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10 Best Dog Food For Coonhounds: 2024 Update

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best dog food for Coonhounds

Have a Coonhound? Curious to know what the best dog foods for Coonhounds are? We got that covered, read on.

Coonhounds are sociable dogs that shine on the hunt. Their colorful braying and keen sense of smell make them great hunting companions ready to get the job done. They’re also happy just being with their people at the end of the day.


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Coonhounds can’t tolerate any excess weight, so to support life long health, they’ll need dense nutrition with plenty of protein to sustain their energy needs without empty fillers that can cause weight gain.

Let’s see what it takes to keep your Coonhound variety happy and healthy.

Why Quality Food Matters for Your Coonhound

Dense nutrition strips away all the fillers, so your Coonhound gets every building block needed for lifetime health without the risk of gaining weight.

Quality foods also contain critical substances and supplements that round out nutritional needs. Dogs that are fed diets closer to the way their omnivore ancestors would have eaten stand a better chance of having everything they need to stay happy and healthy for a lifetime.


10 Best Dog Food For Coonhounds: [year] Update 2
  • Brimming with needed nutrients
  • With proprietary K-9 strain probiotic blend
  • Encourages long-term health
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10 Best Dog Food For Coonhounds: [year] Update 4
  • Meal delivery system for dogs
  • Free from common allergens
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10 Best Dog Food For Coonhounds: [year] Update 2
  • Made from 82% - duck, organs, and bones
  • Powerful probiotic for gut health
  • Nutritious in every bite
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Best Dog Food for Coonhounds

Coonhounds need dense nutrition to keep up with their energy needs all day long. They’re sweetly affectionate but definitely an athletic breed requiring heavy exercise and plenty of room to run.

Protein supports those muscle groups, and quality carbohydrates keep energy levels consistent.

10 Best Dog Food For Coonhounds: [year] Update 7
Ollie Fresh Pet Food
  • Free from common allergens
  • Meal delivery system for dogs
  • Lamb and lamb liver are the main proteins
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10 Best Dog Food For Coonhounds: [year] Update 8
Taste of the Wild High Prairie Formula
  • Brimming with needed nutrients
  • With proprietary K-9 strain probiotic blend
  • Encourages long-term health
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10 Best Dog Food For Coonhounds: [year] Update 9
Nulo Freestyle Duck Recipe With Pears
  • Made from 82% - duck, organs, and bones
  • Powerful probiotic for gut health
  • Nutritious in every bite
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10 Best Dog Food For Coonhounds: [year] Update 10
Nom Nom Fresh Pet Food
  • Provides excellent source of nutrition
  • Mouthwatering turkey recipe
  • Comes in pre-portioned package
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10 Best Dog Food For Coonhounds: [year] Update 11
Instinct Raw Boost Healthy Weight Recipe
  • Includes bits of freeze-dried raw meat
  • Super nutritious with joint support
  • Essential nutrients from fruits and veggies
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10 Best Dog Food For Coonhounds: [year] Update 12
Blue Buffalo Wilderness Rocky Mountain Recipe
  • Provides energy all day for large breeds
  • Contains deboned beef, lamb and venison
  • Ideal option for sensitive stomachs
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10 Best Dog Food For Coonhounds: [year] Update 13
Nutro Puppy Chicken & Sweet Potato in Gravy Recipe
  • Comes in small tray for easy feeding
  • Nutrient-rich wet dog food
  • Satisfies fussy eaters
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10 Best Dog Food For Coonhounds: [year] Update 14
Now Fresh Grain-Free Puppy Recipe
  • Helps in developing bone structure
  • Reduce overall stool smell
  • Provides the ideal nutrition
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10 Best Dog Food For Coonhounds: [year] Update 15
Merrick Chicken + Sweet Potato Senior Recipe
  • Lean protein source for aging dogs
  • Healthy carbs for energy
  • Promotes good eyesight
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10 Best Dog Food For Coonhounds: [year] Update 16
Nutro Natural Choice Senior Lamb & Brown Rice Recipe
  • Simple formula, long-lasting energy
  • Keeps skin irritations in check
  • Improves joint condition
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What are the Best Dog Foods for Coonhounds?

