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The Complete Buyer’s Guide to the Corgi Beagle Mix And More

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Corgi Beagle Mix

The Corgi Beagle Mix, also known as Beagi, Corgle, Corgeagle, or Beagle Corgi Mix, is a small-sized designer dog with a big personality. This cute dog breed is created by crossing the Beagle and the Pembroke or Cardigan Welsh Corgi.

Beagi dogs are intelligent, loyal, playful, affectionate, and fun-loving companions that are suitable for a loving family with an active lifestyle.

Learn more about these silly, yet adorable dogs in this article. We’ll try to answer all of your questions from the Corgi Beagle mixes’ appearance, temperament, and grooming, to their potential health problems, exercise requirements, diet, price, and a lot more.

Breed At A Glance:

Size: 10 to 16 inches tall
Weight: 10 to 20 pounds
Energy Level: High energy levels
Lifespan: 12 to 15 years

Breed Overview

Designer dogs are becoming more and more well-liked. The advantage is that you essentially have two incredible breeds in one body. However, the disadvantage is that it can be difficult to predict their characteristics.

The Corgi Beagle Mix is a designer dog with two purebred parents – the Beagle and the Cardigan or Pembroke Welsh Corgi – both of which are cute dogs, with huge hearts and larger-than-life personalities.

Beagles have white, brown, and black coats and are distinguished by their square muzzle, floppy ears, and gumdrop nose. Typically, Corgis have short bodies, erect ears, and fluffy tails. And since the Beagis are offspring of these dogs, they are equally likely to have either pointed or floppy ears just like their Corgi parent or Beagle parent.

Moreover, Beagi puppies are also known for having long bodies and legs that are typically a little longer than those of a typical Corgi. And they appear more balanced because of their long legs.

Corgi Beagle hybrids are affectionate, alert, and playful dogs. They also get along nicely with other dogs and adore living with a large family. 

With this interesting combination, the Beagle Corgi mix puppies can inherit different distinctive physical traits and personalities from their parents.

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Parent Breeds History and Origin

Beagle Corgi Mix, also known as Beagi, Corgle, Corgeagle, or Beagle Corgi Mix, is not an easy-to-find hybrid dog. It was developed in the United States in the 1990s by crossbreeding a Beagle with a Corgi.

Just like other designer dogs, Beagle Corgi mix dogs can be unpredictable since they can inherit any qualities from their purebred parents. Hence, the best way to draw conclusions about these adorable dogs is by learning more about the background of their parents. 

The Complete Buyer’s Guide to the Corgi Beagle Mix And More 1

The Cute Corgi

The Welsh Corgi was first brought to Wales in 1107 by a craftsman from Belgium. This cute dog breed was originally used for the sole purpose of herding cattle and sheep. In the 1800s, the Corgi was divided into two breeds – the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and the Cardigan Welsh Corgi. 

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

One of the most distinctive features of this pointed-ear breed is the pressed-to-body docked tails. On rare occasions, the Pembroke may even be born without a tail.

The Pembrokes are curvier in shape yet have a narrower chest when compared to Cardigan Corgis. For Pembroke's coat, only sable, red, or a mix of the two with white markings are permissible colors. These puppies' eyes also don't have a blue hue to them.

The Pembroke has a height of 10 to 12 inches (25 to 30 cm). Males may weigh up to 30 pounds (13 kg), while females may weigh up to 28 pounds (13 kg).

Cardigan Welsh Corgi

In 1200 BC, the Cardigan Corgis were found in Ceredigion (formerly Cardiganshire), a rocky area of southwest Wales.

The broader chest, longer, more robust body, wide, low-set tail, and big, round ears are characteristics of the Cardigan Welsh Corgi. Occasionally, it may have blue eyes. Its coat can be any combination of Red and Sable with white patches, Brown, Black, and White with tan spots or patches, Blue Merle, Brown, Black and White, and White.

Its height ranges between 10.5 and 12.5 inches (27 to 32 cm). Males can weigh up to 38 pounds (17 kg), while females have a maximum weight of 34 pounds (15 kg).

Although this corgi breed is more reserved than Pembroke Corgis, that doesn't mean that they aren't sociable. They simply need to spend more time with new faces for them to be comfortable in their presence.

Both the Cardigan and Pembroke Corgi dog breeds have powerful front legs, a thick double coat, and exceptional stamina, making them excellent as early herding dogs in Wales' varied terrain.

Each of these Corgi breeds also has a positive temperament, which makes them excellent family pets or devoted companions.

The Complete Buyer’s Guide to the Corgi Beagle Mix And More 2

The Beguiling Beagle

Beagles are floppy-eared hounds that originated in England in the 1500s as small, compact hunting canines, and then were later brought to North America.

By the late 19th century, Beagles had advanced and gained widespread recognition in North America, finally rising to the position of one of the most popular breeds. Today, Beagles are still employed in groups for hunting, but they are more frequently seen as pets and household dogs. The American Kennel Club (AKC) first recognized the breed in 1885.

