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25 Big Fluffy Dogs and How to Care For Them

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Big Fluffy Dogs

Are you fond of cuddling your stuffed toys, and love being around dogs, too? Then, you need some big fluffy dogs in your life. Of course, you can always start with one. But knowing how loveable and irresistibly charming these large fluff balls are, it would not be long enough before your home is filled with these giant snuggle buddies.

If you’ve made up your mind to bring home a large fluffy dog soon, then, you’re going to love this list of the fluffiest dog breeds that you can choose from. Just remember that you’d need to make a huge space for your large furry friend, not just in your heart, but also in your house.  

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Big Fluffy Dogs That Will Make You Smile

1. Akita Inu

25 Big Fluffy Dogs and How to Care For Them 1

Akita Inu is Japan's largest dog. They have an intense fluffy double coat which is short but thick and only comes in three different colors: red, brindle, and white. Their thick coats contain three layers.

The outer coats are coarse with straight hair giving them a fuzzy look. Under that is a pair of undercoats. The one in the middle has softness whereas the one closest to the skin feels denser and woolier.

Akita Inus look a little like the red panda bear because of their fluffy oval faces and triangle ears. This dog breed was originally used to hunt and protect the family, so it can be a perfect family dog.

Akita Inu is often aloof with strangers and can be difficult to deal with if the Akita isn't familiar with a person. For this reason, this adorable and protective dog breed can also be a great guard dog.

2. Alaskan Malamute

25 Big Fluffy Dogs and How to Care For Them 2

Alaskan Malamutes were originally bred as Arctic sled dogs in Alaska. This dog is big and strong which means if we need to keep our children on sleighs in the snowy winter nights, this breed will fit the bill.

Despite their strength and huge build, there exists a peaceful spirit beneath their body. Alaskan Malamutes are incredibly fun to be with, playful, & very respectful to the children.

This fluffy breed loves to be around other dogs and can easily communicate with those who belong to their pack. They have thick and fluffy coats that come in a combination of white, blue, and red, as well as other shades.

3. American Eskimo Dog

25 Big Fluffy Dogs and How to Care For Them 3

While the American Eskimos are available in three different sizes, it's best to go for the standard version if you are looking for a big fluffy dog. Typically, this breed has shaved coats and standing hair which make them look like big soft clouds.

They are actually descendants of a Nordic dog called German Spitz. They were also called American Spitz until it was changed into American Eskimo in 1917.

American Eskimos have an innate ability to train themselves. Because this dog breed is very strong, loyal, smart, and trainable, they have become very popular circus dogs. This fluffy white puppy will suit you perfectly if you are looking for a smart, cuddly, and playful canine companion.

4. Australian Shepherd

25 Big Fluffy Dogs and How to Care For Them 4

These Aussie dogs are party animals. They have an incredible stock of energy inside and therefore need an active lifestyle. The Australian Shepherds enjoy a lot of activities and their herding instincts remain strong.

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Whether it rains or shines, you must offer them activities to stimulate their minds and bodies. And you would not want them to be bored, because they can be destructive.

Although not the biggest dog on our list, the Australian Shepherd has the size and fluff to deliver some of the greatest cuddles.

Australian Shepherds are the ideal dogs for families with young children because they can be trained to help around the farm and have a life expectancy of 12 to 15 years.

5. Bearded Collie

25 Big Fluffy Dogs and How to Care For Them 5

The Bearded Collie looks like Old English Sheep Dogs but tends to be more charismatic. This affectionate dog breed is an energetic and fluffy dog that is incredibly happy and loves to cuddle with its dog owners.

A Bearded Collie also loves playing outside with its owners. Plus, their weight of 50 pounds is just the right size for you to carry without causing some backaches.

6. Belgian Sheepdog

25 Big Fluffy Dogs and How to Care For Them 6

This large and fluffy black dog is one of the three shepherd breeds that originated from Belgium. Originally bred to protect and herd sheep, this sheepdog has transformed into a cuddly household pet. Additionally, they will always have their distinctive long, fluffy black coat.

Belgian Sheepdogs are devoted animals with strong protective instincts. They provide families throughout the world with the same protection after serving as tenacious defenders of farmers. They do, however, possess powerful personalities that call for a firm hand.

7. Bernese Mountain Dog

25 Big Fluffy Dogs and How to Care For Them 7

Bernese Mountains Dogs are big and very loving dogs, who also love attention from their owners. They enjoy the company of their human family, as much as their owners love having them around.

Berners prefer quieter lifestyles while they work, even though they are a working breed. They also prefer to spend time enjoying their fur parents.