  1. Ollie Fresh Pet Food
  2. Taste of the Wild High Prairie Formula
  3. Nulo Freestyle Duck Recipe With Pears
  4. Nom Nom Fresh Pet Food
  5. Instinct Raw Boost Healthy Weight Recipe
  6. Blue Buffalo Wilderness Rocky Mountain Recipe
  7. Nutro Puppy Chicken & Sweet Potato in Gravy Recipe
  8. Now Fresh Grain-Free Puppy Recipe
  9. Merrick Chicken + Sweet Potato Senior Recipe
  10. Nutro Natural Choice Senior Lamb & Brown Rice Recipe
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1. Ollie Fresh Pet Food

10 Best Dog Food For Coonhounds: [year] Update 17
Ollie dog food is a delicious option that is made of human-grade ingredients. Just fill out a questionnaire for your dog and receive perfectly portioned meals. Put them in your refrigerator or freezer, and they’re ready to serve when you are.

Ollie dog food is a brand of premium, fresh, and customized dog food that aims to provide a healthy and balanced diet for dogs. The company claims to use only high-quality, human-grade ingredients and to tailor the nutrition of each batch of food to the specific needs of each individual dog.

If your dog's ready for some sheep thrills, we suggest this meal centered around lamb and butternut squash. Perfect for pups with allergies, this feast also contains nutrient-dense cranberries and kale.

First Five Ingredients:

  • Lamb
  • Butternut squash
  • Lamb liver
  • Chickpeas
  • Kale

About The Company – Ollie’s fresh food is made and hand-packed in the USA. They are partners with a veterinary nutritionist to formulate their nutritionally-balanced recipes in accordance with AAFCO standards. All of their food is cooked in small batches in their USDA-regulated kitchen.


  • Each recipe is vet-formulate
  • Improved oral/dental health
  • Met AAFCO nutritional standards
  • Made from fresh, natural ingredients
  • You can customize your subscription


  • Price a bit expensive
  • Fresh pet food has a shorter shelf life compared to kibbles and canned goods

2. Taste Of The Wild High Prairie Formula

10 Best Dog Food For Coonhounds: [year] Update 18
This grain free kibble is filled to the brim with nutrients that are delivered to your pup in a formula that is highly digestible. Made from novel proteins plus antioxdants, this dry dog food promotes long term health.

A taste of the wild is exactly what your Coonhound will taste when it wharfs down a bowl of this High Prairie Formula kibble.

This Taste of the Wild dry dog food is filled to the brim with nutrients that are delivered to your pup in a formula that is easy to digest.

The recipe even includes a K-9 strain probiotic blend that further lends a hand with digestion, keeping your fur buddy comfortable after mealtime.

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The recipe is natural and includes added vitamins and antioxidants that serve to encourage long-term health. The main animal protein is real buffalo, and it is followed by roasted venison, bison, and beef – quality meats that offer just the right amount of protein that promotes the development and maintenance of lean muscle mass.

This dog food is suggested for different breed sizes, ranging from small to large and is also specially made for dogs that have entered the adult stage of their lives.

First Five Ingredients:

  • Buffalo
  • Lamb Meal
  • Chicken Meal
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Peas

About The Company – A family-owned brand, Taste of the Wild is dedicated to bringing pets the complete nutrition that nature intended for them.

Based on a dog’s natural diet and their DNA, the company’s pet food products lets your pet savor the same flavors their ancestors once did — that of protein-rich prey. All ingredients are natural, raised humanely, and sourced sustainably.


  • Grain-free recipe
  • Made in the USA
  • Supports digestive health
  • Contains vitamins and antioxidants
  • Made with real buffalo as the first ingredient


  • Poor bag design
  • Picky eaters may not like it

3. Nulo Freestyle Duck Recipe With Pears

10 Best Dog Food For Coonhounds: [year] Update 19
If you want your pet to have a taste of raw, prey-inspired meal, then this is the one for you. This kibble offers the benefits of raw feeding without all the hassle.

Nulo Freestyle offers Coonhounds raw and prey-inspired nutrition that’s heavy on the meat. It’s made of 82% duck, organs, and bone to give your active pal a minimum crude protein of 43%, enough to sustain him through all kinds of heavy exercise.

Aside from the protein-rich ingredients, the freeze-dried food also contains GanedenBC30, which is a powerful probiotic that supports pups’ digestive and immune systems. Since it’s freeze-dried, the dog food is minimally processed but contains most of the nutrients that its ingredients originally came with.

The fast-frozen kibble is made in a USDA inspected facility and contain wheat, soy, corn, or anything artificial.

First Five Ingredients:

  • Duck
  • Duck Necks
  • Duck Heart
  • Duck Wings
  • Duck Liver

About The Company – Nulo is a pet food company that is all about delivering recipes that brings out the best in pets. All of the recipes are made to the highest standard of quality and do not take shortcuts of any kind.

The brand’s products are all high in animal-based protein, low in carbohydrates, and use low glycemic ingredients to promote stable energy and a healthy body condition. Each of the ingredients in its recipes are functional and carefully selected with intention. 


