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Best Dog Food for Cheeks : Top Puppy, Adult & Senior Recommendations for 2020

If you are looking for a low-maintenance, family-friendly breed, you can’t do better than the Cheeks. These little dogs are friendly and fun-loving but they also have a low energy level and they don’t mind being left alone. The Cheeks is a great breed for children but can also be a companion pet for seniors and they have thick, fluffy coats that make them absolutely adorable. As a cross between the Pekingese and the Chihuahua, you can’t predict exactly what your Cheeks will look or act like, but you can expect him to be a small dog with a sweet and gentle temperament.

Cheeks Breed Overview

  • Pedigree: Chihuahua and Pekingese
  • Size: up to 14 inches
  • Weight: 3 to 9 pounds
  • Energy Level: Low
  • Lifespan: 14 to 20 years

The Cheeks is a crossbreed of the Chihuahua and the Pekingese. It is also known by other names such as the Pek-a-Chi or the Pekachi, but the name Cheeks is the most commonly used. Though the Cheeks is a very small dog, its size is a little bit deceptive since they tend to inherit the thick coat for which the Pekingese is known. Even so, these dogs really only weigh 3 to 9 pounds, on average, and they stand only 10 to 14 inches tall. You have to remember, however, that the Chihuahua has no standard minimum height and neither does the Pekingese, so your Cheeks could end up being smaller or larger than this size range. The only way you’ll know what his adult size is going to be is to let him grow up – it’s difficult to make predictions about physical traits for crossbreed dogs.

Dietary Considerations for Cheeks

The Cheeks is a cross between the Chihuahua and the Pekingese, two of the smallest dog breeds out there. Chihuahuas don’t have a minimum size, though they generally stand no more than 5 inches tall and weigh no more than 6 pounds. The Pekingese also doesn’t have a minimum height or weight, but most specimens of the breed are 14 pounds or less. So, the average size for the Cheeks is somewhere up to 14 inches tall and between 5 and 15 pounds. As it was already mentioned, however, crossbreed dogs inherit their physical traits from two different breeds so it is hard to make predictions. In general, however, the Cheeks could be classified as a toy breed based on its size alone.

When it comes to dietary considerations for the Cheeks breed, the most important thing you need to understand is that toy and small breed dogs have very fast metabolisms. This means that they need a steady intake of energy throughout the day – you can accomplish this by dividing their daily portion into three or four small meals. You should also know that small dogs have higher energy needs than larger dogs when measured in calories per pound of bodyweight. For example, a 50-pound Poodle might need around 1,500 calories per day while a 5-pound Cheeks needs closer to 200 calories. If you divide it out, however, you’ll find that the Poodle needs around 30 calories per pound of bodyweight while the Cheeks needs closer to 40. The best way to meet your Cheeks’ high energy needs is to feed him a high-quality dog food formulated for toy or small-breed dogs.

In addition to thinking about your Cheeks’ high energy needs, there are some other dietary considerations to make. For example, Chihuahuas are prone to both hypoglycemia and hypothyroidism which means that your Cheeks could be as well. Hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar, is common in very small puppies and can be managed with frequent meals. Hypothyroidism, or an underactive thyroid gland, can make your Cheeks more prone to weight gain so, while you should feed your dog more often, you still need to manage his caloric intake to prevent overweight and obesity. Chihuahuas in particular have a high risk for obesity and even an extra half pound could be significant and dangerous. If you’re worried about your Cheeks’ weight, consider a healthy weight formula designed for small breeds. You should also know that very small dogs tend to be at a higher risk for dental disease, so it never hurts to choose a dry dog food formula that helps to scrape plaque and tartar off your dog’s teeth as he chews or offer him some dental dog treats once in a while.