Bernese Mountain Dogs are intelligent, and they also love to learn. So, they can be easily trained. You can also easily integrate them into your family routine once they arrive at your home.

The major downside to this huge fluffy dog is its humongous size. Bernese Mountain Dogs can weigh up to 100 pounds, and they also shed a lot. If you have enough space for them in your house, it might still be best to only get one.

8. Borzoi

25 Big Fluffy Dogs and How to Care For Them 8

Everyone would characterize a Borzoi as being incredibly fluffy with a matching sweetness. Their easygoing and submissive personalities are why they make such wonderful canine companions.

However, because of these traits, they may sometimes come across as being stupid to those who don't know them well. And this is not fair to them, because that isn't true at all. Borzois are clever and adept at swiftly adjusting to unusual circumstances.

In addition to being docile, they are also quiet, and fiercely independent dogs. They are undeniably huggable because of their fluffy double coats. And of course, given their yielding nature, you won’t have a problem hugging these big fluffy dogs.

Just make sure to keep your brushes and combs ready, especially during fall and spring, when they usually shed a lot.

9. Bouvier des Flandres

25 Big Fluffy Dogs and How to Care For Them 9

The Bouvier de Flandres means cowherd in Flanders. Flanders is an area of modern France, Belgium, and the Netherlands. These large and fluffy dogs do well in agriculture or farm work. They have an upright posture and are confident and alert.

Bouvier de Flandres has a shaggy appearance and a harsh outer coat. This furry coat is what gives these dogs such fluffiness. This dog breed may not be as soft as the other dogs in this list, but the shagginess of their coat is what sets them apart.

They are not only highly protective of their owners but are also incredibly sweet and loyal. Because of their unwavering loyalty, strong personality, and bond to their human family, these fluffy dogs are also great as watch dogs.

10. Chow Chow

25 Big Fluffy Dogs and How to Care For Them 10

Chow Chows can be considered to be among the oldest dogs and they are the only animals that have survived for many generations. They originated in northern China and are versatile all-purpose dogs, if necessary.

These lion-like dogs hunt, herd the livestock, and protect their farms; but today, these dogs are enjoying their role as fluffy and cuddly canine companions who are merely interested in being pet by their owners.

Chow Chows got square bodies, big heads, and manes surrounding their heads, which make them look like flat-faced lions. Their puffy coat usually ranges from light cream to dark red, dark blue, or black.

11. Eurasier

25 Big Fluffy Dogs and How to Care For Them 11

The Eurasier is a borderline mid to large dog breed well known for its thick and long coats that come in many colors. They have incredibly calm and confident personalities, and they truly love their human family.

Eurasiers are very dependable canines who are always confident but relaxed. That's why they make such fantastic guard dogs. They are also great with children and are fun and playful. They possess the striking dignity of Chow Chows and the friendly nature of the Samoyed.

12. Finnish Lapphund

25 Big Fluffy Dogs and How to Care For Them 12

If you are looking for cute furballs, then you should definitely consider adopting a Finnish Lapphund. Their nickname cements their place of origin, which is in Lappland, Finland. Lapphunds have hardworking ancestors who used to herd reindeer!

In the aftermath of retirement, this dog breed was adopted by dog lovers. They are friendly furry companions, who can easily develop a strong bond with their human family and friends. Moreover, they are very keen to satisfy people with whom they have close relationships or those who respect and obey them.

13. Giant Schnauzer

25 Big Fluffy Dogs and How to Care For Them 13

The Giant Schnauzer is just as fluffy as the two other variations of this dog breed. However, compared with the Mini and the Standard, they are the largest at around 80 pounds. No wonder, the term “giant” is attached to their name.

These amazing working dogs possess courageous personalities with strong job ethics. With their high canine IQ, this giant dog breed will thrive in whatever role or job that is given to them.

With their innate intelligence, intense loyalty, and fluffy coat, you could no longer ask for more in your canine companion. And when they are not working, they can easily transition into docile, and sweet lapdogs.

14. Golden Retriever

25 Big Fluffy Dogs and How to Care For Them 14

If this list was not arranged alphabetically, the Golden Retriever would definitely be on top. With their shiny and fluffy golden coat, these gorgeous and very affectionate dogs make great canine companions and lap dogs.

No wonder, the Golden Retriever is constantly on top of the list of AKC’s most popular dog breeds here in America.

15. Great Pyrenees

25 Big Fluffy Dogs and How to Care For Them 15

The Great Pyrenees is the largest and most gentle animal that lived with humans as far back as 3000 BC. Back then, they were used in guarding sheep and animals. With their exceptional hearing, they can also detect prey approaching from far distances.

