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Can Dogs Eat Ginger? Is Ginger A Great Addition To Your Fido’s Diet?

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Can Dogs Eat Ginger

Can Dogs Eat Ginger?

Since ginger has a lot to give health-wise, fur parents can’t help but wonder if their dogs can have a bite of this “people” food. Can dogs eat ginger? Is ginger safe for dogs?

Well, the short answer here is Yes. Ginger is, in fact, a dog-friendly food; however, ginger should only be given in small amounts

Now that you know the short answer let’s get into the nitty-gritty details of ginger and the effects of this powerful root on your dog’s health. 

Like humans, not all dogs are created equal. Their nutritional needs vary. As such, one of your dogs might find ginger a nice, healthy treat while others may experience an adverse reaction. 

Want to know if you should or should not let your dog eat ginger? Read on. 

To give you an idea if ginger is beneficial or dangerous for your pooch, we’ve come up with all the possible risks and benefits of ginger. But of course, nothing beats getting expert advice from a trusty veterinarian. 

Must-Know Ginger Facts

Hailed for its tangy flavor, aromatic scent, and numerous health benefits, ginger is used worldwide both as a spice and as Western herbal medicine and traditional Chinese medicine. 

So versatile, ginger (aka ginger root) is used in various dishes, pastries, and beverages (think ginger ale, beer, wine, and tea). It’s also available in various forms.

Since it’s a superfood, this humble rhizome proves it’s worthy of its title. In fact, Healthline gives us 11 health benefits of ginger, all of which are backed up by scientific evidence. Not yet impressed? Check out some of the vitamins and minerals it has in store for us and be amazed.

  • Vitamin B6
  • Magnesium
  • Potassium
  • Phosphorus
  • Calcium
  • Vitamin C
  • Iron
Can Dogs Eat Ginger? Is Ginger A Great Addition To Your Fido’s Diet? 1

Potential Benefits Of Giving Your Dog Ginger

Yes, ginger root is one healthy rhizome, and thankfully this veggie is safe for dogs. Not just that. It’s a vegetable that provides a lot of rewarding health benefits for both you and your furball. 

So, if you’re trying to find a reason to feed ginger to your dog, here it is. We’re giving you not just one but nine instances where you’ll find ginger extra handy.

1. Digestive Aid For Dogs With Upset Stomach

When our stomach feels queasy, or indigestion hits, some found taking ginger (or even ginger ale) a quick fix. Many can attest that this indeed works not only for humans but also for dogs. 

Ginger root has the ability to stimulate movement in the digestive system and speed up the process of unloading the contents of the stomach. Simply put, giving your dog small doses of ginger may help alleviate your dog’s stomach or digestive issues like stomach upsets, excessive gas, constipation, or bloating. 

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2. Relieves Nausea & Vomiting

If you’re looking for an effective yet inexpensive way to treat nausea, try giving your pup some ginger. 

This ancient herb contains gingerol and shogaol. Both are known for their antiemetic or anti-nausea effect. The former is commonly found in fresh ginger or raw ginger, while the latter is abundant in dried ginger. 

Apart from that, ginger is also acclaimed for its anti-inflammatory properties. So, if your dog’s nausea is partly caused by an upset stomach, adding ginger to your dog’s diet would help relax your dog’s digestive tract and reduce nausea. 

3. Helps With Bloating

While bloat may sound minor, this condition is actually deadly. Also known as GDV (Gastric dilation and volvulus), the exact cause of this disorder remains unknown; however, risk factors include genetics and poor diet. 

Apart from stimulating gut movement, ginger can help alleviate bloating by reducing gas build-up. If you observe other signs like abdominal pain, increased heart rate, shortness of breath, and weakness, contact your veterinarian right away.

4. Alleviates Motion Sickness

If your dog is car sick, you might want to give your dog ginger 30 minutes before your travel time. As mentioned, this root can effectively relieve motion sickness thanks to its anti-nausea properties. 

Can Dogs Eat Ginger? Is Ginger A Great Addition To Your Fido’s Diet? 2

5. Healthier Blood Circulation

Older dogs will find this herb’s ability to promote blood circulation and lower down blood pressure nifty. 

6. Helps With Arthritis

Osteoarthritis is one of the health conditions commonly experienced by senior dogs and large breeds. If your dog is suffering from hip or joint pain, let your dog eat some ginger. It can effectively relieve pain with its anti-inflammatory features.

7. Cognitive Support 

Don’t wait for signs of cognitive dysfunction to appear. With the help of ginger’s antioxidant effects, boosting your dog’s mental health is possible. 

8. Cancer Prevention & Cancer Treatment

Antioxidants play a crucial role in promoting immune system health and fighting disease-causing free radicals. Good thing these roots are loaded with it. 

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When added to your dog’s meal, ginger can help lower your dog’s risk of acquiring life-threatening diseases like cancer. Now, if your dog is undergoing cancer treatments, this medicinal herb can also ease the side effects of the treatment.

As mentioned, fresh ginger or raw root is loaded with gingerol. Thanks to its anti-nausea effect, gingerol is also considered a powerful cancer chemopreventive agent

Now, this isn’t all talk. Studies show the positive effect of ginger on dogs taking chemo drugs (in this case, Cisplatin).

9. May Treat Heartworm Disease 

If you think that’s it, think again. Apart from helping out dogs with cancer, ginger also shows promising results when it comes to treating heartworm-infected dogs. 

Risks Of Letting Your Dogs Eat Ginger

While most dogs will benefit from the healing powers of ginger, some dogs may not. And like any other healthy food out there, too much of a good thing can be harmful. 

When it comes to ginger, here are all the possible dangers your dog might face. Although few, it’s best to keep these in mind to avoid any unwanted hiccups.

GI Issues

Considering its spicy taste, ginger may feel a bit hot for some dogs. Their tummies may not tolerate it. So, if it’s your dog’s first time to eat ginger, make sure to start slow and small

Now, if your dog doesn’t mind the sharp taste, you should still avoid overfeeding this herb to your pup. Too much ginger can cause excessive gas, heartburn, and vomiting.

Lower Blood Sugar, Blood Pressure & Thins The Blood

Some dogs may find ginger’s ability to promote blood circulation useful, but others won’t. This is especially true if your dog has a heart condition.

Also, if your dog is pregnant, has diabetes, or has anemia, it’s best if you keep that root away from your pet until you get your vet’s approval. 

Can Dogs Eat Ginger? Is Ginger A Great Addition To Your Fido’s Diet? 3

How To Feed Ginger To Your Dog?

Want to give your dog some ginger, but the sharp ginger flavor is just too much? Can’t figure out how you can add ginger (whether raw ginger or powdered ginger) to your dog’s diet? Try out these tips, and your dog might just enjoy eating this root in the end. 

Serve with your dog’s favorite dog food. Since the taste of ginger might put off your dog, make sure to remove the skin and finely mince or grate the flesh, which is the yellow part of the ginger. You can top this or mix this up with his regular dog food. Powdered or ground ginger works fine as well.

Stick to the recommended dose. How much ginger is safe for your dogs? Well, this depends on your dog’s weight. According to Dr. Tori Counter of Balance Pet Vet, dogs should only be given 10-25 mg of ginger per pound of their body weight. 

Try giving your dog some ginger water. If the first one fails, another way to get some ginger into your dog’s body is by giving your dog ginger-infused water. 

Dog-friendly smoothie + some grated ginger. Dogs can’t resist having a cool treat, so try mixing up some ginger in their smoothie. 

Nothing beats ginger-infused baked goodies. If all else fails, whip up some baked ginger cookies for your pup. Make sure that it only contains dog-friendly ingredients.

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