  • Freeze-dried
  • Made for all life stages
  • Single protein source
  • Contains a powerful probiotic
  • Can be used as kibble or topper


  • Bag is not airtight
  • Some kibble are pulverized

4. Nom Nom Fresh Pet Food Delivery

10 Best Dog Food For Coonhounds: [year] Update 20
Nom Nom conducts minimal processing with their recipes, and they cook their foods gently to protect the integrity of the nutrients. This means your Coonhound is not only getting a palate-satisfying meal, he is also getting a meal that is packed with nutrients to keep him healthy, full and happy.

Nom Nom’s cooked recipes provide nutrition in a form your dog is going to love. Tasty Turkey Fare uses just six ingredients to give your Coonhound fewer allergic reactions without sacrificing any protein or energy sources. Plus, it comes in an easy to serve meal right to your door.

First Five Ingredients:

  • Turkey
  • Brown Rice
  • Carrots
  • Spinach
  • Eggs

About The Company – Nom Nom is a vet created, cooked food meal plan that arrives directly at your door and gives you everything you need to feed your Coonhound a top of the line diet. It uses plenty of high quality, organic ingredients and is convenient to serve.


  • Custom recipes
  • Pre-portioned
  • Shipped to your house
  • Organic, fresh ingredients
  • Middle ground between kibble and raw food


  • Takes up space in your fridge or freezer
  • Delivery times aren’t always convenient

5. Instinct Raw Boost Healthy Weight Chicken Recipe

10 Best Dog Food For Coonhounds: [year] Update 21
This high protein kibble plus freeze dried meat pieces has boosted nutrition and flavor. Made from cage-free chicken with L-carnitine and other nutrients minus all the grains makes it an hypoallergenic meal.

Instinct by Nature’s Variety uses real raw bits of meat freeze-dried and mixed in with premium kibble to give your Coonhound an extra burst of protein and encouragement to eat.

Its densely nutritious and offers joint support, fatty acids for skin and eye health, plus essential vitamins and antioxidants from whole fruits and vegetables.

First Five Ingredients:

  • Chicken
  • Turkey Meal
  • Peas
  • Chicken Meal
  • Tapioca

About The Company – Instinct By Nature’s Variety tries to mimic your Coonhound’s ancestral diet through an omnivore style recipe. It’s nutritious, supports energy, and prevents excessive weight gain when appropriately portioned. Plus, it uses only premium ingredients in each of its recipes.


  • Raw bits of meat
  • Promotes joint support
  • Premium kibble


  • Raw bits settle
  • Some Coonhounds only eat the raw bits (kibble may not be tasty)

6. Blue Buffalo Wilderness Rocky Mountain Recipe with Red Meat

10 Best Dog Food For Coonhounds: [year] Update 22
A diet that is perfect for pets with sensitive stomachs, it is crafted from deboned venison, beef and lamb with real veggies and fruits.

The Rocky Mountain recipe uses premium ingredients with complete proteins for a large breed formula to help control weight and provide energy all day.

It uses healthy carbs plus vitamins and antioxidants from fruits and vegetables. Plus, it’s grain-free to help reduce inflammation and digestive issues.

First Five Ingredients:

  • Deboned Beef
  • Chicken Meal
  • Tapioca Starch
  • Peas
  • Pea Starch

About The Company  – Blue Buffalo uses premium ingredients to provide the best nutrition to your companion, much like the nutrition given to the company’s namesake Blue, the Airedale Terrier. It uses only complete proteins, plus combinations of vitamins and minerals for dense nutrition and all-day energy.


  • Grain free
  • Has quality proteins
  • Large breed specific


  • Limited bag sizes
  • Bags aren’t resealable
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Best Puppy Food for Coonhounds

Coonhound puppies need to get carefully controlled calories to prevent rapid growth that can stress developing bones. They also need plenty of DHA plus other essential fatty acids for brain development and skin health. Guaranteed levels of phosphorus and calcium help bones grow strong. Remember to consult your vet closely.

7. Nutro Puppy Tender Chicken & Sweet Potato in Gravy Recipe

10 Best Dog Food For Coonhounds: [year] Update 23
A premium, wet food specially made for puppies is what this one offers. Made with real chicken, peas and sweet potatoes in savory gravy will truly make your pupper go wild.

Nutro has been around long enough to know what makes a high-quality premium dog food. They do not skimp on the protein sources, and their gravy mix is full of flavor that all puppies will eagerly enjoy.

This premium, grain free wet dog food is full of nutrients and flavor that dogs—big and small—go crazy over. Each high-protein meal is balanced with vitamins and minerals and crafted with real chicken as the very first ingredient.