Keeping to their ancestral goal, the Great Pyrenees are capable of admonishing house intruders with their mighty strength. On top of that, these large dogs also have an impressively loud bark. And despite being an excellent working dog, this white fluffy dog also enjoys hugs and cuddles now and then.

16. Hovawart

25 Big Fluffy Dogs and How to Care For Them 16

Hovawarts are furry German working dogs that are available in three different colors: black, gold, and black and tan. Their coat and hair are dense and light and their hair shine in a slight wave on their bodies.

Golden Hovawarts may make people think about large Golden Retrievers. However, compared with the latter, the Hovawarts have very long bodies and tails. In addition, they are also not as happy and loving as the Golden Retrievers, but they're great for anyone wanting low-shedding furry dogs.

17. Keeshond

25 Big Fluffy Dogs and How to Care For Them 17
Image from Be Chewy

One way to spot a Keeshond when you see one is with their distinctive spectacle-like markings around their eyes with handles that extend towards the side of their face.

And while this article features large fluffy dogs, the Keeshond is not as big as the rest of the dogs in this list. With their size, they can even live and thrive inside an apartment.

Keeshonds gained popularity years after they were first recognized as a breed. Prior to that, they were only visible in their natural environment along the canal barges in the Netherlands. As noted by the American Kennel Club, they continue to be a source of pride for Holland.

18. Kuvasz

25 Big Fluffy Dogs and How to Care For Them 18
Image from Livestock Guardian Dog

Kuvasz is an adorable snow-white dog with a gold-filled heart. They came from Hungary and were made as fierce guardians and loyal companions of the kings of Hungary.

This large breed dog can stand 30 inches in height and can weigh up to 100 pounds. They can amaze you with their shiny coarse coats and light foot-stomping stance.

They are sturdy but in no way heavy and boney like some of the dogs mentioned in this list. These fluffy dogs are very affectionate and can easily develop a close relationship with their owners. However, they don't do well with other pets and prefer to have your undivided attention.

19. Leonberger

25 Big Fluffy Dogs and How to Care For Them 19

At first glance, one may easily confuse Leonbergers for Saint Bernards because of their striking similarities. And that’s simply because, this giant dog breed was indeed made by cross-breeding Saint Bernards and Newfoundland dogs.

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This enormous fluffy dog can weigh up to 200 pounds. So, if you are seriously looking for a massive dog that can occupy a large space in your vast property, then, a Leonberger might just be the one for you. With their distinctive large size, this giant dog was a personal pet for kings in the distant past.

The Leonberger is a family-friendly dog because it was made to be a companion animal. They make wonderful family dogs because they are very quiet and kind to kids. These dogs are also so large that they can pull the children in a cart, which is one of their favorite pastimes.

20. Newfoundland

25 Big Fluffy Dogs and How to Care For Them 20

Originally bred as a water rescue dog, the Newfoundland dog is a large, fluffy breed that can weigh up to 150 pounds. This dog is also called “Newfie,” and with such an adorable nickname is a sweet demeanor to match. They have long, straight ultra dense coat that is either dark black, white, or brown.

Even though their brown eyes and lips give an awful sense of sadness, this massive canine is not a sad dog. Newfoundland is an affectionate furry companion.

They're the perfect choice for families because they're capable of playing with younger kids. After the busy days, they can relax with you and your kids, and you can stroke their beautiful soft hair.

21. Old English Sheepdog

25 Big Fluffy Dogs and How to Care For Them 21

It's impossible to have a list of big fluffy dogs without Old English Sheepdogs. This adorable dog breed will charm you with its sweet and playful personality and delight you with its fluffiness.

The Old English Shepherd dog is the perfect dog companion. This dog bonds well with his or her family. When people leave them alone for long periods they may be overwhelmed and have an anxiety issue.

Although this breed suits novice dog lovers, Old English Sheepdogs require daily exercise. They are more likely to lash out in destructive ways when you don't give them a chance to exhaust themselves.

22. Rough Collie

25 Big Fluffy Dogs and How to Care For Them 22

The rough hound is most famous for its long fur. Their popularity has grown worldwide since their television debut starring Lassie the Collie dog. Collies have 2 different coat types: rough and smooth coat. The rough collie is the more famous.

Their coats are rough and fuller and are particularly long around the chest where it starts to form a mane around their face. Collies have been identified in only four different colors: sable and white, tricolor, blue merle, and white.

23. Siberian Husky

25 Big Fluffy Dogs and How to Care For Them 23

The extremely lupine-like Siberian Husky was originally used as a sled dog. The Huskies worked on packs and would carry sledding for the masters across the Tundra. Siberian Huskies might have spread around the globe today, but they still make quick-footed dogs.