While it’s not commonly known, there are two varieties of the Beagle. There are those that are no taller than 13 inches (33 cm) and no heavier than 20 pounds (9 kg). Some refer to them as Pocket Beagles.

The other variety can range in height from 13 to 15 inches (33 to 38 cm) and weight from 20 to 30 pounds (9 to 14 kg), which is the breed average.

They may be renowned for being fun-loving dogs, but they also possess other qualities that make them wonderful family pets, including being lovable, humorous, and intelligent canines. It makes sense why most people favor this breed. 


The appearance of Beagle Corgi mix puppies primarily depends on the genetic composition of their parents. And since we’re pretty much familiar with how Corgis and Beagles look, we already know what to expect how their litter will look like.

The stocky body of the short to medium Corgi Beagles is noteworthy. They weigh 10 to 20 pounds and are 10 to 16 inches tall. They have small legs that are typical of the Corgi parent breed. As with any puppies, their physique could be influenced by the nutritional status of the parent breeds.

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The Beagle Corgi mixes pups have lovely faces. They have brown and hazel eyes, and they may get either the Beagle breed's long, floppy ears or the Corgi breed's short, erect ears.

The coat types and colors of Corgi Beagle mix dogs could also come in a variety of combinations, ranging from two to three colors.  You can expect Beagi puppies in shades of black, tan, fawn, white, sable, orange, and red. 

These cute dogs gradually shed their coat, and they are not hypoallergenic. So, you should pay extra attention during spring and fall when they could shed more than usual. 

Aside from their adorable look, the Corgi Beagle mixes could also easily charm you into petting them because of their thick, and soft double coat that feels wonderful to the touch.

The Complete Buyer’s Guide to the Corgi Beagle Mix And More 3
Image from: Chichu Life


Corgi Beagles have short, dense double coats that require combing two to three times a week to minimize shedding. They never need to get their fur trimmed because it doesn't grow long. To help keep their coats silky and free of unpleasant scents, they could benefit from a bath once every month or so. 

Also, every month, you should check the condition of their nails and trim them if any chips, cracks, or other sorts of damage are found. To reduce the likelihood that they will acquire gum disease, you can wash their teeth or give them dental chews. 

Examining the ears for symptoms of ear infection and wax buildup is another important step in your dog's grooming. You can clean his ears with a cotton ball and a solution made specifically for dog ears. And while you may be tempted, you should never clean your Beagi's ears with a cotton swab.

To clear dirt from the eyes, you can also use a cotton ball or microfiber cloth dipped in mineral oil. You must be careful not to wipe directly into your dog's eyes.

The Corgi-Beagle crossbreed dogs frequently sniff and use their noses. Your Corgi Beagle's nose is one of his valued assets and also one of his most vulnerable parts, so check it frequently! To prevent chapping and keep the nose healthy and hydrated, you need to use a balm or nose butter.

Personality & Temperament

The Beagle Corgi mix is an intelligent dog who seeks to comprehend what is happening around them. When it comes to the people in their family, they are thoughtful and loving. However, they can be wary of strangers, especially if they meet them outside of their homes. And because of their herding instinct, as well as hunting nature, you may find them tending or trying to herd other dogs or chasing smaller animals.

A properly-bred and trained Beagi gets along nicely with everyone it meets, including kids, family members, and strangers. And they frequently steal the show whenever they can since they adore the spotlight.

Corgi Beagles will treasure their relationship with you, but because of their need to please, they will first regard you as their master.

However, both Beagles and Corgis can be hard-headed dogs, so, your Corgi Beagle hybrid could also be a bit stubborn. No matter what you say, if they want something, they'll go after it. This is especially true if your pup was not trained when he was younger on how to behave properly and follow commands.

Additionally, you must know how to handle this crossbreed's strong prey drive in addition to the chance that it could experience separation anxiety. This means that this dog is not appropriate for households with cats or small animals.

Fortunately, this breed is intelligent and simple to train. Socialization and obedience training can begin as early as two and a half weeks.

The Complete Buyer’s Guide to the Corgi Beagle Mix And More 4
Image from: Spanish Fans Share

Common Health Issues

The Corgi Beagle mix lives anywhere between 12 to 15 years, and they are considered a healthy dog overall. However, even if they are generally healthy because of their hybrid vigor, it’s still possible for them to acquire health problems that are commonly experienced by their purebred parents.

As a parent, knowing about the potential health problems that may arise and that your dog is prone to having, can help make it easier for you to deal with these concerns if they do arise anytime in your dog’s lifetime. Here’s a list of the common health issues that a Beagi dog is predisposed to:

This breed is prone to a number of various health problems, therefore maintaining their health, having them groomed regularly (since they have a double coat of fur), and maintaining a balanced diet are crucial.

