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Chewy Goody Box 2024 Review: Best Dog Goody Box?

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Chewy Goody Box

The Chewy Goody Box offers a variety of high-quality treats and toys both for your canine & feline companions without a subscription. Most pet owners, if not all, are already familiar with the website Chewy.

However, many are not aware that the site also sells surprise boxes for pets – both for your canine & feline companions. They even have birthday and holiday boxes! You can purchase them whenever you want, they’re not a subscription-based item.

We received our Goody Box free from in exchange for our honest review. As always, we strive to promote only pet products that we stand behind and feel that our readers will be interested in. (This post contains affiliate links.)


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Best Dog Subscription Box

The dog & cat Goody Boxes cost $24.99, while the ultimate goody box bundle is at $31.98. Each box is fully packed with five or more high-quality items. The Goody Box we got was for medium dogs.

My pets, Sheba & Milo are picky dogs, hence when I have the time, I make them homemade treats. But of course, buying them is much more convenient. Especially when it is summer, and the kitchen is hot even before turning on the oven!

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Here is a sneak peek at all the goodies in the box.

I love that our goody box came with a brochure that outlined everything inside our box plus some cool dog tips on the back as well.

The box that contains all our goodies looked super cute too! I was impressed with the overall presentation of this box, and that was even before we got into the contents inside.

What's Inside?

chewy goody box

The first item I picked up was the American Journey Landmark All Natural Chicken Freeze-Dried Dog Treats. These tasty bites are made with just a few simple ingredients – real chicken is first on the list, plus nutrient-rich chicken liver.

Each protein-rich morsel is freeze-dried to lock in the natural flavor and nutrients with minimal processing. These treats are 100% grain-free snacks and I know my babies love them to bits!

Another treat we got is the USA Bones & Chews Bully & Beef Flavored Filled Bone Dog Treats, a bone that contains a lip-smacking filling that is made with delicious flavors dogs love like beef and bully. This is Milo's personal favorite. He gnaws endlessly at it and I know it is good for his dental health. A win-win!

Still running on the treats theme, we also got American Journey Turkey Recipe Grain-Free Oven Baked Crunchy Biscuits.

Real, high-quality turkey comes as the first ingredient, followed by tasty veggies and fruits, including sweet potatoes, carrots, pumpkins, blueberries and apples.

Every bite is packed with the crispy crunch that could only come from a treat that’s perfectly baked right in the oven! This is one of Sheba's favorite, guess she is loving the crunch and savory flavor on this one.

 The last food item we got was USA Bones & Chews Beef Patty, and it was a big patty! The burger patty is crafted just for dogs, with real beef as the first ingredient.

This treat has a chewy texture which helps satisfy your dog’s natural urge to chew. This one right here is Sheba's number 1 pick! Look at her enjoying it in the video below.

What's a goody box without a toy, right? We received a toy in our box too. I was honestly glad to see that our box contained more food items than toys.

Toys are fun but it's so easy to accumulate a lot of them. The item we got was a plush, squeaky 2-in-1 egg toy. And my babies are having lots of fun with it! Lastly, we also got a nice-looking chewy bandana from Frisco.

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Is Chewy Goody Box worth it?

I calculated the price of everything included on our Goody Box based on chewy pricing and came up with a total of $32.03 if bought individually. That‘s definitely more than the $24.99 you will pay when Chewy offers all of it in the Goody Box.

I personally think that the Chewy Goody Boxes are boxes of happiness that are well worth the price. They will be a wonderful gift for a friend who is also a fur-parent, or simply get one for your beloved pet! The box itself is already so cute plus the items inside are all made in the USA and are high-quality.

Sometimes, with other companies who offer pet subscription boxes, you will get discontinued or even expired items, but this was not the case here.

All the food items we got are far from being expired and not one item has been discontinued. You can see them for yourself on the site.

It is truly the ultimate bundle at a great value! Milo and Sheba are already thinking about how much they’d each love it if they got a Birthday Goody Box!

chewy goody box

Does chewy have a subscription box?

Unlike other pet supplies that come in a cat or dog subscription box, the Chewy Goody Box lets you make a one-time purchase so you can try them all. Each Goody Box is filled with premium treats, tips, and toys.

How much does a chewy box cost?

Chewy has one-time purchase Goody Boxes available now! Each Goody Box will include 5 or more full size items from premium brands for $24.99 + free shipping for dogs, $23.99 for cats.

Is chewy cheaper than stores?

Chewy was the least expensive online option, with prices about 11% lower than the all-store average. Amazon's prices for the products surveyed were 5% higher than average; more expensive than several other online retailers' prices and about 18% higher than Chewy's.

What comes in a chewy box?

Each Goody Box is filled with premium treats, tips, and toys. Plus, The Chewy Goody Box always ships for free.

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