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Moyen Poodle: Comprehensive and Complete Buyer’s Guide for 2024

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Moyen Poodle: Comprehensive and Complete Buyer's Guide for [year] 1

The Poodle is the 5th most popular dog breed according to AKC, and we are not surprised. Who would not easily fall in love with this elegant dog’s regal stature, high intelligence, and lively and playful nature? However, despite its global fame, a lot are still not aware of the lesser-known Poodle breed, which is the Moyen Poodle.

In this article, we will talk more about the Moyen Poodles – are they recognized by the American Kennel Club, do they look the same as the Standard Poodles, and do they share the same temperament, and health risks?

Read on to find out the answers to your questions, and discover whether or not a Moyen Poodle puppy is the right choice for you and your family.

Breed at a Glance:

  • Size: 14 to 20 inches
  • Weight: 20 to 30 pounds
  • Energy Level: High Energy
  • Lifespan: 12 to 15 years

Breed Overview

A Moyen Poodle is basically a medium size Poodle since it is smaller than a Standard Poodle taller than a Miniature Poodle. Also, the term “Moyen,” stands for medium in French. Hence, its moniker. And while they may not be popular to many, they are sought-after by dog enthusiasts because of their average size.

Moyen Poodles are often produced by mating two of the breed. Another way to create Moyen Poodles is to breed a Standard Poodle with a Miniature Poodle. And as mentioned earlier, the Moyen Poodle size is not acknowledged by the American Kennel Club. Instead, it is either classified as a miniature or standard.

In contrast, Moyen Poodles are acknowledged as being part of a specific Poodle size category in Europe. In Europe, particularly in Germany, Moyen Poodles are also known as Klein Poodles.

While the AKC and the Poodle Club of America (PCA) don’t recognize the Moyen Poodle as a distinct variety of Poodle, other organizations recognize them as such. These organizations are the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) and the Dog Registry of America (DRA).

The Moyen Poodle is recognized by the European-based FCI. Moyen Poodles are known as Medium Poodles according to the FCI. It has a height range of 35 cm to 45 cm, according to the FCI standard for Poodles. The FCI recognizes Brown, Black, White, Grey, and Fawn as legitimate Moyen Poodle’s coat hues.

Also, the Moyen Poodle is recognized by the DRA. You can register Moyen poodles with the DRA.

It's crucial to register your Poodle with a dog club if you wish to exhibit it at dog shows, have it join in activities sponsored by the club, or plan to breed it. If not, you don't need to be concerned about which organizations do or do not recognize your Poodle's breed.

Moyen Poodle

Moyen Poodles History and Origin

The name of the Moyen Poodle is markedly distinct from the names of other breeds of dogs, even dog breeds such as the Labrador or Golden Retriever. This is because Moyen Poodles did not originate in America.

The term Moyen is a French word, which translates to “medium,” while Poodle is derived from the German term “puddeln,” which means “to splash.”

German hunters in Western Europe utilized Poodles as water dogs in the 1600s, giving the breed its name. Their name, which means “to splash,” refers to how these canines would dive into ponds and lakes to frighten away birds.

Poodles were developed over time to be more than just water dogs. They were valued for their companionship, knowledge, and friendliness. Poodles have been bred to get smaller and smaller throughout to make them excellent house pets.

Due to how quickly they picked up tricks, Poodles were beloved by both families and the nobles, and they even appeared in circuses.

Because of their popularity, France adopted the Miniature Poodle as its national dog. Throughout time, these miniature Poodles—which are only a third as big as their original ancestors—became the most popular canine in France.

Eventually, two Moyen Poodles were mated, or two Miniature and Standard Poodles were crossed to produce smaller-framed offspring.

Moyen Poodles are also known through their other names, such as Klein Poodle, Kleidpudels, Barbone, Caniche, French Poodle, Pudle, and Chien Canne.

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Poodles come in a wide range of sizes, with the tallest measuring around 28 inches tall and weighing about 70 pounds. On the other end of the scale, Toy Poodles are under 10 inches tall and only weigh around 5 pounds.

Moyen Poodles fall in the middle of the size range, weighing in at 20 to 30 pounds and standing between 14 and 20 inches tall.

Moyen Poodles were bred to be this size because many people thought it was the ideal size for a dog. The fragility issues that miniature and toy-sized dogs experience are not issues with Moyen Poodles since they are not too little. Moyen Poodles aren't particularly big dogs, so they don't need a lot of room or food.

Generally, the Poodle is a square-built, beautiful, intelligent, and lively dog. The skull has a tiny but distinct stop and is fairly rounded. It has a lengthy, straight muzzle.

