarding your dog’s required daily caloric intake based on his size and activity level.

Generally, you should feed your dog with high-quality dog food that offers complete and balanced nutrition. If possible, you should stick to dog foods that are high in protein, low in fat, and with an appropriate amount of carbohydrates. You should stay away from fillers like corn and potatoes.


Training a Horgi is a really difficult endeavor that is not for the faint of heart. The Horgi's temperament may need to be taken into account by novice dog owners, especially when it displays its husky side.

Given their reputation for demanding strong leadership from their owners just like their Husky parent, Horgis must be treated with firmness, positivity, and consistency if you want to achieve the most favorable results. 

The Husky Corgi Mix responds best, like other dogs, to positive reinforcements, which include verbal compliments and rewards. Never lose your temper or become impatient with your dog while training. They might not comprehend what is going on, which will make them unwilling to learn. 

Repetition-based conditioning is a crucial part of training your Horgi. This does not imply that he is a slow learner. Your Horgi may be just acting out or being obstinate. Hence, you need to be patient, yet firm. Your pup should realize that you are still the boss and that you are not a pushover.  

Corgi Husky Mix – A Pet Lover’s Guide to the Fluffiest Breed Ever 4
Image from K9 Web

Buyer’s Guide

Both the Welsh Corgi and Siberian Husky are considered by the American Kennel Club (AKC) as part of the elite club of dog breeds. Hence, with the global fame of their purebred parents, Horgis are hot in the eyes of dog breeders. And sad to say, this dog breed is also a favorite in puppy mills because of its high market value.

If you are worried that the puppy you are about to get came from a puppy farm, make sure you grill the breeder with numerous questions. A competent breeder will have an understanding of the breed and will be concerned for the puppies. They should also allow you to see the parents, and the rest of the puppies in the litter. 

Corgi Husky Mix Price

The price of Corgi Husky puppies can fall anywhere between $300 to $1,000. This is a reasonable cost for a designer dog. And the final price can still vary depending on the breeders, as well as the location.

Finding a breeder of the Corgi Husky Mix may be challenging because it is still a relatively uncommon breed. Nevertheless, you should make sure that you are dealing with a trustworthy breeder.

Aside from the cost of the pup, you should also prepare for the other recurring expenses that you will need to spend regularly. Aside from dog food, you should also prepare for your dog’s regular veterinary checkup, deworming, vaccines, spaying/neutering procedure, and micro-chipping. Additionally, you will also need to buy other things, such as dog treats, and toys, as well as a collar, crate, and carrier.

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Is a Corgi Husky Puppy Right for You?

Without a doubt, a Corgi Husky Mix pup is so cute that you’d want to immediately take it home with you in case you randomly see one during your walk in the park, or somewhere else. And we cannot blame you for feeling that way.

However, for the welfare of the pup and your household, it’s best that you first take into consideration if this designer dog would fit your lifestyle, living condition, personality, availability, and a lot more.

The Corgi Husky Mix is popular for its liveliness and vocal abilities. But this dog probably isn't for you if you require a lot of solitude or downtime. This dog breed may also be too lively for you if you're a busy worker who prefers to work out in a gym and doesn't have time for a daily walk in the park or around your neighborhood.

On the other hand, if you enjoy taking long walks and you are the energetic type of person, a Horgi can be the perfect canine companion for you.

Additionally, you should also consider that a Horgi can shed a lot, especially during shedding season. They also have a thick and waterproof coat that can keep them warm during colder months. However, this can also make them uncomfortable in hotter conditions. And as mentioned earlier, this breed is also predisposed to several health problems.


Many people find the Husky Corgi Mix to be a delightful, loving, and lively breed that would make an excellent family pet. This designer breed is an energetic dog, so you'll need to have the stamina to keep up with them. They thrive in homes where they can join in the fun and go hiking and strolling with you. 

The Horgis can also get along well with kids and other animals, and these puppies are devoted to the people they care about. They are also highly intelligent, but they can also be hard-headed. Hence, training (obedience training, crate training, housebreaking training, and behavioral training) can also be challenging, especially for first time dog owners.

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