About The Company – Nutro uses a holistic approach to nutrition. They’re more widely available now than they used to be, and that means good news for your growing puppy. You can get everything you need to keep your puppy’s health and well being in the forefront, building lifelong health.


  • Easier to chew
  • Satisfies picky puppies
  • More vitamins than most other puppy formulas
  • Great flavors and textures to keep puppies interested


  • Strong smell
  • Messy to store leftovers

8. Now Fresh Grain-Free Puppy Recipe

10 Best Dog Food For Coonhounds: [year] Update 24
Made by pet nutritionists using 20+ superfoods with the right balance of fats, protein, minerals, EPA and DHA, this kibble is the right companion for your growing pup.

Now Fresh’s grain-free formula helps control development while still providing all the necessary building blocks for a lifetime of health.

Guaranteed levels of calcium and phosphorus assist with developing bone structure while DHA keeps your Coonhound’s growing brain healthy. Probiotics encourage healthier digestion and may help reduce the overall stool smell.

First Five Ingredients:

  • De-Boned Turkey
  • Potato Flour
  • Peas
  • Potatoes
  • Whole Dried Egg

About The Company

Now Fresh’s holistic approach is a better way to feed your puppy the best nutrition you can. The company uses premium ingredients to provide vitamins and minerals without causing the rapid growth of cheaper puppy foods.


  • Grain free
  • With DHA and EPA
  • With added pre and probiotics
  • Antioxidants from pure coconut oil
  • Guaranteed calcium and phosphorus


  • Picky puppies may not eat it
  • Comes in smaller sized bags only

Best Dog Food for Senior Coonhounds

Seniors need weight control and joint support. Together, these two things help keep your senior active even into the twilight years. Talk with your vet about what you can do to ensure your senior is getting the right nutrition without adding empty calories or ignoring weight.

9. Merrick Real Chicken & Sweet Potato Senior Recipe

10 Best Dog Food For Coonhounds: [year] Update 25
With glucosamine and chondroitin for better joint support plus L-carnitine to promote better metabolism, this dry dog food is created with the senior dogs' need in mind.

Chicken provides a lean protein source for seniors who may not be as active as they once were. Sweet potatoes help avoid blood sugar spikes and provide complex carbs for energy all day.

The formula also has glucosamine and chondroitin to support joint health while essential fatty acids promote eye health and proper brain function.

First Five Ingredients:

  • Deboned Chicken
  • Chicken Meal
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Peas
  • Potatoes

About The Company – Merrick is a smaller company based in Texas. They buy ingredients from local sources and use their own test kitchens to create each formula, ensuring you get only the best nutrition for your aging Coonhound. They have plenty of recipes for even picky seniors, ensuring your senior always has options.


  • Grain free
  • Helps control weight
  • Senior specific formula


  • Only available in smaller sized bags
  • Protein content may be too high for inactive seniors

10. Nutro Natural Choice Senior Lamb & Brown Rice Recipe

10 Best Dog Food For Coonhounds: [year] Update 26
Known for their clean recipes and usage of non-GMO ingredients, this formula boasts real, high-quality lamb as its topmost ingredient plus antioxidant-rich foods and other essential nutrients.

Nutro’s Natural Choice gives your Coonhound simple nutrition with long-lasting energy. Complete protein sources from lamb and wholesome brown rice combine for all-day energy. Glucosamine and chondroitin support joints while the fatty acids help keep skin irritations at bay.

First Five Ingredients:

  • Deboned Lamb
  • Chicken Meal (source of Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulfate)
  • Whole Brown Rice
  • Brewers Rice
  • Rice Bran

About The Company – Nutro’s commitment to quality nutrition extends to your senior. The company uses premium kibbles with joint support supplements and high-quality proteins to help keep your Coonhound active and moving. Plus, they’re now more widely available outside of specialty stores.


  • Joint support
  • Simple & clean formula
  • Good protein and carb combination


  • Only one bag size
  • Picky seniors may not like it
best dog food for coonhound

3 Common Coonhound Health Issues a Good Dog Food Can Help With

Coonhounds have a few issues commonly associated with athletic dogs and one issue that’s pretty particular to the breed. Let’s take a look at what you should be watching out for.

Dysplasia – Athletic dogs are prone to ill-effects from dysplasia, a genetic condition in which the hip or elbow socket fails to form correctly.

With weight gain or excessive activity levels, it can pop out of place and cause a great deal of pain. Good food can help keep your Coonhound’s weight under control and support muscle groups that will keep the joints supported.

