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A Serbian Rottweiler Is A Great Guard Dog, Is It Also An Ideal Pet? 

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A Serbian Rottweiler Is A Great Guard Dog, Is It Also An Ideal Pet?  1

Rottweilers are among the most popular dog breeds in the US and worldwide, and it’s easy to see why. They’re smart and attentive, and loving and caring at the same time. This makes us wonder if the Serbian Rottweiler is any different.

Canine-loving people who are familiar with the Serbian Rottweiler would notice this dog’s intimidating look. Compared to their German or American counterparts, these dogs undoubtedly appear more ferocious. And so we ask, is this fierceness only skin deep, or are these dogs savage to the bone?

If you’re a big rottweiler fan who wants to know the real deal behind the Serbian Rottweiler, search no more. You don’t have to spend a lot of time searching for facts about this dog breed, because we got you covered. 

Besides giving all the must-know deets on every kind of dog food, Dog Food Guide is also here to reveal to you everything you need to know about the Serbian Rottweiler – what makes this dog different from other Rotties, common health issues, and more. 

Need-To-Know Facts About The Rottweiler Breed

A descendant of ancient Roman dogs, rottweilers were used in the past to herd livestock for traveling armies. Besides that, this muscular canine was also once known as the “butcher’s dog.” This dog is tasked to protect the cattleman’s money. 

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From protecting cattle and guarding money, Rottweilers have turned into popular police dogs. Bred from the beginning to assist man, there’s no job that Rottweilers can’t do. In fact, Rottweilers are now used as custom inspectors, drafting and carting dogs, and therapy, guide, and service dogs.

Regardless of what type, all Rottweilers are part of the Rottweiler dog breed. However, Rottweilers bred in different countries (an example is Germany) will look and act slightly different despite the similarity in the breed. This is due to the differences in breed standard in each country. 

When it comes to Rottweiler breed lines, there are two that are recognized. Here they are:

American Rottweiler

American Rottweilers are rottweilers with an American breed lineage. The American Kennel Club describes these dogs as loving, loyal, and confident. 

On average, an American Rottweiler stands around 22-27 inches and weighs around 80-135 pounds. The only acceptable color for this breed is black with clearly-defined rust to mahogany markings. Unlike other Rottweiler lines, an American Rottweiler has a docked tail, long legs, and a leaner build.

Contrary to popular belief, American Rotties are not aggressive. These dogs are gentle, calm, and brave. They’re a great family dog that gets along well with children and other animals. When it comes to strangers, these pups are quite aloof but they’re not the type to attack without reason. This makes them an excellent guard dog.

Serbian Rottweiler

German Rottweiler

Rottweilers born and bred in Germany or those of German descent are called German Rottweilers. In Germany, a German Rottweiler dog is bred according to the breeding standards of Allgemeiner Deutscher Rottweiler Klub (ADRK)

Strict adherence to ADRK’s breeding standards calls for a German Rottweiler to be slightly broader and heavier than AKC’s standards. And since tail docking has been banned in Germany, German Rotties are expected to have their long tails intact.

When it comes to temperament, a German Rottweiler is bred to be good-natured, calm, and capable of doing intelligent work. You’re also assured that you are getting a high-quality rottweiler if you’re getting a German one since the parents of the German Rottweiler puppies have to undergo and pass a strict breed suitability test to be recognized and registered.

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Serbian Rottweiler: What Is It?

A Serbian Rottweiler dog, aka Russian Rottweiler, is an animal that is born and bred in Serbia or those of Serbian descent. However, unlike American and German Rottweilers that follow their country’s breed standard, Serbian Rottweilers have no set standard and are often bred indiscriminately. 

What Makes Serbian Rotties Different From Others?

Besides the difference in the country of lineage, Serbian Rottweilers feature physical and emotional characteristics that other rottweiler dogs don’t. 


If you were to score a Serbian Rottweiler dog against AKC or ADRK standards, the Serbian Rottie will surely be seen as a dog with many faults. Why?

The appearance commonly seen among Serbian Rottweiler dogs is seen as a fault in ADRK  and AKC's books. This includes the distinct blockhead and short snout that a Serbian Rottweiler would often have. 

A Serbian Rottweiler also has more wrinkles than your average American or German Rottie. Serbian Rottweilers usually show off wrinkles on their forehead, cheeks, muzzle, and neck. This gives these dogs a more “ferocious” appearance.