The eyes should be oval, very black, and have a perceptive expression. The ears should bend over close to the head, situated at, or slightly below, eye level. It's full of vitality and very lively in its demeanor.

Moyen Poodles come in all the same shades as other Poodles. A Moyen Poodle coat can have a single color or be multicolored. The actual coat colors, however, are usually closer to the ones listed below:

  • Black
  • White
  • Gray
  • Brown
  • Red
  • Silver
  • Apricot
  • Cream
  • Silver Beige
  • Café Au Lait
Moyen Poodle: Comprehensive and Complete Buyer's Guide for [year] 2

Furthermore, a Moyen Poodle has a hypoallergenic and curly coat that traps any hair that might otherwise fall to the floor. Their hair may need to be brushed to straighten out the matting that can occasionally result from this.


Moyen Poodles are intelligent, active, and easy to teach, much like all other types of Poodles. The Moyen Poodle, which blends playful energy and adventurous temperament, is one of the most intelligent and obedient dogs.

However, their intelligence can translate into stubbornness at times, which makes training and early socialization important for this cunning and playful dog. They are a fantastic dog breed to compete in all kinds of dog sports, from agility courses to tracking sports, as they are social with people and very energetic.

It's a dog breed that's excellent for adoption and is incredibly devoted. They are clowns by nature, and they have a great sense of humor. They enjoy being the center of attention.

Moyen Poodles make great family pets. Families with young children should particularly consider them. They can withstand the harsh treatment of young children, unlike Toy Poodles. And they can handle the occasional minor mishaps that occur when children and canines interact.


Poodles need professional grooming every 6 to 8 weeks, depending on how long you intend to keep their coat in good condition. If they are not properly maintained, Poodle coats can readily mat.

Poodle owners need to brush their pets regularly at home and educate themselves on how to care for this unique coat type.

Poodles also have mildly hypoallergenic classic curly coats. This is the least shedding form of coat, and it also acts as a web to catch dander that naturally flakes from puppy hair. When the dog is routinely groomed in a ventilated location, this is can be easily removed.

Moyens rarely drool and, once properly trained, will only urinate in specific locations. Hence, contact with any of these secretions now carries no risk of an allergic reaction.

The teeth of your Poodle should be bright white and free of tartar. Make it a habit to brush your Poodle's teeth twice a week as part of your twice-weekly grooming regimen using a canine toothpaste and brush.

Frequent gentle brushing maintains healthy teeth and gums and minimizes tartar buildup. Know your Poodle's typical gum color because extremely pale gums could indicate a health issue and should be reported to your veterinarian right away.

Moreover, to prevent irritability and eye infections, you must clip the fur around your Poodle's eyes. If the fur is not correctly cut, lighter-colored Poodles may also develop reddish tear stains around their eyes. Some allergies to the environment may also be to blame.

A Poodle's hair inside the ears should also be cut or removed to prevent moisture buildup and ear infections. Look into your pup’s ears for any indications of swelling or redness. Keep an eye out for any brown waxy material or foul odors, which may indicate yeast or ear infections.

Moyen Poodle: Comprehensive and Complete Buyer's Guide for [year] 3

Common Health Issues

The average lifetime of the Moyen Poodle breed is 12 to 15 years. Although generally healthy, like all breeds, they are prone to some health issues. They may be at risk for some health problems such as Entropion, Distichiasis, Cataract, Glaucoma, Lacrimal Duct Atresia, as well as serious issues like Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Trichiasis, Epilepsy, Legg Perthes Syndrome, Patellar Luxation, etc.

They are also prone to having Hip Dysplasia, Sebaceous Adenitis, Von Willebrand’s Disease, Cushing’s Disease, Gastric Dilatation-Volvulus (GDV or Bloat), Cushing’s Disease, and blindness.

How to Care for Moyen Poodle Puppies

Exercise & Living Conditions

Human health can be greatly improved by exercise. And just like us, humans, Moyen Poodles would also benefit from having regular exercise. And the good thing is that they can easily adapt well to any home or apartment. So, you won't have a hard time starting and establishing a healthy routine to keep your dog in pristine condition all the time.

Because of the Moyen Poodle's high intelligence, it needs frequent mental and social stimulation as well as regular exercise. Daily playtime or a pleasant walk with the dog is advised after a 5- to 10-minute obedience session.

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Moyen Poodles are suitable for households with young children, and they are fantastic pets if you have seniors in your family. Moyen Poodles are more laid-back than Standard Poodles, which have larger frames and they are more mellow. 

In addition, Moyen Poodles adapt just as well to little apartments as they do to large homes. With the Moyen Poodle, physical space requirements are not a major concern.

