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It’s Sweet Yet Surprisingly Healthy, Can Dogs Eat Maple Syrup?

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It’s Sweet Yet Surprisingly Healthy, Can Dogs Eat Maple Syrup? 1

Maple syrup is the perfect topper for pancakes and waffles. Besides that, it also works well with dressing, baked goods, and the like.

Since something this good has to be shared, we can’t help but give our furry pal a bite. But can dogs eat maple syrup? Is maple syrup safe for dogs?

If you’ve vowed to be a life long pet parent to your doggo, then chances are – you already know that many of the foods we eat are off-limits to your furry pal.

It’s a good thing that Dog Food Guide is here to tell you everything there is to know about dogs and maple syrup. So, sit back and keep on scrolling.

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Yummy Maple Syrup Facts

If you’re looking for a natural sugar substitute, maple syrup is among the top choices. And you know what? Maple syrup contains fewer calories compared to other sugar alternatives

Also known as liquid gold, this sweet treat was initially produced in North America. Four hundred years later, Quebec now manufactures the majority maple syrup.

Maple syrup is made by heating the sap collected from the maple tree. Note, though, that not all maple trees are tapped. Out of the 13 species found in US and Canada, only the black, red, and sugar maple trees are tapped for the syrup. 

Interestingly, 40 gallons of sap are required to make one gallon of syrup. In its original form, the sap contains mostly water with 2% sugar. Once processed into a syrup, its sugar content increases to around 66%.    

It’s Sweet Yet Surprisingly Healthy, Can Dogs Eat Maple Syrup? 2

Can Dogs Eat Maple Syrup?

If you want a short answer, the answer is IT DEPENDS.

Nowadays, various types of maple syrup are sold in the market, and many among the hundreds of choices include artificially-flavored maple syrups, aka “pancake syrup” or “imitation maple syrup.” If you’re wondering if you can feed this to your dog, the answer is NO.  

On the one hand, real maple syrup is generally safe for dogs. Yes, you read it right. Dogs can eat maple syrup as long as it’s the real thing – think pure maple syrup. Just don’t overdo it. Like all high sugar foods, maple syrup should only be given occasionally and in moderation. 

Health Benefits Of Feeding Maple Syrup To Dogs

It’s easy to assume that sugary foods like this “molasses-type” condiment do not offer any nutritional benefits. However, maple syrup is one of the few exemptions. 

You’d be surprised to find out that this yummy treat contains a couple of essential nutrients. This makes maple syrup good for dogs. Below are several health benefits your dog can reap if you add a small amount of syrup in their pancake treat.

Strengthens The Immune System

Yes, this liquid gold can indeed boost your dog’s immunity, thanks to its zinc content. Besides that, it also offers around 24 antioxidants. This helps ward off diseases often caused by oxidative damage and reduce inflammation.

Improves Reproductive Health

Too little manganese in a dog’s diet can cause problems in a female dog’s reproductive system (the same happens if there’s too much). Manganese can also help your dog utilize proteins and carbs. So, if your dog needs added manganese supplementation, giving your dog maple syrup might help.

Promotes Normal Cell Growth

Another nutrient that you’ll find in this hard-to-resist treat is Vitamin B12. This vitamin helps in the production and growth of red blood cells. Oxygen is transported throughout your dog’s body with the help of these cells.

May Help Lower The Risk Of Cancer

Yes, a few claim that maple syrup has anti-cancer benefits. Kelmun protocol, in particular, is an alternative cancer therapy used for dogs and humans. Studies show that this concoction, which is a mixture of syrup and other pantry items, helps reduce the size of tumors. 

It’s Sweet Yet Surprisingly Healthy, Can Dogs Eat Maple Syrup? 3

Why Is Maple Syrup Bad For Dogs?

Remember that this pancake topper is a human food that should not be part of your dog’s regular diet. While it is generally safe to top your dog’s mini pancakes or plain greek yogurt with all-natural maple syrup once in a while, overdoing it can lead to various health-related issues. You can blame this on the following:

It’s High In Sugar

Natural sugars are sugar, nonetheless. The same applies to imitation syrups made of corn sugar or corn syrup.

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So, whether real or just maple-flavored syrup, it’s never a good idea to let your dog consume excessive sugars. If your dog regularly consumes sugar-loaded treats, your dog will likely experience tooth problems, gain weight, and develop diabetes. 

Canine diabetes is a chronic disease characterized by the following symptoms:

  • Weight loss
  • Increased appetite
  • Excessive thirst
  • Increased urination

May Contain Harmful Ingredients

Pure maple syrup uses just one ingredient. On the other hand, as the name suggests, artificially flavored maple syrup contains artificial flavoring and the like – all of which are harmful to your dog’s health. 

Now, if you think sugar-free syrups are good, think again. Sugar-free or diet syrups often include sweeteners like xylitol. Your dog may not develop diabetes since these are considered sugar-free, but your pup will definitely be in big trouble.

Xylitol is toxic to dogs, and consumption can result in hypoglycemia and liver failure. Contact your local vet immediately if your dog exhibits the following signs:

  • Vomiting
  • Lethargy
  • Staggering
  • Incoordination

Besides xylitol, fake syrups also contain dyes, preservatives, and other stuff that can trigger an allergic reaction.  

Tips On How To Feed Your Dog Maple Syrup

If you’re planning to cook pancakes for your dog, make sure to serve dog-friendly pancakes and give your puppy real maple syrup. Check the labels and the ingredients list to ensure that it’s free of anything artificial. This way, your dog can enjoy its pancake minus all the headaches. 

One more thing to remember is portion control. Problems will surely arise if your dog regularly consumes this treat (even if it’s all-natural). 

Final Verdict

Maple syrup is alright for dogs as long as it’s the real thing. Just don’t make it a habit. Since no dog owner wants their pup to suffer liver failure, anything with artificial sugars is a no-go. Giving your dog a complete and balanced diet should always come first. 

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