The Best Dog Food Brands for Cheeks Adults and Puppies

After reading the information above, you should have a better understanding of your Cheeks’ unique nutritional requirements, but you may be wondering how to choose the best dog food for this breed. Below you will find three reviews for recommended brands of dog food for Cheeks adults as well as one recommendation for Cheeks puppies:

Wellness Toy Breed Complete Health Deboned Chicken, Brown Rice, & Peas Recipe

The Wellness pet food company is dedicated to a holistic philosophy of pet nutrition. They use only the freshest, high-quality ingredients to provide your dog with the nutrients he needs and nothing he doesn’t. Every recipe is carefully formulated to deliver complete and balanced nutrition as well as uncompromising quality and safety. If you want to feed your Cheeks a recipe formulated specifically for toy breeds, this Wellness Toy Breed Complete Health Deboned Chicken, Brown Rice, & Peas Recipe is a great option to consider. This formula features protein-rich chicken, chicken meal, and turkey meal to sustain your dog’s lean muscle mass as well as chicken fat for concentrated energy. For carbohydrate support, this recipe includes ground brown rice, oatmeal, and peas – there are also flaxseeds for supplementary fiber. You’ll also be glad to know that this recipe contains fresh fruits and vegetables as natural sources for key nutrients as well as chelated minerals for maximum nutrient uptake.

Canidae Under the Sun Grain-Free Small Breed Chicken Recipe  

The Canidae pet food company is known for producing high-quality, natural pet foods made with wholesome ingredients. Unfortunately, the Canidae pet food brand is a little on the pricy side – that’s why they released the Under the Sun product line. Under the Sun products are designed for offer wholesome, natural nutrition for pets at a more affordable price point and the Canidae Under the Sun Grain-Free Small Breed Chicken Recipe is a great example. This formula is a wonderful choice for your Cheeks because it is formulated specifically for small-breed dogs. It features chicken meal as the primary protein with yellow peas, green peas, and chickpeas for carbohydrate energy and easy digestibility. This recipe contains chicken fat for essential fatty acids and a concentrated source of energy, plus flaxseed for the optimal omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acid balance for healthy skin and coat. This formula is supplemented with chelated minerals for maximum nutrient absorption as well as fresh fruits and vegetables for natural nutrient supplementation. You’ll also be glad to know that it is free from corn, wheat, and soy ingredients as well as artificial additives.

Diamond Naturals Light Adult Dog Food Recipe  

The Diamond Pet Food company sometimes gets a bad rap for having a lot of pet food recalls, but their Naturals brand offers decent quality and affordability. Diamond Naturals pet food is made with high-quality proteins plus fresh fruits and vegetables for holistic, natural nutrition. If you’re worried about your Cheeks gaining weight, you might consider this Diamond Naturals Light Adult Dog Food Recipe. This formula features protein-rich lamb meal as the primary protein with whole grain brown rice, peas, and oatmeal as the main carbohydrates. It offers 18% protein to help your Cheeks maintain his lean muscle mass with just 6% fat so he doesn’t take in too many calories at each meal. This recipe is also supplemented with dietary fiber and probiotics for healthy digestion as well as chelated minerals for maximum nutrient absorption. You’ll also be glad to know that it contains fresh fruits and vegetables as natural sources of key nutrients.

Precise Naturals Small & Medium Breed Puppy Formula  

The Precise Naturals brand of pet food is designed by pet lovers for pet lovers. This company seeks to deliver excellent quality in each of their products which is why they use only the best ingredients that nature has to offer – hence the name, Precise Naturals. This brand formulates all of their products to ensure maximum palatability, balanced nutrition, and natural flavor for your dog. If you’re looking for a small-breed puppy food for your Cheeks, consider the Precise Naturals Small & Medium Breed Puppy Formula. This product features protein-rich chicken meal, lamb meal, and fish meal for a total of 29% crude protein. It also includes digestible carbohydrates like brown rice and oatmeal for easy digestibility. This recipe is made with an ideal blend of protein and fat to support your puppy’s growth and development without going overboard on calories and it is supplemented with chelated minerals for maximum nutrient absorption and probiotics for healthy digestion.

If you want to enjoy your Cheeks’ company for as long as possible, do yourself (and your dog) a favor by taking the time to choose a high-quality pet food. Start your Cheeks off the best way possible by feeding him a small-breed puppy formula and then transition into a toy or small-breed adult recipe once he reaches full size. If you need help choosing a quality diet for your dog, consider one of the top-rated brands from the reviews above.


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