Keeping your dog’s vaccinations is also imperative to help prevent common canine diseases. Measles, rabies, and DHPP—a combination vaccine for hepatitis, parainfluenza, distemper, adenovirus, and parvovirus—are some of the vaccinations that are advised for pups.

Examining the findings of genetic testing and regularly speaking with a veterinarian will help you have a better understanding of your dog's health. And don't forget to pay special attention to the warning signs associated with the conditions mentioned above. If you notice or feel anything off, don't hesitate to consult your veterinarian. 

How to Care For a Beagle Corgi Mix Pup

Exercise & Living Conditions

Beagle-Corgi hybrid dogs have a lot of energy. To prevent damaging behaviors, you must assist them in channeling this energy. This mixed breed dog may be more prone to obesity, which could cause health issues. However, as always, obesity can be avoided with regular exercise and a proper diet.

If not sufficiently stimulated, the Corgi Beagles' intelligence and high levels of activity render them susceptible to boredom. It helps to get them involved in interactive games and activities like playing fetch, puzzles, and swimming.

Physical activity should last for at least an hour every day. A physically active dog will be less disruptive at home. If you are unable to meet the dog's exercise needs, it is advisable to hire an experienced dog walker.

As for the living conditions, Corgi Beagle dogs can live in apartments because of their small stature. However, you should provide them regular access to the outdoors for play and bathroom breaks. The typical Beagi looks forward to daily walks and frequent family outings, but they don't mind staying at home where they feel safe and comfortable.

Families of all sizes can enjoy having a Beagle/Corgi mix as a pet. These dogs happen to like children and will go to any lengths—at home or in public—to keep them safe.

What’s more, the Beagi gets along well with canines both within and outside of their living space. They have little trouble coexisting with other dogs and cats and will blend in beautifully in the dog park. 

However, they should be exposed to cats when they are still young so that they might learn not to chase them considering that they have hunting and herding instincts from their parents.

Smaller creatures like hamsters and bunnies could set off the Beagi's prey drive, leading to a risky game of chase. When living in the same home, small animals should always be watched over or kept away from them.

The Complete Buyer’s Guide to the Corgi Beagle Mix And More 5
Image from: Alpha Paw

Diet & Nutrition

Depending on their individual activity levels, these dogs can consume between 1 and 2 cups of dry commercial dog food (or the corresponding amount of wet food) daily. Whatever the food selection for the Beagi, it must start with a high-quality protein, like chicken or beef. 

Fresh fruits and vegetables should also be included for an abundance of carbohydrate energy. Excellent choices include spinach, beets, carrots, and sweet potatoes. Artificial flavors or colors of any type should not be included in their food.


Beagle and Corgi mix dogs are intelligent and eager to please their owners. However, they occasionally exhibit independence and disobedience. And their stubborn streak can make training difficult for everyone concerned. Each training session should emphasize patience and a stern yet sympathetic attitude.

The Beagi may require a bit more time to learn the commands come, sit, and stay than other breeds, but it is still very doable. Owners can always opt to work with a qualified trainer, at least initially, to make the process simpler and quicker.

Overall, proper training of a Beagi puppy can be made easier and more effective with early socialization, leash training, and the use of positive reinforcements.

Buyer’s Guide

What to Look For

You'll be happy to learn that it's simple to search for Beagi puppies for sale online. However, you must be certain that you only purchase one from an experienced and responsible breeder. And you should never deal with someone who is pressuring you to get the pup as soon as possible because chances are, he just wants to quickly dispose of the puppy for profit.

As always, a reputable breeder can provide medical and immunization records that attest to the parents' participation in genetic testing and their overall health before mating. They can also give the updated health and vaccination records of your desired puppy.

It is strongly advised to pay the breeders a personal visit. And while puppies can be purchased online, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) strongly advises against it.


Most breeders charge less than $1,000 (sometimes even around $200 to $600) for their Beagi puppies. The cost will vary depending on a number of elements, such as the history of the parent breeds, the location of the breeding, and the expenses invested by the breeder in raising the puppy you wish to buy.

Additionally, there are a lot of Beagle/Corgi hybrids in animal shelters across the nation. You can save hundreds of dollars on the expense of getting a Beagi by adopting one from a shelter.


The Beagle Corgi hybrid has a small height but a strong personality. These dogs are willing to give their care and attention in exchange for a lot of love and devotion. They can easily adapt to any kind of living space, including an apartment, home, cabin, or loft.

And while they can get along well with other dogs and cats, there’s still the risk that they may hurt the small pets in your house because of their high prey drive. However, as mentioned earlier, early socialization, as well as proper training can all help in correcting negative and potentially dangerous behaviors.

If you want an affectionate, playful, watchful, and clever dog, you may want to consider adopting or buying a Beagi. However, a fair amount of energy, affection, and patience is necessary if you want to keep up with this silly yet irresistible designer dog.

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