Bloat – Bloat occurs when the stomach suddenly distends and twists. Without treatment, it’s quickly fatal.

Coonhounds, like many other larger, barrel-chested breeds, are prone to bloat and would do much better on foods that can be served in smaller portion sizes without sacrificing energy throughout the day.

Quality foods pack a lot more critical nutrition into smaller portion sizes so that your Coonhound can feel full and happy on several smaller meals per day.

Eye Issues – Coonhounds are prone to cataracts and retinal atrophy. Foods that support soft tissues and eyesight are good ways to help mitigate the effects of both of these disorders although you’ll likely have to seek vet treatment in the long run.

Make sure your foods have plenty of vitamins and antioxidants to support overall eye health and prevent early deterioration.

What to Look For in a Quality Dog Food for Coonhounds

A vital ingredient in any dog food is protein. It should always be the first ingredient on the list and should come from sources like whole deboned chicken and never just “meat” or by-product meals. If you can’t identify what type of meat is in your dog food, it’s best to change it out for one that lists meat clearly on the label.

Fruits and vegetables provide essential nutrients for your Coonhound that can support systems like digestion and nervous system. Dogs are omnivores, so making sure they have a variety of foods in their diets helps keep them in top shape the way their ancestors would have eaten.

Fatty acids help with brain development when Coonhounds are puppies and later, helps support the skin and coat health. Glucosamine and Chondroitin promote joint health, helping to cushion joints and make them stronger. Fiber plays an important part in weight control and gives your Coonhound precious prebiotics for better digestion.

If your Coonhound has severe allergies or skin irritations, it can be best to switch to a limited ingredient diet to help keep those inflammations down. LIDs have a single source of protein and limited other ingredients to just a few to help ease digestion and reduce those allergic reactions.

best dog food for Coonhounds

Ingredients to Avoid in Your Coonhound’s Dog Food

Cheap fillers like corn and soy are terrible for your dog and provide only empty calories. They make it very difficult to keep your dog from gaining weight because you need to feed too much to get the correct amount of nutrients. Avoid foods altogether that list these anywhere in the ingredients list.

Artificial flavors encourage your Coonhound to eat faster, making it more likely for bloat to occur. Artificial colors are only included to fool you into thinking the food is healthier than it is or to unify the colors all together. Avoid both of these as well.

Unfortunately, many dogs are allergic to grains and gluten, but the common substitutes can lead to an enlarged heart. Researchers found a tentative link between potatoes and legumes and a condition called Canine Dilated Cardiomyopathy. Until we know more, talk to your vet about avoiding these ingredients altogether or at least avoiding foods that list them in the first two or three positions just to be safe.

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Brands To Avoid

We know you like to save money, and several big box brands are right in front of you tempting you with those dollar signs. We recommend avoiding the following brands despite their low prices because you’ll pay for them in the long run with more frequent vet visits.

  • Pedigree: The familiar yellow bag hides a plethora of red flag ingredients. Artificial colors, by product meals, and cheap fillers are top on the list. Run far away.
  • Kibbles N Bits: The familiar blue bag also hides a poor quality food that uses every single ingredient we mentioned to stay away from. It doesn’t matter that the bag is cheap. You’ll probably regret using it.
  • Ol Roy: The food made directly for Walmart may feel like a jackpot, but it contains nothing but empty fillers, poor quality protein sources, and artificial flavors. Plus, the kibble is difficult for some dogs to chew.
10 Best Dog Food For Coonhounds: [year] Update 27

Coonhound Feeding Chart

Most Coonhounds hover around 65 or so pounds, with a few larger or smaller depending on genetics. As puppies and seniors, you need to watch their weight gain, so you don’t end up with issues later and talk to your vet about individual recommendations.

Puppies: Control their growth. That’s mission number one for your puppy’s food. Calories should be restricted, but not so much your puppy doesn’t grow. Your vet is likely to change food recommendations a few times as your puppy matures.

Adults: Most adult will receive around three cups a day divided up into smaller meals. Check on the back of the food bag for specific feeding instructions and work closely with your vet to monitor weight.

Seniors: Seniors will get similar nutrition as they did when they were younger, but with alterations for weight gain or reduction in activity levels. Keep in close contact with your vet to make sure you have the best recommendations for your individual dog.

Final Thoughts

Your Coonhound can keep up energy levels for most of its life if it receives the right nutrition from the start. Use a quality food to help keep muscle tone and joints supple so that you can keep playing and snuggling even into the golden years.

It’s essential that you pay attention to your Coonhound’s weight throughout its life so that it never gets too big to slow down. It’s time to get your food on track and help your best friend live the best experience it can for as long as possible.

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