And despite being primarily intended as an indoor dog, the Poodle also loves the outdoors. They are active and will like participating in outdoor activities with you, such as walking, running, and hiking, to mention a few.

Diet & Nutrition

Ensuring that your Poodle is on a well-balanced diet is one of the most critical parts of keeping your canine family member healthy, both now and in the future.

It is crucial to discuss the brand of food your Poodle has been eating with the breeder (or a shelter employee if you are adopting a rescue dog) before you even bring it home. Make sure to transition your dog to his new diet if you are planning to change his food since a sudden change in diet can result in digestive issues and an unsettled stomach.

All dogs should be given nutritious, high-quality food. You can feed Moyen Poodles two meals of two to three cups of high-quality food each day. A veterinarian can assist you in formulating the ideal food for your Moyen Poodle taking into account his size, age, metabolism, level of energy, and medical issues. 

Keep an eye on your dog's calorie intake and weight since some breeds are prone to obesity. If you decide to give your dog treats, make sure you use them sparingly. Treats can be a valuable training tool, but offering them in excess might lead to obesity.

Moyen Poodle: Comprehensive and Complete Buyer's Guide for [year] 4


The Moyen Poodle is adaptable in both training and personality. You may easily change their behavior to fit a pattern you prefer because of this. Generally speaking, Poodles are eager to please their owners. This helps them adjust to whatever purpose you train them for.

They pick up all the techniques and are aware of all the expectations over time. They will be aware of where to eat, rest, go potty, and play. While instructing them, it is vital to make the routine interesting and uplifting.

If you just got a new puppy, you must start puppy training immediately. To get the best results from your dog, it’s advisable to start training as early as 2-3 months old. Most Poodle owners start by teaching their dogs the fundamentals, such as housebreaking, their name, and how to sit and stay.

Take advantage of the chance to socialize your puppy with as many different people and animals as you can while he is still a young pup. If you neglect to let your dog meet other dog breeds and people and realize that they are friendly, he will likely turn antisocial. This is detrimental to the dog's training and may cause problems with discipline in the future.

It's also a good idea to take your Moyen puppy on excursions outside your neighborhood, such as to a nearby park, campground, or even a pet supply store. During their life, your dog will become more at ease in social situations by being given more varied surroundings.

When being trained, Moyen Poodles frequently become distracted by their surroundings and lose attention. Minimizing distractions is one of the best things you can do to aid your medium-sized Poodle in learning quickly. When distractions are removed from the learning environment, your Poodle puppy will be better able to focus on the lessons you want to impart.

Buyer’s Guide

What to Look For

If you’ve made up your mind to finally get a Moyen Poodle, then, you can start searching for available pups in your area. Stay away from puppy mills, and only stick to reputable breeders. You may also try your luck with adoption by checking out your local dog shelters, and local rescue groups.

Responsible breeders can prevent creating ill Moyen puppies who are susceptible to illnesses. This can be achieved by checking the potential parents of a Moyen Poodle puppy for genetic issues and ensuring that they are not siring puppies with inherited diseases. A sensible and moral breeder will only breed Poodles that are free of genetic health issues.

Besides the genetic checks, breeders can get their Poodle's hips and elbows checked by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA). For a Poodle to be selected for a breeding program, his hip scores must be “good” or “outstanding”. The dog's elbows ought to be healthy.

When partnered with a female who had an “outstanding” rating and if all of his other characteristics are attractive enough to warrant breeding, a Poodle who receives a “fair” rating on his hips may occasionally be utilized for breeding.

You should consider your puppy's structure before buying a Moyen Poodle. One issue with Moyen Poodles is that when a little dog is crossed with a large dog, the offspring may end up with structural issues.

Purchasing a Moyen from a breeder who has gradually bred down in size over several generations to obtain the Moyen size is preferable. The offspring may have severe structural problems if a breeder just crossed a Toy Poodle with a Standard Poodle to generate medium-sized puppies.

Moyen Poodle: Comprehensive and Complete Buyer's Guide for [year] 5


A Moyen Poodle puppy costs between $2000 and $2500 from reputable Moyen Poodle breeders. Yet, the cost could reach $4,000 depending on the breeder and bloodline of the puppy.


Moyen Poodles are just like all the other well-known poodle breeds (Toy, Miniature and Standard Poodle).

Like, Toy, Miniature and Standard Poodles, they are fun-loving, devoted, and energetic, they have hypoallergenic qualities, and they share the same distinctive curly coat.

The major difference between the Moyen Poodle and the other Poodle breeds is that the Moyen Poodle belongs to a size category that most American Poodle breeders and owners are unfamiliar with.

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