Besides that, a Serbian Rottweiler dog is also heavier and larger than the German Rottweiler. But like the German Rottweiler, the tail of a Serbian Rottweiler dog is intact since tail docking is illegal in countries outside the US. 


Unlike your German Rottweiler, which is considered a good dog by nature, Serbian Rottweilers are more aggressive. This is most likely a result of the absence of set standards or strict restrictions, which makes breeding Serbian Rottweilers controversial.

Male Serbian Rottweilers tend to be territorial with an instinct to fight. The presence of another animal or dog can make them feel anxious.

A female Serbian Rottweiler, on the one hand, is more tolerant. However, in the same way as other breeds, this negative behavior can be reduced with early training and socialization.

A Serbian Rottweiler Is A Great Guard Dog, Is It Also An Ideal Pet?  2

Common Health Issues Faced By Serbian Rottweilers

Like any other animal, a Rottie can experience various health issues. This includes hip dysplasia, heart conditions, and eye diseases.

On the other hand, a Serbian Rottweiler may also experience other health issues on top of the common health problems faced by American and German Rottweiler lines. This can be blamed on the Serbian Rottweiler breeders’ breeding process, which prioritizes appearance over the dog's health.

  • Respiratory issues
  • Faults in gait
  • Genetic problems caused by inbreeding

Tips On Caring & Training A Serbian Rottweiler

Caring for a Serbian Rottweiler is a lot similar to how a German Rottweiler is treated. Giving them a healthy diet is a must to keep them in optimal health. And just like other dogs, a Serbian Rottweiler will also need regular playdates and exercise. 

When it comes to upkeep, owners will be happy to know that a Serbian Rottweiler requires minimal grooming. However, you might want to brush their coat now and then to keep it shiny and clean.

Given the difference in temperament, though, there are a couple of things that soon-to-be Serbian Rottweiler owners need to keep in mind when training a Serbian Rottweiler pup. Here they are:

Train them young. Like any other rottweiler, it’s best to train a Serbian Rottweiler early in their life. With early training and socialization, a seemingly aggressive Serbian Rottweiler can turn into a well-mannered family dog.

Be extra patient & understanding. Remember that a Serbian Rottweiler tends to be more aggressive and individualistic. Because of this, you need to be extra tolerant and patient. 

Be consistent & firm without being rough. Although a bit more assertive,  intelligent dogs, so hang in there. Train them without roughing them up since this will only encourage aggression. Instead, be consistent and show them that you are the one in command. 

Want A Serbian Rottweiler Puppy? Here’s What You Need To Do:

In any dog breed, you’ll find dogs that failt to adhere to the standards. This is especially true for a Rottweiler puppy born and bred in Serbia. 

Given their lack of set breed standards, it’s usual to find rottweilers of Serbian descent that do not show the same temperament and physical characteristics. It’s also a common practice among Serbian Rottweiler Breeders to breed this dog with a German Rottweiler. 

So, if you want a Serbian Rottweiler puppy, make sure to buy from a reputable Rottweiler breeder. You can also do the following to ensure that you’re getting a purebred, healthy, and high-quality pup:

Ask for purebred dog documents. A breeder must be able to provide documents that prove the dog’s lineage. You can ask the breeders to provide DNA test results or dog registration papers.

Ask for health testing papers. Besides asking for DNA test results, you can also ask the breeder to provide actual x-rays, and JLPP, eye, and heart exam results. If in doubt, you have the option to seek the expert advice of an independent vet. 

Check the breeders’ kennel. To ensure that the breeder’s breeding program is not shady, check out the kennel. Make sure that it’s clean and that the dogs are well taken care of.

Meet the pup’s parents. Although this dog is known for their aggressive temperament, you can still find one with a great personality. You can do this by meeting the parents. After all, the fruit doesn't fall far from the tree.

Spend some time with the puppy. Puppies show off different personalities even at a young age. Spending time with them will help determine which one is best suited for you.

Final Thoughts

Whether it’s a Serbian or German Rottweiler, you know for sure that your Rottie will be a great pet and will be able to protect you and your family. as long as it’s given proper training and puppy socialization plus tremendous amounts of TLC. 

Since many breeders breed dogs for money, it's best to only buy dogs from reputable breeders. Although getting an American or German Rottweiler is ideal, getting a Rottweiler of Serbian descent is also fine as long as you know that the breeder is using a breeding process that does not undermine the dog’s health. 

A Serbian Rottweiler Is A Great Guard Dog, Is It Also An Ideal Pet?  3

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