Their dense coats are perfect for snuggles and they always carry that distinctive naughty look on their faces. Additionally, their undercoats undergo two shedding periods each year. So, make sure to always have your brush and comb ready.

24. Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

25 Big Fluffy Dogs and How to Care For Them 24

The Soft-Coated Wheaten Terriers are Irish breeds, hunting and preserving their master's houses around 200 years ago. Despite having inherited similar traits as Kerry blue and Irish breeds, these fluffy dogs are separate breeds. It wasn't until 1937 that they were recognized for their uniqueness.

What's unusual about a Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier's coat is that it's hypoallergenic! So, if you are looking for fluffy, yet, hypoallergenic dogs, you should consider this breed.

Another unique feature of them is they are only available in wheaten-colored coats. Their long silky hair is also a distinctive feature that can differentiate them from other large fluffy dogs.

25. Tibetan Mastiff

25 Big Fluffy Dogs and How to Care For Them 25

No one really knows when the Tibetan Mastiff breed truly began, but they do know where it came from – the Himalayas. The Tibetan Mastiff’s thick and fluffy coat helps them withstand any climate, which is why they can survive and thrive the extreme weather conditions in the Himalayas.

They may have a similar droopy face and be as big as a Newfoundland, but when you see these dogs side by side, you can still spot which is which – thanks to the Tibetan Mastiff's distinctive lion's mane.

Their coats are usually mixed in colors including black, brown, cream, black and tan, brown and tan, blue-gray, and cream sable.

The Tibetan has been compared as a hybrid between a lion and a bear due to its thick covering of fur and 150-pound frame. And with such features, it’s not surprising that these dogs can cost a fortune. In fact, the most expensive dog that was ever sold worldwide was a Tibetan Mastiff.

How to Care For Big Fluffy Dog Breeds?

People who want to welcome a big fluffy dog into their homes should make sure they are aware of the care requirements of one of these cuddly giants before making the commitment. Caring after a large dog with a lot of furs is no walk in the park.

Parents of large, fluffy dogs must commit to giving their canine buddies frequent grooming. You can also start by gathering the necessary tools, such as a slicker brush to remove matted hair, as well as a pin brush, and a comb.

The amount of upkeep needed depends on how fluffy the coat is. The majority of the dogs on this list will benefit from daily brushing. By doing so, the hair will be kept from matting and it will prevent the accumulation of too much hair on your rug.

Find out how frequently to bathe your dog by asking your veterinarian. He can advise you on the best shampoo for your dog's skin and coat. Bathing your fluffy dog is important because it can get rid of excess hair and skin dander.

After a bath, comb your dog's coat using a wide-toothed comb. As a result, they will emerge appearing fluffier.

Other Related Questions:

What Is The Best Fluffy Dog?

Setting their size apart, some of the most popular fluffy dogs that you can choose from are the Australian Shepherd, Shih Tzu, Pomeranian, Border Collie, Alaskan Malamute, Siberian Husky, and Chow Chow.

Which Large Breed Dog Sheds The Least?

Some of the large dogs that don’t shed (that much) are Airedale Terrier, Bouvier Des Flandres, Giant Schnauzer, Standard Poodle, Saluki, Wirehaired Pointing Griffon, Irish Water Spaniel, Lhasa Apso, and Komondor.

What Are The Cheapest Fluffy Dogs?

Some of the least expensive fluffy dog breeds that can be purchased anywhere between $400 to $650 are Shipperke, Irish Terrier, Border Collie, Australian Terrier, Otterhound, Cesky Terrier, Field Spaniel, Pekingese, Affenpinscher, Papillon, and Bichon Frise.

What Breed is Fluffy in Harry Potter?

Staffordshire Bull Terrier. The enormous three-headed dog Fluffy is ostensibly loyal to Hagrid. He appears to be based on Cerberus, the three-headed dog from Greek mythology that stands at the entrance to the Underworld.


The enormous size of huge dogs is not for everyone. Additionally, having long coats can occasionally be a pain because you have to constantly sweep dog hair out of your home. But any reservations you may have will be put to rest by these gorgeous pets.

Although these dogs may be large, you do not need to be afraid of them. These big puff balls are excellent companion dogs. They will have fun without being too harsh, and they will like the attention you give them.

Some of these breeds are better for small children than others. Dog breeds such as the Rough Collie, Newfoundland, Old English Sheepdog, and Golden Retriever like young kids. Other breeds could simply require a little extra supervision, especially if they are large dogs like the Tibetan Mastiff.

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